Sunday, August 31, 2014

to lose one human Subject may be regarded as misfortune ,to lose eight just looks like carelessness

The word “Cyber "is derived form the  Greek word meaning “the art of steering

it was not a far cry for Jacob to
christen the restaurant he designed
as the restaurant was set inside Merge Industries (a "start -up" Mind Augment Company with
rather peculiar ties to a notorious "Church/Movement" that
not only believed in "Group Thought"
or "Hive Mind" thinking
but had managed to "get in on the ground floor " of making
this New Way of "Being"
a reality
with the help of a few carefully placed members of "the Team"
certain agencies on the forefront of
Mind to Mind and Brain Computer Interface "advanced technologies"

Jacob a former mentor
co-opted his Neuronautics Education (Jacob had reached the plateau of Level 9 OT(Operating Tele-Presence "mentor"
which simply meant he had the
of managing
the brain signals
"participants" in the
New Way of" Synthesized Tele- o-pathy "

while the "subjects" chosen for any number of reasons (including a standing bid /contract to
outsource early parole for prisoners who agreed to have
the equivalent of an "ankle bracelet"
around and about their dendrites
with "insertive " nano transmitters
that in essence and in reality
transcribed their brain signals into a "common" language
that an OT
could successfully study and thus retrain
both the subject's evoked potentials and pre neural firings
in such a way previously
thought only
possible with
nano tech once bonded to synapses and neurons
were in the long run much more strident in their
assuage than
any chemical cocktail
Neuronnautics did not believe in Psychiatry
but did believe
whole heartedly in
altering one's Emmitance
a sort of "auditing " of  private thought process

Jacob ..was benched by "the Team" for his
unusually "harsh" methods of "psychic driving"
with Brain Computer Interface
that Jacob claimed
were in accord with
the previously "face to face" methodology of
"commandeering" a "member's
neural pathways
to a
more "clear" and "conscientious


his superiors however reminded him that Mind to Mind Augmentations with "the chips"
required a "rather more"tapered
version of
Induced Rectification of Emmitance

and was "relieved of duty"for what Valerie Prentis semi jokingly said

"To lose one human subject  may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose eight  looks like carelessness."

while suicide was often an inevitability
of an unsolicited "testing" with both A.I. ,Immersive Reality and Brain Computer Interface
the Powers that Seize
regarded Jacob's Exuberant Enthusiasm
as Tele-Operator as
more Sadistic than Efficient
and politely offered Jacob
a position at Merge that did not require either Hand's On
or "Hand's  Off   /headset On" non lethal
mind correction

at first Jacob was reticent about
managing a restaurant that only catered to employees of Merge Proxy Cybernetics
until he
came up with a theme
that corresponded to
The New Way
Group Thought
that primarily
required the subject to not
be "subjugated"
as much as be "in tow" with the "redirecting of Self Signal Variable Evoked Potential
the basis of Neuronautic's founder Gary Rainy
Communication is a cybernetic process, ever dynamic and constantly changing. When Person A transmits a message it travels in a forward arc to Person B who responds, and a return message is received by Person A.  The response arc contains a variety of messages, verbal and nonverbal and should affect what Person A transmits next. The success of communication lies in extracting meaning from the response arc and reformulating a new forward arc that moves the conversation in the right direction.  In cybernetic theory this is called ‘adaptive control’.  By constantly varying the content and delivery of the transmitted message a rapport loop can be quickly established between conversing parties.  This is known as the technique of ‘pacing’.

Cybernetic processes are governed by the Law of Requisite Variety which, stated simply, says that in any process operating systemically, the elements in the system that have the greatest adaptability or variety are those that gain control. In other words, if Person A constantly adapts their forward arc (based on the information from the response arc), they will be able to influence the results of the interaction)
the suicides of Jacob's "wards"
were simply taken by hard core "old school" practitioners of Neuronautics.
End Result Equations
and a type of
Self Exiting for The Greater Good
the subject 's Self Realization that their Emittance (brain signal systems) were
Too maladaptive to serve as "Socialized"Survivalism
that was the heart of the  Neuronautic 's Movement
Jacob researched many a restaurant -eer
to conceive of a "theme" or novelty
that was in keeping with
The spirit of Neuronautics
and finally decided
pepper the floor of the dining room with box turtles
the scurry of customers would
topple over
it would "be up to" the customer
of  "Steerage"
to decide
the turtle on it's back
should or should not be
by placing the reptile
on it's feet...



