Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Do It


Frank OlsonIn the early morning hours of November 28, 1953, Frank Olson fell from a tenth floor  in midtown Manhattan. When questioned, hotel operators said two calls had recently been made from 1018A. In one of the calls, a voice said “he’s gone,” to which another voice replied “that’s too bad.”
 June 11, 1975. Splashed across the front page of the Washington Post was this headline: ;PANEL INVESTIGATES:SUICIDE REVEALED. The panel the Post was referring to was the Rockefeller Commission, led by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and set up by President Gerald Ford to investigate *** misdeeds. It found that “a civilian employee of the Department of the ***unwittingly took LSD as part of a *** test” and had “developed serious side effects.” Serious as in jumping from a tenth floor hotel window.
The article did not mention Frank Olson by name, but his family immediately knew it was him. For 22 years they had been in the dark about Frank’s death. Now they knew that LSD was involved and they wanted answers. Daughter Lisa contacted ****, who had been Frank’s boss  confirmed that the man in the Post story was indeed her father and that he had known about Frank Olson’s tragic tale all along. As a matter of fact, the**** had ordered him to maintain contact with Frank’s wife Alice following his death, which he faithfully did. He watched as Alice Olson spiraled downward into alcoholism and despair. Whenever Lisa’s brother Eric would ask Alice about Frank’s death she would inevitably reply that he would “never know what happened in that room


the script was already written

for the book
           that had not yet been written

the idea
like a   
it seemed
that drizzled
         noted author Indis O'Say's head

 as if by transmission
as if

         and who can say(not Indis O'Say)
such may not be

The New Way

Indis O 'say ,an author of note,awards and accolades 
                            put aside his
             half written
        follow up
to his well received novel about
 a liberal politician
who as if by magic 
had  charmed the
 into investing every tax dollar and private and public subsidy
creating Flying Cars.

The flying cars
 would not only fly the politician  explained
would not only fly
but  would run
on an organic non fossil wonder- fuel that
had chemical compounds in it
that were quite the same as MDMA..

the fictional politician in Indis's Utopian novel
explained that until the Flying Cars
were up
and running
and spreading chem trails of MDMA like ecstasy
through their emissions

(in the novel Indis explained that these emissions were not only "good for the mood and  soul of every individual on earth ..but the emissions that would be 'exhaled" in the exhaust of these Flying Cars were  not only non toxic but beneficial to  the soil ,the streams the oceans ,the  plant life and all matter of species )

the country would
have to stop fighting all wars immediately
as all monies the country had 
 would be put into this venture of creating Flying Cars
which would
create hundreds and hundreds or thousands of new jobs...

other countries
were asked if they might like to also
cast aside grievances past and present
and also spend capital on flying cars instead or war
on other marvels
of design
such as
backpack type apparatus
that might  enabled all the men ,women and children of the world to fly
along side the flying cars

Indis ' follow up to the popular book "Flying Cars Now!"
 began with the fictional
announcing he  was moving out of the White House into  One Bedroom in a mid priced suburb
and reducing
his salary to
but a dollar more than
minimum wage

over night
quite literally
the famously liberal author
had a change of heart about his literary endeavor 
deciding  his follow up book
to "Flying Cars Now"
would have  be put on hold
he had
to such a cacophony of fresh new insights  and ideas that
very little of his previous state of mind
it was quite like Indis had not only found his Muse
but had been
absorbed by
this Muse
and the musings were quite unlike Indis
had ever been compelled
to not only think of
but in the end (in a moment so brief ,so terrifying but terrific in it's tenacity and power ,in a moment Indis felt(and was) not like Indis anymore -except in name and shape .only)
to concede to with a sense of exaltation
for there was majesty
a sense of being "chosen"and thus
to begin again
reborn ...and oddly content to not be the  driver ,the helmsman of "self"
 that the curious  muse made sure he understood 
was that "Oneness"
of Grace with All Things
and The Divine that All Men had through all recorded time strived for
 that  loving sense of release of being but the Happy Passenger
of  A Higher Purpose 
A Higher and Greater Power!
an entirely NEW perspective
and objective
concerning his 
imaginings of a Brilliant New World
 the New World he saw in his Mind's Eye
was more serious
dubious of the  notion that everyone could or should
share in
an Enhanced state of Being..
that all people
were certainly
learned enough to
thought someone.
teach the world
"how to Be"
the world
could "be  "re -New-ed"
the novel
the New Novel seemed
almost to write itself
The novel begins with
Invading the Earth
the aliens
 look just like humans ,act just like humans 
Unlike other books
that have dealt with similar subject matter

the earthlings being taken over by these superior beings
do not fight the take over
but accept
that the beings are simply Better than their species
and realize that
they (the earthlings) have been waiting for a change of this magnitude
the opportunity
to be "re-educated" and "redefined"

The 455 page novel entitled ,"Let Us Be Conquered,"Indis completed
in an unprecedented 5 weeks...

