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Isn't"t that the one where the guy's face like ....

When Valerie Prentis insisting I write "The Facetaker"
The absurd story of some type of device
one could use upon another that caused that person temporary disfigurement with some type of invisible beam of course I balked
A horror movie ?
I had just written "Let Us Be Conquered" which had been hailed by the British Press as the best Young Adult novel since "Flying Cars over Cairo"
A contract was a contract..and I began the project..
At first the focus was on teeny tiny chips of some kind that cut away and next filled in bone cartilage and tissue beneath the skin's surface..microscopic "bots"
but as the months went by less and less emphasis was to be put on chips..
According to Valerie she wanted to open up the story ..
"Lose the chips"she said.
Explaining that she wanted
to ground the story
In real life
emphasize the ease of action"Valerie said
The script for "The Facetaker" by that time was 3/4 done.Adam Parker had signed on to play a bit part as Dr. Toreau ..
I said no..I would not change a thing
The chips thing was made somewhat plausible - do-able
A scene with a maquae monkey's face "morphing " into Albert Speer had already gone viral
But Valerie insisted
Saying that a horror movie worked best if the audience could presume the action on screen was grounded in real life
What I asked Valerie -in real life -could cause a person's face to be altered remotely -
It was then Valerie explained that "The Facetaker" was not her idea
but a project Proxy Cyber insisted Parasol Pictures make
and at first "the looks thing"
was merely to give Parasol Pictures a way of making direct energy weapons "read" on screen
but now Proxy Cyber insisted "the looks thing" be portrayed as -a given
"A given what ?"I asked ,"And since when are motion pictures being used to introduce ..what did you call them -select energy weapons -or any weapons to movie audiences "
"Direct Energy weapons ,"Valerie said ,"And you have no choice Indis ..my asking was a courtesy .."
"Sorry ,"I said,"I as far as I know film making or screenwriting was not under the jurisdiction of some weapons manufacturer wanted to plug their product like a pack of Marlboro Lights"
"Oh really Indis ..do we live in the same town ..do we work in the same industry .. You will do what you're told."
I groaned and began to voice my outrage
"We"ll keep the monkey scene ,"Valerie said

Proxy Syndrome -progressive encephalomyelitis with rigidity and myoclonus
General Discussion
Proxy Syndrome is an acquired neurological disorder characterized by progressive muscle stiffness (rigidity) ,loss of emotional affect and degeneration of cognitive skills caused by Direct Energy weapons being used upon a human organism . Spasms may occur either in conjunction or days after an organism is exposed to extreme low frequency ,electromagnetic  ,acoustics or by a variety of psychophysics weapons or direct energy weapons being researched to entrain another in a less than lethal manner.
Proxy Syndrome can cause difficulty walking and significantly impact a person's ability to perform routine, daily tasks. Because these are considered"neuro-weapons"care has gone into creating methods of augmenting a target' psyche to best cause symptomolgy of organic psychological turmoil that displays most vividly as such.Often direct energy is used with advanced technology weapons used to alter perception ,thinking and emotional states.Silent Sound ,often refered to as Voice to Skull is also used to not only entrain the victim but to discredit the target's claims.

Rapid Amygdala Kindling Causes Motor Seizure and Comorbidity of Anxiety- and Depression-Like Behaviors in Rats

It's not the first crowd control tool to use sound waves but Proxy Cyber's new type of riot shield that produces low frequency sound waves to disrupt the respiratory tract,hinder breathing and therefore distort your face like something out of a Parasol Pictures Comic Book movie goes beyond mere outsourcing ,crowd or otherwise to deal with the genuine problem that makes a crowd so dangerous.You.Alone.
Crowd control tools like the Proxy Cyber Boom  emit bursts of loud and annoying sounds that can induce headaches and nausea. But Proxy Cyber's Ewww non-lethal pressure shield  - now in a more personalized  type of "audio spotlight" to control the individual away from the "maddening crowd"-creates a pulsed pressure wave that resonates the upper respiratory tract of a human, hindering breathing and eventually incapacitating the target. The patent for Proxy Cyber's Ewww points out that disfigurement caused by the sound waves  was but a "happy accident " discovered during research and development easily maintained by manipulating the waves to a'type of silent scream used"round the clock" to give those with ugly thoughts the type of face that matches their deviant mindset.According to Proxy Cyber the sound waves being generated are actually not that powerful, so while protestors might collapse from a lack of oxygen reaching their brains, their eardrums won't be damaged in the process. 