Monday, August 25, 2014

the Tubes

as with most types who look ,speak and compose themselves a certain way who not only SHOW UP but BONE UP on assimilating the attributes that first got them hired to begin with Dixie Shaker gradually but predictably made her way up the ladder of a department that required a quite specific comportment of "self", including the a self effacing quality that often inferred  that her "team" rather than herself had made a "win "concerning miniaturizing the capabilities of a signal inception microprocessor to nano scale .Dixie Shaker was considered not only a asset to the various departments  and compartment and agencies responsible for developing specific advanced technologies that could and would both decipher and deliver interfaced  brain signals based upon the information acquired by bio sensors small enough to bracket themselves to the space between one's synapses. Thought Transcription and subsequent Mind Augment via a computer assisted interface read not only another's interior monologue but also could read and than transmit various sensory perception's upon another's "being-ness"and because of this a great many cross over fields besides medicine were very much interested in this particular branch of study and it's subsequent research and development...including certain organizations that Dixie believed she had left behind.

Dixie, considered a Ruiner by Neuronautics for having the audacity to exile herself from The New Way and the Ideologies of Gary Rainy was unaware that Gary Rainy had begun a "new campaign" to not only lead Neuronautics into the new century with Brain Computer Interface but to streamline their entire methodology of Mentoring with a remote neural monitoring system that could imbue a client with The Neuronautic Belief System 24 hours a day .7 days a week.

So enthralled with the possibilities of this invisible means of Group Minded-ness Gary Rainy encouraged the best and brightest of his members to seek graduate and post graduate degrees in the sciences of both Biotech and Nanotechnology.
Gary Rainy next encouraged his elite group of scientists to leave the sun drenched Annexes of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties to embed themselves in the cold ,damp campus like cloisters found only in or near Washington.

Gary Rainy encouraged" his scientists"to nestle themselves into various departments and agencies working on advanced technologies and asked that "his team" further educate themselves in the intricacies of the Biotech/Nano Tech field and addendum-ize their higher education with specialty services that mirrored the hiring needs of certain difficult to gain admittance to inlets of internship .

Furthermore Gary Rainy deiced that Dixie Shaker, shunned for her contrarious stance on Neuronautics  should be "cautiously" brought back to "the fold"
Perhaps you can imagine the shock Dixie Shaker felt when an old friend from her Neuronautic's days appeared (now in a white lab coat) breaking all presupposed decorum inherent in any laboratory environment ran across the tightly run ,tightly secure work area with her arms wide open to hug the
previously denounced Unresolvable Ruiner .Dixie was at first takne back than elated seeing her former friend who had miraculously ,just this morning vacated a one bedroom in Dixie's Co-Op.

That evening the BFFs shared wine and gossip about mutually acquainted Neuronauts and nanotubes

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dixie's academic advisor had suggested Dixie 's thesis on
 Non evasive "Selective Biosensor Transmitter induction with neural dust"
later Dixie focused on the induction of nanotube through the mucous membrane
there were many techniques of introducing
bio sensors into the brain without surgery
by 2002..
and each year the processors got smaller
as the "supercomputers" got faster

