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STOP!-o-ganda- The use of human beings subjugated to many forms of Electronic and Psycho-tronic Torture to act as a minimal amount of plausibility  online that Plausible Deniability Weapons are in fact being researched and perfected .

Pace Taker 11

the TI is not only destroyed physical,socially,financially,emotionally by these weapons the TI is also instigated to document their "experience' long after the TI recognizes that the social media /internet has served he or she absolutely no use in engaging legal or legislative help nor the help of the mainstream media to investigate their claims .The TI might begin to suspect their use is also to serve as a needed "shadow of a doubt" /example of Active Denial
weapons being real- Plausible Denial weapons are a tough sell without a wide data base of Targeted Individuals screaming and crying 'HELP and STOP!"
If a TI takes it into his last ounce of will to diminish the 'terms" of his use for the sake of not only being victimized but also of use as a type of un-payed mourner/ example / scapegoat and begins re-tolling their cry for help as fiction
one has both won and lost the battle simultaneously -Cole L.Cohen (notebook 92)
yet the story of 'THE UNTHINKABLE DENNY PACE ! "twas not as unthinkable as should have been

(2)"Give me a dozen healthy infants ... and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select — doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors" The Large Man said to Layla,quoting some human engineering pioneer Edwin had learned in his training by other human engineering pioneers who believed that man could only be understood by the data man  wrought.

The Large Man called Edwin by his team in trailer 3 told Edwin via earpiece to 'please ,please ,please stay on script '

The Team  of Mandlers ,men who man other men in ways you dear reader are not familiar with (and may you never be except as what you assume is fiction or delusion ..indeed I must fictionalize aspects of my documentation if only to give a context to my conveyance of certain topics that I unfortunately must confront on a daily basis ..if I were to describe my childhood in a calculated chrysalis of Neuro Linguistics and Trauma Based Abuse 
I guarantee my words would seem even more fiction -ie than what i write here...and to be quite honest dear reader I still hold an odd tether to keep the secrets of my Fathers
tucked away
and safe..
no it is no longer fear that keeps me from discussing the monsters who raised me davenport Monster Study style
to make me 
the human ecology 
for my "Beingness" as mere ecto plasm 
before you
The type of human vermin and human filth 
Gary Rainy and Bettors such as him involved in The New Way
a New Way that must pear away the Lessors 
for the species of Man to survive 
I gladly sacrifice my dignity and my very life to present as a hi definition Low Concept version of expendable type!
perhaps this degeneracy of soul and not my willingness to indeed 
understand and respect the careful calculated reimagining of the future of Man as it should have been with not a trace of sickness,ugliness,weakness and Aberrant thought !
that doth cause me to veer further and further away from my birthright by the unholy maze makers who bore me 
and scored me to be 
NOTHING MORE than mere example of Degenerate Fodder
through song and dance and dirty disgusting doodlings
that portray perhaps better than written language the SICKNESS OF SOUL types such as I do possess...

The Team of Mandlers 
Men who cast lives and 
Minds of other Men

  had acquired Edwin some time ago from one several of the West Virginia Hate Groups that the Office of Interior Intent had lent Neuro Technology back in the early 1990's when the "bugs" were still being put in unsuspecting persons to get 'the bugs out ' and it stilled galled the team in trailer 3 that without mic to ear directive Edwin reverted to rote unprocessed recall of precipice that gave - at least some reason - another human being must entrain another .
Layla said to The Large Man that -"The people at the TruGenic Rational Research Laboratory assured me the Treatment would have nothing whatsoever to do altering Denny's personality "
/////////but only to intercede upon Denny's Autism and negate Denny's "condition" that causes him like other autistics to think inwardly by introducing aspects of virtual reality into "this safe space" of Inner Vision and Inner Voice to help bring him out of it. ////////Layla heard herself think
but the thinking ..the actual cadence and style of the thought did not seem her own and a shiver raked through Layla's spine.
Reading Layla's thoughts on a screen in trailer 3 one of the Operating Tele-Presence (OT) Level 7 shouted to a OT Level 5 operating the sine waves molded as Voice
to Layla's Skull
that"-A bit of Naturalism might be more what we're looking for in this situation NOT some psychotic break ."
"Sorry " the OT Level 5 said to the OT Level 7 adjusting the feedback sent Voice to Skull upon Layla's auditory cortex to "sound" more like her own thought style.
Between Edwin's odd need to demonstrate to Layla or the OTs in trailer 3? that he had absorbed his night classes in Behavioral Modification and Layla having what the OTs called a "V2k (Voice to Skull ) moment the Team in trailer 3 felt as if some Divine Entity had placed the action on pause within the the Office Trailer.
'Ready ," the OT 5 said , refering to the Natural Language Program that he adjusted to simulate Layla Pace's Own inner monologue more discretely.
////// You are a good housewife everyone thinks you make the best casseroles in the neighborhood////
Layla ,NOW MORE THAN EVER concerned about just WHOSE ideology was to be at play here to help her raise Denny said to the Large Man now sitting across from her at the card table in Trailer 2
"You are a good housewife . Everyone thinks you make the best casseroles in the neighborhood"
In trailer 3 the Operating -Tele-Presence 7 laughed in spite of himself before throwing a half finished Mars Bar at the OT 5 working the Voice to Skull in this Old Skool fashion
After all,the OT 7 thought if you couldn't have a bit of fun with Mind Manipulation technology why use it at all.
"Ok..Ok this time we're good to go" the OT 5 said seriously giving OT 7 a thumbs up
Layla wondered why she had said what she had just said to the Large Man .Next wondered if she had really said anything at all when the thought quickly came to her
"All i care about is that Denny gets help and becomes the man he wants to be '
"We all do Mrs Pace " The Large Man said ,"Cybernetics is after all really all about autonomy"
"Excuse me ,"Layla said realizing the Large Man had not once given her his name "Cybernetics means the art of steering ...The art of control of systems does it not"
Edwin waited for the right words to come through his ear piece ,hearing none ,Edwin recalled the words an instructor had used explaining the process of Mind Augment and repeated them verbatim to Layla Pace " Cybernetics ,thanks in part to the help of the media and Hollywood in particular is supposed to drum up in another -arather playful notion of enhanced senses via mind /macine mind to mind interface with not a whit of implications concerning man's automatic response to symbols or the associations these symbols introduced aurally or visually upon a human organism would make ."
In trailer 3
OT 7 did not even have to look at Layla's thoughts decoded into words on his computer to know Layla was about to leave the trailer
OT 5 suggested they transmit Layla a dose of what they called The Little Girl Lost signal to reset the scene to at least some version of Square One .
Layla looked down at the pocket book that she had vaguely remembered placing beside her chair now in her lap. And was aware that the jacket she had draped over the back of the chair was now on her back.there was a brief flicker of panic still left in her and remnants of 'What have I gotten denny into ? WHO are these people" so great was the sense of fear that Layla ,almost knowingly ..but oh how nice that dwindling of "Knowing" was to a giddy sense of the "Everything is Alright" feeling she had not felt since she was a child.
And as a child the man in front of her she saw as her father
a protector of "Everything is Alright"
and Layla began poking around the large pocket book on her lap
excited to see her Mother (?) had arranged a special treat for her.
Lip Stick 1Make -Up ! to play with .
Edwin could not help but feel a bit of compassion for Layla Pace and feeling he tried to hide from himself of desire not as she was only two minutes earlier but as he now saw her ,on the floor of the trailer singing to herself ,her skirt bandied up past her thighs as if the garment was more of a nuisance than a cover .Layla liberally applying rogue to her cheeks in pronounced circles. But could she bake a cheery pie thought Edwin remembering the speaker at his training sessions who had waxed nostalgic for Igor Smirnov a Russian scientist best known for his role in Soviet Electromagnetic Mind Research that explained the merits of "silent sound "that bypassed the ears could best be used to augment man's will and brain function According to Igor Smirnoff who had demonstrated frequency based broadcasting in the electromagnetic spectrum with a "voice to Skull" command to “bring cake” to a specific public landmark in his hometown which incited several women to arrive at this landmark with cake in hand.Later when the "participants" were asked why they had brought the cake to the landmark,as none of the 'participants' could explain -the impulse to do so

