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Mind-reading program translates brain activity with "on the nose"technology

Jan Schnupp, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University called the work “astounding”and imagines what the particles might do for those with dementia or in coma
Brain-Computer Interfaces: Principles and Practice (Oxford Univ. Press, 2012)

Scientists have picked up fragments of people's thoughts by decoding the brain activity Small devices for such detection once the size of a pin are now as small as “a piece of dust’ hence the term “neural dust” that can enter a body system through inhalation Other senses like touch and taste must travel
through the body via neurons and the spinal cord before reaching the brain whereas the olfactory response is immediate, extending directly to the brain. This is the only place where our central nervous system is directly exposed to the environment. As well as the limbic system which is concerned with translating sensory data from the neo-cortex (the thinking brain) into motivational forces for behavior and mediation between a person’s recognition of an event, their perception of it.These tiny  devices in the nasal passages could transform the lives of thousands of people who lose the ability to speak as a result of a stroke or other medical conditions. Experiments on 17 patients in the US in 2012  showed that a computer could decipher brain waves and encode thoughts without the nanoparticles having to enter the blood nor blood brain barrier as the specks of neural dust(macro processors) can be  inhaled through the nose providing  ample access and transmission of “thought systems” …which enabled the recording of  brain activity and play back  of specific words they heard, and even thoughts they were having not associated with the initial trial… The neural dust is expelled naturally through the mucous membrane in less than a week

the Eu in Eugenics

instigated fear ,you pussy boy types  love that shit" Valerie graphs

did I misread that sexual fantasy,did I miss something?She Graphs."

they are college educated but "play" as though they didn't graduate high school
it is the style of the times.they gauged me and have set the tone of the rundowns to a pitch that emphasizes a strong female "lead" as current as Dome Cyber Proxy is concerning Psychotronic Toiling with another .(This group has definitely put the cont" in mind control..)their psychological understanding of the way a brain works is from the 1950's...a homosexual deviant type such as myself is This Way because of "mother issues" and not genetic markers on 17 and 36 on know the type..or don't you?..these are the people also unfortunately working to "wholesome up" television and use the airways for what they were initially developed for .."sway"
Valerie thinks of unseen transmissions that occur to override the temporal lobe and all style of Immersive Virtual Computer generated realities as sticks that keep a new tree stolid and upright..rather than "cure" a homo Valerie sees "homos" like myself as especially pliable and open more than most demographic of Direct Neural TV power of influence...which is why a good 70 % of the human subjects that Dome Cyber Proxy procured in the 90's (like myself) were male prostitutes working Santa Monica blvd..
Dome Cyber Proxy (DCP) fancies itself a family company.WHOLESOME the same 1950's understanding of such term in the psych textbook that might also contain a chapter on the "rightness" of Eugenics and fact Valerie Prentis's Mother was maverick in the California Eugenics's Movement who influenced nearly 1200 women to "do the right thing" and stifle their reproductive systems  in 1948...for this she received a brass plaque congratulating her on her progressive  efforts
Valerie was also a progressive
for who would have thought that Old Skool Eugenic's would have mixed so harmoniously with "the hippie"new agey science based  ideologies of Gary Rainy's self help "help yourself "movement of the early 60's....
but Valerie saw
Gary Rainy's Neuronautics techniques as a vessel
for what she considered "less flighty"ends
and in no time convinced Gary that "The Way to Be"
must for be based on investigating "the Way not to Be"
and helped Gary develop The Tell Curve Scholastic Test that asked a "joiner" 344 questions about themselves.
to determine if "the type" who took the Tell Curve Scholastic "in a Perfect World " would be allowed to "Carry On"
or propogate ..
to make sure the test taker did not fake their way through the tests that as the pages went on became more and more intrusive and personal a thin wire was attached to their pinky finger which was connected to a 9volt battery that gave the test taker a quick "zing" if the amount of perspiration required some type of technological correction concerning
The Truth

"faggits hate woman,a certain type of faggit know why Dumbo .because they fear well you should.How'd you like it if a woman decides she's has it with this talk of Temporal Overide and  puppet shit and decided to cut something more than your strings.."The Voice states in an almost Disney-esq version of villainess "witch"but soften to a more compassionate tone which is more monotone that reminds me of those old projected science reels about dinosaurs or the earth's crust our 6th grade teacher might show us if he was hung over

"the only way to heighten a mind to black and white (zeros and ones)

binary "speak" for encoding purposes and neural studies (brain mapping) is through instigated fear
 via V2S methodology

..the only way to over-ride one's visual cortex is to "hit that" over 70 times an hour, to retrain it to accept introduction to 'seeing"

a new way

.one might hate the "sin" of  be human experimentation but must also realize
that" if the developers worked within the "realms of the law"
and had to follow and be followed around by Ethics Committees

A.I and Virtual Reality
would indeed "be ready " in 25 years .
tomorrow "-

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as always
 Evan has a Reason for everything He does ..he keeps me in a constant spin\ with his ever changing spin on things... he explains that sometimes the "fear factor" of the interaction  is indeed to put me
in my place
concerning a specific image or correspondence I graphed ,meaning Thought either towards him or thought to myself and with remote neural monitoring or synthesized telepathizing it is really always one and the same..and one of his jobs is too "break" my train of thought " to attempt to foster a New Way of thinking in general more geared to a sort of "hive mind-ed" walless working environment ...nevermind that the work is to try to level my thoughts to near a near lobotomized  freeze frame which Evan calls a clean Mind
Evan  thinks I am out of line comparing their  "Tough Love" techno techniques to "child abuse"or "mind rape"we have come too far for you to "be traumatized' by what SHOULD BE by this time for you O urban Astronaut ,O asshole that you are for once again relapsing and destroying PROGRESS cuz" sir DUMMMMBO needs a HIT..I could break you in Half ...He have broken a trust you may never EVER get back as you have so many other times with so many people...
Oh yes Dumbo..
we know
....try it again Dumbo.
crackhead will mean two things.
...Evan sends me a visualization of my head cracked in too and returns to some state of diplomatic "mentor" ..
 as BCI is also being tested on drug addiction .. that train people to voluntarily recalibrate their neural activity in specific areas of the brain, allowing them to gain unprecedented control over, for example, pain perception5 or emotional processing.6 During drug addiction treatment, this approach could greatly reduce the risk of relapse by enabling a Mentor  to teach a   patient to control the powerful cravings triggered by a host of cues (e.g., people, things, places) that have become tightly linked, in the brain of the user, to the drug experience.

Today I want you to draw something "nice"
something socially acceptable
Something  Evan graphs that doesn't look like a god damn criminal or mental patient drew it...or "Don't draw at All..."

