Saturday, January 17, 2015

                                                       Get Yourself Connected!

Some call it A.I. we at Proxy Cybernetics simply call it Mentorship...and a means of making more of your own mind by allowing yourself to consider what benefits our service can offer one who options to have their mind modified with Merge nanobio that allows one to partake in a Two-way electronic Brain-Link .To establish a starting point for a Brain Computer Interface and a Direct Neural interface one must first agree to a allow our service to do what is called  remote neural  monitoring of your mind via Merge so we can access what we call your "neural style" so we might best set you up with a mentor who understands your inner monologue. Often we help the process of letting you and therefore your service providers "get to know  you" by imbuing visual and auditory  information upon your visual and  auditory cortex,because you need not wear any bulky glasses nor any headgear or wearable hard wear what so ever thanks to the chips now being so small they can be delivered into your blood stream at one of our out patient clinics. Most people go back to work the same takes about 5 days for the Merge to "settle" into one's neurons and dendrites...and a few more days after that for Proxy Cy to begin deciphering your Thought Style and than making a plan based on what you expect from our Tele-operators
 A few clients have a difficult time adjusting more to the hearing than the 2nd sight that
bypassing the optic nerves and eyes. The images appear as floating 3-D images and tend to "fold in " rather nicely with traditional cornea based sight.
For the first month or so a lot of information gathering is done concerning  decoding  resonance and signal features  of  specific areas of the  brain so one's "team" can best create a signal  frequency that enhances mood and cognitions .

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