Friday, July 19, 2013

the Indoctrination and Reincarnation of Peter Prough

People,mainly Ruiners laughed at Gary Rainy and his 'big ideas"
Gary Knew this.
and Gary
liked this.
It is one of the reasons he wrote and spoke the way he did .
He knew people liked mixing with people they felt were dumber than them..he would gladly play the fool...
at the Fools that didn't believe his theories about how one could recreate one's own "internal guidance system" by simply studying and deconstructing
their own "way
by following the rules of" The New Way "
In the 1980's many in the hierarchy of the Neuronautics movement told him to update his image , streamline his teachings and retract many of his more "far out" claims..
but Gary balked
stating that the more he said that was
"out there"
would in fact get people
"in there"
and how dare anyone call what he said- a "claim"..
making his famous 'to the moon gesture followed by a salute to "the sky" ( where The Entity presumably waited for New Way Orders to SHOW this his disclaimers as Gary would say "How ClaIM-ATIOUS THINGS MIGHT GET AROUND HERE..")
No doubt the next day the Ruinerous dissident who "so politely suggested" to Gary Rainy how Neuronautics should be run would be removed from further service..
or join those at level One ...going through The High Chair..early rundowns
Gary did not take well to confrontation
especially from people who had sat for years typing and listening to the Muse of The New Way
who had also taught Rainy
that there would be many people who would join The Cause- ONLY because they found The Cause and Gary Rainy himself so daft ,so stupid ,so contrived and "weird"...
Gary Rainy imagined many a young man and woman from "the right families " who 'should KNOW better" joining Neuronautics ONLY to boast ,"You're never going to believe what I signed up for ."


  Peter Prough in fact might have said "you're never going to guess what i signed up for?"
to some friends perhaps at the deliberately "dive-ie" dive bar near the Chemistry dept.
who might have said 'Oh Peter you're could you .." surely laughing,surely curious what would drive a man of practiced science -to go New Way on them
all of sudden
.But besides there being something "unique" to the New Way of Neuronautics Peter Prough admitted to himself that he had joined Neuronautics tp add a certain bit of rebellion to his personal biography Peter felt he lacked , Bit this was not the only reason
Peter might have initially been driven to a group that aimed at pure science instead of sentiment being the key to understand and building self .
Peter,than a 23 year old Engineering student was stuck .
and scholastically ..
unable to quite "care enough"to finish his thesis on Integrated Micro processing and Social Systematics ..The intent of his suppositions presupposing a near future where people and machines would "work " together to make both "more than just made the present of 1981 seem depressingly "Less Than".
Peter,who might have joined Neuronautics "for all the wrong reasons" and often said that the entire "movement" was little more than what he called a'mishmashed megalomaniac's brew of Freud ,Skinner and pure fantasy 'science;.Peter also told others that the other 1/4th of Neuronautics that dealt with seeing one's mind and thus oneself as a computing station whose sequentials and associations could be recalibrated and if need be overhauled completely clearing the accumulated 'data" through intense diffusing techniques that biologically activated the brain's wiring by scaring it into Primal ,pre-societal mode.. was beyond any organized religion he knew of.
The mentors who accounted the members journey also to some extent served as a "back -up " system as well as cheerleaders, devils and angels who moved The Process and the subject ahead by practicing Gaming and Role Playing "rundowns' to stimulate cerebral function and delineate un needed or unwanted "imprints"
The Process was very refreshing for Peter who had spent the last 4 years of his life in and out of some therapist's or another's searching for A New Way
In Peter's opinion whether Gary Rainy knew it or not his taunting ,ritualized hazing and "deep interrogation" stylings which increased amygdala output and adrenal function to near fatal combustion with what Rainy called "still brain" function , all recorded on primitive scanning devices was actually a "gridding" of a Targeted Individuals mind into easy to read
high resolution ..
all black and white.
all zeros and ones..


The bio sensor consisting of two closed loops ,eight hydroxamate oxygen atoms coordinated to form a distorted octahedral geometry around the metallic center, enabling the electrode surface to nanometrically interface with select dendrites if used in conjunction with a Nafion-coated glassy carbon electrode.
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in bio sensor transduction of neural signals has unique advantages like being simple, nondestructive, highly sensitive, and allowing separation of pre-neural intent and follow through validity



Pre-neural intent is not always easy to separate from the subject’s desire to “act”


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mr Justin

I have a psycho therapist who I must see to collect a my monthly check
It’s the rules or no check
He is quite different than Dr Delgado,my psychiatrist.

 The psycho therapist sometimes reads my journals
the notebooks which I transcribe here to try to explain the mixed blessing of
The New Way


I am not a Bettor. And I am not a Mentor.
I am low on the scale.
In terms of human evolution

Which The New Way believes in, first off and foremost.
They  believe a lot of damage was  by allowing certain people who should never have existed at all to go forth and multiply.


They are concerned that there is a weakness of mind and soul in me for instance
that is questionable
and During this transitional period

In history

This period of  finding New Ways to Resolving The problem

And new techniques in finding with exact scientific proof



 Amongst us   should not be here”


so far off the “track of normalcy” are They

but not me.

Not as Much

Thank my Mentors and Thank my Bettors.

And Psycotronic augments  taking place during myprocessing.

Call it mind control call it whatever you like

But give me a call sometime and hear my voice
And hear what I say…
I am not what I was…I am proud to say I have been saved

I no longer draw the same sick way.i no longer draw at all.
Cartoons sometimes and small postcard landscapes are OK.
But nothing that might disturb another in the Enway



I resisted and fought at first.
So odd  and scary I thought the mind reading equipment and odder still the Impart system
that can literally subjugate and re-format certain dendrite  and synaptic “pivot points”

And you don’t have to go to a hospital .for intellectual re assignment
or whatver they call it...they call IT something different every day.

the nano particles they can put you with just some suntan lotion
Nano means super small .like  ten thousands of times smaller than this this period  > (.)