The key was writing it
At First
In a type of story..so far away from the reality
To demonstrate FEAR
fear but a sense of import (oh what the hell he demonstrate some aspect of protagonist ..and therefore WORTH ..and a shred of dignity and bravery IF it serve the cause ...)
And watch ..no note the
Change ..
The desperation as the "come uppance"continues...
Metaphor thrown to the wind..
....unable to keep his dignity..his own veil of ....distance from the actuality ..
I can only guess algorithms for the same type of ..
Patterns of autobiographical
Slow Kill linguistics are in the works....
i know -how this works
i start taking down the key entries..the ones "my team" insisted helped add credence to my being an online type of piece of paper one shoots at -at a rifle range to see how one has done.
.that's all I am..the results ..
but I put them up again..it is not worth it ..the kind of day in store .
if one doesn't -represent
.to be prone on a bed..one's jaw clicking throat contracting ..the pressure on one's eyes ..the tremor
all made less ..less so .. If one keeps screaming..sobbing and making a proper spectacle of one's self online.
going into details only one truly being hurt with this could.
bringing up the most unseemly topics..to denigrate myself correctly
..and in doing so sell their product..
of psychotronic torture-Denny Pace (notebook 82)

Indis O'Say saves Face

In this study we address contrasting neural activity associated with two different ways of considering the same autobiographical memories. A few days before the rendition we the subject's Operating Tele-Presence selected a set of decoded memories the OT felt had been important in their Proxy concerning their sustaining a sense of self and identity, Because many, if not all of the subject's self-defining memories had been deliberately set by various behaviorist and sociological researchers as to most easily understand causality ,much of our work concerning provoking established cues ,triggers and associations in those "ready made" for "Brain Map" had been done for us . During interface we imbued in our participants visual and aural cues to direct memories in two different ways: in some cases the Proxy was"asked"to remember the content of the event and was next encouraged with selective frequency aimed at sections of their mind to heighten emotions and regressive cortical response to help the subject re-experience the situation in its original format. Next other sections of the subject's mind responsible for reflection were heightened with Hzs as to elicit in the reciever of data induction cueing a broader meaning and implication of the memory Simultaneously areas of the subject's Brocca's Area were excited to best direct the Proxy's intentions to help the subject to think in a manner that best shapes linear thinking for "ease of access" towards both the interface and researchers studying the subject's writing in response to brain computer interface .The "ways of viewing" one event from different perspective in this study focused primarily on the neural activity associated with certain situations enacted upon the subject in "two ways concerning conditioning focusing on physical visage and public humiliation upon the subject 's memory with variant subtext ,emotional pay off or any number of dichotomous actions. The set parameters of "staged " developmental and interpersonal binding in the subject's life allowed the subject to feel and re-experience memory about the same self-defining memories and allowed us to identify the brain regions specifically involved in Referential Reasoning.
Jim Bloom's photo.
The Reigns
Gary Rainy had called it.
Back when I was called.
Called to write of this as more fodder for Parasol Pictures.
Not quite as metaphor.
But something more like a cue or trigger.
For others part and parcel
( object )
( parts )
for The New Way

The story I was to make of my experience

being tortured by the means to an end ..

( to what end has never been my business )

a story..a movie..

that according to "me team" required
I be hurt with the weapons daily...a type of Method Acting
as writing..

I mistaken believed was cautionary tale..