The novel
 became a bestseller
 but caught many off guard
as it seemed to be a complete redux
 of the Indis O Say's liberal found in the "we the people for the people" context and subtext of his previous novels
but also
Indis O 'Say of the public  airways-.
the author, cherished like a savant  by more esoteric scribes and pontificators for his" almost childlike conceit that the world was "meant" to be "easy , joyful , lazy and crazy...
that basically everyone was good and just wanted and needed more

 of what ever the media (or what Indis called the cake and custard shop that displayed all those colorful ,mouthwatering  flavors with not only a clear tv screen separating us from the treats but a bullet proof window
 ( fleeting youth and rare physical beauty we are subconsciously "forced" to compare ourselves to

"how many people actually "look like actors? 1 percent of the population ..or ..09 percent of the population THAT become models and actors..

.that's who
 but THE,the actors ..and I love actors..some of my best friends ARE actors
 are represented ..out of proportion
as are not only their private life style s but moreso the fictional lifestyles of programming
taken in by our senses hundreds if not thousands of times a week
if we divide the projected image  into individual frames
as the mind both does 
and does not
 (hi def Tv that  is clearer than the reality we might see with  20/20 vision becomes MORE real to the mind  than organic vision it..soon the same will happen with sound ..look at Google Glass for instance. Where sound literally bypasses the ear itself. Sound and thus "a new reality" made by someone else that literally enters our minds through a type of "sense" we never had before...there is a new reality being placed upon us whether we want it or not.Some of it deliberately meant to confuse  and confound the senses..")

Indis's naïve  yet hopeful concession that eventually all things will even out
man innately likes to share it's good fortunate

if not 
Indis had written and said on his many Tv appearances,

"the natural balance above man will see to it.

a good natured man ,Indi even apologized for the 1 % who perhaps have-

"held court too long'
 we needed them to Rule Over Us and define us and even Control us to the extent that they do
after all ...
we are a young species...
maybe we needed a strict Father and overpowering Mother
to set down tracks for us to
but we are
Older now
as a species
and need no such tracks
soon we will be so domesticated by The powers that seize
and lead
that we will be incapable of managing without
if we are not already...
if something happens
for instance a metero hits earth
would YOu know how to build a Tv set...or even fill a cavity?
the regulations on medicine for instance prohibit any one from knowing how to stich a wound...
who has not the money ,the benefit of "intelligence" etc to "know" much of anything
all men and women should Know how to "fill a cavity" ..."stich a wound" ...know how technology  such as air conditioning work
in case some catastrophe man made or otherwise occurs 
that disrupts this expected continuity ...

his first book
was about a Comet that hits a fantastical planet in another galaxy
and the results
"expected continuity"
although the word was never used..
and small blue-ish figures were substituted
as if  Avatars
for genuine concerns about Human-ness
and how domestication and enforced reliance
might do most of the population in
because "Knowing-ness" is hidden.
his long excitable rants
and telegenic "mad man" excitability made him
a  much welcomed
guest on many Sunday Morning Pundit driven panels
and more so
a favorite on late night talk shows

 late night 's own telegenic "mad man "-Owen Kendriks
who claims
Indis O 'Say not only saved his sanity by making him feel "he was not alone" in his beliefs
 but his talk show as well
Indis O'Say 
 could be  depended upon to always pull in high numbers
and high ratings
as there was something
telegenic about this decidedly  untelegenic misfit

The number 2
Late Night "comic/commentator"
who usually began his program
with some type of skit

began his program with footage of an early dusk book burning
of Indis O Say's
latest contribution to publishing
"Let Us Be Conquered"

The crowd in the late night audience went wild with cheers and applause
watched the taped footage
and boo-ed
the usually
exalted Indis O Say's entrance onto the Owen  Kendrick's stylized "Living Room/coffee house " stage

Owen did his best to soften the footage
still playing on a large screen
as Indis sat down
by smiling ,next making a WTF gesture with his shoulder than tossing a copy of the book in a trash can
in plain view beside his "desk'
next Owen made a shame -shame gesture
with his finger
and removed another copy of
"Let Us Be Conquered"
and said ,as the crowd 's applause for his exaggerated expression of affront and castigation stilled'
"You got a lot of splainin' to do..."

Indis was not his usual unkempt self.
In fact he was put together better than Owen
he wore a T-shirt which touted some designer or other
Something Indis had always purposely avoided.
something to the effect -"when I was growing up the only time someone saw who created my shirt was when I accidentally wore it inside out...."
his hair was slicked back..
Indis' new muscles bulged through the "branded" shirt.
his usual somewhat stooped postured
replaced by an almost authoritarian up- righted-ness.
He laughed at the right times..
the book being tossed in the bin...
the "you got some splaining' to do"line

He listened intently and with a great deal of outward empathy to Owen's genuine
that "Let Us Be Conquered" was in Owen's opinion the antithesis
of absolutely everything
one expected of Indis
and that didn't he feel he had let a lot of people down...?"

'it's a book Owen..a book" Indis said..