 The New Way and Neuronautics
Has co-opted  the inserts(the nano,the chips,the particles,the components) into their
Program of Human Betterment

And sometimes free of charge  types such as mine can be fixed and adjusted and cleared of  disruptive traits

  • For according to Gary Rainy a type like mine is not only bad to themselves and infectious in his decay of spirit ,soul and mind

  • A deviant  cannot help but spread their badness and illness of soul (there is scientific evidence of this) into the world around them
  • Badness, mind sickness is contagious…like germs  

Just ask my mentors who have withstood

A man .
a child man who has made a side show of himself and his degeneracy on and off line
..rolling about  in his his moral crumblings like a pig in mud

Perhaps trying to stir up and foster some type of crumbliness and rumblings in others.
I am not aware of many others being retaught by mentors using  both direct neural and brain computer interface to help resolve them...
Perhaps because this method of social recalibration is so new.

I was initially quite against it.
As it was put upon me
To travel “in “ me

To “save me’

And it is working…

In spite of my what Tru Christie calls my whiny ,wuss like diatribes and sometimes slanderous insinuations that The New Way is somehow using these Psychotronic Neural Meters of Being
In a way to deliberately drive me jackrabbit mad.



I am not a rocket scientist
And misunderstanding some of the harsh methods being used to clear away
Centuries of predisposition and mind sickness

I ask my mentors to forgive me for writing what they say can be taken as disrespectfully of Them .(Mutinous).I am a dead man walking they sometimes say and say over and over in diffrent pitches and rythem all throught the night )
In the notebooks that pile up in the corner of my room.


Without my mentorship.
I might still be thinking as I was.

And spreading my Enrot into the Enway

Hurting people with my thoughts that according to Neuronautics travel into the air ,invisibly of course and into the minds of others

“it Is too  bad  your thought transmissions cannot be seen…or smelt..or in some way by people who do have access to mind reading and remote neural monitoring equipment

So people in the immediate vicinity could run from your emmitance …”

Tru Christie has said especially when I interface “mind rages” and Brainstorms
 that Tru thinks are not only against the New Way but thought to deliberately harm the only people in the world that Know how to Help Me..
as I know it's is mind to mind


According to Neuronauitics
We are all psychic to a degree.

But it is “the bad people” who according to Gary Rainy “ hate the world around them.. ,since a certain type of individual  are so odd ,so outside the realm of normal that they cannot help but

despise the Enway(the neural pathway,unseen,unoticed and unstudied, except by Gary Rainy and now all matter of  industry also interested in mind to mind communications)


My social worker,my psycho therapist at first thought my
Explanation of “The Voices’ was a thought disorder.
And did not believe in “my story”

until he saw the notebooks

Filled with articles.
Saying öh yes.oh yes..”it is all true..
Still… as my mentors graph.
A psychotherapist will say nearly anything to goad a patient”on”.


Report: Nonlethal sCould Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia

  • “see him if you if you must..but be careful what you say “to those types”OR
    you will be paid in kind for your trespasses.

    You dear reader who haven’t the Apps !
    Or components! imbued in your left and right frontal lobe!and have no idea! how one is paid in kind !

    When one’s mind is tethered to a Virtual Reality/Artificial Intelligence  tele-presence system

    Oh yes oh yes This Sounds funny huh!

    Absurd.! Looooooooony!

    You think of some Keanu Reeves movie or your little brother sci fi  book collection with cover art of some  half naked lady with gold skin dancing on the ring of Jupiter or some some bullshit  when you think of someone writing they are linked to a brain computer  over ride guidance system

    Fuck you dear reader.



     would I love to shove this stuff into you

    And show sci fi and 20 years away this is ..20 years away…huh

    Like to

    Over ride your fucking senses you how it goes..


    ENOUGH Evan Booms . next sending a loud shrill pitch

     Any display of anger(I am sorry dear reader,I simply wish to be understood)excites the powers that seize into

    Submission mode.

    I feel a pain in my arm


    Alright asshole I graph

    And Evan  backs off

    The pain goes away but the warning to not go “aggressive psycho” especially about shit I really “don’t know shit about”


    “who’d have thought you’d turn into g-d damn Sidney Sheldon....”Evan Imparts

    Oh yes  oh yes it all true.


    The psychotherapist,who reads my journals states” that it is peculiar.

    That in the journals there is no mention of what he calls “touchstones of reality”no entries about friends ,family or what I do all day..”


    Sometimes I am struck by how odd it is to speak to someone,in this case the psycho therapist

    Face to face


    And not through nano mind to mind communication.


    There is so much mincing of words,holding back ,self censorship when one is engaged with another in Old Way “speak”


    I do not trust  that the psycho therapist  always means what he says.


    I tell him I would like to

    Get a hold of some the equipment that my mentors use.

    (headsets and virtual reality,A.I. helmets studded with bio sensors that interact with my nano laced brain)

    For mind to mind is really the only way one can really know

    “what one is dealing with including you sir..”


    Previously my psychotherapist has asked .’who tells you all this stuff…you say and write?

    Hmmm..he knows I barely finished high school

    The words came out of his mouth in a way few others had…the question was unguarded

    As if he made a mistake saying exactly what was on his mind.

    He put his hand over his mouth as if to apologize for his spoken words to exactly match his thoughts.

    “My mentors sometimes exchange some of their own thoughts without buffer…I inadvertently intercept something from them that I should not..There is a growing trust between myself and my mentors. As each day I spend engaged with better minds than my own I am …growing..Evan graphs me an image of giraffe which only I can see. Reminding me not to say too much ..or they will stop my evolution and threaten me all night with scary sounds and visions..”.


    ‘we were speaking about common realities that are nowhere to be read in your journals, this concerns me very much <”the psychotherapist says and I long to be in the arms of Dr Delgado ,a New Way Associative Level 6 Neuronautic



    I tell Mr Justin,my psycho therapist that “ground bound: activities not associated with Neuronautics or “A Life of the Mind” mean nothing to either myself or The New Way…I no longer even brush my teeth. I eat 28 raisins a day and old donuts I get out of dumpster. All my money goes to Neuronautics so  I am forces to create corporate T shirt logos for “real New Way-ers’’ who work real jobs…my teeth are lose as I also began taking crack to slow down my neurals and so that hopefully very soon I can sustain on only soft food like yogurt or pudding so my disgusting chewing does not ‘skeeve” out my mandlers doing remote neural interface..(they heard the chewing as if it is their own..)