Break In

"well Doc...they said at first .the THEY us cwwwwazy people talk about when describing technological Advanced Weapons sometimes called Neuro weapons to f*ck with yer mind. no it 's not in your DSM 5 Doc...than it must not be real ..thank ya' soo very much for humoring me ..don't think it's not dumb kunt..sorry know how us Cwaazy people have such a hard gosh time keeping up the needed facades for innnter -action .well starting at the beginning ? This THEY behind what they call Voice to Skull weapons said "THIS IS THE UNITED STATES governernment ! Leave YOUR APARTMENT NOW leave your keys. Well Jeeesus and Joseph Stalin bro I was so damn scared I did what this Higher Power said YESSUM! stayed out in the cold for 7 hours ..slept on a vent thought I'd fuuuukin freeze to death ..kicked a window in to get back inside that morning..and THIS Doc was day ONE...been years of this now..and you asking me if I want to harm myself...what self Doctor...? what you think is left concerning self..Well now strange as it might seem when someone be saying THIS IS THE UNITED STATES ARMY THIS IS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! all inside your ears ..from NOWHERE seemingly you kind of resssspect the CALLING...than ...well than you ask yourself hmmmmm.. exactly what office or branch in the United States of Anything do I write to ya' know to get this sh*t to stop? I mean is there a department of Psychotronic Torture I don't know about ..yeah Doc just write me up a f*ckin I'm not agitated ..and of course I understand DIS IS ALLL IN MY HEAD

Night of broken glass Los Angeles autumn 2011 Sherman oaks

any man who dares write what u are writing about the way you were raised and the Voice to Skull and NOW this part the SEEING will WRITE! to the end of time a little hole in hell with a tiny table and chair ...for whoever has written the story of these things he knows he cannot ever write about .HIS EAR has been taken by the devil...YES YES YES that was how it began ...and you would not believe how real it all seemed at the time...and than it was me in the aprtment complex walking into people's front doors...and into their homes an dnext walking out
something .someone .something TOLD ME -do this . must do this
to break this spell. break this window,
,it is a holy rite you must do to break free of this satan's spell
...and i picked up a rock and threw it right through ..the glass shattering ...the cops coming but me all the while knowing if i did not break that window something far worse might happen..
AND not just to me! but to the world at large because SOMEHOW ! i had unlocked some door..
me in the cop car feeling so strangley proud ..the cops were laughinh like they new i had saved the day
it was not just VOICE and VISION but a calculated elaborate state of madness...served especially to me..
.THIS mutherfuker ! is how real they can make this ..and YOU Mutherfucker coulda been killed by that breaking glass.. and know what ! and YOU! know this !
they would not have cared if u got hurt..
this i know is true.
(Name with held)

Pace Taker 10 - ten years from 20 years ago

DENNY PACE NOTEBOOK 38-i try to begin drawing but my mind seems only steered toward the verbal..and verbiage of endless stories that are often sent linear style one year apart.
it has not escaped me that 4 ,000 pages of non sequential story line that begins and ends out of seemingly nowhere.
is not exactly leaving me with anything viable.I will always be living with Layla .I will always be 9 years old.
to The Mandlers.…/…
this non format of writing
with seemingly no substance
is made worse because i am drawn to the online ..
of sensing someone might understand that the sheer PROOF that something is amiss.IS THE NON STOP CONVEYANCE
i might as well be writing zeros and ones.
did you know mice hit by frequency revert to self biting ....they cannot stop
biting themselves because some directed pulse is aimed to simulate the section of a mouse's mind that might self bite..
this is in a way what the writing is..
i sometimes believe
some monsters have found a way to get people typing and posting..nonstop like little mice
in a way aren't we all now doing this though we probably dont know why and may want to stop...
can you believe ..would you believe that for people the "state of things" wants to punish and destroy
they might make this even MORESO!
that some scientist found some key to essentially making a man
type like a little.wind up monkey
like the very signal of the eMF seeping out of the computer is cocaine
why else why else ?
I ask myself turning on the computer.
typing about things nobody cares about..
not even trying (because i cannot) on art that made me a living
was this the reason
is this the reason..
who wants to say they spend their days writing a blog ...I have at least been taught to understand is a bad thing according to Tv..
a punchline describing a character who is supposed to be thought of by the other characters as silly...and a loser.
but wasn't that the point?
no more end up caught up this web of synthetic madness to leave me with nothing...not even the ability to focus on art..
on people on anything but 010001001010
self biting as coerced writing