Owen ,not used to being "put in his place" by a guest, especially one as like minded and kindhearted as Indis...who had commented on the coarsening of America...

may as well have kicked Owen in the groin with the way the lines ,"it's Book Owen, simply a book"

one could feel the audience's confusion as well.
The audience that had just cheered the Talk Show Host for a public book burning

now found themselves
cheering for Indis...

the confused commotion ..of the audience died down. Owen realized he might have mistook "a joke" for some type of personal "affront"
or had overdone it with the "jabs" at the once reliably simple and simpatico guest..

Attempting to regroup
and restate his "dominance " over this once docile "friend"
Owen mirrored Indis' mannerisms

and began on a less juvenile  footing..

"Let Us Be Conquered seems to be about Selectivism...About some people being Bettor than Others...and that the others should bow down to those who are either physically or intellectually superior to them.."

"Don't They already? Isn't that an almost instinctual response..?primal in nature?
Do you not swallow or gulp a little when you are confronted by a man or woman of great beauty or an almost indescribably great baring?...but than again Owen...This is a book. And may I ad that the superior Beings described "In the Book" are not humans but Aliens.."

"I realize that "in the book'..which OF Course is only a Book indis.the superior "beings " are not fellow humans...but Aliens. But you must concede that the metaphor one might make of "the takeover" has all the markings of ..."

Interrupting,Indis states that he did not write the book to be taken for any sort of metaphor. And if Owen is placing his own fears or fallacies upon his novel it is not his problem...I would be glad to speak about "the book" as a book...a book of fiction...,"Indis said in a non confrontational way, smiling in way that helped Owen feel at ease, "the book came to me by what I believe was an actual Communion with something Beyond myself. I wonder sometimes if "I" wrote IT at all-It was a Voice in My Ear. A Eye in my Eye...who requisitioned "Let Us Be Conquered to be be writ at all.I believe in retrospect a true living supernatural Entity perhaps extraterrestrial in nature came through me and obligated me to write "Let Us Be Conquered"


At this point in the program
When Owen begins laughing at the author
there is a difference of opinion ,even in the studio audience of what exactly happened..

We all know that Owen was hit on the head by a falling spotlight
that had either become unscrewed or was not fastened correctly to the metal lattice high above the stage
killing him instantly

The captured tragedy went viral
The now famous footage
called simply "The Host"
seen by more viewers than any footage ever before.

Second only to new footage caught on tape by several  audience members
that were focused not on the host
but Indis O'Say
the light fell..
the footage collected by 7 audience members which was subsequently studied by experts
SHOWS a blue-ish emmit-tance coming from both of Indis' eyes toward Owen Kendricks
who suddenly stopped laughing well before there was a sound or even a hint of
the light falling
only "the light" or what some called 'the blue-ish beam" from Indis' eyes

There was an open investigation not only on the supposed "beam" that came out of one or both of Indis' eyes but moreso on the possible enticement of "the turn of the screw" that caused the spotlight to fall 10 feet down.

There were divisions on several fronts concerning
both matters.

the divisions ,the speculations ,the opinions of
just what happened
or because of What
for weeks
the only topic one talked or texted about
all that could be overheard on phones
in chat rooms
and so many other
venues of
discussion and comparison

so many outlets
to give an opinion
on what happened
whom was responsible
-the possibility "liked" or "unliked"
for or against
the notion that the footage was "for real"
and that Indis(who had 'gone into hiding after the" accident")
was indeed imbued with
a "6th Sense'
and that this was no mere occurrence
but a genuine supernatural manifestation deliberate or automatic on Indis' part
by something "up There"
quite beyond the open ceiling of any studio stage
that did not want to be  "one of his own" to be laughed at..

some Hand "up there"?

or some Hand.
down here

both .Two hands
that might have had something

"up it's sleeve"

some hand.up there.down here
that could pull something
out of it's hat
(or out of the eyes of Indis O'Say)

by the time
the "story' burnt itself out
there was
so much data
about  WHO among us
"believed in "possible supernatural events and who did not"
thanks to all of the "hits" and posts and "shares"
than had ever been accumulated on any One Subject
or One Event -for as horrific the incident was
it still did not seem to possess the same gravitas
that one might have been reluctant to expound upon
in an open forum
for fear of having
"a spotlight fall on them"

It is recorded
the" Indis O 'Say Affair"
was followed,texted
liked ,un liked,twittered ,posted and followed and un -followed by
6 times as many who had
"said" what "they thought"
about either Brittany Spears or Charlie Sheen put together

  unknown to
the general population

There was a non public bid by a certain non disclosed institute
to purchase
 sole custody
 the accumulated data
they thought
Whom Amongst Us
       believes in magic
 and Whom Amongst Us
                          does not.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

tonight you're mine completely

For 2 whole days
Denny Pace spent every waking hour
singing to himself-

singing to me
brain computer interface

works like that

how else you think it works?

some might even say it doesn't
and never will
never could.

but if I were you I wouldn't say THAT to loud..

could get a guy killed..

it's a product.
like everything else.

some people deliberately try to sabotage
another person's industry

 because they are without a sense of industry
OR Integrity
Denny Pace
is a man like that

an old Purina cat chow commercial jingle he sings to himself.
thus -sings at me

.. I have no idea how he even knew it..