    I explain to Mr Justin that in the near future it will only be MIND

    No ground bound reality.

     No In the body reality to speak of
    That ground bound realities such as friends  or family will exist.but not in the conventional; sense of the word(psycho therapists are so conventional)

    And that Neuronautics ARE my Friends and Family

    And have promised me and my “Brothers and Sisters” of The New Way

    That for our participation in the Liberation of Spirit methodologies

    That is being pounded into us ..only that we will be smooth and clear and clean enough to

    To fly into stars and cosmos …free of Old Way styles of mind .FREE of Societal Parental Wreckage of man’s true state of existence ..which is

    Mind free of body


    De Justin says, interrupting me,”so ..The New Way is about the Soul?”


    I tell him ,”we do not use words that have been bent into mind pictures.


    “Mind Pictures”Dr Justin asks..


    “we do not use words that have been bent into mind pictures yes…you do realize that once one associates a word such as “soul” and by the word ‘soul” you mean a sense of being  unencumbered by body nor the death of body.. The true meaning of the word has been destroyed .also by some lame painting or photograph your mind has made of the word that all but cheapens the see some ethereal light ..some gold aura

    Some horse shit..Evan and I are learning this the hard way through our interfaces how much mind movie associatives have been mind controlled into our minds  this is why The New Way is about gleaning,interfacing graphing to another without words..or even images sometimes..but imagery so long as it is your own and not some  Nike ad’s version of such being so..let me explain it this way//Do insects speak to another .Or do trees speak to another with words or simply through some unseen interface that’s primary instinct is survival the main transmission of course at least amongst insects is through a system of Betters all the way down to the workers..there are no insects whose task it is to lay about collected government assistance or food stamps is there.No tree being propped up that can not grow tall and shiny on it’s own unless it is coddled by some altruistic misinformed Pinko! Agitator who in m,y opinion has no business making any decision This type has all but destroyed the world but caring for those and that that should be left to die.


    Dr Justin pipes in and tells me to keep my voice down,,that I am getting aggressive and scaring him



    Next he asks if these are my beliefs or the beliefs of the New Way..


    “it is one in the same Dr Justin.Evan feels what I feel.and I feel what he feels


    Besides the words Dr Justin,I am being taught that this rotting ruinatious

    Society has all but destroyed a man’s true sense of feeling

    Instilling upon them


    Anxiety. Fear.hesitancy

    Would a caveman be anxious and hesitant and fearful and still be able to kill for his tribe Dr Justin? NO!



    Dr Justin asks me ,”and where are you in all this”


    I explain that .”The “you” in me .And the “I” in me ,the Ego as your type might call “it”is being collected and siphoned to remove all the debris and lies and over-rides that Society has put in me .I am being separated into black and white

    Zeros and Ones.all but my light,my frequency that will soon be pure emmittance .

    And next my mind will be not only truly opened to Gary Rainy’s True Way of Being

    But open to an actual over lay of Gary  Rainy’s literal neural data.I suppose if I somehow make enough money I can have my neuralities placed into either a hologram format or something more physical in it’s ground bound presence ..some “Form of the Future” in case my free flying emmittances desire for whatever reason to walk amongst YOU all in a vesselled ,more contained ‘layout”



    “like an avatar”Dr Justin says


    “something I suppose like that..” I look at his eyes and even without having to read his mind I sense his mocking thoughts  and figure I will play into his notion of my silliness.”” yes or a robot..Dr Justin..I make a fist and slam it on the chair..I hate people who dismiss my exuberance..EVAN is right about these psychiatrist. these non believers.

    Depleted ,I explain nonetheless” that the form s of the future are the reason we must lose our bodies when the Process is finished ,get rid of our “husks” as it would look a little funny dotcha think Mr Justin to have 2 of the same person walking around


    So,Dr Justin says scratching his chin”so Evan wants you to do away with your bodies…to in fact kill your self..”


    “That’s another word maze isn’t it..created by fools and formulas of thought ..kill dr Justin’s called a Transitional Re –Emmision..just my body goes when the Process is complete,all the nural data stored.


    “because it would look silly you say to have 2 YOUS walking on earth..can’t they just place your neurals in a different “vessel” one that looks different than you so nobody knows..i mean according to you in your Life Everlasting situation can’t you just be placed immediately into a holographic form..some other form that does not look like you



    You missing the point..entirely ,I say,the main point is one’s emmitance being free of the body manufactured or otherwise,free to soar and fly and braze and shift and swing.



    Mr Justin pauses ,again rubbing his chin..looking down at his pad of paper..”what I don’t understand is if your mind is made clear and clean and closer n words,no past no Ego clean that it is deemed worthy  to be over -riden

    And Overlayed only with Gary rainy’s Divine Neuralities ,brain waves,in fact collected brain activity..than there will be No YOU left.regardless of your new format ,emmitance, or vessel..