Pace Taker 9

"You do understand Mrs. Pace that your son Denny is about to receive a very special gift " the Large Man said .
And on the monitor in the 3rd trailer a technician registered the first notable "With hold" from Layla whose Mind Transcription read "Is this the part where I am supposed to thank you on bended knee for being a charity case"
while the words coming out of Layla's mouth said
"I understand that the treatment Denny will receive is free of charge, however I was informed that Denny 's participation in this study will help a lot of people with many forms of neurological problems"
Edwin let his face read as neutral but present .
The visage meant to give Layla the impression he was weighing her words carefully and not waiting for words based on Layla's transcribed thoughts on a computer screen via earpiece.
The technicians informed Edwin that Layla's interior monologue indicated that she was having second thoughts about having the bio tech placed in her son's blood stream and subsequently her son's neural tissue .
As this notion was impressed upon Edwin's earpiece , Edwin who had been trained to ape the "client's" own thought style as to throw the" client "off guard began talking
"Mrs. Pace ..I am sorry if I seemed condescending ,Proxy Cybernetics and the TruGenic Rational Research Center see our own selves as what one might call -a charity case-.We depend our participants in the progressive endeavor much more than a participant depends on our services. I do hope my gruff exterior and the rather minimalist setting we find ourselves in is not giving you second thoughts" Edwin said verbatim with the words piped into him from trailer 3.
Edwin refrained from looking at his watch regarding the timeline of Denny being prepped with a strain of virus ,blood thinner and a combination of optogenic accoutrement and carbon nano "chips" to make sure no neuron in Denny's brain pan would be left overturned and soon over ridden .
While Mrs. Pace had been dosed with "apps" that worked only with fMRI and MEG scanning equipment her son, in less than 20 minutes would be dosed with bio tech that worked much like a traveling modem might.
In less than 20 minutes Edwin knew he could stop the curtailed commiseration as once the biotech was in Denny , Layla's second thoughts would matter less than Denny's thoughts and screams of "Stop ,Stop Stop!" during Denny's initial breaking in period to Denny's Tele-Presence 'team"
whose work
it would be
to not just read Denny's thoughts but write upon them as well
Synthetized signal conceived by the subject as aural and visual Hallucination
in tandem with never ending pulsed waves to incite ever shifting emotion
from a seemingly sourceless source
from Somewhere only THEY knew.

Pace Taker 8

The man in the trailer used as an office was the antithesis of the well dressed Tru Christie at the TruGenic Rational Research Laboratory .The man seemed too large to fit in the office ,too large really to fit inside anywhere ,everything about the man from his clipped regulation style haircut ,hunting jacket ,boots and dark aviator glasses emphasized a style of intimidation that Layla ,in spite of her concern that this was not what she had wished this encounter to be hoped the large man's voice would go with his demeanor as to not destroy the effect the man so very much seemed to want to instill in others.The man removed his dark glasses to reveal even darker eyes and made a gesture to a chair across from the cardtable that was postioned where a built -in dinning table might have been...
In the 3rd trailer
the words in Layla's mind, thanks to the fMRI and MEG equipment hidden in the ceiling and walls of the 2nd trailer
-played on a large computer screen
////he too large to fit in the office ,too large really to be inside anywhere ////
on a screen a visual of how Layla percieved -clipped regulation style haircut ,hunting jacket ,boots -pixeled and repixeled imagery
The technicians
monitoring the screens noticed that Layla's thought style kept "a non pathological" distance from the "large man's "receding hairline
and the technicians
recording everything Layla did with every means other than a camera or microphone
noted that Layla's inner monologue seemed consistant with her education
and the cryptic tone of many a TV style of 'the times"
that according to the technicians
whose job it was to graze and gauge such seepage from broadcast sound and vision took heed that Layla's cortical processing was neither cold nor warm to
Large Man
as Evoked Potential
As yet the screen within a screen that monitored Layla's skin temperature and heart rate indicated no a trace of fear in Layla
As if her inner monlogue was her shield from physiogical response
The technitians recognized "the type' in less than a 20 second read.
Layla 's mind was in what the Remote Neural Montitors called 'plane mode"in terms of her need and her brain scan's indication of her means -of escaping from stress and potential threats. The computer program that trnasposed Layla's inner vision and thoughts into pictures and words automatically began to cross reference 'Layla's Mood Cadence by gathering a cross section of Layla's known associates whose online data resonated "reasoning' for such response .
A current driver's licence photo of Layla 's ex- husband and a quick speakerfull of Patrick's last telephone call indicated to the technicians in trailer 3 that Layla Pace was all too familair with intimidation tactics .
Thanks to the nano biotech that had bypassed Layla 's Blood Brain Barrier by way of a Mocha Latte one week ago the technitians read on -
waiting as diid Layla to see if Mrs. Pace woulkd be satisfied with Edwin's vocal style
"Will you please take a seat "
The man's voice and demeaner indeed went with the persona the man ,thought Layla , as no doubt the large man wished.

Pace Taker 7

As fancy as the TruGenic Rational Research Laboratory was-was as run down and squalid as the small clinic Layla was asked to take Denny to for experimental brain research was just outside of Memphis Ohio. Nothing more than 3 large trailer homes stiched together. Because there was no waiting room in the rather sloppily remodeled unit remodeled to serve as medical clinic where the shot was to be given to -as Tru Christie said ,"Open up Denny's brain for business " (And oh what busoiness Mind Mining was .And oh what a large number of compsanies were involved with such data collection it might seem as if no other un-scourched resource was left on earth to pillage and plunder. Certainly it helped that such "doings" concerned Homeland Security and hence no publicity of any kind ,of any use ,of any merit could be nor would be released to the public who might be interested to know just how far man had come to going where no man had gone before . And oh what a leg up this policy of covert "initiative"would reap for the many industries so very honed in Homeland and the robust military contracts the landing of such procured. The worth of inside information was bandied reams of needed "legalese" to conduct illegal human testing right under our very eyes like an uncharted "Brain Map") Mrs.Pace was asked to wait in the "office"next door where Layla was told someone would go over with her the final paperwork and instructions concerning her son's neural prosthetics.

Pace Taker 6

'There were few words yet for wordless communication made possible by neuro technology that just as often as not had nothing to do with the portion of the brain responsible for labeling things,ideas,feelings with prefixes,consonats ,verbs ,adjectives ..." thought Layla Pace
glad that her thoughts-unlike her son's were kept hidden behind 2 inches of porous skull bone -beneath which--as far as Layla knew ( and really how could she or you for that matter know for sure) was not addled with 400, 000 bio sensors created to drive another to madness
or new type of sanity that only asked one forfeit one's ego to a Articial Elegance
that knew best psycho cyberentically
How and Whom
Should Be
'Graphing ' was the word Denny used when he spoke about the Brainlink
with what he called his Mandlers.
At first it had seemd to both Layla and her son an adventure
and a pleasure.
After all the researchers at Proxy Cyber had told Layla that the data aquired by the BrainLink would be used to cure nearly all forms of Neurological and Physiologcal probelms
nothing whatsoever was said about neuro weapons testing nor much of anything except
the need for Layla not to tell a soul about the "chips" including Denny
Layla tried to recall exactly what was so difficult her son's "behavioral issues" two years ago to force her to take such drastic action
that could have been worse than participating in the off the grid trials to literally make Denny's mind an open book to be read and next written upon by headset ,helmet wearing Mentors whose job it was to think frequency to Denny's neurons ina style that mimicked every as yet discovered type of brain signal for the human computer and direct neural interface .
Two years earlier Layla had been told that the biotech injected into her son's arm could cure Denny's autism.