("what?," I'm thinking,"his grandma used to sing him Old Time TV jingles instead lullabies)

Meow meow meow....26 hours of it

he just thought the jingle in his in his his head was some damn TV

it is

in a way

a very real way

in a way so strange you could not begin to comprehend

but we need to see "how it works "

I know I shoulda brought in what they call our "checks and balances" team

during the "chanting"

that's what the husks do.

to block out the


a lot of chanting and rocking..they tend to ball up sometimes and just hold themselves

they hold themselves

once they realize that holding their ears.

or covering their eyes

doesn't stop it

or block it

it works for us..

this behavior

by the way

just helps the alibi

whose gonna believe someone saying someone using them as a guinea pig to test
Sony researcher develops method for direct brain stimulation

April 19,2005 by Mike Adams  some machinery that doesn't even exist

Thomas Dawson, a research scientist working for Sony, has developed technology  that uses ultrasonic pulses aimed at tiny individual areas of the brain to create sensory experiences, including tastes, smells, sights and sounds.
The new technique could be used  to create more realistic and immersive games, in which you can smell, taste, and touch, or to help people who are blind or deaf. Thomas Dawson, describes a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images. "The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex,. "No invasive surgery is needed to assist a person, such as a blind person, to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds."

in the beginning they go all chatty about what's happening..

thinking anyone ..a policeman ,a dr,...will believe them

they write to every agency known to man

no one writes back...

they go all weepy creepy in some shrink office and
get a script for some awful neuroleptic

til realize that the pills  isn't blocking the "project"
just makin for one dreary
weary interface

so eventually they get used to

"the New Normal"or jump

well Denny Pace was never normal to begin with

so there were 'special " rules

for him..

the jingles...

the meow meow meow remember that commercial?

                      my g-d I will hear that jingle till the day I die

I shoulda went to one of the socially worker types we kept on hand

the checks and balances shit
                   though we are so off the grid nobody is checking
and the only thing being balanced is the dough ray me me me from the  inside info we're getting
from the neural data concerning
marketing strategy
aimed at the
"inner soul"
which to them

is the temporal lobe

but the subject was Denny Pace

usually when someone goes..

semi psycho's either because we want them too..or because "we're supposedly "pushin too hard"

but this seemed to be some kind of offensive attack..this meow meow meow meow meow ..

maybe he was sick of the monitoring

too bad.
I mean
if you're tagged're tagged for life..very much like that shit with those aliens...those greys..
those grey..
good grief
I can "go grey" in a flip of a chip...
how would you know the g-d damn difference

it's that intrusive
Hi -Fi

the Purina Cat Chow commercial
the meow meow meow...26 hours

.he somehow blocked out even the smallest outside stimuli(granted the autistic sa-VUCK didn't have much stimuli..)
and Layla
his ex alcoholic mum
of course
didn't bat an eyelash as he went poking through the cabinets..for cereal singing as loud as he could Meow meow meow meow..
if it were my kid I would smashed the kid into peanut pieces..
not Layla though...

hour 26 he suddenly stopped.
..but tricked us.
sending a visual of a record being turned over.

now it was Paul Anka's voice or something singing

February Chow chow chow chow chow
March Chow Chow Chow Chow


I might not have thought so..if it weren't for the record being turned over..

he SOMEHOW knows we don't usually do the bypassing of his occipitals as all we see are his feet in slippers and that fuckin Barnum and Baily poster kid never even bothered learning how to set up a good point of view shot...with good composition..even when he believed we were nice aliens ..who wanted him (the chosen one) to show us around lasted 5 days him actually being "ambassador enough to actually leave the house show us the post office ,a fish taco place he liked.a municipal park..and his favorite book shop that specialized in Paleozoic crustasionas or some such shit...his main focus in life seemed to be an interest in shellfish and crabs ..he knew everything one ever needed to know about crabs and now so do I...paralithodes camtschaticus...even thinking about Denny Pace makes me wish I had a button in my hand
even on my days off I see Denny .."pretend" brushing his teeth...for his mom's sake....hear his sniveling stuttering v-v-v-voice"ma!I brushed my teeth"
I swear you never seen such bad oral hygiene..3 seconds with a glob of tooth paste he spits out .ON the sink ...doesn't bother wiping it up..that's MOMMIE's job..