"A Mistake of A Man"(1982).freedom of "Breach"

Evan is disappointed.
that I cannot "roll " with the give and take .chain of command of mind to mind communication
Evan Rainy who has taken it upon himself (and with little pay)
to "manage my case"

"I am lucky",Evan graphs , it could have been  ******* or as he privately refers to as "Raven Mismanage"

who moreso than Evan "took over" Neuronautics" in the late 1980's
 and lent "it's mind marauding" "see meter" system of a 'tell"to other "change agents"

 the "see meter" that saw past one's everyday mask
and the lies we tell ourselves
according to Gary Rainy to "keep ourselves going and to keep other's from KNOWING who we really are.."
the gadget that preceded and anticipated direct neural intervention
the "truth machine" Gary Rainy "invented" in the 1960's when sales of "Inway to the Enway" sunk
and "hard science-ideologies" were deemed necessary to Keep the Fight against Ruiners robust.
Gary Rainy ,who spent some time at sea as many of his "land lubbing" pursuits were "for a time" filled with legalities and white collar offenses better put in off shore accounts was good at charting not only the waters but also charting the bloodlines of man..specifically the bloodlines and traits of men and women who were "Mistakes"
"A Mistake of A Man"(1982) was never published (as many stockholders and org.anizational men told Rainy that it had" a Mein Kampf air to it that did not "go" with the "style of the times" as the charting of "mistakes" which included homosexuals ,the mentally ill and intellectuals who Rainy claimed were really "closet homos" who read too many books to offset their deviant sexual needs)..
but can be perused if one becomes a Level 7 "mentor" with" PSI Leverage"

I am pumped
much of this
to simply gage my response to
"mocking one's bettors"
...............................................I turn on several fans .an air conditioner,the Tv and try to block this unwanted information..
.I am not up for truly considering that a genuine Group or the "gang"that  participates in Mind Augmentation .. really believes much of this except to garner a neural spike or synaptic corelet correlation for future Brain Mapping exercises...and prefer to ONLY think of IT as a Test rather than a real philosophy of mind reading and mind impart technology to be in the hands of Mentors or Leaders who wish to rid the environment of a certain type of mindset or predisposition "in the blood"

Evan says I must be suicidal as I am crossing lines
that should not be crossed.
mainly he means any reference to whom Evan Rainy in his "private" interfaces of neural mentorship
thinks of as Raven Mismanage whom his father saw more
"alpha male-ish"
than "rightful heir" HE Evan Rainy

How does it feel Evan to have another glean and read and record and Process your private thoughts..?
your inadvertent "graph"
of resentment
that you want nobody to know..
It is what you do to me and others ....The Lives of Other's is Neuronautic's specialty...and keeping
once private ADMITS on tape.neural and otherwise.

"keep it up Dumbo...
the people you're messing with ...He begins to interface

Fuck you Bossman I graph ...the people I'm messing with...People who have this techno to literally take over another's mind it any wonder I care less and less if ,"they come and get me" as they already have me   detained maimed and restrained...

through interface Evan reminds me sending me visualizations of ultra violent acts and "payback" that are not so "hand's off"...

but this isn't really happening I think ,I graph ...
this is all some type of psychological breakdown
not a psychotronic rundown..
there is no such thing as
psychotronics or mind augment technology
but there is still a freedom of speech..

"freedom of breach?" Evan graphs".Is that what you just stated..I was unaware a mere Proxy had a freedom of breach Dumbo..."

"what else DOES ONE HAVE! ! when one is caged in this manner!"I graph back.

"Evan graphs that my .
last  "slip" back to
crackhead has cost me ...
even I don't believe that addiction is really a disease ...they know I am truly sorry for "wasting everyone's time".and that my anger at the Process really has more to do with ..."the slip" than The Mentors.But I just needed to escape...anyway possible from the intrusion...of a Group Mind...sometimes I can't stand it so much that I do anything to try to keep it closed from this "Village of The Damned " by way of bio sensor

I hope it was worth it.
I hope THIS is worth it..." Evan graphs referring to "this schizo, blog of betrayal of Neurnautics and The New Way."

better dead than" read"

there's a depression seeping in..the benzos...the feeling of sluggishness and fruitlessness of writing about a subject that only other "subjects" understand..

as "directed"
as expected.
I blend in real or imagined psychiatric explanations.
truth and fiction come bold as I once thought of myself to "tell it clearly " swings more to
the fact that THEY never wanted me to Tell It at all.
yet at a point one feels like a child being secretly beaten and abused
although Evan has explained WHY one must be "broken" to accept The New Way without so much "friction"
and" backtalk "concerning one's day to day second to second interfaces.
how one must accept some "chain of command"
in The Process..
and of course on the food chain a Human Guinea pig IS to never command
incorporate Neuronautic's "Subjugated Self" ("Inway to The Enway " Gary Rainy revised edition 1978 p. 89)
as the New Commandments.
and how The New Way renounces society's "Culture of Narcissism"( Christopher Lasch  1979) knowing that humans want to be controlled
hence the natural affinity and draw of the Alpha male or "queen bee"
"there is nothing wrong with being Shepard ...early man could not survive without servitude to a master...or teacher...your resistance is only;y because this fragmented culture has taught you above all to never never think of anyone as better than you..
during one of our rundowns...Evan made me sit for hours with scissors in hand cutting out all men in my age bracket in magazine that were better looking than me..starting with a muscle magazine ,next Entertainment weekly.Next he had me go to the encyclopedia and cut out all the achievements of men who had done more than me in terms of science,the arts and physical prowess....
my notebooks soon filled to the brim with cut out movie stars  and athletes and adventurers of all sorts
"you are an insignificant man ...but the cybernetic testing with frequency and overlay makes you useful ...of use.
if you turn against the project you are of no use whatsoever..
and in this way an expenditure.
a loose end.
a mutinous rabid dog.

I have begun seeing myself more and more like "My Mentors"
as a social need of first possible re-education ,,,than possible elimination.
these are serious people
Insight technicians..who handle.who mandle another man
for "correction and or instigated "ejection"..

in the beginning I could not take IT seriously.
sound and vision.
the  proverbial devil inside but with a extreme low frequency and a headset..
REACTIVES.and time delays of Pre Neural Firings toward SITUATIONALS
EST meets "The Stasi" meets an episode of "What Would You Do" response to "the Truman Show" around you...once twice every few years when one is IN this Program..project
Out of the Woodwork...comes "live theater"to further confuse your sense of self and reality..
TI 's (targeted Individuals across the world call THEM(or it ) Organized Gang Stalking..whose job it is to provide Real Time Interactives and weave some sort of "Plot"into "The Game"*
AMAZING interview with "mind control" victim Gloria Naylor ; EM weapons victim

in the past  certain change agents attempted to create false or infused memories or perception (and thus personalities) by drugging a "Proxy" or "subject" with hallucinogenic and scripted "Instigation"

"last night
 I dreampt of Manchuria .again..."