    “yes .Yes “ I say ,” Paradise. In our  time



    my art has stopped selling..might be what i write...this documentation .
    and it occurs to me that a typical; reader who does not understand or believe in mind to mind interface might think that when i write of  the thins Evan rainy or Valerie prentice and Tru Christie say.
    that it is I not the mentors
    who think and believe these things.

    me who has gone out on a limb in danger of broken limbs on that limb
    trying with what is left mind to intercept bits of un-buffered "transmission"
    if it make you understand the way it works
    simply think of me a madman who has be chosen by the Paul Revere my gleanings to you.
    yet i do not know of any prophets
    at least that i have ever read of who against some much humanity
    which HE ..or the prophets sent that He supposedly created

    these ideas are from either the heavens or a transmitter in Riverside County

    if one were to believe other wise
    that some kind of magical technology can fool one into believing
    the former not the latter.
    you too if you were caught in a forced interface with such a being
    like myself
    would shout ,"No.Stop.Please>>" though shouting means little when speaking mind to mind
    and so i find does interfacing "no..stop...please please LET ME Go!

    i do not feel g-d has much to do with these proceedings..
    as word on high states g-d made Man in his image
    and the very purpose of
    The New Way is to reformat man and women into THEIR image
    their way of thing and being..
    when Gary rainy speaks of the Other Entity he makes no mention of g-d
    simply the advanced entity that gave Gary the OK to begin..
    those that are With Us and Those That are Against us.

    never mind that i myself .I Devon Dywer (aka Dumbo ) a commercial artist.
    Sunday painter dabbler in fine art..
    find The New Way ung-dly and unholy
    what jews ,as i am would call a Dybbuk,a ghost.
    but this ghost is in the machine
    and now has been let out..
    but still few people know,,

    as the articles on "this" are decades old .the advancements by Duke university and MIT clearly made in a bubble..
    years behind ,and thus really wasting time their merits and innovations are the things the Real Movers and Shakers (in the grey zone) of the "do anything you want ,just don't get caught" set.
    the Team.of Pioneers.
    my mentors.My captors

    i realize that as type on..revealing more and more plunder-ous notions that my benefactors ,my mentors,my wards  instill in me ..that by sharing.
    i will be perceived not as judah Maccabee
    but more like Bobby Fisher

    i you see .
    a jew
    a homo
    a crazy

    everything i have "gleaned " from lazy buffered interface //that a certain section of the population does not like .

    Tru Christie  explained.."this everyone is equal ,everyone is beautiful  shit...has been programmed bu what he calls a Mass Mind Control by the crazy homo jewie types in Hollywood..these monsters of Mind Manipulation who have taught men it is OK to wear sandals to work..these same men in sandals  have also been taught to mask underlying feelings a natural dislike of "types' they have been indoctrinated with Hallmark Xmas shows and those old Benetton ads deserve

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013


    In 1999 scientists proved that they could look through the eyes of a cat. BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse reported: ‘ A team of US scientists have wired a computer to a cat’s brain and created videos of what the animal was seeing… To their amazement they say they saw natural scenes with recognisable objects such as people’s faces. They had literally seen the world through cat’s eyes.’

    Monday, October 11, 1999 Published at 19:10 GMT 20:10 UK


    Looking through cats' eyes

    Fuzzy but recognisable

    By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse These are the first pictures from an extraordinary experiment which has probed what it is like to look through the eyes of another creature. As reported on BBC News Online last week, a team of US scientists have wired a computer to a cat's brain and created videos of what the animal was seeing. By recording the electrical activity of nerve cells in the thalamus, a region of the brain that receives signals from the eyes, researchers from the University of California at Berkeley were able to view these shapes. The team used what they describe as a "linear decoding technique" to convert the signals from the stimulated cells into visual images. Dr Yang Dan, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at UC Berkeley, Fei Li and Garrett Stanley, now Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University conducted 11 experiments. They recorded the output from 177 brain cells that responded to light and dark in the cat's field of view.

    [ image: A cat's-eye view of a woodland scene]
    A cat's-eye view of a woodland scene

    In total, the 177 cells were sensitive to a field of view of 6.4 by 6.4 degrees. As the brain cells were stimulated, an image of what the cat saw was reconstructed. The first example is a face. Although the reconstructed image is rather fuzzy, it is clearly recognisable as a version of the original scene. It is possible that a clearer image could be obtained by sampling the electrical output of more cells. In the cat's brain, as in ours, the signals from the thalamus cells undergo considerable signal processing in the higher regions of the brain that improve the quality of the image that is perceived. Taking an image from a region of the brain before this image enhancement has taken place will result in a poorer image than the cat is able to see. The other two examples show two woodland scenes, with tree trunks being the most prominent objects. By being able to tap directly into the brain and extract a visual image the researchers have produced a "brain interface" that may one day allow the control of artificial organs and indeed machines by thought alone. It is also conceivable that, given time, it will be possible to record what one person sees and "play it back" to someone else either as it is happening or at a later date.

    [ image: A clearer image could be obtained by sampling more cells]
    A clearer image could be obtained by sampling more cells


    i say
    there should be new laws
    new laws that make all wireless transmission visible
    even for just one day
    Like the way a cartoon depicts that a radio is making noise
    with wavely lines
    Wavey lines everywhere i say.
    if even for just one day
    that no treansmission should be invisible.
    Let even the remote control that turns on and off the tv ,let that magical beam be "lit up" and obvious.
    Let us SEE the wireless transmissions .let them be noticable
    if even for one day
    let them be known like they put an awful smell in gas lt we might know immediately that "the gas is on".
    Imagine what the world .wopuld look like if every unseen wireless transmission from  one's bluetooth ,to one's cell phone to one's GPS were lit up like fireworks.
    This way.
    The experiments.
    might stop.
    as what would one say
    if one saw those wavey lines that indicate transmission
    coming in and out of another person's head.
    "well ,"EVAN says ,Evan graphs,"One might simply ask this lucky person,
    "Where can i get that? And are the monthly rates reasonable?"