- and next
-and during
so many other things
to warn others ...to show not tell n my daily screams
Look what we got..Look what we can do..Look ( Proxy Cyber and their troupe of Merry Gangsters armed with armies of cameras
have pictures to support my claims -The Facetaker is real-
hundreds of photos of what Direct Energy weapons can do to another's
when I pass - free fall from some over pass-I am rest assured my writings,my drawings - sick , sick , sick shall be seen accompanying the before and after of my disfigured self)

a point shall be made

- and I dare say

Is a point in which I do believe


Now that I have indeed been taught

That ugly thinking

Is contagious
By my team
The New Way

And to show my regard

My respect
With a clear mind
And a face one must earn back
Once again I shall do my part ..

"The Facetaker"Scene One two three 

one more thing..
and they like I need such things
to watch and process
...to see ourselves  "in"
A horror movie
and what else is a mind resistant to The New Way
but such a movie 
as"The Facetaker"

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Proxy Cyber aims to create a reactive system that uses ambient artificial intelligence to both teach and learn from the subjects participating in testing the many applications of Brain Computer Interface.The ambient intelligence system includes biological applications (neural prosthetics) to measure in real-time the internal states of the user/consumer both toward and away from the AI.These states include motivation, affective states and reactiveness. The task is to maintain these states – if the user loses his motivation or interest, the system will react by changing its behaviour in order to make the system interesting again. Or if the user is very motivated and highly concentrated the system can provide more subtle controls.The system controls the level of control based on the states of the user.
At the core of Proxy Cybernetics ,an artificial intelligent learns relationships between the data induction (hearing,seeing ,deep learning) upon the user and their environment.The intelligent layer adapts the behavior of the Tele-Presence from data gathered from the users manipulations of the AI parameters, as well as additional data about the environment and the psychological state of the user. Each contributing ambient agent has a machine-learning model for predicting the subject's state from interfaced data based on thought ,emotion and reaction to their virtual and non -virtual environment. On a system wide scale the data can be divided into input- output data (agent states) and input-only data (user and the environment).The learning weights of the concurrent data samples are determined by an engagement variable derived from the user model.
Condition based algorithms are not limited to machine-learning ,all aspects of the Proxy 's life are manipulated so 'change agents' in the field of behavioral testing can understand input that effect the states of the user.

Direct Energy (Disfigurement)
Psychophysics Weapons that augment a target's physical appearance drastically alter the quality of life of the target.
Furthermore,physical appearance can be one of a dissident,agitator or "charismatic's" many tools used to encourage others as to promote their agenda. A pleasing visage (looks) contributes to the malcontent's ability to entice ,recruit and sway others to their ideology.
Blister agents
Vesicant activity can be initiated by direct energy to irritate dermal and subdermal glands that cause eruption and cellular damage to resemble severe burns and or scarring .
Facial Nerves,Edema and Calcium ion flux
Examples of kindling pertinent sections of neural tissue that effect physical appearance
Histamine receptors
Human Growth Hormone
Success with non lethal disfigurement
Blister agents were first tested in combat in 1917 by Germany and have been used in several conflicts since, notably in the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88).

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Comic Book Contrivance as Perception Directive -Advanced Technology testing on human subjects
US8386313 * Feb 26, 2013 The Nielsen Company (Us), Llc Stimulus placement system using subject neuro-response measurements
We told the subject that a pop song was to be studied in terms of neural correlates to examine the song's effectiveness as background to a new computer game .The subject was told the song would be introduced to him via audio spotlight after he was fitted with apparatus to record brainwaves that would alter colors upon a large TV screen based on his alternating brain signals.After the first "neural read " was completed the subject was asked to participate in "shaping" the song's use in the game experience with similar techniques that required the subject interact with the screen with his mind .
The participant was told that if the color on the screen changed to green when the subject heard the word "girl" in the song the color indicated that the subject ,knowingly or not was "acting"/thinking in a deviant manner.
The subject was told he would be given 2 seconds to change the color with his brain waves to different color (e.g., red, blue, yellow), which indicated the subject was saying no” to his deviant response.
The subject was shown a running "scorecard" of his failure to "think right".The subject was unaware that the tally was a set variable When song ended the subject was told he failed the test and the researchers must report his responses to a committee not part of the testing.The subject was next "given a chance" to try again and this time try to think "like a normal person" without the anti social traits revealed by his reaction to the words in the song .The subject was told all the others who have taken this test had proved they could "think normally "with effort.