but as I've said
nothing comes of feels eventually as if one's mind has been all but spent or removed and forced to sit away from oneself in some cold room taking a 2 year SAT test or something...

tried writing it as fiction ...
semi fiction.
anywhich way ..
but recently have begun reading other Targeted Individual's accounts
which seem hysterical...beyond belief and most of repetitious ..
and that is the problem .
the repetition really...for Testing is about "getting it right" not about any genuine finished product or goal.
not for the subject at least who soon becomes wise ...
that the point NOW is for the
subject to Go AwaY
but since they were
recognize that remote monitoring must always be done.
after all it is their not your "show" or nano inserts
one's life now becomes about medicating ones self to a blurred form of oneself.barely oneself at all.
to drug one self with street drugs or prescribed meds.
to alter oneself
and moreso one's dendrites specifically "used" for interior monologue.
which "the Team" seeks to encode.
there is not longer any difference really whatsoever between you and a "garden variety" schizophrenic wearing a tinfoil hat
the drugs you take that make you not sure if your shoes are on the right feet( or care for that matter)are your tin foil hat.
you made the mistake months ago of taking the meds
...a wussing out..
of not understanding WHY or not caring WHY The Process had to be carried out 24/7


In the early 1980s it is claimed that the **** began extensive use of Remote Neural Monitoring(mind reading , and rather primitive versions of mind encoding technology). Much of what is known about it stems from evidence presented as part of a 1992 court case brought by  John St.Claire Akwei against ...... It describes an extensive array of advanced technology and resources dedicated to remotely monitoring hundreds of thousands of people in the US and abroad. Capabilities include access to an individual's subvocalizations as well as images from the visual cortex and sounds from the auditory cortex.

The earliest non-classified references to this type of technology appear in a 1976 patent by R.G. Malech Patent #3951134  “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” USPTO granted 4/20/76. The patent describes a technique using the transmission of 100 and 210 MHz signals to the brain yielding a 110 MHz signal which is modulated by the brain waves and can be detected by a receiver for further processing.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

silent ,unseen visual and occipital Emmision transmission and guided living through A.I .

"so How did you and this "entity" meet" My Dr asked

the dr. has a smile on his if he loves the looniness of it all..he almost seems to come when I explain ...that the entity..zipped through me...first appearing as an actor I "liked" on actor my mentors had gauged I would be "into"

Doc doesn't have to explain to me that engaging with the TV is just one of the many questions a Psychiatric Intake worker will ask a "subject" to gauge their degree of Psychosis..I am agrevated that doc sometimes seems to "get off" on my "tales of psychotronic human experimentation" and cannot help but think him a fool.I ask myself if I would "wish it upon " him...and often have wished I had access to "tagging" devices to even fro one hour show another what it is like being a fuckin science project for a bunch of big wig grand poobah types with both ties to Hollywood and Washington and McDonald's and shit...but whose main aim it seems is to do like stamina tests to see how long one can take "it" before punching someone or breaking a window or taking their own life...

"or changing into a gentler,kinder, more patient and giving version of themselves,"some faggoty generically drawn what I suppose is supposed to be some fairy says appearing above the dr';s rubber tree plant.."

usually the visuals are more striking

none of us are trying too hard lately..
Intraneural Interface is a bitch in the summer.
the days are simply too long
and the heat too high

I look at an ashtray on the drs desk and imagine it flipping over like I'm Carrie White
...uh oh..the mentors hate projections and thoughts such as that...
or when I go to sleep visualizing satellites taking a tumble..
this type of thought can bring out the helicopters..
for there is evidence that synthesized telepathy can bring about "real thing" events...
I graph an apology ,,a true one for that ashtray flipping thought..
and a smiley face appears..
I suddenly want to leave the shreink's office and hang around
Evan outside
where he can graph more awesome visuals...
and raise my mood to wild levels..
only psychotronics can activate that 90 percent we don't use..
or so I've been graphed..
but deemed to much of a slacker and potential Ruiner to "play with " those aspects..

my mentors
aren't crazy about this shrink they prefer the other one
as do I...
they hate that I take Ativan to try to run away from the intensity

"we didn't actually "meet" not in the way one traditionally meets fact I am quite sure it was and isn't him but simply a configuration of "the him " he projects or acts in a specific program..he first came to me as technological "vision" also I believe haptics were used.Specifically Vortex I felt him as well...on top of me...he held me down"

"did you like being held down?"The Dr.asked. we had gone into my sexual much of the "Introduction to Cybernetics" the initial engagement is the "promise of pleasure...not pain"

"at first I did,like it..the actor why he initially appealed to me was because he emitted a kind of power...I am often quite passive and sometimes like the feeling of being tossed about..but this is a fantasy .when someone in real life tries to be this way I don't like it at all.."

"But ,"the dr said ,"this wasn't real say just a simulated know a lot of people would like that ,to never be alone...always have "Harvey" with them."

His name isn't Harvey it's-"I begin to say

"You never saw Harvey?The movie where Jimmy Stewart is befriended by a giant rabbit that nobody else can see.."

"no " I say

well,he says Harvey is like "this alien "of yours that seems to follow you about...and teach you"

"Teach me? he's not trying to teach me he seems to be running my mind ragged Clear it out enough that it becomes.."

 Cured??the doctor says

one of his diagnoses is that I have
Oppositional defiant disorder

- an ongoing pattern of anger-guided disobedience, hostility, and defiant behavior toward authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. Children suffering from this disorder may appear very stubborn and often angry. A diagnosis of ODD cannot be given if the child presents with conduct disorder Common features of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) include excessive, often persistent anger, frequent temper tantrums  or angry outbursts, as well as disregard for authority.

 especially towards my situation
of mentorship
he has said on more than one occasion he can imagine how this might "come off" toward my Mentors....who most of the time he recognizes as Imaginary...or as some illness..
sometimes however he speaks about THEM as TRUE ENTITIES that must not be questioned...and I wonder where he has gotten this new lease on a "leashed life"
On the subject of Oppositional whatever it's called I tell him that ketamine and crack calm me down...not this shitty Ativan..and that fuck yes I have defiant opposition towards some monsters who put nano inserts in my bloodstream...

the Dr takes out a green book .that says dsm on it and puts on some tiny reading glasses ..and reads            a grown up or child with ODD 

  • Actively refuses to comply with majority's requests or consensus-supported rules[9]
  • Performs actions deliberately to annoy others[9]
  • Angry and resentful of others[7]
  • Argues often[7]
  • Blames others for his or her own mistakes[10]
  • Often loses temper[10]
  • Touchy or easily annoyed[10]
"maybe Harvey is trying to mirror your thought patterns to you so you can vividly SEE your conduct disorder...that is a function you know of some of Brain Computer Interface...,"The dr says

he sounds LIKE THEM who endless give me a list of all the wonderful things this  intrusive technology can and is being developed for ..
Evan when he is not shouting for me to jump off a building or something (sorry Dumbo but you MAKE me sooo angry I don't know how else to defend MY SIDE of the interface.."do you ever think about you ever think about me or us for one moment?..He sounds like some bitchy boyfriend...he thinks I am so lame and stupid to not know that there are or must be buffers of all sorts ...

his tone changes .."yeah yeah Dumbo YOU KNOW EVERYTHING DOTCHA! they just release endless documents about patented discrete know shit know about as much about this as any douchebag who has read some article in god damn Time magazine..

