Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pwogwis riport - Stylize It ! ( Running Head Fwom Self backward cwangin cwocks gently )

  1. INT - PRINTER'S - DAY VAL's ASSISTANT handed the PRINTER a new JPEG of DENNY PACE asking him to start over The PRINTER looked at the image PRINTER - You're going for what my kid says is 'Full Retard" yes? I can mis-crop the photo. ASSISTANT - That would be marvelous
  2. VALERIE PRENTIS looked at the posters created to advertise Denny Pace's one many show "No , this won't do - he looks.." "Normal ?" VALERIE's Assistance said. via
  3. "He painted with feces and urine and used toilet paper as a brush"
  4. Only an 'OUTSIDER ARTIST " is sold with their BIOGRAPHY as if - to explain it's lack of technique, form and aesthetics
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  6. INT - BLOSSOM ROW ART FAIR - ( Gotham City ) - NIGHT VALERIE PRENTIS poses in front of "Strange Character" done by DENNY PACE she is dressed elegantly standing next to Tom Ford via
  7. Art done by those too 'Ill" to leave their homes and venture OUTSIDE
  8. What is THE OPPOSITE of 'Street Art"?
  9. The Semiotics of Insanity
  10. One would be mistaken in believing "The State of Gotham " does not want the public to know the use of psychiatry as punishment is not "done" in Gotham.
  11. The TI wrote of Enforced Hospitalization and dangerous medications used to treat a mental disorder caused by Acoustic Weapons and the following day blew up the house of the Night Nurse at Arkham