Sunday, January 18, 2015

the computer that wore tennis shoes

"Athena Vorkowski's"
that really her name?" Dean asked,as if this were amusing.
Dean Macken was in charge of brain signal acquisition at Proxy Cyber and demanded that at every Monday meeting

 Nancy" HAD TRACKED DOWN "Athena  Vorkowski, now Athena Delaney through face book.

It embarrassed  Nancy who had just joined the Proxy Cyber "family" 3 months ago when Dean   asked her -
      "  WHY "this Athena..
                 from way back in highschool..WHAT!.still makes you think," Dean paused, making his hands wide "This Essence we call Athena" might be "product"
Nancy didn't "think essense of Athena" like Dean put it  in his theatrical "name in lights" pantomime
....Nancy just thought that Athena had some qualities  other's seemed to want...and want to be around.
Nancy hated how Dean spoke...he  reminded her of some poof on  a reality tv who thought his subordinates loved working with him and would be nowhere without him...

although nowhere on reality tv was this industry that literally extracted another's brain signals for ingredients for Mind Augment Interfacing for what only the poof Dean called "Mind Makeovers"

Proxy Cyber had more projects going than a Motel Mattress had bedbugs
and is was difficult to keep up on ...
what exactly this company's take was on Brain Computer Interface or A.I....
sometimes Proxy focused solely on acquiring violent acquisitions to sell to parents concerned their kid was 'too soft"...getting picked on..
in the old days the parents might have began teaching the kid how to box and bulking him up with amino acids or something but now it was about just tossing some Merge into the kids Cocoa Krispy's
and sending him a wave of
"real man" right to his cerebellum
because most of Proxy Cyber's research was "discrete' meaning was important they kept up with certain bids
to veil most of their "consumer' work..covered the Binds that certain Bids Bring..
Nancy thought of that sweet kid...not more than 14
coming into the offices
and being given the requisite personality tests..
and 4 weeks later seeing the kid in an orange jumpsuit arrested "because -in his words;"He didn't Like Mondays
aside form adding "manly qualities to sensitive children with Forethright fathers who wanted sons with Dukes up  via BCI wireless Imbue...with the  Merge bionano
these He-Man Father's doused their "weak willed,"he get's THIS from his Mother'Sons with
Proxy also focused on
other aspects less primal in nature to help
"prime" one's personhood toward MORE
some client might wanted  in their Synthesized Signal capacities a potpourri   of "personal Style"
that no shrink or pill nor self help book could help them attain
sometimes some lower on the neural chain would literally bring in clippings of movie stars
and said they wanted their signals to be "Jennifer Aniston-like 1995..not after" as if Proxy Cyber had
Aniston 95 in some jar by the door
although they did have **** but...
of course THAT actress didn't fit their sense of New Self they wanted to Compose via Computer Human Interface
The most exciting aspect of proxy cyber
were the clients who could care less about being someone else or something MORE
but wanted only to use Merge to purport themselves over another's signals Mind to Mind
sometimes with a little assistance from what they called "Mandlers" who the client sometimes used to help
steer their 'avatar" for instance right into a tree...just to 'see how it felt"
often the client who bought a proxy knew the Proxy and believed the Prox had done "them wrong" and wanted to "simply teach: the bitch -a lesson
although much of these enactments were done 'for sport" Proxy still got hard data from these
enactments concerning all means of neuro and psychotronic entrainment
sometimes Nancy fantasized about
having Dean spiked with Merge and being enticed via interface to jump off a bridge

once a neural read "was performed" it was a tech's job to separate signals into a chemical like equation of what the poof,called Dean called either essense or QUALITIES
that could than be programmed into a binary like language that "according to Dean and his flouncy hand flourish" could be orchestrated into a symphony of pure essense of..'
lately the had begun using biosensors that dissolved in 3 weeks...just in case according to Dean "some Luddite" decided there was anything wrong with spiking another's neuron's to get "a algorythem of Personality" a consumer might like as their own
"we want to get in there and out of their as quick as possible" Dean said meaning
the mind of whomever 's traits Proxy Cy wanted to aquire and than synthesize into a Merge
Dean had this way of attempting to force  his own perception of himself  as likable upon others

yet when Dean was not leaning over everyone in the office or putting his hand on someone's shoulder and giving a grown man or woman a thumbs up ...or hunky dory smile "you're doin'' just great"just great'
the consensus was of skeeve....and a lot of 'eeew' was often let out collectively like exhaust
as soon as the motor .that was Dean in high gear cheer.shut off...
if anyone needed a Mind Set Make over it was Dean

Dean had a way of sitting ...or leaning all over the board room table...never ,just sitting in a chair .like a normal person
he also had a way of embbarasssing his workers who he had asked to get me names numbers locations on possible 'finds"
"why this Athenia?Nancy?
'I don't know...exactly...there was something about her...?
Nancy always liked Athena... but always felt she herself wasn't "Athena -esque" enough to "move in": Athena's circles
it wasn't that Athena was uppity or stand off ish fact what Nancy like best about "this Athena" was everyone liked her...
the square kids,the druggie kids,the ostracized ,the standardized...
leaning over her dean asked ,"was this feeling you had toward Athena sexual in nature'
"no," nancy said,thinking what a annoying man "this dean" who always called a person "this dan" this dave"  this sally -----you remember ...
"what was it than that made you bring her to our attention?' Dean asked like some 10th grade English teacher .folding his hands..
For once thought Nancy his hands are still
(to keep my job ,asshole...nancy thought,,glad no one found her Visage so Emmulatious
as to spike her cocktail some dark and warmy night in some bar ..Merge merged with a "just the right type" man or woman to "have a drink with"
lately cutting corners hey had begun just slipping into the prospective aquistions house or apartment and dosing their potables with merge
didn't matter that the damn stuff got into every one in the families brain pan
for 3 weeks some idiot had transcribed a laboaradore retriever's neurals who just happen it seemed to drink almond milk.
nancy always liked Athena...wasn't Athena -esque enuf to "move in Athena's circles)
it wasn't that Athena was uppity or stand off ish fact what nancu like best

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