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The Book of Biff ( The Writing on the Wall )

'People who claim they are "Targeted Individuals" don't seem so Funny Anymore' by Biff Bevan 
Vice Bytes

Just like you I thought there was something amusing and maybe a little bit sad about people who spoke or wrote about having "chips" in their head or communicating by magnetic Tele -Rays with Mind Reading "Men in Black" who used them as Guinea Pigs.
But no longer do I see this type as innocuous.
Not after what happened at the Memfis Ohio Ice Rink.
I spoke to Dr.Denise Shillenburg from the Linden Lineaus Research Institute to help you spot a dangerous individual who calls themselves a"Target"-
1. A controlling nature
One who calls themselves a Targeted Individual is not the industrious take-charge type, but nevertheless wishes to control others. Often this person is weak physically and must resort to passive means of influence.Art,writing etc.
2. Obsession with power
The disgruntled individual will try to finds any and all means to feel better about their unfortunate "odd man out" status.Often the reason a disturbed person claims they have been "chosen" to be experimented upon or "tortured" or made to participate in unusual testing is to feel important about their circumstances.Few people like being around marginalized people with purposeless lives. The disgruntled recluse will mock and ridicule the "power elite" He or she might also be obsessed with media control.
3. Violent opinions
These people tend to defame "pop culture" and speak,write or paint in a combative way about "society" that has no place for their kind.
4. The inability to get along with others
This person is often rude and uncaring and blames his or her problems on "the man" and "the powers that be".often this type will devote themselves to denouncing those above him on "the food chain"
5. An assumption that others are out to get them.
It’s one thing to be weary of politics ,laws and industry's motivations but quite another to believe one's government,law official and industries are attacking one with electronic harassment,biological "implants", Gaslighting,Gangstalkimg ,wire tapping
6. A tendency to sue ,petition and protest
This type of person is constantly filing lawsuits or formal grievances against government, industries and hospitals.This type is often attempting to incite others to "march" or congregate against perceived "evil doers"
7. A tendency to play the victim
These people have a blame-the-victim mindset, but then play the victim themselves by never taking credit for the bad things that happen to them. Belief in Mind Control weapons and Human Testing with "neuro weapons" takes this type of outlook to it's most absurd length
8. Frequent use of malicious references
They like to say things like “The perps controlling my body ,life and mind have it coming .If not in this life than the next"
They often congregate online discussing these imaginary crimes against them.
9. Ongoing anger
These people seem to be always seething about the limitations of their lives being "targeted" by make believe "perps"
10.Ongoing health problems
These people are obsessed with make believe health problems due to things like EMF,cell phones,food additives,ELF waves,microwaves
11. A weird personality
They’re the oddballs, the ones who stand out. Some behavioral researchers believe these people realize their peculiarities and understand they might be "targeted" for ridicule and therefore become their fear.

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Pete Himmel Spring 2011
(1)Oh Dear reader who will no doubt read of my account with ..
(2)It was a dark and stormy night in the sunny desert of the San Fernando Valley
(3)Did you ever turn around ,in a room thinking someone was there but..
"I can't do this ,"I tell Caroline , punching the computer screen"I don't understand what you want.You said semi fiction ..but the semi fiction has to read as if it's being written to mask some attack from fake weapons?"
"We'll help you do it "she said ,"you'll be amazed how easy it will be"
"Shouldn't I go to writing school.Like short story writing class ?"
"Oh God no ,than you couldn't do it"
"DO WHAT!" I asked,"I don't understand "
"You will,"she said

The 8th Floor Social Media (Pete Himmel)

he did his daily jottings to somehow "everyone" and nobody
at all
according to Caroline Macy is was important he
'leave a trail" of
-disgruntled" `
and troubled behind

Caroline said "they" wanted a technophobe "vibe" to his postings upon The 8th Floor
a hysteria about science
and the perceived misuse of perceived advanced technologies
specifically that pertained to the neurobiology
Caroline said "it didn't matter what he wrote " so much as that he get across some
ever growing spiraling of sensibility as it came closer and closer to
"the event"

What Story Are You On?
The 8th Floor Social Media Page "asked"

And because it was Pete Himmel's job 

he answered 

1 hr ·
Pete Himmel
Model architecture
Our circuit model captures the basic blueprint of the acoustic system
The model consists of four stages:
Auditory input: The Auditory input stage is not explic- itly modelled. The envelopes of the 4.5 kHz courtship songs are fed into the AN1 model as current patterns parametrized by their pulse width, pause duration, chirp length and chirp pause length .In the present study only the short time-scale is considered, following the paradigm in [9]....
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Pete Himmel
2 hrs ·
A neuromorphic approach to auditory pattern recognition in cricket phonotaxis
Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence
Bielefeld University, Germany
Abstract—Developing neuromorphic computing paradigms that mimic nervous system function is an emerging field of research with high potential for technical applications. In the present study we take inspiration from the cricket auditory system and propose a biologically plausible neural network architecture that can...
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Pete Himmel
2 hrs ·
Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology
Hypergraphia in temporal lobe epilepsy
Giridhar P. Kalamangalam
Kindling as a model of temporal lobe epilepsy induces bilateral changes in spontaneous striatal activity.
Kücker S1, Töllner K, Piechotta M, Gernert M. ...
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Pete Himmel
3 hrs ·
An Audio Spotlight Creates a Personal Wall of Sound
New York Times May 15, 2001
A person hears a voice in her ear, turns around and sees nobody there. No one else has heard it. Or she hears footsteps in a room, the product of an invisible presence. Is her mind playing tricks on her? ...
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compo cola/bimbombay: They See Gangs of Stalkers in Black Vans

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4 hrs ·
'Talking window' advertising technique tested in Germany - NY Daily News
New York Daily News › news › world › t...
Jul 5, 2013 - The ad agency BBDO Germany and broadcaster Sky ... testing a new platform for advertising that targets train passengers who ... what the company calls “bone conduction” technology, ...
This Subway Window Whispers Ads That Only You Can Hear - Gizmodo
Gizmodo › this-subway-window-whisper......
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Pete himmel
4 hrs ·
"Our response to certain kinds of noise is something so profound in us that we can't switch it off," he says.
"Film composers know that and use it to shortcut the logical part of our brain and get straight to the emotional centres."
Some filmmakers are now using infrasound to induce fear in audiences. These extreme bass waves or vibrations have a frequency below the range of the human ear. ...
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A&E audioSpotlight Wallscape
A&E audioSpotlight Wallscape

Pete Himmel
4 hrs ·
Network research suggested that the laugh track was mandatory in order to brand a single-camera show as a comedy. The experiment to see if a comedy fared better with a laugh track was tested in 1965 when CBS showed its new single-camera sitcom Hogan's Heroes to test audiences in two versions: one with the laugh track, the other without. Partly due to the somewhat cerebral nature of the show's humor, the version without the laugh track failed while the version with laughter su...
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Pete Himmel
4 hrs ·
The Simon Effect as a Function of Temporal Overlap between Relevant and Irrelevant

Pete Himmel
4 hrs ·
When co-action eliminates the Simon effect: disentangling the impact of co-actor's presence and task sharing on joint-task performance