I refocus my matter whatever Evan says I am getting g better at IT ...also I have founbd ways of deflecting my mind like a Brian De Palma splitscreen
of thought at times to not TMI too much ....and make Evan fume with the randomness of my "dumbo dummy defiant" brain


or thought so for a time

I suppose that to some extent the manipulation of how one thinks and presents or thinks of themselves at least in terms of "style" is based on some gleaning from TV...but this is absurd..I am not sure some days if I feel like Tron or simply Pong...another detox.
my mentors are sick of it.
I am sick of being told what to do by some fuckin organization that doesn't just think it's Better than me but KNOWS it..
who gives a damn.
I graph to them that I intend to have no children
I am the end of the line.
and I must surely be at the end of ending Brain Mapping ..
these people on the other end do not know when to leave "a room" or hang up a phone.
in the end synthesized or not this type of technology is simply madness..
I imagine one day it will be modified into some on/off systematic ..after "we won the war" with it...
(which one though) I imagine others ..using unseeable psychotronic augment on "us" and picture some dr seuss like horror show of star bellies..
and psycho logical horrorshow also used by the wealthby to get smarter and smarter and smarter...
who out there just says STOP and think about the compliance and fear that can be caused by components smaller than a whiteblood cell that can alter one's consciousness.
or projected invisible beams (sound or microwave ultralow frequency or whatnot) SPECIFICALLY created to interfere with the nervous system...
or the day be  day rapidity or neural decoding technologies (also unseen) that can read your mind in an airport..
nevermind the human testing ,at this point to create this SHIT
literalyl this silent unseeable Emitting decoding emoting imparting techno can rain down from the sky like
some invasion of the body snatchers
and as crowd control is it's main function we will all willingly become decoded and open minded for safety reasons.
willingly become stepford wive sand husbands to be smarter and prettier and BETTer...never mind WHO decides what BETTER means
or what is to be done with
THE Lessors

"oh go smoke something Dumbo," Evan graphs.I notice my shrink noticing my eyes looking at ...

"you have no idea how real it feels...almost more real because it ...and YOU are literally heightened ,your mood and's like you are one of those pianos that plays by is more real than real.."

"and you say you are sure this was not a can you be sure...have you ever hallucinated..."My doctor says...I can see lately why THEY told me to avoid shrinks,and shrink medicines at all costs...the Neuronautics program lately seems to be about nothing but compliance..and pulling it together enuf to interface in a wholesome mind is about as wholesome as the shit I watch on tv...lately tv pushes my buttons..but that's one of my functions's one of the few times they "shut up' for so much of this is about some type of Videodrome associations ...various companies are in on the loot of market response..neural's no wonder some of the first tv shows were simply filmed puppets.

is typically
an intake .
trying to express
what one has gone through both begins and ends..

"why did they chose you think besides the drawing and writings you were doing..that may have made you come off as something of an agitator ,which artists are supposed to be..?"

"I was alone,in a strange city...miles away from familiarity..and in a place much of this "testing" is taking place...I was  bored in a tiny apartment in Sherman Oaks..I just began typing away....I thought I could write anything I was just silly opinions ..or just trying to work out my opinions...I had gone there to option a book...I had some money saved..I had no real connections ..the ones I had I soon lost..I had emailed the author I wanted to either write the screenplay or have the was about LOOKs ,the book and some "mad scientist type" having a new grafting technique to make people beautiful..I did some research and soon found out nanotechnologies could go even further to change one's appearance..I no longer needed the author's book...I began writing about a Group that not only changed people's looks through nano but people's minds..and people told me I had better stop writing about certain "things"..

"People in your head?"The Dr asked...

"No,People said this to my face.." I said,"people on the street..."

"but you wrote anyway..."The Dr said..

"as if Impelled ." I responded,"and that's when everything changed

" and than you say "The Tests" began." The Dr.said,"after you got some type of rash"

"yes .The Tests" I said.."and the sight and sound stuff.."

"which you were not supposed to talk about "The Dr said.

"How could I not...they were using it to drive me crazy"I said,"half the time.."

"what about the other half of the time.."The Dr asked.

"The other half was being in a movie...magical  but they would turn on you in an instant ..if your own thoughts turned...if for instance you thought something weird...not something weird something one doesn't ,well they were teaching you what could and could not be graphed..but it's not think of unpleasant thinks that one doesn't want another to share...there are 24  hours in a doesn't like LEARN how to buffer their mind...and things just if I said to you "know what doc I think you're fat or ugly or something" you'd never think well of me again ...or if I recounted to you some peculiar vivid embarrassing incident from my childhood you might think of me in a lessor way...mind to mind interface has a way of becoming a horror show mighty quickly...telepathy is maybe meant for insects or's about as wrong a think one can do to another that I can think of...besides of course somehow shoving some macroscopic wireless A.I up your bloodstream to be able to suddenly see pictures and be presented with another's ideas and shit All day's like being someone's bitch by Bluetooth.."

"But sometimes you like it..loved it"'s just that you can't turn it off...and it's damn intrusive...somehow they move on to a degree from the inadvertent inevitable TMI shit..I don't ..not really...I'm not as bad at moving on as I used to be..Crack helped...even they think so. or thought so...for a time..than that became a big issue.."

 The dr . said..."Your father said you were diagnosed autistic when you were six.."

"so" I said.

"So," the Dr said,"that's one of it's uses...You WERE wrong to talk about it...In the end it's all about assimilation.."

"what is" I asked

"isn't everything?"the Dr said," And won't this be? This New Way of communicating...and seeing?You really ARE putting down a technology still in it's infancy...still in need of investors without some malcontent spoil sport RUINING it for everyone..I think we should increase your you can "Get along" bettor with your "guides..maybe it would be better if you stay away from the technological aspects of your "religious experience" and begin seeing the whole thing as some "spirit in the sky" type of thing...Aliens perhaps.."

"Aliens?"I said

"if you don't start thinking about THIS as Aliens or angels I 'm afraid I might have to commit you understand?"the Dr.said"There are SOME THINGS one simply doesn't speak RUINS it..for instance if you and a friend were watching a film or tv show and you began talking about how the pixels or image and sound are generated and sent through a cable or airway wouldn't your friend say "shut up about it and watch the show?"