the sound I make isn't what you may presume

the key to being a good using the ambient sound such as a fan or an
an air conditioner ,,the vague sound of the woosh of traffic outside..and next blend your "voice "in with them...using the "white noise"
as a baseline..
think about how many sound are around you...
one's you never focus on...
I do.
It's my job..
if there is no sound I backtrack to my library
your library of collected neural responsive
that you equate with depending on the "tone" of what I might like to Impart to you
always raising the pitch more often than lowering "communicate"

the commune between us naturally
corresponds to what you are thinking, as a second program is always scanning your inner monologue...
for topics
of interface

a layman might presume that low pitch is what's scariest

for instance on a Halloween's always a low pitch voice going Huuuu hahahah whooooha ha..

not scary at all.

but if say you sped up the record

.....and heard the pitch very very high

it would be scary and disturbing. ..

moreso if it were "played" not through your ears...but with the tech that by passed your ears entirely..

but people ,subjects,husks
they get used to it..
but they're always annoyed by it.
so much so that many
just lose it completely
jumping out of windows.slicing their wrists....
rather than turn the anger or frustration in
turn it out on others''

bang bang bang,,,opps the voices made me do it..the chip inside me head..

still others
they have some idea..
intuitively perhaps
aliens or demons.
communication that can drive one crazy.
can be met
initiated communication of the Proxy's part
that can
drive a Mandler crazy
it works for a while but they're inevitably adding wood to the fire
I let them think they're winning
or getting to me
they do not realize I am not always "listening" that sometimes all they are to me is a lot of paper with words on it..

I still have to put on the headset and do monitoring.
make sure they haven't gone and done something that may put them outta play "too soon"
or worse outta range
of the little theater
Our Brothers and sisters who lead our "prox"
with pantomime and props...Denny who rarely leaves his house unlike must "tagged" Targets
doesn't get the extra fun
of being influenced
by our actors..who help cue
the rube
perhaps .
I am getting as claustrophobic as Denny.
but an autistic needs no "outside" everything is inside"

I think my job was to break him of that cycle but now I do not know.
maybe my supervisor wanted
a library of neural data about King Crabs and Mollusks.

I don't believe Denny is autistic
...paralithodes camtschaticus or no ...paralithodes camtschaticus

the Purina cat chow for instance..
or Denny purposely watching strange TV shows
about skin diseases or Pica...or any of a million things one simply does not want in his mind
he is making sure
I think..
he knows
he is connected to something
even if he believed he was connected to schizophrenia
a schizophrenic BELIEVES he is literally connected to something "out there"

damn right he instigates IT

so naturally
I have to defend myself from the little bugger
and raise the pitch ...and wait for a period in his reads most suited for inducement
while I push a few buttons that make his anxiety spike...and impart to him
that there are people
who wanted
a neural read of Denny having his tongue cut off.
so they could have something titillating to take home with him

I told him yeah maybe we were just people who liked fuckin with losers..
hurting them for kicks.
that we used this telepathy cuz we were not just space men but demon space men
in fact I interfaced

"Right now two sets of
demon spacemen hit men types were
setting up quarter down his street.who were listening Right Now to the "Chow Chow Chow reads.
and it was all I could do to tell them
to just cut off your tongue
they want to cut off your ears and eyes

Denny quickly stopped the chow chow


something is up...
he began reading things on line all of sudden
fucking Layla
telling him," He was "instigating them"

set him on some bizarre train of thought
that fucked up all of his Mandlers heads
fucked up all of his reads

he no longer believed we were space men trying to learn how a human thinks..

we had to come up with "some explanation"so
we,the Tele-Operators is what we're called in house..or Mentors...or sometimes we call ourselves Man-dlers
get it?
we have an all nighter....can we....just say WE are your schizophrenia!!...we are Voices in your head...
but how often can we say this...
so we settle on
we are now
we even get books and read all about demons...and we set up the transmit "all demon ..all the time"
but ya gotta remebr
this was all off the cuff.

so it's a lot of repeating..

a lot of just reading back whatever the kid is's called drives most people crazy in days
but this autistic motherfucker.
already things in mirrors and loops...
he's like superman
deflecting our every

I noticed in one of his reads he had watched the movie hostile until his mom shut it off.
Layla treats him like a baby
But I sensed he got a jist of the film

and I told the other operators
we go "Hostel" we go real
we go note for note with
the info he finds on the internet
not only
but it's all true
and all happening
for what
for what reason
it's fun hurting people!
and SOME people PAY to hurt people
..after all nobody believes
in a genuine working .up and running network of brain computer interface and transmitted Immersive reality .artificial intel ..str8 to mind..

no more goblins or demons
or aliens

from now on
we tell HIM everything

I interfaced that there were people
who wanted
a neural read of Denny having his tongue cut off.
in fact I interfaced
Right now two sets of
hit men types were
setting up quarter down his street.who were listening Right Now to the "CHOw Chow Chow reads.
and it was all I could do to tell them
to just cut off your tongue
they want to cut off your ears and eyes
Denny quickly stopped the chow chow

the world over would know they could be scanned
read and
judged by their Bettors.

that there would BE not more off the grid
and the equipment would drift into the public's
world view...
as just another app
that one needed to keep up with the Droneses
and to keep
a watch one the Less Thans
that looked at their
Bettor's with a palpable envy..