Pace Taker 5

Denny began giggling ,looking at something Layla did not see....Something called Head's Up display Layla was told .Induced Visions upon her son's cortex by way of bio technology to help bring autistics out of their own heads.
Out of his head indeed was what Denny looked like , Layla thought ,next cursing herself for having such a thought.
She felt like telling Denny to 'cut it out" but instead began eating as if nothing peculiar was taking place. Still ,Layla wanted to ask Denny why his Operating Tele-Presence or what Denny called his "team" had 'told 'him to begin defacing the hymnal but thought better of it ,once again realizing that everything her son saw and heard was transmitted back to Proxy Cyber upon some computer screen.
The Big Littles ,thought Layla ,is what Denny was staring at-the little green and purple and red men part of the animated franchise of children's films ,Tv shows and books were 'the ones" who had "told' Denny to bring the marker to the church and cross out the words "God" and "Jesus" or more to the point it was Denny's Operating Tele -Presenter-Tru Chrisite role playing -all over Denny's visual cortex "The Big Little " cartoons.
But why Layla thought ,careful to try not to "let it read' to Denny and hence his Remote Neural Monitors how angry she was at their games . why on earth would Denny's handlers Tele-Present upon her son such strange and vulgar ideas and hence action.
None of this "Role Play" upon Denny's senses had the slightest thing to do ,thought Layla with what "The Team" at Proxy Cyber had discussed before the nano tech was shot into her son's arm
Layla watched her son looking at something only he could see and hear with a type of focus that made her 9 year old son look absolutely mad as a hatter and in spite of herself Layla became enraged and tipped Denny's ice cream sunday over upon the table
"No Ice Cream ," Layla said "for a little boy who does what you did"
'They told me to" Denny said ,"They thought you'd think it was funny " Denny said ,his face somehow imbued with the countenance of man 3 times his age.

Pace Taker 4

At first Layla had appeared at the court appearances without a lawyer......
United States Patent 4,877,027 Brunkan October 31, 1989
Hearing System
Abstract-Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.
At first Layla had appeared at the court appearances without a lawyer assuming the entire matter of her involving Denny in worshipping anything other than any supreme being that did not involve" brain scanning" technology and the subsequent judging of "soul" based upon such 'Brain Map" by various algorithms created for such purposes was something of a joke.
But the various judges did not think so. Ordering a temporary stay on the topic of Denny's religious upbringing until Layla ,sarcastically thought , that science based ideology was introduced into various new laws based on such "reforms' .The judge decided to make a deal concerning Denny Pace's religious upbringing ; that so long as Patrick Pace did not take his son take any Neuronautics meetings for "spiritual "guidance and Layla not take Denny to any church for the time being the matter would be dropped. Layla ,while not a dyed in the wool Catholic did believe that a little organized assembly to inspire a one to think about something unseen that might be 'up there' or "down here' or both was not such a damaging activity and a risk Layla decided to take that Easter
It was a risk that turned out to be not worth the risk at all.
That Easter was 2 years after Layla had taken her autistic son Denny to the TruGenic Rational Laboratory to have her son "app-ed' with neural prosthetics -to be cured by Tele-Presence .
It was on the Easter day ,inside the church that Layla realized with a doubt that whatever "presence Denny was tethered to as to help him through Brain Computer Interface to "emerge" from his autistic state was not what she had been sold .
Inside the church Denny, Layla thought, had seemed fine ,he did not sing along or appear to follow the sermons or prayers but neither did he fidget or squirm as he previously had before being "app-ed' . it was not until Layla saw Denny ,who had obviously brought along a big black marker with him crossing out words in the hymnal . Not all the words Layla noticed .Only the words "God" and "Jesus
Not wanting to draw attention to herself or her son Layla whispered in Denny's ear that she had heard an Ice Cream truck outside the church .
Denny placed the cap on his marker and left the church mid service with his mother.
After a small tantrum was had in the church parking lot concerning no such Ice Cream Truck Layla drove Denny to the nearest dinner to get what she had promised him. Once the dessert was served Layla calmly asked Denny why he had done what he had done to the hymnal only to see Denny shake his head back and forth and put a finger to his lips ," You said I can never talk about why"

Pace Taker 3

As odd as it first seemed to Layla that Patrick might have a case against her concerning Neuronautic's Religious Relations Entrainment by -laws was as routine as it had become for Layla to find herself attending hearing after hearing in real courts of law well outside the inside system of Neuronautic's seemingly endless tribunals.
Layla had wondered how these strange alliances between the Los Angeles District Courts and Neuronautics had come about .And Layla could not help but wonder whether there was more to the rumors and speculation than hearsay that Neuronautics was not quite the fringe group that Neuronautics seemed to go out of their way presenting themselves as -but more of a "fronting" for the "Office of Interior Intentions"who had been know to seek outside affilaition.
Certainly Layla was as aware as most people that UCLA and Stanford had offered their services in the 1960's and 1970's to all matter of agencies conducting unsolicted human testing concerning mind altering drugs,devices and staged environments meant to study "human ecology" systems under duress ,coercion and subordination .Yet what really firghtened Layla Pace was the sense that -this was not a test.

Pace Taker 2

Layla 's car had been keyed the night before Easter and a dead mouse placed on her doormat .On the drive over to the church several members of Neuronautics had made sure to drive too close to her car ,if only so Layla could see their glares and hand gestures Clearly
it had surprised Layla that Patrick Pace had been able to get a temporary court injunction concerning what Neuronautic's called the Religious Relation Entrainment clause in their doctrine that claimed that the Father's religious stance and not the mother's -pre - destined children of The New Way 's co re being. A core being that could be destroyed ,perhaps irrevocably, by even limited exposure to what Gary Rainy called 'the sword and sorcery ' of any organized religion besides his own.
Gary claimed "The Children of the Evolution" raised on psychophysics and Neuro Linguistics should be granted special rights by the state for their possible use to the union as the true ideal of man.