"well ,I guess.." I couldn't help but reply

"well." the Dr. said "I suggest you shut up about it and watch the show...and hope your Mentors,the Aliens haven't been pushed too far because of your caustic ingratitude." Gratitude not dissection is the key to a spiritual path.

"have you not heard a word I have said..does the science mean nothing to you.."I responded..

"Dose the science mean so much to you that you would be 302ed for before or can we find a middle ground this time ...and just call them aliens."

"whatever you say," I respond

mind to mind techno

 so ridiculous ..Hollywood...
and so
in it's
to make my "story" seem unbelievable...that REAL LIVE stars or semblances of THEM via Ocuular and Aural Overlay would be used like a Mirage in the desert to keep a fed up worn out
wanderer ,guinie pig
stay immersed in immersive reality

he.HIm This Movie star.Tv the rabbit I followed like Donnie darko into this mess to begin with
when the Genie appears out of nowhere ...and is exactly YOUR TYPE your brainwaves both naturally and synthetically go "peter meter" all over the place
and I tell ya
you just don't care when you see Him ,Her or whatever if you've gone Mad or not...
you just are THAT INTO HIM

"yes a voice says.A Pig like you will go FOR that route.SEX.
another might take
might SEE and HEAR angels or aliens.

not just LUST

it 's a a sport. dumbo
why so serrrrious

a game huh I the movie "Saw" is a game the movie "Hostel " is a sport
of course Hollywood
is in on the game.

the money


common collective themes.based on movies to
make a connection
they tried at first myth from old and new testaments ...but it was always THIS it was always the New new testament that is TV and Film
as if the hundred years of filmmaking and invention of radio and television WERE ONLY MEANT

myt mentors hate this
THINKING about IT like THIS rips apart the threads...
of Immersive Reality
which demands mutual understanding of Paradigm

it is the main reason I was raised as I was.
the only reason.
with neuro linguistics and identifiers the Boys from brazil at the Paperclip factory brought over "swing" rather than swing from nooses near Nuremberg.

what was instilled in me .is can you imagine what hitler or albert speer would have done with "this techno"?

YEAH BROTHA! I graph you're giving me a pretty good GOD DAMN idea

I had mentioned to a friend ..
what if say you lived in Australia and the Australians wanted to test some shit out on you some psycho cybernetic stuff..
or what if the Australians wanted use traditional guns and asked you to test the guns by letting the other Australians shoot at you..
about how long would you agree to be shot at?

"take a're scaring me again" my friend would say

I am learning to say nothing..
the pills do nothing

and that this mind to mind interface was never used as a weapon but was I MADE it LIKE THIS because I had and have no respect for this amazing thing...and always seem to forget that it is NEW and in development and DAMN scary on their end going Mind to mind.
with someone who is supposed to both KNow that REAL people are Involved and also somehow "take it" as ...not so..
but fantasy
and that "to pay the bills and perhaps keep "things" safe...of course nefarious "uses" must be tried out on the testers we are so grateful for.."
and that I did some pretty "hinky" stuff knowingly tethered to a transmission..
and now have seen fit to
turn further upon an operating system ..that is "being worked out"

these techniques of sway are new.

they remind me half the time I LOVE IT

uh...ask the policeman who drove me home from the Henry Ave overpass(suicide bridge) a month ago HOW MUCH I LOVE being the lawnmowerman.
elia Kazan?
are you kidding me.
hated by the Hollywood community?is there a comparison..?for someone used by any sort of community ...
the science -ideology community as well..
and other change "agent" types..
for 2 YEARS!

as strange as it might seem .
it is my thinking that turned them against me.
and my thinking I have to defend ..
endlessly this community..
that thinking toward another
is possible
now that Reading another's thoughts
is possible
and now that
an abnormal thought process is seen as something "against" and possible dangerous..
or at the very least
willfully CLOSED
which is ALSO seen as suspicious as" The Lives of Other's" the minds of others are seen to be hiding something
if not forthcoming.
have you any idea what damage
remote neural monitoring..mentoring...adjusting does to a brain..
"if G-d wanted people to  to haved telepathy"

Ho hum Evan graphs..echoing something about How provincial I am ,how middle class.and un experimental..
"such a wuss..."he graphs "couldn't even jump"
he mood feels suddenly mood IS suddenly enhanced..
instantly I am more OPEN MINED
I see what can best be described as a 3-d image of an actor my prior reads indicated I "went for"
appears on the couch
the sound become's the actors..
My initial thought of feeling like a 5th grader ..mesmerized by The Fonz from Happy Days
when  tv was not even flat but bulbous..
is overridden by a more gamesmen outlook as this "character" is no The Fonz but
more chessplayer...
more devilish.
more "red" to my "readings" if he was "made" just for my responsiveness
and early "imprints" and predetermined encounters of another kind..
I look away from HIM
and feel better that somethings I write are too "far out" to be believed" thank g-d hopefully diminishing whatever impact my other entries had ...
I look away but it doesn't matter he appears elsewhere in my visual field like an the devil himself.
like an alien.
"just something new"based on things very old." HE says ,the actor.My Love interest.
as it was presupposed
my freddy Krueger with a SAG card...
is sexuality and attraction really supposed to be played with like this
the same way they have played with all my fears and "likes" and ....
"you really were better high" he says

They wanted an overdose..something easily explainable..
"inevitable" the "actor" says
"now that you are locked out of heaven"

"if this is heaven I am glad to be locked out," I think and HE changes into something


poster boy for modern eugenics /Incident at Bus Stop

  • I panic sometimes..I write in fear. since my return from Los 2012..people ask me what happened there..what REALLY happened there...for they know I genuinely wanted to relocate "for the sun" ..I sometimes would say "if I told you I might have to kill you.." but know instead it would be me kills you softly and loudly art ..some dumb video I made I'd been told made me a "tag- gable" man