be honest with yourself
you think as I do.
You worked hard to get where you are
and sure as shit don't need
shifty or weird looking
on the sideline's
within earshot or your visual point of view
ruining your

not just that
you don't want some
Unresolvable spreading their neurals (their jealousy in particular) into your

that's what I was thinking sitting their with Book end white coat
...He wasn't like us
like the guys .the real guys I drink with...
he was skinny .didn't bother lifting a weight..
white coat was too good to sweat it up

still.i had to take him my neck of the woods..
guy had never even been to a club before..
never seen a college gir on X dancing with her top off
next we go
to some dive bar
there I am sittin across from this creaky table with a guy I wouldn't be seen with in a line..
(whitecoat didn't want to sit at the bar)
him all smiling
we best buds
dumbass didn't know all I wanted was to learn how to use the "other" stuff the pulsed ,the frequency can do to a person.
Hand's Off..
read somewhere they can like use psychotronics to give someone a lobotomy with like a fuckin remote control man

said he was surprised
Denny was matched up with me..
"what 's that supposed to mean egghead?"I wanted to ask but just smiled.

"i'm not hard on the guy...Denny and I are tight..."

I did my part
covered the "firm"s part
made sure Denny was labeled El's our policy to go all Gaslight Horrorshow on them to make sure the records show at least one hospitalization
so nobody suspects about the experiments
as if.

Whitecoat mentions the third time
the third hospitalization
the third time I explained I was trying out some new material on Denny..

"Mary said you were sending him insects...everywhere he looked was an insect..and you were mixing in sounds of cicadas and introducing movie loops dealing with parasites that would eat his flesh if he did not begin praying to the voice and offering him alms or practicing a sort of :lent" for his tele-operator and only eating one quarter of his meals,,

"he was putting on a belly..I thought I was doing him a favor ..the insects and the movie loops were part of our job right test threshold"

No...testing thresholds is for the parolees and prisoners .Denny Pace is Autistic..we don't run "special tests" on autistics..we study them and try to find methods to help...

"he's a faker...he 's a malingerer as you say....he loves it...He wants "big boy" tests everyone treats this 22 year man like a child...some Momma's boy..I am the only one who cares about manning him up..My goal is to get the son of a bitch laid...move him out momma's house.

"by driving him crazy with Occipital over rides of slithering centapedes..."
:you don't understand The Process.You're not a think I push Denny hard? well you've obviously not taken Neuronatics classes..humiliation and fear...caus ethe primitive part of the brain to kick in..

Tru wondered what Mr scientist thought of REAL SCIENCE not usually found in any book

Sony researcher develops method for direct brain stimulation

April 19,2005 by Mike Adams

Thomas Dawson, a research scientist working for Sony, has been granted a patent for a technique that uses ultrasonic pulses aimed at tiny individual areas of the brain to create sensory experiences, including tastes, smells, sights and sounds.
The new technique could be used  to create more realistic and immersive games, in which you can smell, taste, and touch, or to help people who are blind or deaf. The U.S. patent, granted to Sony researcher Thomas Dawson, describes a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images. "The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex," the patent states. "No invasive surgery is needed to assist a person, such as a blind person, to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds."

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scanning method for applying ultrasonic acoustic data to the human neural cortex

A method for creating sensory experiences operates by scanning the acoustical signal across the human neural cortex to create the desired sensory perceptions. The acoustic signal is scanned in a predetermined pattern. The pattern is then modified to fill in spaces in the predetermined pattern so that over a short time period, the desired signal is scanned across the intended region of the neural cortex. In one exemplary embodiment, the pattern begins with an array of points on the cortex. Thus, an acoustic signal in an array of points is directed towards the cortex. The acoustic pattern is then shaped to expand in radius about each point. Thus, the acoustic signal scans the visual cortex in an array of expanding circles. Varying the signal at each point along the radius as it expands produces neural firing differences in the neural tissue. When the circles expand to where they begin to touch, the pattern changes to fill in the areas between the original array of points. The new circles are centered about the points between the original stimulation locations, and the acoustic signal contracts about these new centers. The signal continues to contract about the new center points. When the new circles have contracted to an array of points, the process can be repeated from the start or simply reversed. Another method operates by forming concentric circles and expanding and contracting each of the concentric circles to fill in the original spaces between the concentric circles.

Inventors: Dawson; Thomas Patrick (Escondido, CA)
Assignee:Sony Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
Sony Electronics (Park Ridge, NJ)
Appl. No.: 10/823,090
Filed: April 12, 2004

patent 5899922 Manipulation of nervous systems by electric fields

PublicatienummerUS5899922 A
AanvraagnummerUS 08/970,747
Publicatiedatum4 mei 1999
Aanvraagdatum14 nov 1997
Prioriteitsdatum28 mei 1993
Status van betalingBetaald
Ook gepubliceerd alsUS5782874
Publicatienummer08970747, 970747, US 5899922 A, US 5899922A, US-A-5899922, US5899922 A, US5899922A
UitvindersHendricus G. Loos
Oorspronkelijke patenteigenaarLoos; Hendricus G.
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Manipulation of nervous systems by electric fields
US 5899922 A

Apparatus and method for manipulating the nervous system of a subject through afferent nerves, modulated by an externally applied weak electric field makes it possible to excite sensory resonances and can be used to induce sleep,aggression or sexual arousal.

human experience-a-tion.