Bio tech was one field
where one's
were assumed to be as out of date
as the information

only certain "key players"
had access to the technology to
make assumptions

which was why Dixie
the more prosaic
aspect of Brain Signal Acquisition and Purveyance

which was programming
corresponding brain signal language
for "resolve"
of Emotional Stilt-ification

although Dixie had
severed her ties with Neuronautics
..many of  Gary Rainy's ideas about curative therapy concerning Emotional problems
stuck with her
In a sense
Gary had  foreseen Brain Computer Interface
and  the
corrective powers of Mentored Emanation

although many thought of Gary Rainy  as  a "quack" and an "opportunist"
his ideas about
curing the mind  by retraining
the mind
rebooting the mind

traumas as
faulty programming

that "insulted"
the "self"
eliciting all manner of hormones  and  chemical synaptic reactions
if one were
 "mentored" to
re-play these traumatic markers
in a less passionate and thus Reactive Way

these reflections
would now
be as
"part of self" as
a glance at a billboard or a advertising jingle

In a way Gary rainy had foreseen psychotropic drugs
whose job it was to redirect chemical messages and brain signals
to less reactive neural pathways

Dixie saw her work
using nano processors that could adhere to individuals neurons
as an addendum
to pharmacology
that was much less exacting
Psychotronic" enmeshment
while everybody's reaction to chemicals
to thwart  emotional displacement was different
nearly everyone's
architectural brain "map' was
In the studies concerning the introduction of electronic particles to serve as gate keepers and switching agent
to the brain
most participants
cybernetic corrections in a similar fashion


Dixie's mentor ,said "she could already SEE The Emanations they had worked so hard on ridding her of swarming in on her Arbitrary Effacements

Dixie said she wanted out
..that's all...
and was already gathering her coat
when her mentor
asked her to
"at least " part the program
with some form of integrity
Dixie reseated herself
as her mentor

and began reading off her most intimate secrets
with as much emotion
as one might read off a shopping list

Dixie knew vaguely of members who had decided to exit the Organization
knew little
the exiting process
as those who had
the Ruiners
were off limits
to engage with
as their traitor-ous ,mutin-ous, ways were said to be  contagious

"I wonder if Proxy Cyber would
like to know their golden girl had an abortion at 17 ,
and was convicted of shoplifting 3 times and.."

the heart of Dixie (part one) Enhanced Perception was thought of as..beyond human....many Mind Augment Companies justified their actions that went  beyond normal law

Dixie Shaker
a second generation Neuronaut
had left the organization
when her mentor threatened to expose (amongst other things)
an abortion Dixie had had  during her senior year at Stanford
she had fallen in "like a lot" with a handsome graduate student who, like herself wanted "in'
on the  Bio technology industry still in it's infancy
at least in the public sector

Dixie explained to her mentor that her level Seven Neuronaut coarse load
was too much
and that she needed to focus solely on her
academic studies
which included
Nanotechnology as well as
classes in Interfaced Augmented Cognition one application of
her studies in transcription monitoring of another's brainwaves
was originally
thought of as
to her
participation with Neuronautics
in fact
a fund was provided her to
"study abroad" amongst
the ruiners

someone must have informed The group
that she had
signed on to
private start up
that had nothing to do with
brain signal transcription

but interfaced perceptions for both the blind and deaf
Dixie swore to her mentor that she would 'pick up"
with her Neuronaught course load
she had made "a dent" in her
graduate thesis

her mentor
that Neuronautics

at the Tier she had reached
was NOT something\g one just
"picked up"

at their convenience

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

it began

with a story.
i wrote

a creative writing class
in 11th grade

a man comes back from Vietnam
and he's screwed up in the head.
he's dirt broke and stuck in this greyhound bus station in Memphis

he has nothing to read
and he's sitting there just waiting
for his bus to come

and his eyes focus on this mole
on the back of some woman's neck

he begins obsessing over this mole

and ..
wants to use his pocket knife to it out
out of the woman's neck

this stupid little story
got all these teachers and stuff all concerned

 the next day
i'm takin out to lunch .
by this man in a very nice suit
first I'm thinkin that this man is part of the school.
he isn't...he's been notified is all

it was a business suit but
a business suit that
didn't look like it was for business...
but for being on tv

his hair also looked like tv hair

at the lunch

he said
he found my story not so much disturbing

and asked me if I had more
more stories and thoughts like
the Mole story

i said i didn't know

he said try
try to write 3 more stories like the mole story
but to
imagine I was thinking
a strange story directly into someone's mind

and to try to write it like that

I tried to write
like that
nothing was
"The Mole"

he said

he asked if I ever read  a perfect day for banana fish
i said yeah
everyone had

he said
that was to be my manual
salinger knew how to fuck with someone's mind
in a way
that "was"
direct neural interface

he explained
that madness
could be sent from one person's mind to another

and my story was
mad as a hatter

was a good thing

 a very useful thing

a gift...

