Thursday, January 29, 2015

brothers and sisters

Evan graphs ,""your fucking it up,"

"I hope so," I graph back.

"You played along this far," He graphs.

"I had no over estimated my ambitiona presumed ambition that one being raised such as I was forged to have via neglect and abuse. .to "be" something- sorry-it didn't :take"," I graph back,"...suicide might not be painless but it's a hell of a lot better than this..'

so many films and books were written.
for purposes.....of using symbols control another.
TV and Movies as Organized Gang Stalking
and if you think 'm gonna be just one more cog in this mind're mistaken..".

"than you had better kill yourself," Evan graphs.

I think about someone deliberately killing a kid's mother in front of them to "make them" Dexter"
and how almost every other episode was about "them" using Dexter's sister and threats to kill Dexter's get Dexter to do something

"no kiddo," Evan graphs," that twas not YOUR was OURS..Imbued upon you...
because THAT is how we DO IT in Dixie."

but .I do not have a sister.
I am a fictional character called Dumbo...isn't that what "we decided?"I graph..

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