Pace Taker 1

Layla Pace took her son Denny to church as she had every other Easter before her husband converted to Neuronautics and denounced organized religion as a dog and pony show for the un -enlightened .Only the "Church of Neuronautics" understood that what one was in the scheme of things was not about accepting some notion of a "Higher Power" but how a technolgical Higher Power accepted you in terms of comparative analysis to those of your species.
Patrick Pace had at first laughed at Layla's tight hold upon an all seeing, all knowing "God" who as far as Patrick was concerned was yet to be properly created as a Singular force ,except by those in the New Way Movement .
Patrick next took legal action concerning Layla not "coming round" to neither the science nor ideology of Neuronautics at least concerning their son Denny- not being raised on what the movement's leader called the "Mass Psychosis" of Judeo Christian belief.
.Patrick Pace ,a Level 5 Neuronaut unlike his soon to be ex -wide understood that Mankind and one's place is such was only about judgment and thus the neccessary decoding of one's thoughts.
After all ,Patrick had told Layla had not Gary Rainy, founder of 'The New Way " movement not proved with sophisticated neuro technology that read a man's Thought Style whom amongst us was just and worthy and whom amognst us was not.
As Gary Rainy proclaimed - mankind 's Emit and thus psychic energy was not a fanciful notion to be corralled into myth based practices of "Hoping " and "Begging "to false idols that according to Patrick Pace " had been insinuated upon the masses back when the masses were still needed ,back in The Old Way when indeed a template was required to keep the masses going that "had to" emphasize what Gary Rainy called " the absurd notion that everyone was equal
and good in God's eyes

Patrick told Layla that the New Way of Neuronautics was about letting go of these 'silly sentiments"to move man onward and upward to what Neuronautics called
-a Paradise without Parasites.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Notebook 46 (evidence JHG32)

Cole L.Cohen
Sept 24 2014

Psychotronic technology.

Psychotronic technology has long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least thirty years ago and started experiments with unwitting people.

Psychotronics is the ability, using extremely low frequency (E*F) waves and other means to manipulate a person emotions, thoughts, bodily functions, will etc all from a remote location. Using this technology a person or possibly an entire population can literally be controlled like a robot with a remote control. How is this done?

Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole. The ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kms above the earth, consists of a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds. Natural waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere and are thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms.

Collectively, these waves are called ”The Schumann Resonance,’ the current strongest at 7.8 Hz.

These are quasi-standing ELF waves that naturally exist in the earth‘s ”electromagnetic" cavity, the space between the ground and the ionosphere. These ”earth brainwaves" are identical to the spectrum of our brainwaves. (1 hertz = 1 cycle per second, 1 Khz = 1000, 1 Mhz =1 million. A 1 Hertz wave is 186,000 miles long; 10 Hz is 18,600 miles. Radio waves move at the speed of light.)

 These natural geomagnetic waves are being replaced by artificially created very low frequency (VLF) ground waves coming from G*EN Towers.

Dr. Andrija Puharich  and Dr. Robert Becker designed equipment to measure VLF waves and their effect on the human brain. Puharich started his work by putting dogs to sleep.

By 1948/49, he had graduated to monkeys, deliberately destroying their eardrums to enable them to pick up sounds without the eardrum intact.
When we say words to ourselves, silently, or, read a book, we can actually feel the slight sensations of those words in our vocal muscles - all that is absent is the passage of air. "Thought reading "is an enhanced version of computer speech recognition, with EEG waves being substituted for sound waves. The easiest "thought" reading is actually remote picking up of the electro-magnetic activity of the speech-control muscles. Scientists have also found that they could convert thoughts into computer commands by deciphering the brain's electrical activity.

Powerful CFR and Trilateral insiders have long known how electro-magnetic weapons can be effectively utilized to wage political warfare against America’s population. President Lyndon Johnson’s Science Adviser, Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald wrote the globalist-promoting 1968 book, unless peace comes, a scientific forecast of new weapons.

MacDonald described how man-made changes in the electrical earth-ionosphere can be used for mass behavioral control. He said that low frequency electromagnetic oscillations can attack the low frequency electromagnetic brain waves in human beings.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the founding director of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, also served as President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Director, where he founded the infamous FEMA that is designed to implement world government dictatorial rules over the U.S.A. predicted these exact types of electromagnetic psychotronic weapons.

He stated: “It is possible - and tempting - to exploit, for strategic-political purposes, the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior... Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions, over an extended period.”

Low-frequency radiation affects the electrical activity of the brain and can cause flu-like symptoms and nausea. Other projects sought to induce or prevent sleep, or to affect the signal from the motor cortex portion of the brain, overriding voluntary muscle movements i.e Dystonia

The bulk of recent telepathy research in the U.S.S.R. has been concerned with the transmission of emotional or behavioral impulses and the study of physiological response to PK exercises etc...By the early 1970’s *** agents in the field reported that the Soviets were able to influence telepathically the behavior of people, alter their emotions or health, and even kill at long distance.

In a ‘Psychotronic War’ using microwaves modulated using ELF waves, it would no longer be necessary to kill whole armies by inducing cardiac or respiratory irregular signals. The enemy can simply be incapacitated by disturbing their states of balance or confusing the ability to think logically. The manipulation of human beings, by means of ELF waves is relatively easy to perform.

In 1977, the **. Agency  declassified a report describing how vast advances in Soviet psychotronic technology can create the ultimate big brother society, by using electronic mind control against populations to implant ideas and thoughts into the heads of unsuspecting victims:

“sounds and possible even words, which appear to be originating intracranially (within one's own head), can be induced by signal modification at very low average power densities” (VLF & ELF).

“headache, fatigue, perspiring, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and the lack of concentration.”

In a 1993 meeting between Clinton Administration officials and  psychotronics experts, including Dr. Igor Smirnov.

Clinton Administration officials wanted to determine whether psycho-correction...programs could be undertaken by the ****government. These devices could be used to affect judgment or opinion of decision-makers, key personal or populaces.

>>> the technique which was pioneered by the  Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy. The Russians employ a technique to electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in "white noise" or music . Using an infrasound very low frequency-type transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction - ear plugs would not restrict the message.

According to the Russians the subliminal messages by-pass the conscious level and are effective almost immediately.

These devices appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum, the same frequency range as generated by the sinister U.S. Gwen (Ground Wave Emergency Network) system of transmitters.

Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions.

Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute. Moreover, decades of **** research and investment of untold millions of rubles in the process has produced the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects.

The ability to cause death can be transmitted over distances, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent reason. These weapons would be able to induce illness or death at little or no risk to the operator. The psychotronic weapon would be silent and difficult to detect.

Directed-energy weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a micro-wave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process known as ‘Voice Synthesis’ which is remote beaming of audio (i.e., voiced or other audible signals) directly into the brain of any selected target.

On March 21, 1983, The Sydney Morning Herald published this article by Dr. Nassim Abd El-Aziz Neweigy, Assistant Professor of Agriculture
"**** satellites, controlled by advanced computers, can send voices in one‘s own language, interwoven into natural thoughts. They can target the population of choice with this diffused artificial thought process. The chemistry and electricity of the human brain can be manipulated by satellite and even suicide can be induced  and  how "synthetic telepathy" could will reach into people‘s heads make people believe God is speaking to them personally to enact the Second Coming, complete with holograms!


During the 1960's, brain transmitters as small as a half of a cigarette filter made it possible for doctors to implant them into unwitting patients during operations easily and without surgery via the nostrils. Implants are now smaller than a hair‘s width. These ”biochips‘ circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling the victims to hear ”voices‘ via the implant.