Sony\ patents \\a brain manipulation technology (ultrasonic controller beams sounds, sights into brains)
November 22, 2011

Imagine movies and computer games in which you get to smell, taste and perhaps even feel things. That's the tantalising prospect raised by patent on a device for transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain - granted to none other than the entertainment giant Sony.

 The technique suggested in the patent is entirely non-invasive. It describes a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating "sensory experiences" ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds.

Richard Mihran,a scientist  of the University of Colorado, Boulder, has concerns about the proposed method's long-term safety. Sony first submitted a patent application for the ultrasound method in 2000, which was granted in March 2003. Since then Sony has filed a series of continuations, most recently in December 2004 (US 2004/267118 ).

  - From issue 2494 of New Scientist magazine, 07 April 2005, page 10

stop ,now ,what's that sound,everybody look what's going down

Holosonic 'Speaks' directly to consumers.(SYSTEMS: NEWS)
Systems Contractor News; March 1, 2007; 274 words
...possible by using the Audio Spotlight directional sound system from Holosonic Research Labs. A fleet of systems...retail display using Audio Spotlight to "beam" discrete...other customers. >> Holosonic Research Labs... www.holosonics...

The marketers have your ear ; Beam of sound aims its messages
The Boston Globe (Boston, MA); April 24, 2007; 700+ words
...waiting rooms.The audio spotlight device, created by Watertown firm Holosonic Research Labs Inc., has been...recently installed the audio spotlight in ceilings of bookstores...advertisers, the audio spotlight is a way of marketing...
The sound war: two very different inventors are locked in a head-to-head battle to tame sound. At stake are billion-dollar markets and lasting fame as the one who redefined how we all think about audio.
Technology Review; May 1, 2004; 700+ words
...ATC), and F. Joseph Pompei, of Watertown, MA's Holosonic Research Labs, have harnessed the same scientific principle to...credentials but little track record as an inventor: his Audio Spotlight system is his first major invention. In high school and...
Sound technology--for your ears only. (News).(directed sound products)
Hollywood Reporter; July 23, 2003; 700+ words
...means they disperse in an ever-wider arc. In contrast, Holosonic Research Labs Inc. and American Technology Corp. disrupt the air...student at MIT, F. Joseph Pompei devised what he called Audio Spotlight and founded a company called Holosonics. He delights in...

Source Code (PARRY)-PDP-10/ MLISP-"do you want to play a game?"

Package:      areas/classics/parry/

 Name:         PARRY

Summary:      How to Play "Lunatic Asylum"



   This is the original implementation of Parry, in MLISP (meta-lisp) for
   a PDP-10.  It will not work in Common Lisp and would require a
   significant amount of porting (parts are written in PDP-10 assembly and source code).






CD-ROM:       Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1

Bug Reports: 

Mailing List:

Author(s):    Ken Colby

   Classical AI Programs!Parry, Parry, Authors!Colby


See Also:   


   Colby, Kenneth Mark, "Modeling a paranoid mind", The Behavioral
   and Brain Sciences 4:515-560, 1981.

PARRY was written in 1972 by psychiatrist Kenneth Colby to simulate a paranoid schizophrenic The program implemented a crude model of the behavior of a paranoid schizophrenic based on concepts, conceptualizations, and beliefs systems ).It also embodied a conversational strategy that perhaps in the near future may be tested upon sane individuals with advanced technologies to see how a subject might adjust to an artificial "state of mind"

Proxy Cyber, Inc. an off the grid Cybernetic Mind Augment Company  has allegedly initiated a pilot study of the investigational  Neural Interface System discretely to avoid regulation .The goal of the fledgling group is to evaluate the safety of the Immersive Reality and Artificial Intelligence System via a Brain Computer Interface on a select demographic to demonstrate initial proof of principle of the ability of BCI to encode thoughts ,emotions and perceptions during  Mind to Mind Communication

Exciting calcium ion release through P-type VGCCs

Tru Christie set a metronome beside his workspace earlier that week.
Every 10th tick
Tru Christie pushed a button that sent a pulsed burst of directed energy at Denny Pace's Thalamus and mitochondria.

 Through the biosensors  riddled all through the "Immersive Reality" helmet Tru could feel and hear Denny squirm

The sentence "oh no..Oh no...not this again "appeared as if in 3-d inside  Tru Christie's helmet
which enabled an exact word for word transcription of Denny's real time thoughts

he also heard the stuttering ,simp of Denny's own voice

and saw  in real time the Barnum and Baily Circus Poster across from the bed.
through the visor that
gave Tru access to Denny's Occipitals

The fucking poster was embedded into Tru,s  brain pan from the endless hours
Denny would spend laying in bed staring at the damn thing...
(what22 year old man had a fucking circus poster in his room? Tru thought)

That's how it began
with the poster.