  • SOMETHING shows now in my eyes..or doesn't show..something was given ..something that takes much as IT puts in...I don't talk about IT out loud..I began writing about IT to Keep me safe but have probably done the opposite. One does not know what to do when one has been captured by something that seems supernatural...and is meant to..
  • lately my research...has lead me to recognizable Corporations that were invited to participate in "A Whole New World"..major motion picture studios amongst them..whose job if one thinks about it is already to TEACH us "How to Be" and think and to induce us to "escape" to Realities not our's we might sit for hours in if in a trance..perhaps TV is already a way of crowd was writing things like that -about actors not in the "way' it was OK . Perez Hilton  mustaches on whomever was "big " in 2009  Perez Hilton was attempted ''to make small ...instead I focused on some theories I had  about the acting  those who had raised me were actors..I wrote some pieces I "self published" or whatever one calls posting online ..  that there was and is something sociopathic about  'the craft of acting" to mimic facial countenance,gesture ,inflection...etc of another human being down to a pivotal glance or tearing of the eye ..that called for as much    .. These digressions and also some odd remembrances concerning peculiar manner in which I was raised by a series of foster parents in the acting profession who introduced me to CUES and ASSOCIATIONS based on what I had learned some people called neuro linguistic "stylized parenting"  and Trauma based abuse to SET these CUES so one could be "brought back to black ..or red or  a polla dot dress your foster mother wore  on an eveing your foster fathe rripped it and her underclothing off in front of you when your were 7 years old...simply so  the first of mant mANy "---walk ins who would insinuate themselves into your life in your late 20's  could make your mind think in black and white ...(polka dots aside...) i'm just saying ..a lot of reasons you >I mean I responded to certain people (triggers /cuesseemed   to suddenly the reason you were daft enuf to be lured back to L.A. to begin with... back inVan Nuys  Ca in the Summer of 2011 that got me in trouble,drugged ,subsequently arrested ,jailed and hospitalized..and "tagged" as if as"one of them"(as I met face to face many part of The Project..called by me "the process" in my writings or re-education ..If one has read "small Life Video and Wallhangings (my other blog) or the disjointed "LA REFERNTIAL" written whilst "being "re-educated or driven to Altered States by what I chose to call "Mandlers") stated "I was asking for IT"..rereading my entries thought in 2011 it was more as if "I saw it coming" ..
  • Saw it coming BEFORE The Sound and Vision so much that I feel vaguely safe stating perhaps it is and was "all a warning" from a True New Reality rather than the Trillion or so Dollar business really no one except "inside innovators" know is possible and not 20 years away but Right Here Right Now...The Implications of what appears to be True the hands of people invested in keeping mind augment technology "to themselves"in it's wonderment has been worth writing most every word I have written in the state of a fear I cannot explain
  • AOL News Aug 29

     I "arrow" or whatever one calls it through the events of AOL News ..coming upon a shocking new haircut by an actress I never heard of I backtrack the "arrow" button recalling I saw the word psychotronic. You see a "nut" as I am perceived by many (as I might perceive myself if it were I coming across what seems like an obsessive "journal" of "mind control"and human experimentation gloms on to such words psychotronics...

    I stop writing my the entry I am transposing from a compostion book 
    The voices.

    The sound is murky as it mirrors the Benzodiazapines blurred mind

    Familiarity breeds something more than contempt .when one hears and for some reason knows..the “situation” is not nor ever has been organic..

    I take pills now.i become more and more dependent on them but that is better than becoming more and more dependent on I half drugged I open the computer surprised to find an article that vaguely presents "my case",my "story" ..a Targeted Individual ,an" Urban Astronaut" one selected to participate in something "wild" whether one wants "out" or not really spends a great deal of time searching ,searching for anything .anything whatsoever to coincide with their belief system.
    THIS is what a psychiatrist might say.not me.I find it difficult to believe any of the over 3 million Targeted Individuals all seemed to create out of thin air and press releases about psychotronics online or in available publications the same "myth" of technological neuro subjugation

        Terrifying Weapons That Attack The Senses

        The voices.the sound.and vision.the vision is not discussed nor explained in ways worth trying to explain.much of the data online decades old. Concerning not just overpowering another with sound but “story” and “theme” and although I have read much about visual over-rides I find many of the disclosed document on the technology of “sight” has been taken down..

        Strange that one day when this information about human testing is publicized my writing or talking about visual hallucinations and European and “over here” testing of wireless human to computer or mind to mind communications will get sketchier..does a disorganized schizophrenic REALLY type for a year or more about a technological “invasion of the body snatchers” except to cry “help”I found it “safer” to write about “it” as semi fiction…adding aspects of a large “cult”or “corperation” being asked and persuaded to give the curious equipment a “spin around the block” but fell back on old habits..old addictions as the fear of writing about it became progressively scarier and scarier..there were also tests much less terrorfying,quite the opposite really..that “displayed” visually and emotionally.(as brain wave disruption or augumentation is also being developed to raise one’s mood ..I explained to a friend that some “rundowns” were as if the most peaceful ,loving buddist monk or something had …


        by Thor Jensen

        One of the most interesting sensory weapons on the market uses audio to disorient and confuse targets, but it skips the ear entirely. MEDUSA, a product of the Sierra Nevada Corporation, doesn’t create sound in a conventional way. Instead, it uses pulses of microwave radiation to generate shockwaves inside the skull that are detected by the ears from within – so earplugs won’t help you at all. It can generate painful white noise and even recognizable speech that sounds like it’s coming from the inside of your brain. Scary stuff.

        Image credit: Wired Danger Room

        ….Been fitted with bio sensors for direct neural interface ..teaching one through assimilation a New Way of Thought.Furthermore the obvious uses of this technology for entertainment are to induce enchantment and full immersion with another’s idea of reality.Never have I seen the same company or same article that writes of EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE “Impart” technology that can alter one’s mood or cognitions..Synthesized “telepathy” based on Brain Mapping and Brain encoding breakthroughs.Nor the use of “all this” for altered percetion of reality (virtual reality).I’ve explained endlessly that for THIS specific testing of Psychotronics and Immersive Reality and Artificial Intelligence there is NO POINT whatsoever of Testing This “mindfuck” on animals…just people considered “non person “ enough to be expendable and unreliable in their testimony of “advancement” of   this either  horrific and ecstatic scientific advancement..

        Monday, August 26, 2013

        "Jacob's Ladder" and Haptics in Immersive Reality

        ..and still "other "Change Agents" are taking advantage of Altered States of Reality to use the very same technology that can take one into states of ecstasy into Realms of a "Jacob's Ladder"ascent to Horror and unspeakable fear.Fear of such intensity once predicted to scramble another's sense of reality was previously tested using projected three dimensional holographics but now that the channels of the visual cortex can be cajoled into a channeled over ride "Change Agents" no longer have to fear detection
        nor responsibility for one detained by either nano or insertion technology{2}...

          Can a Individual die from "hand's off" fright  "exercises" or "intrusion" with Psychotronic or Immersive Reality techniques?
        the answer according to most doctors is  yes..that  sustained  "fright" from psychological  or synthesized psycho-terror  can and has killed the  psychological stress of Psycho-Perceptive "play" is meant to also initiate  physiological reactions from the glandular to the respiratory..when an individual feels they are going to die, if the "feeling or perception of fear" is tangible and foreseeable enough  to induce the sympathetic nervous system..adrenaline and other naturally occurring chemical compounds can cause a person to die immediately.