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Late Night at the Brain Thieves Ball

The Late Night talk show host decided to rub his hands together to prepare the audience for a Borsht Belt like set up
"So," the comedian /Political Analyst said,making sure he paused and adjusted his facade for a moment to empathy .Quickly a "shame on me " hang dog look "crept "'on either side of his mouth ,"Another shooting today .But get this .The shooter calls himself ,"the political analyst pauses ,altering his voice to a cracking projected "get this",a Targeted Individual. Yes ,some electronic Voice told him to do it.Brainwashed him you see.Invisible waves and pulses maneuvered his reality .Yes.Yes.I'm not making this up...All I am thinking watching this is was I in this way influenced when I agreed to sign with Time Warner for another 5 years,"he waits for the laughs to end ,this time moving his hands behind his back,waiting for the camera to catch his self wincing and his change in demeanor to "but seriously folks"'"But seriously folks we have to do something about these so called Targeted Individuals .Hey,"the political analyst says looking toward the left ,waiting for the camera to pick up on a presumed writer or stage hand just in the sight lines,"I'm a fan of crazy ,as much as anyone but ,"holding out his hand at the "sidekick"'but there's sick spelled s-i-c and sick spelled s-i-c-k.."He waits for the applause to stop, "These Targeted Individuals ,they gather online talking about false flags and microchips which keep them from getting the treatment they need.There's a psychiatrist in Tampa who says people with certain mental health issues or political gripes shouldn't be allowed to use the social media."The political analyst waits for the boos to stop,on a screen behind him a photo of a slain victim comes up.The Comedian folds his arms .Looks down at the stage ," Now before we all start pissing ourselves silly about s-i-c-k civil rights I want you to think about this man's civil rights .His right to live taken away by Cuckoo .
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Kitten mix carnival lilting lemurs compound 23K receptor PV 1 + ymu at 17h

Food Critic "was designed to test the subject's moral response to voice data induction of narrative based upon site specific stimuli (food critic /journalist) being reintroduced 2 days after reinstatement of PARRY model.While "Food Critic/ Rare Cooking "did not differ in content or basis of initial cueing of "stand-in variable' (Stanford University ,Environment as Simulation ''Constructions of the Mind" (1995) corrections were made to subtract redundancies from priory Evoked Potentials .
The pitch,tone and "voice 'of the narrative ( now 3rd person), the order of information provided, the length of the stories, the number of stories per condition was altered.The participants’ explicit task (writing) remained the same as did the allotted time to complete post. "Food Critic" was based on Real Time conditions and metaphorical situations and instilled with quandary based on the actual studies and insinuation of 'cause and effect ' reflecting 'cause /effect' of Food Critic .The imbue focused on the subject's moral actions and intentions when the participant was asked to view themselves as stimulus rather than respondent.In Experiment 1, the frame of reference concerning the Food Critic's claim (e.g., People who cook food rare are crazy ) was described as known or unknown (e.g., “you were informed ” vs. “you were misinformed ”). By contrast, in Experiments 2 and 3, sentences with the same syntax and mental state verbs were used to challenge the belief systems of the subject with different content (e.g., “He believes rare cooking is a myth. He believes Rare Cooking should be allowed ”). In Experiment 4 concerning "Him or Me " action in relation to offset response was reliable and distinct.

(Los Angeles 2011)


problems with Mindy
so resistant to input
Valerie had acquired the ex heroin addict for $70,000 
Valerie wanted about 30% of Mindy's "glow" to remain.
taking anymore
created a Schizo affect that didn't really go with a little black dress,
and the main reason Valerie chose Mindy was for a vicarious "party girl" experience

" junkies

and prostitutes
what else

 whatever else THEY find handy as husks on the streets

people with that glint or lack thereof in their eyes that somehow indicate
"i won't be missed"

they also promised to set me up when i got out
an apartment.

 give me early parole if I agreed to be monitored
it was back when I believed in the Process.