and than he kissed me

-Perry Dallas

the sqeal on the bus (the down low)

the twenty something on bus 23 looked liked a nut
I dear reader. And not you may use the term nut
I have,,,the symptomology and diagnostics
be classified  ...
 a nut myself
and with this liberty I remain assured my ramblings
as innocuous
as can be

imagine dear reader if I were to write of being driven too synthesized madness via tele -metry
if it were all true
imagine the terrible risks I would be taking
Merge and ProxyCybernetic's
human testing
with nanotubes and

dear reader. Dear dumbass reader
who I assumes I write a fictional tale.
who assumed that one's temporal lobe
cannot be smitten and smite
by a few
extra Hz from a cell phone
and such

you.dumb ass reader
who assumes
I am not writing for my life here
between your inane posts
pussy cats and inspiratrional sayings and "neat" cookie jars you saw and photographed at some urban design center
where you were with
so and so
who I just saw LIKES Gaza airstrikes .the band
I also notice gaza airstrikes is trending and green day might be producing a follow up to American idiot

 the nut looks like something from central casting(but than again these days so do would you if you were hearing and seeing things 24/7
and being
cued in spite of yourself by
whom I refer to as The Community Theater
who are like
civic inspectors for
"made men" like me
made or played
,,,I cannot often decide for there
is in fact some thing quite addictive to having a mind that truly is no longer your own

The Community theater functions much like a set of playing cards
in fact one member of
the Truman Pose
dressed up last June as
a queen of spades to gage my neural response
to such showman ship

the nut .the nut on the bus
or the young man in his twenties
on thw 21 bus playing nuts
had out done himself
in costuming
a haircut that looked as if it were done with a cereal bowl and some sewing scissors
a bright green t sirt worn with the tag in front
on his feet one blue sock and one red sock
one of his sneakers had a piece of electrical tape on the toe..

his crooked smile and tics
(a rather "to the cheap seats" take on tardive dyskensisia
 a warning
this placard  of "man"
to go with
the nightly hooooowl of
"what happens to Man Child's who speak to much about psychotronic human experimentation.
in spite of his
"mental patient " drag
there is something strangely sexual about him
and I wonder if it would be wrong to "come on" to an actor playing a "placed person" who's
role establishes him as

"not quite there"

the woman sitting next to suddenly gets up
as the bus is  at her spot
the Nut quickly takes over this now  empty
seat although there are many empty seats all around
still very much in character
he takes advantage of the
breach in social interaction
not thought to be part of the lexicon
and begins chattering away
I have been hospitalized
an jailed quite a few times by my mandlers
 for not
following the fold
of "Futures" and In-House R and D
they took me for a vagrant
they took me in
gave me food and drugs
according to them
would expand my mind
I didn't know than about nano
I didn't know
that the mucous membrane went straight to brain
and that's what the nano was for
str8 to brain
at first I thought it was the meth making me see and hear stuff
but they said it's
Hive Mind
was Neuronautics
and neuronautics was the future
for mankind to survive..
that Gary Rainy
more than a man
but the lord of man
he had received
information telepathically from some gr8 entity
that foresaw bio tech and brain computer interface and A>I>
and nano
and that only Gary Rainy
knew that this mind reading technology could for once and all separate the
ruiners from the learners
at the time I put all the talk talkin down to some meth freak tooled out of his mind
than I
realized days later
when the sound and images didn't stop
that they owned me
they said I was a level one
and had to take classes at the annex and live in a hotel in north Hollywood and
do what my betters said
they said I was riddled with
entities from
millions of years
and I hear them and saw these entities that only they could remove
mentoring and audits and sessions with Mentors
they said I could be gay but only
if I was gay for pay and brought money into the Group
they said they had a movie company
in Van nuys
and that sex was good and porn was good
if it brought in money
they told me about a man named Smedley Butler
who with only 50 thousand men could have
changed the way things are run
if smedley butler wasn't a Ruiner
he looked directly in my eyes nobody likes squealers
or squeakers
he hits my knee hard
hard enough that there could be no way
I could assume the punch was friendly but quite the opposite
I make a move to move and mumble something about "next block is where I get off'
he onlt moves closer practically smashing me against the window
they put electrode on my palms and
camera close to my eyes to see if I was a ruiner