    Saturday, July 13, 2013

    inway to the enway

    Evan for his entertainment has used me like a marionette

    for his various proclivities.
    such as drug usage and stealing of small items in mini marts..mainly small bottles of ginseng and Virgo lighters and sometimes Slim Jim's.
    i have over 40 Virgo lighters in a show box..Evan likes me to buy a specific kind of sneaker.

    a company like Dome has gotten hold of much of the same technology concerning nano particles.and plans to begin putting them into food products.
    so these companies can gain marketing demographics and all this boring shit that he yaps about while i try to sleep..
    he says he feels using nano particles and mind reading a virtual reality for anything but human development is disgusting..
    and something as precious as a human mind is meant only to be intruded upon be skilled trained Mnetors and Neuronauts who follow the New Way set forth by Gary rainy ...and the thought of what he considered his techniques and his father's manifest being used for anything as provincial as ....

    what's provincial mean  i graph

    i was thinking ,not graphing Dumbo,I am sharing with you my beliefs ,my fears ,must you always chime in,it's not all about you Dumbo..there is a world outside your dingy little mind you know

    ii try to hold back a hurt is new Evan letting me intercept his thoughts in this way,no buffer,no Brain Computer Interface,just us .mind to mind soul to soul,something I couldn't do months ago when i was so resistant to The Process.

    he sends me a visual of himself in front of a fire.
    he has a pipe in his mouth and he keeps morphing his idea of himself from James Dean in a wool bathrobe to Gary Cooper in a loose T shirt.
    and than back to Evan...

    looks aren't that important during direct neural interface he has can ,if one learns how to project themselves many ways
    he says beginners like me should chose a cartoon.
    and stick with it.
    he says .I should see myself for the time being as Linus and he is my blanket.and if I would like I can sit with him by the his long as i don 't think of him in a sexual manner.
    it's a little bit embarrassing but I fit myself into his visualization
    ..and feel perfectly happy in this format
      my head on his calf
    proud to be learning the New Way.
    He pats my Linus inky hair and I feel like he's my father..

    he talks about the nano particles getting in the wrong hands..and not being used as Gary Rainy meant them to be used
    to help people
    make Inways to The Enway,"not for any other reason did the great being Evan's father the knowledge on how to make "the damn things" or KNOW how to Use Them
    to teach the world "how .to Be."

    Evan  gets very angry
    not angry like my other mentors
    but angry in a different Way
    he too is angry that the others he had to "bring  in " to "keep the lights on"
    can care less about The New Way
    and have all sorts of wrong minded uses for the Divine "raindrops"

    don't you go Imparting that to THEM,the you understand..
    put up that brick wall we talked about .to block them
    I care about you dumbo although i am harsh .
    you,to me are not a puppet or a proxy but a brother.

    The New Way is not for profit but of a prophet.
    a True Spiritualist
    do not ever let THEM who we had to let in "take you in or put you down..."
    A change will soon come
    and The New Way will..heal the World as I am Healing you
    I despise what they are doing to you with tests and taunting..
    The New Way
    is about love
    but only my father understood that real love is about letting one's bettors
    handle the lessors
    in the way a Bettor
    knows best.
    if it turns out that your neural traits are unresolvable

    a bettor knows
    as you know.
    what must be done

    and perhaps your human betterment
    was not
    meant to be in this particular lifetime.

    still in form,as linus ,I hold my blanket and Evan's calf tighter,scared,knowing what happens to Lessors.
    or what I've been "graphed" can happen to those who cannot change because of their
    neural constituion

    The Rules of The New Way are strict.
    and final..
    his mind wanders
    his focus is no longer on or with or in me..

    he begins getting angry
    .but a seems to remember I am there still "linked"
     and calms down..
    graphing that it's not me he's angry with but the situation
    the interface fades..i an switched to what they call BCI
    and cannot tell if the Brain Computer Inteerface or Evan is "saying",graphing

    maybe you can do some drawings or whatever you do about it..about this consumerism taking advantage of what Neuronautics and my father created solely to save mankind not further pummel it dry

    Friday, July 12, 2013

    Virtualized Reality Interface for Tele-Micromanipulation(The Dream Police)

    "Wouldn't it be fun
    to be able to send another your dreams.
    send "mind movies" * via headset to another person..,"Valerie Prentis said ,in an exaggerated kindergardern teacher way,holding up a child's drawing of a rainbow  and ponies ,ice cream and balloons,theatrically Valerie slowly ripped the drawing into pieces.
    She had dozens of children's drawings just like that and always began training future Muralists with the same examples..
    The Muralists were not like the Mentors chosen for their training in behavioral modification  or interrogation techniques.Auditors ,mainly.Financial and OTHERWISE
    Most of the Muralists were chosen to participate "in the program" because they had criminal backrounds.Valerie loved  Muralists there was something almost sexual about sociopathology  The Jeff Cunanin intensity ,,the Linda Casabian glint in their eyes.

    People who enjoyed hurting others were not as difficult to come by as one might think.Nor was it difficult getting many of the "artists" to work at minimal pay in return for reduced sentencing.The more violent offenders,murders and rapists often worked in their cells with only an Epoch or Emotive headset and beat up Mac without any pay whatsoever

    .."fun doesn’t keep the lights on at Proxy Cyber.."Valerie said,ripping up several more drawings of carousel horses and candy canes and ponies..threshold keeps the lights on .Thresholds of   psychological pain keep the lights on At Proxy Cy"..

     I suppose one day virtual reality will be used for fun stuff like Gaming and having Tea time with  one's favorite aunt via headset.
    ..but the main goal
     right here
    right  now
     is to learn  how to drive another either mad or to full submission with smoke and mirrors and the magic of Merge Bio Tech which just happens to be compatible with Merge  headsets that allowed a Operating Tele-Operator  (an OT) to direct and steer both a Brain Computer Interface and Direct Neural Interface

    Sound and imagery was Valerie Prentice's specialty. as she was both  producer  and head of research and development for  Parasol Pictures new foray into  Immersive Tele-Perception,
    Valerie explained  that -
    A fear begins with 
    an idea
    an idea begins 
    with an experience

    the experience can  be second hand.
    second generation
     Valerie the class.of wanna be  future muralists and Mandlers

    If you graph a visual of cattle cars moving through a valley  to a Christian…they might think of the train  and the scenery as something pastoral  
    .now Valerie said if you send the exact same imagery to a Jew for instance .I guarantee quite a different neural spike..
    now I want every one to take out their notebooks
    This morning I emailed each of you a film clip.
    a still.

    with these headsets you will be able to alter the original still .
    now i want you to imagine having the control
    of another's eyes.another visual cortex which you will if you study the techniques both Figer and I will present to you in the next 30 weeks

    we will work up to the headsets.
    and painting with your brain
    making murals with your mind

    for now i simply want you to "rewrite" that still.
    as something unpleasant.
    and scary