we used to all sleep on the street near the church near sunset
now we usually stay with some old guy in the valley
He drops us off every morning in hollywood .he doesnt say but he's like afraid to leave us alone in his house when he's at work
i told him about the ear thing and he says
he'd wouldnt put anything past the suits in this town


-used with permission -
(This is page 2 of of 5 of  Deirdre      ****  's account of what happened to her  at UCLA’s Olive View Medical Center. For the complete  index of the account please view Dr Barrie Trower 's site un non consensual human experimentation )  
Oliveview Hospital 2002 intake
23 year old female
2 notebooks
keys to vehicle and motel

  • [citations herein are to the 144-page transcript of the audiotape, which is incorporated herein by reference] 

>>>>The worth of having someone type and type daily ,hourly on a keypad..with the -
so you ,not them -placing .information 
..but to whom..
but first they insisted we learn ......clanging technique

<<<<<<in their their clinging cleaning clopping ducks in the pity parcel dendrite frequent from age hexagon carbon DY2 linking globin in the seersucker way  ..

>>>>>ongoing "word salad"that reads as viable
Convincing at least to //anon cay non raythe on brum
Shekel andhis friends inthe tea house of the august moon// hewn//  spoon coax kittencartel merriment stew stu stak stut stet stentCan yo //hear me now my kuntry men// and kings and kuntry menis tell u it's the blob //is coming I tell you I seen itmy sell
To keep the pages//- .the entries moving//-forward between ..
Highlight of relevant information...told to learn how to ..

-patient claims she was told to only write online .Told she could not stop or "this would happen' (hospitalization)
-claims she was forced to stay in Studio City motel room with 3 men and other females asked to "learn how to write 'rhythmically" .Patient had several books about ----neurobiology

  •  mix carnival lilting lemurs compound  23K receptor PV 1 + ymu  at 17hz  ducks down the pond  frog backwards walking clocks hidden in a seemingly rambling account of
Between utterances of Mandlers,Merge and all the mechanisms of clanging
clanging she said was -Clout to the "team ' that taught her in the motel
as to -cloud - a reader's supposition  of the purpose of the "cause"
 patient state was told -'.. only then can you write freely of "microfilms"

when asked what the cause was she said she just wrote what they said .She had no idea about the cause .She came to L.A. to be an actress.

when asked who told her to do this
where could I reach them
she said "they're everywhere.Are you?"


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just shoot me (weekend in New England )

"We needed to let people know and not know what we could do with neuro weapons.The victims themselves represented something akin to a parade of nuclear warheads being driven through St. Petersburg.We couldn't announce the human testing in the mainstream media or we'd be tarred and feathered.The people that needed to know knew where to look",Patrick Pace said
"Who said this Gary Rainy ?," Denny yelled, "Kimmie Baker . The King of Memfis Ohio ?"
"What the hell difference does it make Dumbo who said it .YOU 'RE not ALOUD to say it...But the food critic ...He KNOWS ..HE respects IT
Denny didn't know what to believe .He would do what he was told.Told this way.
And The New Way.
"It's just testing.Nothing bad comes from behavioral testing ,"Patrick said cutting his steak.
Denny ,who knew all about the bad that comes from behavioral testing looked at the knife.
"Now that Denny ,that little glance at the knife and the look I saw on your face is the first manly thing you've done since we sat down.There is hope yet."

Denny tried to focus on everything and anything he could set his eyes and ears upon in the resteraunt.
Anything but the Mandlers.
"Jesus Denny," his Dad said ,'You look like a god damn mental patient.It doesn't work like that..trust me they don't really care what you think moment to moment .It's all Reach Studies when you eat."

"For your information Dad they want me to keep an eye on that man 3 tables over for a facial recognition scan to see if he was at the March on Mall Street Rally ,"Denny said

"More reason for you to act naturally ..these games you're playing with the stories has to stop.You screw up the syntax.It reads half the time like some shmuck trying to write some kind of bad TV pilot,"Patrick said

"It is a bad TV pilot ,"Denny said ,feeling a dose of pain down his arm.