Like all such radio devices, this electrode transmits data from a person’s inner life, his mental functions, biological and neurological processes, all of which can be combined to yield more information about someone’s life than even that person knows about himself. The implants can be used to “brainwash”: to manipulate inner processes, modify or destroy emotions and thoughts, and control behavior in detail.

By means of two-way radio communication, called telemetry or remote control, one can send a wavelength round trip to a brain transmitter in a person's head. The wavelength streams through the brain and returns to a computer, where all aspects of a human being's life are uncovered and analyzed.

By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induce by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control

Transmitters have no batteries, are activated by radio, and can be used for life, so that the brain can be stimulated indefinitely

In the newspaper Delovoi Mir, "Mind Control" by Ivan Tsarev, 1992, a victim wrote,
"They controlled my laughter, my thoughts, and cause pain in various parts of my body...It all started in October 1985, after I had openly criticized the first secretary of the City Committee of the Communist Party.

The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was begun in the 1980’s by the ***The system was allegedly designed for the purpose of maintaining defense communications in case of a nuclear war.

GWEN transmitters, placed 200 miles apart across the ****, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered.

The GWEN towers transmit electromagnetic waves in the VLF range between 150 and 175 Khz.

“The VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground waves - electromagnetic fields that hug the ground - rather than radiating into the atmosphere. The signals drop off with distance, and a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles.”

, Dr, Becker stated:

GWEN is a superb systems, in combination with cyclotron resonance for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States.


Symptoms of psychotronic torture

Here is a description of the cluster of symptoms common to most victims. 24 hours 7 days a week, for years on end, victims are subjected to all kinds of harassment and torture. Most agree that the technology can remotely target and control every nerve of the body. Heart rate can speed up and slow down, bowel movements can be regulated, illnesses can turn on and off in an instant. Victims report microwave hearing or voices in the head and sleep deprivation. Thoughts can be read, and played back to the victim, instantaneously.

People around the victim can repeat verbatim, the victim's immediate thoughts.

* dreams are manipulated
* behaviors controlled
* emotions literally played with and all types of pain can be started and stopped in all parts of the body
 tire slashing, break ins and mail tampering are reported


According to victims, it is vicious, amoral, sadistic and cruel. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and liken it to mental rape, prison or total destruction of the quality of one's life. Most are labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin. loss of health, social life and career. All say the technology is very sophisticated and effective as a weapon. Some victims say," It is like a slow death."


Monday, March 21, 2016

R.O.C.K. in the USA

What is Gang Stalking?

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It's called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under surveillance by groups of organised Civilian Spies/Snitches 24/7.

Many Targeted Individuals are harassed in this way for months or even years before they realise that they are being targeted by an organised protocol of harassment.

What happens during Gang Stalking is very similar to what happened to many innocent individuals in the former East Germany or Activists and Dissidents in Russia. Many innocent people in the former East Germany would be targeted for these harassment programs, and then their friends, family, and the community at large would be used to monitor, prosecute, and harass them. In Russia it was used by the state to declare activist, dissidents or anyone they thought to be an enemy of the state as mentally unfit and many were institutionalised using this form of systemic control.

The closest thing to Gang Stalking that democratic countries have seen before is McCarthyism, Cointelpro, and RED SQUAD programs. Red Squad programs were used for monitoring, and harassment of various groups and they have been in place for over a hundred years.

Civilian spies are recruited from every level and sector of society. Just like with Cointelpro investigations, everyone in the targets life is made a part of this ongoing never ending systemic form of control and harassment. These actions are specifically designed to control the target and to keep them in line. These actions are also designed to destroy the target over years, make them look crazy and leave them with no form of support.

For the targets of this harassment, Gang Stalking is experienced as a covert psychological, emotional and physical attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying a target over time. For the state it’s a way to keep the targets in line, control them, or destroy them.

Worldwide programs of control and conformity have been used with equal success and lethality. What we are seeing now is a global co-ordinated and organised effort of control and conformity. Reports of Gang Stalking are not only coming in from democratic countries, but they are coming in from many other countries as well.

The modern day systemic form of control could only be funded at higher governmental levels, just like it has in other societies where these similar types of harassment programs have been implemented. It's all part of a system of control and conformity that has been in place for many years. A system of control with many local groups and appendages taking part.

What are other Names for Gang Stalking?

There are many names for this form of systemic control and harassment. Under the Gang Stalking label you will also find such terms as Organised Stalking, Cause Stalking, Multi-Stalking, Community Mobbing, but it's all part of the same harassment protocol. What many people do not realise is that Gang Stalking is just one appendage of this systemic form of control. There are other forms of control used to repress, and keep individuals in line. Other forms or appendages include, but are not limited to: Mobbing, Cointelpro, The Buzzsaw, Covert War, Electronic Harassment, etc. These are the just some of the names being given to a very old game, that is once again being played by governments on their unsuspecting citizens.

How are targets chosen?

Targets can be chosen because of many reasons. They can be chosen for political views. They can be chosen for whistle-blowing. They can be chosen because they belong to a dissident movement. They can be chosen because they asserted there rights at work. They can be chosen because they made the wrong enemy. Were considered to be too outspoken, unwittingly investigated something that the state did not want investigated, signed a petition, wrote a letter. They were deemed as suspicious by a civilian spy/snitch and their names were handed over.

It’s becoming apparent that targets might be chosen for this systemic form of control, if they are not already in some way a part of this controlled system. Eg. Many Targeted Individuals seem to be unaware that large chunks of our society are snitching and spying on each other.

What are the goals of Gang Stalking?

The goal is to isolate the target from all forms of support, so that the target can be set up in the future for arrest, institutionalisation, or forced suicide. Other goals of this harassment is to destroy the targets reputation and credibility. Make the target look crazy or unstable.

Other goals involve sensitizing the target to every day stimuli’s as a form of control, which is used to control targets when they get out of line.

These people also want to make the targets of this harassment vulnerable, they want to make them destitute. The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide, just like what they did with some of the targets of Cointelpro. It's a useful way of eliminating perceived enemies of the state.

Who gets targeted?

Targeting can happen to anyone in society. Primary targets in the past have been but are not limited to: minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against large wealthy corporations, woman’s groups,(single) women, anti-war proponents, and other innocent individuals. The majority of the targets are often not aware that they are being targeted in this way. When a target moves, changes jobs, the harassment still continues. Every time the target moves, the same lies and slander will be spread and the systemic harassment will continue.

Who takes part?

People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the eyes and ears of the state. People from all races, ages, genders. Every sector of society that you can think of is a part of this. at the foot of this article.