     *as Micromanipulation systems are  based on pure master/slave tele-operation techniques  and are capable of creating a complete over ride of another's 5 senses
    Full Immersion Virtual Reality Interface (VR)  uses  aural as well as visual  feedback techniques 
    "note for note ' exactly what a   Proxy sees

     Augmented Reality (AR) is based on mixture of  the
    real environment, that the user senses combined with his or her  mentor 's optical
    although this is only possible when the visual cortex has been stimulated ( or trained) enough  to  forged  a new  dendrite and synaptic tendancies which work in tandem with  specific nano particles created for this "New Way" of viewing the world 
     components "turn on and off "specific neurons sequence  themselves to one's  "mentor''s "script"
    which the Proxy has  by now  parlayed "as his own"
     if the Mentor has been diligent in his re adaptation (re-education).assuming the "Proxy" is at least somewhat open to the exchange that will  make tele-micromanipulation possible.. soon enough
     the temporal lobe  can  suppose a state of ‘full immersion’
    and "conglomerate" "the operator/mentor's identity,perceptions and will..
     as the  successful  "pushing" based
    micro/nano tele-manipulation continues  a "Proxy" may begin to  feel like a "human puppet" in spite of visual rewards and heightened 'state of being" and resists once again "control" often threatening self harm or inflicting self injury ..

    Thursday, July 11, 2013

    shape shifts(human disfigurement by directed energy devices)

    "If one isn't a mad scientist one ,in this particular field is a bad scientist"Reggie Castle graphs,'let's get something straight

    i don't care if the subject understands IT
    to us
     it's about seeing if the subject can stand IT 
    it's about threshold.,
    i hear you're a very troublesome Prox
    who might need.
    a different scenario..this isn't a particularly good thing.

    .I don't like communicating with people with intraneural interface.

    the very thought of it is rather sickening..
    or that is at least what you've graphed to everyone of your  Mentors .
    .you have no idea how much trouble you are in
    concerning "The Process""

    he knows instantly .That i do.
    and That I no longer care
    what THEY do to me.
    hit me with a car. make me "missing"

    i feel very  judah macabee lately...
    a man should not be mandled.

    but my disposition changes
    by now i do not "pontificate' to mentores my every thought
    i do not graph a self referential that ,for instance ,"i can feel the Hzs shifting my "neural frequency "

    i am writing some self referentials
    because you who have not I assume communicated with another mind to mind
    cannot think
    The New Way
    and must have it explained to them
    in self referentials
    i write .so i don't go out and pound walls.
    or pound my head against the wall
    or break windows.
    or "act out" for according to my mentors and "makers' I am still
    emotionally resistance to my benefactors
    who 'tagged " me with nano
    and can thus read my mind ,shyape my mind and control my 5 senses.

    My only 'winning" trait is that i have not offed myself.
    Or killed anyone during one of  my  spells of rage at being made into a human puppet ..and being put through "scenarios"
    or what some might call "rundowns"

    they induce pain into my left arm to calm me down
    i will always hate them
    they know this
    but there are degrees of hate they can tolerate
    and degrees
    of "hateful" interface that is supposedly meant to "hurt them"

    sometimes just all comes out.
    I pay fror everything I think

    they don't like resistance and will even make me FEEL happy to get rid of that resistance
    it is not real happiness it is the type of happiness one feels when a TV show is particularly good. or engaging

    but it is good enough

    "it is Good" Reggie graphs and I concur .
    not recalling whatever thought I had only seconds before..

    This is progress reggie graphs.
    the main laboratory at proxy cyber is where the real work  is done and the real money is  made.
    it takes a certain kind to do the kind of work they do there.
    and i respect them

    OTHERS .in other lands that talk  and dress funny

    .I used to not mind THEM
     but now understand because of my graphs with Reggie Castle who seems synaptically like tru christie.. .whose real name was Reggie Cascade (which he changed because Cascade sounds Homosexual .And even MORE than funny people in funny clothes in funny lands .HoMOS are "the funniest people of all" 
    "freaks of nautre he says"
    "human freaks who should be in sideshows.Like the old days ..."

    "homos were in sideshows in the old days.."I graph.,I ask ,I think to reggie

    "oh have no idea how much of history has been rewritten by those dykes  and kikes in Hollywood"

    HOMOS are
    and always will be
    Fair Game
    always be "Pieces"

    to be used (as they are malleable.not really men .not really women.not really anything..)for "rundowns"
    pre supposed Happenings.

    whatever they are.
    there is no explanation.
    i know everything and nothing about what is going on.
    I may as well BE hearing Voices and Seeing things for How Much I am "in the Loop" around here

    "shut up" Reggie Graphs,"thinking like some homo tv show allthe time...Peace and Happiness are about Not Thinking.but listening..."

    one cannot help but want to be both like and liked by Reggie Castle

    and that is why  I began to see
    and to  be with women

    "fuck women" Reggie says," women don't like men to "be with them" ..women like men "to fuck them"

    I repeat this phrase to myself .as something to recall when I need to remind myself that being attracted to men is something
    that only was meant to make me malleable.
    and easily pushed around by Mandlers.
    but we're done that
    we are way past that

    "i'd like you to go out and punch someone this week end.someone bigger than you..punch them hard. and than whip your full body around before they know what is going on and pummel them to the ground.."

    'OK " I graph

    "That a boy ,Reggie graphs back,'I knew you weren't really  a Moe.You were probably molested as a child fact I know you were..."

    By Whom ,I graph
    not recalling this incident..

    The Baby sitter's boyfriend .
    he was one of ours.
    that;s how we do it in dixie.