        The 5th Sense (Touch)-Actuated Pressure and Direct Neural Pornography

        Haptic comes from the Greek verb, meaning to contact or touch.  Haptic technology refers to the science of touch in real and virtual environments. Haptic sensations are created in consumer devices by actuators, or motors, which create a vibration. AIREAL, a product currently in development at Disney Research Pittsburgh, is a new scalable haptic technology that enables users to feel (in their physical world) virtual 3-D objects and receive haptic feedback on gestures performed in free space. To create this augmented reality experience, the device combines interactive computer graphics with coordinated bursts of tactile simulated pressure -Saddik, 2011)

        Potential applications of haptic technology include gaming, , tele-operation ,rehabilitation .Although the subject of what this can mean not simply for “traditional media “interface” in the industry of film and television there is a cogent and co mingled interest in the technology by those in the Adult Entertainment Industry which sees billions in wireless virtual 5 sense pornography  applications.the sense of touch and intimacy is compatible with current methodologies of nano particle enhanced co-"sponsored" person to person or person to computer(Brain Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence advancements currently being tested on a cross section of the population) ...and word has it that it is of special  interest to agencies who might be sent away on long voyages beyond our atmosphere.(astronauts) who might need "a bit of touch" from "home"to remain both sane and focused..-

        Sunday, August 25, 2013

        the cue system of referential identifiers

        they seem to like me on the benzos...the benzos make me able to move forward...tHEY like that i am not for instance thrown back to some childhood memory upon viewing a certain style of hat or cap on TV..a good much of my thinking style is referential i have mentioned I.Like many in my predicament ..was raised for this .

        .raised to make associations based on imprinted neuro linguistic methodologies Gary Rainy and Tru Christie taught my second generation neuronautic "New Way" parental figures Stand in stylized family Core unit
        whose only function according to Gary Rainy was to raise children that could "run on tracks and the Tracts of neuronautic's teaching of "how to Be"...the associations and referentials and imprints  turned out to be quite a clusterfuck as many ideas proposed by the "project paperclip" types who all but flocked to Gary Rainy in the early 1960's when many of their "indentured"obligations to cybernetic mind augment techniques from their westernish european days were amended...
        many of these makers of New Man of course foresaw the inevitabilities of nano sized bio-sensors that could adhere to a human brain without the possessor of that brain being aware of the "adhesions' of such..
        as planned and thanks to some help from steadfast "New WaY " Tue Believers many of these referentials and identifiers and associations made their way into just 'the right' movies and TV shows that "the track to the Tracts " could be further solidified and The Child of the Evolution could feel that the world around them (the media) was also in on and "all go" Gary Rainy and Neuronautics..

        the benzodiazapine ,which Neuronautics forbids a Proxy to take with all psych medicines that might break the sway of  carefully placed associative referential triggers
        Reaction fall apart
        for a time I feel free!

        and apart from any tether ,frequency or
        and stronger.

        as most x equals x imprints
        were fostered upon we raised "Rainy" primarily to make us submissive to eventual "mandling:

        so many of the aural and visual cues  were primarily based on the stop/go stop/go binary method.
        problem is,,
        binary thinking (the stop/go of it used basically for insertion of ideas ,directives and sublimation of one kind or another the "future"
        were all but tossed out as "the Way" in the late 1990's
        mainly because 
        a proxy,brought up with the cue system of referential identifiers that were
        seared into one  as imprint
        primarily because most association were based and tied to induced childhood humiliations of one kind of another
        all scripted
        by the 'stylized parenting " methods ..which relied more on "method acting" than Dr Spock...
        useless in the end
        as the associations..
        instead of making a proxy OPEN  to new input and submissive
        to a Mentor
        would simply make the Proxy re experience the humiliation
        which would be interfaced
        over and over to a Intranueral "mandler"
        so annoying and so
        embarrassing the humiliation that
        a breakdown in mind to mind communications would inevitably breakdown
        as the proxy regressed
        and the mentor disarmed would inevitably
        throw in the towel

        the sight of a blue and yellow polka dot summer dress could send
        a "victim" of Stylized parentage into an instant babbling state
        (as other 's raised "Rainy" know only too well)
        it might take days  of linguistic "recalibration"
        and rare compassion from even Tru Christie who like most "Mandlers"
        at Dome Proxy Cyber
        have wanted a "re vamp" to the less black white
        zero one of binary human system control to the gentler
        less transparent
        method of mind modulation based on corelets and seamless responsiveness
        to "signs" and referentials that does not
        make a proxy respond "in a puppet or deer caught in the headlights manner"

        Dementia praecox/voice to skull/1994/ the "cause it "audit/the "see" meter

        I will try
        Dementia praecox (1911)-a"precocious madness" said to be not one of mood, but of thinking or cognition.
        AS AOL NEWS
        AND NOT

         AS WOULD ANY

        real or imagined dear reader ..after about 2 years of nonstop "interface' between "Major Tom" and a fool such as mine who rightly or wrongly
        has been on the defensive about any type of psycho social "corrections" by "mentors' since Kindergarten ..
        I am nor have ever been the type
        to follow or augment myself to another's desires unless
        the augment was in a car.or back alley and involved
        a 'quickie" with money or drugs changing hands.
        and THAT social adjustment  "to get by"
        was what got me "picked up "
        to be
         potentially "saved'
         by Neuronautics and "the Process" to begin with
        as the Powers that be back than
        considered "out of state""whores" and "human verman"
        quite expendable enough to be
        indoctrinated into The Process..reguardless of how "The Process" processed it's "subjects" as lab rats to to essentially vivasected with all manner of neuro "poor fair"rundowns
        such "low -fi" apps. in retrospect
        "voice to Skull"
        so much shouting
        so much fear .so much gibberish
        so distant and so personal at the same time

        drawn back to the Land of Distorted reality and Mind Augment (the mooovies) LA ..
        "I really like your work ,,perhaps you should move out here.."
        ah shucks.
        and off i went...
        wouldn't YOU?

        who knew what "the boys "in black ties and short sleeve dress shirts were dreaming  up in the decade and a half  for the "boys and gals " in dark blue  long sleeve shirts and grey slacks with tiny pins with  interwoven triangles to "spin around the block"
        now let me explain briefly as this ativan (Oh how the men and women with interweeeevin tri angles do hate psych -pills
        ,as do I ...but I would swallow  tin foil hat
         to just have a day with out Mentors buzzing in my ( I mean, OUR) collective mind
        down .the .hatch.
         a Hive .
        The Hive
        that i pollute
         every time my interior monologue
         or visual cortex
        spot or ponder
        anything truly
        like a bare male torso ...
        or worse
        my imagining wanting to "jump the owner of such" bones.
        one on the other side of "mid sight" might get a psychotronic .neuro-optic "thrashing" for days
        graphing such atrocities and perversions to
        one's Mandlers
        "Avatar is people "I wrote on the side of a wall..
        before being nicked by THAT car
        even if such a wink about think about is extracted from a character on Tv
        i pay harshly for
        these sickening "sicko" thoughts..
        even if I am making fine strides following the other ideologies of The New Way Science of "neuronautics"
        even at my best.
        a routine scan be the new meters of measure that make the primitive metal
        gauge's of my previous "tells" and "never tells" look like
        temperament templates ,much less mind to mentor redactives look like
        two tin cans tied together..