the nut's  demeanor changes
he asks if I can give him a dollar and that they're having Asian salad at lunch at the Day Program
he goes to now that
he was found to be an unresolvable ruiner

maybe I should have kept my mouth shut he says no longer in any character what so ever

he immediately moves to the front of the bus
and I see he has left
a tract book of some kind
Beginners guide to Neuronautics
I page through the booklet and see a photo of myself with it's eye's penned out

I assure you one cares less and less about keeping unsolicited Technological Mind Augment
on the down low
one can barely wack off
without a
Qand A on why I am more and more drawn to bondage videos
(I graph to my mandlers
this really got a hold of me*
seeps into
the "why not take all of me 'ness of remote neural monitoring

I am reminded of that tv commercial
of the man aiming some pushbutton at his dog to train him
how far he should go
I always assume that one day the dog will
simply run out of the "zone" of the invisible
to regain some degree of independence
even into a speeding car


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steerage and the man who would be "king"

Valerie met Adam Parker at Steerage.
Steerage,  the new restaurant that catered to the Headset crowd.
Those in The New Way
and those that just like vicarious "events"

a fine restaurant
 if one didn't mind the box turtles that were allowed to wander the floor.
the place reeked of them.
 clearly someone had paid off a few health inspectors
for "the show'

the one rule of the guests was that if a box turtle
landed on it's back, one could not flip it over.
and because there was alot of foot traffic.
there were quite a few
"upside down" turtles on the floor.

"Evan Rainy  tells me you've been presenting yourself  with OT Tele --Presence to a Level 2  "participant" as that girl with her thumb up at Abugraib  Prison "the girl with a pony tail ,smiling in front of the prisoners in those awful  photos"Valerie said ,digging the last bits of meat out of a lobster claw.
" My word ,LA really  IS a small town isn't it" can't do anything FUN without some Proxy yacking about it"Adam said ,kicking a small  turtle across the room.

"Watch out Adam or you may end up like Jacob...managing some overpriced kitchy Soup Kitchen in North Hollywood"Valerie giggled

a patent to kill for- (US 2004/267118).

 Movies and computer games in which you get to smell, taste and even feel things. A prospect raised by a patent on a device for transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain... 


The technique suggested in the patent is entirely non-invasive. It describes a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating "sensory experiences" ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds. This could give blind or deaf people the chance to see or hear, the patent claims.

While brain implants are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the only non-invasive ways of manipulating the brain remain crude. A technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation can activate nerves by using rapidly changing magnetic fields to induce currents in brain tissue. However, magnetic fields cannot be finely focused on small groups of brain cells, whereas ultrasound could be.
Details are sparse, and Sony declined New Scientist's request for an interview with the inventor, who is based in its offices in San Diego, California. However, independent experts are not dismissing the idea out of hand. "I looked at it and found it plausible," says Niels Birbaumer, a pioneering neuroscientist at the University of Tübingen in Germany who has created devices that let people control devices via brain waves.

The application contains references to two scientific papers presenting research that could underpin the device. One, in an echo of Galvani's classic 18th-century experiments on frogs' legs that proved electricity can trigger nerve impulses, showed that certain kinds of ultrasound pulses can affect the excitability of nerves from a frog's leg. The author, Richard Mihran of the University of Colorado, Boulder, had no knowledge of the patent until New Scientist contacted him, but says he would be concerned about the proposed method's long-term safety.
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