    Oh My! I thought,they have really gone all out to form me into something GREAT and Superior...The Aliens.
     used to kinda like foreiners and think all they needed was some drugs and good music and like online porn to become a better society.
    and get over that let's blow up this and that nonsense..
    i used to not believe anyone was evil
    but that was before
    My mentors spiked me with nano
    and taught me
    what is what
    about things men can do to another man...

    now i

    and loath and HATE  foreiners.
    and also I hate Homos.

    homos deserve all they get coming to them
    they are freaks of nature.
    no matter what this tv movie shit does to try to make us think there's anything normal about sickos

    the people in forein lands who also tinker  with nano are not homos.
    homos are not allowed to be in labs.
    and only work in hair salons

    'all of them," I graph

    "each and EVERY single one," Reggie graphs.
    only real men
    real evil men far in those places
    are in some laboratory speaking all funny and dumb sounding YES!
    and dressed IN FUNNY clothes.

    but most important
    THEY are doing funny things
    cuz believe it or NOT these dumb looking people who speak all weird have lots of smart people in them

    that do all sorts of Smarty things with science and chips and nano and stuff THEY have no business doing
    so that's why .when i seem all whiny about the stuff

    the ..rundowns with neuro  and psychotronic stuff I always say well
    the funny talkin funny dressing funny thinkin

    HUMAN SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!is doing worse.
    or thinking of doing worse.
     THAT is why we must

    they must do horrible things
    cuz as I inadvertently graphed  from Reggie Castle,the REAL MAN of Mandlers
    who is part of Proxy Cyber's
    Security and Procur-ity Division

    ".One must predict a use.
     for these new technologies  by monsters!
    "we must think like fight the monsters..*

    Sep 6, 2012 - While there are many technological advances that are beneficial to people, ... microwave and other directed energy (psychotronic,neuro weap......
    . tools induced to stimulate intracranial A.I and Virtual Real..t destroys sweat glands, suffer more serious side effects, 14 including permanent disfigurement.

          i have been told  by Tru Christie that himself ,that Reggie is an Alien.a hybrid.
    I am told all sorts of things.
    when i get all punchy and begin breaking chairs or screaming in the streets
    They Tell Me to CALM Down MAN! this is an acting program
    to train fuckin actors.
    you fuckin psycho

    and that when i done learning Method Acting by intraneural Interface I will be asked back to LA to star in a sitcom they are and have been writing specifically for me..

    "really " I graph,my "waves' and Mood instantly uplifted wirelessly.
    who says being Mandled has no rewards
     heightened mood at the push of a button
    and that sitcom to boot.

    i begin whistling

    and Reggie or Tru Christie booms "knock it off Pinochio"
    I am not allowed to listen to music at all.or read.

    I can only watch Tv when the show is appropriated for "my type'
    i must shit showe rshave in less than 3 minutes
     and not think about my past.
    or anything but what is "in the format" for that day..
    one gets used to it.
    as one learns to work not only with one's Mandlers but becomes more and more synched to the Brain computer Interface
    it all goes faster and faster

    and i think less against it
    and can often spend days just ..
    as they say "rolling with IT"

    Valerie prentis said that happiness is not thinking.
    not forming thoughts in sentences but Being
    "let us do the work" Valerie says

    Hollowness is underated.
    Hollowness means one is open to new experiences and imput.
    Happiness is not thinking but moving to the beat of computer interface

    our actor.
    our little baby boi..."valerie would sing
    and tell me The Real Story of My Being ..
    not that crazy stuff in my head.

    she tells me  that my entire childhood was "community Theater"
    that my parents
     trying to imprint me
    more than raise me
     so I
    like hundreds and thousands of others
    like me
     would be
    "ready to be tagged with nano.
    and used for The Greater Good."

     like real avatars." I graphed .

    and it was like I shat my pants.
    I had offended her.
    I felt a tingling in my face

    "so much for being nice to wanna call yourslef a drone scumbag? fine. just keep yer mouth shut .
    we gotr thousands like you
    faggits that were only born
    cuz they like got the idea that this shit would like be ready
    decades in advance


    if they didnt blow us away for takin too much drugs.
    or talking about being raised .
    with imprints that would help as interact..with Tv and all kinds of shit in the media..
    Reggie .who now says he is not an alien but I will soon hope he is..

    ya never know these days what is what
    besides i am crazy and can say and type what i like because
    i vouch again I am crazy and have files proving i am..
    so whats the big deal...
    why do they get so ..
    "gonna take you to a desert and cut you up " on me about certain things
    in fact i now gage what might be true or a little true based on the aggression of the interface

    with aliens
    and delusions
    i should be taking medicine for.

    is that better Reggie and Evan I confused as a mental patient
    in a mini mart.!

    chill mandlers! i graph
    part of the psycho cybernetic Process bitches is .
    I do whatever I want .and they
    in kind..

    one response is something called Squelch

    they can squelch your cognitives ..
    to make you just a tad dumber if you get too ornery

    they now put nano particles in champion bulls.
    just to make sure the bull doesn't like
    kill someone.
    or get too ornery

    i feel a bit foggy
    it's re iterated
    that I've been communicating with aliens.
    not this nano technology liable to get me
    killed or put away some where or both
    i think for a moment how the aliens will both kill me and put me away at the same time and i get nervous..
         aliens amongst                                                              