Some of these citizens might be recruited via programs such as, Citizen Corp, Weed and Seed, Citizens On Phone Patrol,(COPP), City Watch, T.I.P.S. Many started with good intentions to help patrol and monitor their cities and neighbourhoods. Others are recruited via their families, others at school, others at work. Since every sector, class, race in society takes part, recruitment is multi-faceted.

Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this harassment protocol is to destroy a person.

Why people participate in Gang Stalking?

There are many reasons that someone takes part in this activity.

1. Some do it for the sense of power that it gives them.

2. Others do this as a way to make friends and keep friends. It’s something social and fun for them to do. Many in society use the one handed sign language to communicate and it's very effective in breaking down race, gender, age, social barriers.

3. Others are forced or black mailed by the State or the police into taking part.

4. They are told that they are part of homeland or national security and being used to help keep and eye on dangerous or emotionally disturbed individuals. They see themselves as heroic spies for the state.

Civilian spies can come from a variety of different programs such as the Citizen Corp, Citizen On Phone Patrol COPP, Weed and Seed, T.I.P.S., City Watch or some other centralized government program used for patrolling and monitoring cities.

5. Others are just local thugs or Informants who are already being used for other activities, and their energies are just diverted over into these community spy programs. Eg. Some may be given the choice of Spying for the State or the police vs going to jail.

6. Others are told outright lies and slander about the target to get them to go along with ruining the targets life.

7. Many are however just average citizens who have been recruited by the state the same way citizens were recruited in the former East Germany and other countries. It's the way the society is.

What are some techniques used against targets?

a) Classical conditioning.

Getting a Targeted Individual sensitized to an everyday stimuli. The targeted individual over a period of months, or even years is negatively sensitised to an everyday stimuli, which is then used to harass them. It’s used out in public to let them know they are constantly being harassed and monitored. Some examples of everyday stimulus that might be used include: sounds, colors, patterns, actions. Eg. Red, blue, white, yellow, strips, pens clicking, key jangling, loud coughing, loud whistling, loud smacking of clapping of hands together, cell phones, laptops, erratic/strange driving (and behaviour) etc.

b) 24/7 Surveillance This will involve following the target everywhere they go. Learning about the target. Where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street. Monitoring the targets phone, house, and computer activity.

c) Isolation of said target.

This is done via slander campaigns, and lies. Eg. People in the targets community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbours, family, store keepers.

d) Noise and mimicking campaigns.

Disrupting the targets life, sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc. Talking in public about private things in the targets life. Mimicking actions of the target. Basically letting the target know that they are in the targets life. Daily interferences, nothing that would be too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time. Search online for Gang-Stalking, Gas-lighting, Mobbing, Street Theatre and follow the links.

e) Everyday life breaks and street theatre.

Flat tires, sleep deprivation, drugging food, putting dirt on targets property, search the online Gang Stalking Forums for lots more. Mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets. These strangers might get called/text messaged to be at a specific time and place, and perform a specific action.

It might seem harmless to these strangers, but it could be causing great psychological trauma for the target. Eg. Blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit a response from targets. Etc.

Where does the support or funding for this come from?

Though Gang Stalking itself is immoral and unethical in nature, programs such as this in democratic countries, and none democratic countries have always been funded by the Government. They are the only ones with enough money, coordination, and power to keep such a system in place. These Co-ordinated efforts then join hands with others for this systemic form of control and harassment.

“Ruling the community with an iron fist. “Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric, cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry.”


What is disturbing is that there is a glee in perpetrating these deed a party like atmosphere involved within the "gang" pertaining to collectively destroyed an innocent victim. -. J.Stirling 2009

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Cole L. Cohen (9 days before the shooting)

supposed it was all about me doing the Kazarian rundown in real time
some "I hate jews ..I hate Jews "rant my "sicko art" would now be branded not only degenerate but Jew who hates Jews art..
but I didn't quite understand that this is where the story was leading
and how damn specific the renditions ...the little scripts they feed me were.
according to Mandlers I get all wrapped up with the technicalities of how the bio tech works ...and civil liberties concerning Monarch programming done to children
and neural prosthetics..
when THIS you see IS NOT THE POINT!
the POINT was and is ME to process the stories JUST ENOUGH and make them mine and present as some damn version of the f*ckin Son of Sam or something online..
Mna you have nooooo damn idea how far these lunatics went to 'set me up" to present tas some "type' of nutcase that is based on loony from some genius 's idea of nutcase from 40n damn years ago
boy if you knew the pics they took of me..
damn ...
I reckin they'll work best post mortem..
and trust me if you're a damn proxy you long for post mortem
why the hell couldn't they just make some computer program to type and type this stuff? and confab some damn play this part?
maybe if these cheapskates weren't so damn tight with the dough I woulda' been OK being some drone