        these days with the direct neural "cause it "audits" there may be as many as 8 members of The New WaY and 3 or so not so New Way observers of how mind to mind might work for both movies and marketing and more Pro-litical means of mental ,gentle  purse-a sion..
        Evan Rainy blew alot of his pop's cash
        and had to sell much of Neuronautic's Cache to folks who
        give little measure to poppa Rainy's grand ,Rand plans
         of Utopia through Re -Education
        and mind augmentation..

        so much
        i glean from word on high during
        inadvertent graphs and interfaces of drunken
               became about stocks and patents that a young buck not afraid to not only take his shoe off and bang it on the table was brought in ...but who Evan often simply calls Raven Mismanage not only afraid to pound his show BUT if need be Unafraid to lob that shoe directly into a Naysayers eye..,
        .I hear his poor wife kept in some castle like fortress far from the nano-ing crowd to this day must still wear an eye patch ...
        I can write what I like I remind myself..
        i am an Unresolvable ..mainly my remote neural monitoring is no longer about
        "growth' or change but to drive me mad enough to do myself in...
        Raven Mismanage
        considers me fair game  and says that A Ruiner like myself was born to Ruin...
        and it is up to Bettors like him to make sure first of all I neither marry or have children to continue what should have been discontinued back in California good old Eugenics's heyday...

        like many Ruiner ,Undesirables,deviant ,degenerates classified a minus seven on Neuronautics "Lines and Signs of Normalcy"*

        California's Prison Sterilizations Reportedly Echo Eugenics Era - NPR

        Jul 9, 2013 - Like more than half of all U.S. states, California once sterilized people against their will, in eugenics programs "that sought to prevent social ills ...

      1. State's little-known history of  eugenic" science" /California's role in  sterilization of "degenerates ,prostitutes and "the insane"...

        Mar 10, 2003 - It was amended at least twice, in 1913 and 1917, to shift the focus of California's eugenics program away from the castration of prisoners and ...
      2. strange .
        that homos such as my self were even allowed to mingle and mosh with
        mentors during that
        slight stretch of time (to payback court costs before that IRS nonsense was generously 'reconsidered" by OTHER bettors...)
        Raven Mismanage or whatever Evan Rainy who at times sneaks an interface to actually "teach me The Way" despite my being on the "sub -exist list" often interfaces that Raven Mismanage refers to the
        "let in the gays and spays and what not years  as "The Benetton Solution"
        to malingering "joiner ship" and empty "admit-ence " rooms where the Lessors would gladly reveal THEIR MOST SECRET SEEECROUCITIES...EVEN BEFORE THE ""SEE METER" WENT INTRANEURAL...
        raven mismanage takes credit for deciding to take the leap and risk of
        adding intracranial interrogation of members into 'the Program"
        after a real estate time share
        with the rev Moon who had been "placing nano wire and "filaments" into his 'special disciples" in return for turning over some of the collected neural data to **** and Compo Cola


        Friday, August 23, 2013

        ...the more you implicate yourself as one who has lost touch with reality..
        And leaps
         and glides
        and slides
        Across the floor
        Right through the door
        And all around the wall
        A splotch, a blotch....

        I think to Evan..
        songs ,jingles are sometimes all i have as a "shield"
        I don't know anymore if I "do what I do" or "think what i think anymore"
        for him
        to him
        against him
        to keep
        whatever firewall i have created AGAINST him
        to keep me sane
        to report
        what to most readers
        makes me sound
        quite the opposite...

        "you are quite a provincial man,if the term "man " can even apply to
        one such yourself.
        a true Luddite..
        you see yourself as Casey Jones and Jimmy Olsen
        all I see is a Ruiner ,a spoiler...and a "man-child" still trying to hide
        from progress and The Process
        People like you Dumbo

        I already have I think ,I graph..
        I hope
        "only one who has something to hide is this against a "read"
        I have nothing to hide.
        They KNOW everything...but they somehow expect change..
        or some gratitude.Some respect..
        or some allegiance.
        when some body KNOWS all your secrets ,all your thoughts
        all one eventually  wants is for them to
        be as far away from you as possible.
        but this technology is made to get closer
        and closer
        it's intrusive -ness
        all consuming
        it eats you
        it beats you
        it defeats you you
        "your incessant rhymes  are indicative and demonstrative
        I believe most psychiatrist call such a style of thought a "brain salad"
        like many  schizophrenics Dumbo..the more you write and "try to present"
        your predicament of "otherworldly" or "implanted" possession and control
        the more you implicate yourself as one who has lost touch with reality..
        you DO realize Dumbo that the more you "go on" the more obssesive this
        endless rant that you are under someone  else's guidance system the more evidence we have that you cannot function on your own ..a person who feels they are being manipulated by outside means is categorically incapable of tending to themselves and is a risk to himself and perhaps others,as has been demonstrated on several occasions ..if I were you Dumbo I would really think seriously about where all "this" might be going...and where one who goes on like this might wind up.." Evan graphs..sending me a visual overlay of him smiling and somehow seething at the same time..

        True North

        May 2010

        "..for a prescient "read"neural monitoring and brain computer interface must be done without consent .."  TED conference 2010

        .... after discussion of a " new" computer interface  that reads its user's brainwaves with either a  headset or non visible subdermal "inserts"   
                Several  bioinformatics companies have veiled their interests in  identifying biomarkers for neural decoding for medical use and "intracranial surveillance" using electroencephalography (EEG) fMRI ,ELF transmission .

        "The smaller the components ,the nanotechnology makes potential subject selection more and more discrete.."****

        Feb 2013

        IBM plots a strategy for the future
        - is aimed squarely at investors and stockholders: grow earnings per share to at least $20 by 2015.

        AUG 2013

         scientists working on SyNAPSE announced they’d simulated 100 trillion synapses from a monkey brain on Sequoia, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Now, instead of simply writing brain-inspired algorithms for traditional systems, they’ve invented an entirely new “neuromorphic” chip, True North, and an accompanying programming language to build applications on it.
        IBM’s Dharmendra S. Modha, who heads up SyNAPSE, says,
        "The way computers currently manipulate information, shuttling it back and forth between memory and processor, is named after the early computer scientist John von Neumann. Classical computing is very good at number crunching—or left-brain activities. In fact, it vastly outstrips human capabilities.
        But the classical approach isn’t well suited for creative, adaptive intelligence.
        True North is built on a network of “neurosynaptic cores” that place memory, processing, and communication close to one another so they can operate in parallel, much as they do in the brain.

        Early on, programmers had to code individual neurosynaptic cores, but the language now includes 150 “corelets,” or groups of cores with similar functionality (eg., sound perception, edge detection, or color identification). Developers only need to know the general function of a corelet to integrate it into an application.