"The syntax matters for the people they want to know -it's all true-and not some little prima Donna wanna be writing some sh*t Dr Who episodes.The people who need to know we're hurting you must glean the start and stop concerning the synthetic telepathy...the intent of "the Mandlers"..your intent of trying to express some kind of "help,help,help .."Patrick said

"If these enemies understand the technology..that precisely.That means they have the exact same technology.That this is global."Denny said

Patrick dropped his utensils,"I don't give a damn if this new "just shoot me"attitude toward the project impresses your Mandlers .We don't talk about anything global gong on unless we want to steer the story into the type of clusterf*ck conspiracy theory you used to understand veiled the premise"

"What premise Dad..every other imbue cancels the other one out "

"Syntax is all."Patrick said

"To demonstrate to enemies who somehow can read this syntax without already having the technology .It makes no sense .I'm being lied to"

"Denny ,you're crazy .You've heard voices and seen things since you were a child.You write daily about having Mind to Mind conversation with Mandlers. And frankly you're scaring me.I Think you might be a danger to yourself and others."

"The Jews ," Denny said ,"you were talking about the Jews"

"Now I think we can weave this global agenda that seems to concern you with the Jewish Problem,"Patrick Pace said

"You want me to discuss The Jewish Problem on the 8th Floor Social Media ," Denny asked

"I don't .The Jews do ..' Patrick said ,' Well,at least someone at Proxy Cyber do ..some Congressman or other doesn't want lunatics typing about false flags and rich man wars online.
May 13, 2014 - The schizophrenic will look anywhere and everywhere for some "rational" reason or reasoning to ...
You visited this page on 7/15/16.Thinks maybe he can pass some bill...need you and the other Proxy to work a little harder bringing some secondary symptoms of mental illness into the mix between rantings about Memfis Ohio .What we need is your timing .The timing of your posts to appear more maniacal,less concerned with appearances ..social standing . ."

"What does this have to do with syntax"

"Sin Tax.Oh no Denny ..that's the type of stuff they don't want your kind covering.It wouldn't make sense ," his father said ,in a new tone of voice .Patrick had a way of changing his posture in time with his voice patterns Denny remembered his mother saying before Patrick had her 5150's for saying such things at all.

"Syntax'"Denny said

"No .It wouldn't make sense for someone of your ilk talking about issues that are worldly or prosaic.Obsessional things.Yes but no Sin Tax."

"I mean grammar...I mean what you want the enemies to see in my writing"

"Enemies ? oh Denny," Patrick said.removing his phone ,'Are we having another spell,another little breakdown...I think i'll call Dr P.,"tell him Denny's seeing enemies all around him...This reminds me of The Babysitter's Boyfriend problems your poor mother had that make the state take you away"

Patrick watched Denny 's eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the words Babysitter's Boyfriend .

When Denny "came to" Patrick stood up,"The waiter asked us to move back to the other table "

"No he didn't ," Denny said

"You're seeing things not seeing things," Patrick said ,sitting ," What is it .I'm lost '
Patrick snapped his fingers at the waiter who came over
'Did you just whisper in my ear we must move back to the table near the kitchen because someone complained my son was talking badly about Jews and causing a disturbance with his behavior in general ?"

"Yes,"the waiter said ."I'm afraid this is so "

The waiter left ,,"A pity. The way you always manage to make a spectacle of yourself Always sending us back to square one

Once situated at the other table Patrick said "Ya know Denny ,I forgot all about our lunch date till a young lady at the newsstand suddenly began singing "My Boy Bill" into a Fitbit on her wrist."

Denny had no idea what to say next .He waited for his "team"to give him lines.

"You can' t let it show ,only in your writing .Or they'll f*ckin' kill you."

"Then I won't let it show in my writing ,"Denny said," I'll write the whole damn thing like some what you just said at the other table"

'"What other table /Denny .We just sat down .'