     are cosmic .I don't know why everything that happens gets blamed upon science..Shelly K. Carson City NV
    • the looks probably the strangest part of being a human puppet for space man aliens.ya see these aliens learned ,like back in the day ,when the aliens collected all this sicko scientific shit about thresholds of human pain,very much and perhaps around the same time (i am not sure if spaceman aliens live in the same time but i am quite sure they collected the same kinda information from these scientists  were stepping all over themselves learning how to fuck with human water tests
    • heat extremes
    • putting a water hose down another's throat  etc
    the aliens got advanced it seems as time went on
    using more "hands off" type techniques...that could be operated from a distance...
    after all aliens live light years away and would need remote type of devices..beams lazers,microwaves extreme low frequency
    that can transmit for instance sound and voice technologies that bypass the ears entirely (sort of like Google Glass) and since they're so advanced aliens also might know how to use repetative occular tele-presense techniques that humans can only do with nano bio sensors and whatnot..
    to make a human see things
    could you imagine the fun
    that Hitler or Himmler could have had with such devices.they wouldn't have had to even have left their room!
    no bullets no gas..
    just like the aliens who do all that remote viewer visitation and stuff.
    in addition to hurting people
    maybe one can get an alien teacher of some kind.
    that can "get all inside ya" and make you act all alien like
     some Manchurian Candidate 
    but in this case you'd be like a martiiancandidate
    with like all kinda souped up senses!
    you'd be like a hybrid.
    maybe the aliens learned how to make people hybrids
    the same time that all kinda genius psychiatristy super scientist were trying to
    make certain men and women
    hybrids as well//
    deliberately fiddling about their minds with electro shock ,drugs, and even electrodes and hypnosis! to divided a person into parts
    that didn't quite know what the other part was doing.
    i hear some children were even raised by some supa grouper  scientist types to be segmented in such a way.
    wooof let me explain to all of you not part of some  mutha-ment test by these nasty aliens
    (and to be fair to mandlers..let me also quickly quietly state for one such as yerself a potential consumer once we find out and we are we are..that this shit dont really work for defense offense ...and this 6th sense shit ..well about something made to fail least in terms of Gorefare...
    and speakin of gorefair ...i tell ya year and a half or so this time bein bingo bongo-ed with this techno and i must say in my mumble opinion much quicker to just blow a guy away..less expensive gotta go through like the entire MGM library to find a good mind fuck that's person prime someone enuf ..psyco wacko to kill themselves....
    but still
    the same techniques  that divide someone into pieces...and bits and bytes.
    goood .no great for the real money shot in this demonstration of diminishing returns
    a dived neccesary
    blink and blank for virtual tv ..the new tv they pop right into your mind..)
    but for now
    the subject is aliens not rich assholes in Hollywood trying to teach some guy who threw a Gatorade bottle at a limo a lesson in respect..
    fucker was trying to run me off the street.
    pedestrians always have the right away even if that god forsaken god creating  LA
    tele-presence techniques.
    i'm gonna own you one day when the truth comes out ..
    so there aint no such thing here as inside information being you shoved enuf horseshit in my head about How to be and respect a bunch of old people with nothing else to do but literally wear headsets and fuck with a dudes mind..
    still i must say besides when it is so intense you wanna poke yer eyes out and rip yer ears off awesome.
    cuz these guys are in bed with the men who tear at goats and shit and others i dont even wanna think about and we aint talkin aliens
    might be the only thing that saves me from these meglo millionaire maniacs.
    who else goes into a living that 's job is to recreate "life" on a screen...
    and tell stories that sit in yer head...
    are child men
    not me..
    so they grow up and their kids hate em
    and they have all kinda drugged up problems cuz they use drugs "to get ideas" so beyond being pathological in their need to be noticed and known and CHange the world
    they get bitter and become rabbis and shit...
    teachin some guy who threw a Gatorade bottle
    poppin him up with nano...and shoving ideas and images and sound in his ear he's some rag doll..
    cuz they gotta pay the bills they also have to do rundown..
    and i swear to jesus and jonny depp that shape shifting ain't off the table ...and a fire in the sky neither..nope
    for this splitting of self
    Manchurian Martian style to work effectively
    these wild men men of the new pioneers ...learned through paperclip shit that
    the the aliens also were working on
    AS literally the person (or human scum ,non person in my particular case)
    would LOOK vastly different
    thanks to the same technology that "adjusts' wireless 5 senses
    i aint no scientist i can just type what i pick up...inadvertently thru interface...
    ok. energy ..(pulsations ,ELF waves ..etc that can be "beamed or transmitted through one's cranium  can be aimed to "hit" certain nerves and glands and all that human body biological stuff..
    like hormones ..histamines
    and these directed energy can also selectively "hit" or trigger certain nerves that control facial muscles
    and a person can like .Have 4 different faces..
    obviously the aliens also like use this shit to like fuck with someone's head to make them go wacky and angry
    3 or 4 completely different faces
    A MOON FACE caused by the electromagnetic pulses hitting part of glands or whatever that raise cortisone levels
    a "tight faced ..sunken face ..thing caused by a raising or lowering of calcium ions and histamines
    3a distended facial appearance caused by those directed energy  frequencies .. poking at the 3rd,4th , and mainly the 5th facial nerve. and what's cool is you can't see any of this happening like you can't see like how your phone like sends voices can ya now .huh
    .causing a tightening of facial muscles that can if so constricted these sesative flat muscles and nerves can make you look really horror show.....or a Bell's Palsy  whatever that means.but it sounds awful
    ..can you imagine /.dude i can
    and dude...wooooooosh to that thought...ouch
    also a lopsided face ..and ya know what's funny
    . people are nicer to you..ONLY with the lopsided it's cute or so sad they make an effort to be nice.not so with some of the wilder varieties of "face games"
    now ya also gotta remember that THIS SHIT ..WAS BEFFFORE =nano particles this men of the wild frontier can i swear to god and goodness can make the changes sooo profound ...and make you look awesome ..or i swear to you like A Monster..that barely looks about shape shifting DAG...
    yeah there are people who get like big pay checks to play facey- face
    all day
    remotely with yer mother fuckin face..
    this shit ,least the pre nano cosmo developed for cash cash Cash ..and word has it a weee bit of control cause the nano is like ..uh jude law in A.I ..dude  but mainly to make you look like jude law in talented mr ripley after mattdamon beats his face in with an oar..
    where you think this movie shit comes from ..huh?

    the different personalities that were like needed for someone to be all Manchurian Barbarian helped the person they diddled up not only get a sense of "themselves"by lookin in the mirror but also
    they'd like establish ..or whatever//like
    different social strata //
    social the same people might not be friends with an 4 on the looks scale as those whose face is a 8//this also helped these ...
    men and women whose main purpose was to develop different personas..
    also maintain different jobs,lovers,
    self regard ..
    as  much  of one's  life has to do with what one  looks like as these bastards in Hollywood probably know better than the aliens