2 turns o'the hourglass ·
it is easier at the end of a Slow Kill
It becomes all about studying the physical effects of pulsed microwaves upon the subject's various glands,pulmonary system ,bones ,balance ..there is really nothing left to work with concerning the subject's thinking or emotions ...all gone ..we say ...all gone ..Don't get me wrong the Targets are still useful concerning big data but it's not as fun towards the the end of the Slow Kill it's really all about removing the gold filings and putting hair into sacks
-"Notes on a Mandler ",Parasol Press
i post and therefore I am allowed to exist another day
but i worry that the pos tis once again away from the texture of the interface
I am once again being selfish ..
concerning myself with only the nuts and bolts of hating being a man-e dman ..
and my "team" tries to set me back on rack..
"What we say about comparing Mandlers to Nazis Cole Cohen " Evan Rainy graphs sending me Hanna -Barbara imagery all over the room
'That's it's a Jew-ie move on my part" I graph grumbly,sick of it...
'SICK OF IT is no reason to be a bad sport ..understand..?" Evan graphs ,"face to face you'd apologize Mind to Mind isn't any different...and for Christ's sake dude it kinda' puts a whole sepia like hue upon the story..'
Instantly I know what Evan means but I refuse to take it down
'That's what a Jew does ..isn't it..a Jew refuses to move forward EVERY DAMN THING is about the Holocaust f*ckin' Hitler is hiding under a rock somewhere.."
" Iraq...under Iraq..I think back to Evan -that maybe that's where America picked up on the whole ...
"Watch it refused to do the Bobby Fisher Kazarian Kingdom shtick a while back concerning narrative and the Jews involved with the project will never let you live that down"Evan graphs
"Where were in the story ?" I graph not wanting to think about the entire story line supposedly I didn't have the balls or gall to type..I assume they will lay it upon me again..but it's never the same the second time around..a tone zings through me..and I graph again
"Where were we in the story..?"
"You were taking down that post about gold teeth and hair in sacks"
a brief flicker of Gary Oldman sans face appears and Evan Rainy 's fine take on Dan Dureya vocalizations straight to cortex segues into the tone of placed parental variable ,my 2nd Foster Mother Tina Marie Taub
...psycho Cyberentic symbol based cues only work now with me and TV..real TV not this head's up style SEEING ...they know I don't react to it like I was supposed to ...and this IS MY FAULT...?..did these asshls really think a 40 some year old man would respond Queen of Hearts style to some damn frequency pitched to simulate HER AGAIN
"No Cole Evan Rainy graphs ,"I think they do that with the sound because THEY just want ya' to stick a screwdriver in your ears"
'Who/" I graph
'THE JEWS you idiot .Who else?"
"Is this you all doing that Kazar stuff with me again?" I graph
I cannot help but think of that quick flicker of the faceless Gary Oldman
Must I begin once more carrying a little straight razor in case ground bound Mandlers toss me in a van . Is this where we're at..
"I like to play with you Cole a Game...the others ..they take this project a hell of a lot more seriously "
"Fuckin Jews " I think
"Now that's what they need " Evan graphs
"Fuckin Jews !" I graph louder waiting for the kingdom of Kazarians story to play through me ..ready to type it as it runs through me
the Reasons kept changing ...
as if to remove any reasoning left in him
but this they assured him was to make him unburdened by self
exercises only for his own good to help him lose ego and the self will which according to Gary Rainy was only a euphemism for selfishness.
as if to go with the more and focused pointlessness of the tether
people around him began speaking to him in riddles and nonsense
as the Communion now did
it seemed to him that the people were being helpful
as if they knew the reasons of the Great Entity
and at first he latched upon these people who seemed not just to Know about his gift of seeing and hearing and sensing
but they seemed gifted themselves
"They Too he assumed had gone through "the trials"
there was no mocking or teasing in their manner of talking to him .
The riddles and nonsense he assumed were extra help
to teach him how to think without words in his head
think without thoughts
to be an empty vessel for the New Way.
From the various people who made sure he knew that they knew what he was going through
and what he was thinking
He recieved bolstering
There was a pride behind the fear of being part of The New Way...and
the unsaid "shhhhh" like quality to their way of acting towards him
That the communion of mind to mind
was a Secret
made the difficulty of this odd type of communication seem all the more sacred..
But the intrusion was so often humiliating and terifying
And endless
And the reasons for the tether kept changing.
and worst of all everything that was imparted upon him The New Way that was mystical and beautiful were
presented only to be removed..
it seemed
to be shown and felt and heard only so it would hurt more when these visions and thoughts and stories were taken away
and replaced by induced fear and stories and visions placed into him upon him so dreadful and terrifying
that the DUPE feel apart on himself
and soon in spite of the secret
he wondered and than he knew that nothing except something man made could be so cruel
no other worldly life form could be come advanced with this much pettiness
of hate and control and power.
like a puppet pulled wrong he fell apart
trying to leaves pieces of parts
here and off..
the Proxy noticed as his own belief in the Communion being mystical fell apart the Communion became more pragmatic
and next the
The "Treason Reason " is why he kept his mouth shut -at first
but this was before his mouth shut or open did not reverberate with dystonic tenseness
the dopamine in his system unable to re -regulate itself
the gland responsible for dopamine tapped too much by
His body had become a prison quite apart from the sounds and visions
rigid ..ceaseless tremor
he no longer moved the same ...slept the same
dreampt the same
The "Treason Reason" fell away and away
..the DUPE'S research discovered that
"Brain Research /Brain Map "
Direct Energy Weapons Testing was being done worldwide ..
this was not about defense the DUPE realized
but learning how to make people defenseless.
this testing ...done in nearly every country in the world ...same scripts...same visions ...same suicide rate
if something was being done all over the world did it have anything to do with what he'd been told..?
Theme from "Bez ulik" (1992) composed by Eugen (Yevgeni) Doga. Eugen Doga (Евгений Дмитриевич Дога, translit. Yevgeniy Doga) (born March 1, 1937)…

Friday, March 18, 2016

2011- Los Angeles The DUPE staring at things nobody else could see
The DUPE hearing things nobody else could hear
The DUPE sensing through him senses pulsed upon him
his emotions no longer under his own signal but theirs
his "TEAM " using his mind like a canvas
the frequency a never ending "God Stopper" of feelings not his own
it felt as if his every thought was being read and written upon
he had looked for cameras ...microphones..
as if this was some bad straight to video movie.
he had looked just the same
back when his very sight was not overlaid with images of demons next insects next Christ
and back again DEMONS
INSECTS and again
seemingly floating mid air ..or worse the sequence DEMON INSECT CHRIST DEMONI INSECT CHRIST
woven into the negative spaces..
and drapes and shadows of his shabby apartment
he picked the pairing knife and cut into his wrist
just to know he could do it...if he needed to.
the cut wouldn't stop bleeding
the idea to cut himself for this reason the DUPE did not know was not his own
and the DUPE heard the VOICE
"What do you know about the world Dummy .You were warehoused from the world your entire life for these tests "
and this time when the DUPE cut
it was on his own recognizance

Thursday, March 17, 2016

because the beneficiary of electronic torture
 is made to feel as if a genuine brain computer interface is taking place
 rather than a  mash up of "I watch you and I presume  you will respond  to this that and this again"
a TI begins to get an idea how a genuine Brain Computer Interface might actually help another...or at the very least be  an entertaining novelty
although some refer to the parlor  trick of Input of voice to Skull as well as transmission of actual Visuals to one's inner sight  as synthetic telepathy
in no way is the technology a genuine interface..
the "teams" practicing Psychotronic Torture have absolutely nothing new or  "advanced" or "progressive"  tp offer "the field" of No Touch non lethal torture that has not been done in the 1950 ,1960,s with a few strobe lights ,loud music and halluinegincs beside
to offer in terms of  more generic    (but often pretty  advanced forms of studying another ) means of survey
mean to  act serve as output to forms of voice to skull and Visual cortex stimulation (indeed  otherworldly but not un documented in various scientific papers. -,,,"signal of seeing -as inner sight  merely a chain of signal from eye to optical processing centers in the back of the head..)...
just the same this is not a "genuine" brain computer interface but something of guessing game cluster fuck
induced dreaming as well ..along with haptics (a sense of touch) and also frequency or microwave transmitted to cay=use a wide variety of emotions...
no not that wide ..euphoria
a trance like state
fear and rage

just the same ...because of the endless guessing and "your team' screwing  around with your mind ...and taking the time with V2K  to convince you that what is taking place means  a 'take ' on virtual reality...a form of thought transference ...and Deep learning
whe i realty the entire I presume ...I send
I presume I send
nonetheless gives a human target some notions how a meaningful BCI might work
..even a genuine BCI ,,genuine back and forth mind to Mind communication ..not practiced by lunatics/sadists..
and hence the reason i write
and hence the reason i have also began apllying for pantents concerning a genuine BCI