Poe 90

Jim Bloom's portrait.
I wait for my father at Steerage .At a table too close to kitchen.
Who do these people think my father is ? he's a Level 9 Operating Presence for God's sake  
A Remote Viewer of The Stars! I wish I could tell the waiter it  my father ,Patrick Pace who drove actress Kimmie Baker into a 58 hour Tweeting Full Mental Racket about Kazarians ,Zionists and what she wanted to do with actor Adam Parker with a strap on. The same Patrick Pace who with just a kiss of brain computer interface to Adam Parker's Merge nano bio incited Parker to Tweet "I am been beyond plastics in that neck of the woods since 1996"
sending the plummeting box office of Parasol Pictures "Voice to Skull 2" into the box office gold.
Setting the tone for tween boys everywhere to be casework confused at critical onset times of sexual identification concerning their "bromance " with action star  Adam Parker .

The view of the  open kitchen is just as unsettling the food critic of the Memfis Ohio Times wrote about 
i thought i typing about
my anger at waiting ...supposedly I was suppose to add elements of asshl to my online person as Thaddeus Pike who had begun a campaign against Parasol Picture's new comedy about child beauty contests that contained a 16 minute bikini swimsuit competition supposedly as the films "arc' to inspire the mother of the girl to beg the judges to let the "girls' wear a one piece.
in my campaign against the film that Parasol Pictures asked Proxy Cyber to begin by Merge
I debunk director Drew Decker's stance that by showing "the perversion" in all it's splendor
he forces the audience to ...
I toss the pad on the table
My team isn't sending me enough of Poe 90 frequency (14.3 Hz) to help me write as over privileged law student
I am in full Denny Pace
Doing exactly what they wanted him to do .Be there  display case..
Merge Proxy Cyber Gets Them Home .Merge brand neural bio tech Keeps Them Home
And who am  I to put it down.Well compensated as paid mourner
They had tried it .Tried having me write of being "app-ed" with the actual tech in my neural tissue on "pause' ..on "off' for a few months .Even i admit it wasn't working.
Letting me graze the minds of several "unfortunates" deemed "collateral damage"for research.
But felt I would read as -more authentic with  Mandler literally practicing aspects of Psychotronuc Torture upon me.
Luckily Dr.K has swung some of psychic driving to more applicable R&D concerning keeping up with my exercise program and a tendency since early childhood or before that to see or hear the color blue and think Mind's Eye style the color blue.
Several on my team make me see now viridian when I encounter such visual or aural input
-running joke it seems via the brain computer interface
Since the simulation turned to something -anything but stimulant.
Seems. Do not have the mind for a a chronic neural read that instills in neural engineers the desire to present my cortex with arbitrary  feedback
so few unicorns and rainbows anymore .Not like the old days  before my re-patterning by way of Proxy Cyber began to get the "enny" in Denny Pace out of the way .Barely a trace of me remains and what does my Mentors work night and day to adjust to The New Way
I do wish they'd just speed up the process..knock it all down as to rebuild me in their image
The sooner I become more applicable the sooner I might receive  their oh so carefully doled out signal  upon my neurons to instigate feelings of euphoria atop my core being at the touch of a button.
I must earn these rewards according to EVAN who has no problem heightening my intelligence every few hours so I can "feel the burn"of my ""Tone -alities" being pitched to a 12.7 Hz Beta state

I see a woman waiting for her order to come .her daughter to come back to the table .Staring seemingly into space.
I cannot help but think like. I she has been "app-ed" and is seeing things.
What did this woman do I cannot help wonder .
She is sitting with what I presume is her daughter.
A 20 something .Maybe younger.
I heard sometimes they "app" the people around a potential "find"to record the potential 'dose -en '
dose em'
to study the potential  Proxy's dailies.
The daughter looks like 'just the type "a Pay to Play Mand;er would like to manuever from dorm room to depravity.
I think to call my father.Who is seldome late. And wonder if this think might ellicet another Proxy somewhere in my father's immediate vacinity to say "out of nowehre' to dad "Sun,sun,sun...Sunshine or something to that effect. It's what we do.

I start to reach for my phone and in doing so realize the woman I am People Watching has not been "app-ed" she's just not looking at her phone to appear so lost and staring.At nothing.

I reach for my phone not wishing to appear so "alone" ,so unconnected and friendless waiting for Porxy Cyber to swing my Neuralities to "the type' that allows me to maintain several 8th Floor Social Media accounts in different 'persona" to get the word out their
of the great Merge

my temperal tempo is swayed to 32 Hz
a feel the Emotive elements of a 24 year Small Applience salesman upon my mindset
to best type for the demographic in his social circle

some muckity muck about false flags to garner a resonse
and next some JPEGS of me as Steve Strater chugging a 6 pack with two girls on some beach.
Where in god's name the 8th floor Social media gets some of these photos is beyond me
I only work here

I tell the same story as the othe rproxy
in about 700,000 socail media "sets" of friends

Dad comes up behind me ,"Ya know Denny ,I forgot all about our lunch date till a young lady wearing text to me in a newsstand suddenly began singing "My Boy Bill" to into a Fitbit on her wrist.

Sitting down dad said ,"How's Memfis ? How's my little catcher in the Rye doing these days.
My little Fisher of Men.
How's that sicko art doing ...Valerie said you gave Reggie Gaskill a landscape last frieday
put the damn thing on your webpage .Are you insane ?

"I took it down,' i said

"Ugly faces ,pathos and pathetic..is what we want.And what's with that hair cut. You're supposed to cut your own hair.Unevenly ..what's wrong with you these days?"Dad says ,folding his napkin on his lap.

I need this like Merge on the brain I think ,feeling a pain bolt through my left arm that nearly send me under the table

Dad tried to pretend he hasn't seen it.

"Somehow ," Dad says ," the word Jew is now conspiracy theory.You mention them and you might as well be talking about Roswell and a big foot sighting"
Denny threw down his silver wear ,"Not even a hello how you doing son? We just start right in to work."

"since the day you were born Butterfly you've been my work Denny ,nothing else..These tiresome tantrums about some "real Pop" stuff are almost as annoying as your "real live boy" needs ,like that hair cut and that landscape."
"Jews,? I say ,"you don't think this everything but the kitchen sink business isn't going to just set off a few red flags in themselevs ?"
'Leading to what Mister Know It All? Leading to the people you're trying to cue to feel they too can see past the what Denny ..in the media ?"
"We're back to the Military Complex sh*t.." i say
"You've been demoted Denny .You've done it to yourself." dad said ,'you lacked the gumption to go all the way with that Zionist rant in November.They had high hopes .Had you all set to "do a happening" .Do you know how much money was spent ? 6 of your neighbors went to acting school to get the "He was a loner but the friendliest man you've ever seen ,,but I knew something was wrong with him bit down pat.You're a lot more like Layla than anyone could have guessed in terms of genetics ..Why didn't you ask the maitrdee to change your table .Why do you think you were given this table?"
I looked at the woman and her daughter I was previously recording get up and make shaming gestures with their fingers while the waiter ,making sure he didn't look at me ,actually sniffing his nose ,began swiping up their menus and leading us to the center of the resteraunt .
"Everything counts," Patrick Pace said ,now that we are at the better table 
Taking a sip of water Dad said ,"Look at the films they make ..They're not even trying to hide it anymore.This time someone wants to say something .They got all the proof they need "
"Who?" I asked 
"Jesus F.Christ Denny ," Dad said ,'The Jews .The Jews. You said you wanted another try .Here it is "

Denny hated his father.Hated visiting day .Hated sometimes that he agreed what his father said about the kids all dressing like whores,talking like "wiggers".He wanted it to go back like it was.Before "the Jews" put this sh*t in his head.

Merge Proxy Cyber Keeps Their Fingers Moving
Keeps Them Off The Streets and Congregating
Keeps them doing the equivalent of basket weaving
-what else was the post one post two of the social media page for the unpaid shills
Meant to represent brain entrainment online
Denny Pace imagined EVAN Rainy ,his Mandler  on Tuesdays and Thursday in a boardroom
A PowerPoint blow up of his posts ,the times he posted
A audio or written script, of The Poe 90    .Semio -drone. Semio -drone, Once one was tagged.once was poisoned with the biotech.the synthetic brain disease you couldn't  escape the increasingly bizarre stories induced in one's head...
He knew how he came off online
But not enough