Tru couldn't stand how much  Denny laid around
(what 22 year old man lays around like this ,autistic or not?)
...Tru Christie was then
actually concerned about "the boy"

and asked one of the developers
if there was any Mind Modulation Program that could make "this guy" jump around,.go out "and play" or something...
A white coat type ,too "uppity"usually to bother with "the help" that actually DID the REAL job around here.,actually had to be inside the Proxy all day ,all night...every piss,every sneeze every..

"well," said White Coat ,"I suppose we can increase some of his adrenaline"

White Coat showed Tru how to manipulate a specific pulse toward the part of Denny's brain that might make the "lazy bum" get up and
for Christ's sake..

In the Beginning
Tru had such plans for Denny.
What sights they would see
The Places they would go!

Tru pressed the button
The White Coat had explained he had to be very careful ...
and not hit the button that sent the transmission via this via that ..oh shut up Tru thought as the White Coat explained frequency, biometry...
JUST SHOW HOW TO GET DENNY to a CLUB or something.
GET LAID or something...shut up with the satellite .lite brite  synapse excite technology shit...and let me play with Denny

but in time
Tru became much more
in "the technology shit"
"the biomedical "shit"
and began making attempts to "befriend" the nerdy white coat ,who tru just knew  wanted to hang out with "the cool guy" who in all probability
would have been the same type of guy who knocked over his books in High school......

increased Calcium ions release not only triggers neurological deficits but also can interrupt histamine levels causing severe facial swelling(edema) also  calcium-sensitive contractile proteins can cause severe muscle contractions and disfigurement caused by smooth muscle rigidity which ellipse the facial nerves.....

 ...Facial Swelling so severe that on at least five separate occasion
the Denny Pace
had to be rushed to the hospital

Tru remembered the last visit to hospital
The Denny Pace looked literally like something outta a monster movie
One nurse screamed looking at Denny
another as if intuitively threw a pillow case over his head..
Mrs Pace freaked.
"what in g-d's name are you doing she said taking off the pillow case..."I brought him here to be helped..."

 Tru Christie liked using the "toys"

Denny ,who Tru Christie was now convinced was "playing autistic" probably since BIRTH...he had told the other Tele Operators...."yeah he's that sneaky.."
He explained to the other
Mentors in
 in what they called " Ground Control."who had recently become concerned how much Tru was becoming" personally attached "to
one of his wards

Tru Christie
had never been  interested in how anything other than the "fun stuff" like Visual Overlay and making a Proxy for instance taste his favorite candy bar while eating a carrot now wanted to know how to use the Mind Link equipment to make a proxy for instance lose bowel function or suddenly begin twitching.
Group Control was where
the Tele-Operators
tested the Over Ride Equipment
The Taste
Smell ....stuff
that had been hired to send directly
to a subject's  mind..

the used a variety of gear...depending on the task at hand

Tru used to like putting on the Haptic Jumper
that could send
a sense of smother or literally bodily "possession " to the unsuspecting "Host"
he knew some used the haptic (the Sense of Touch")**suit
to go all "hot and Bothered" on a particularly pretty or handsome
the suit sometimes reeked of it.

But lately the suit was fine..
None of the Proxy looked so good anymore.
.the constant taping of the window's of their minds
left all sorts of scuffs , scrapes and dents
all over
their faces

by the 6th month even the horniest
could barely stand
getting into their bloated, scarred and marred skins

Every 9th click of the metronome
Tru pressed the button
Denny was staring at the Barnum and Baily poster...
He and Tru were looking for the thousandth time at the fine lines that gave the printed elephant a sense of mass.

Tru now assumed Denny was doing this on purpose that he knew
the "communion " was not with a space alien but a 48 year old man hooked to over 100 electrodes..

Tru pressed the button that "amped" up Denny's calcium ions now on every
8th tick of the metronome
so consumed with the ticking,Tru did not notice Denny's mother entering the room...her mouth over her own ...seeing the swelling in her son's face 3 times the size it should have been.

Denny Fat head.
Denny Fugly Face.
all happy in his hospital bed .cause a nice nurse.
Not afraid of his monster face wanted to make
Autism Avatar "Happy"
Tru tasted the raspberry ice cream.
Felt Denny's pathetic fleeting happiness(everything with King Autism was fleeting ,every thought ,every feeling lasted no longer than a second,if that)
at the nurse's empathy
YOU Instigate them Denny,"Mrs Pace said,"I know you a little .I'm your mother" 
it was the first time Tru had seen her slip...
...she had "went along" with "the program"
that her son
"voices and Seeeing things and now feeling ,tasting ,smelling things..were just some weird Psychological Manifestation..
Layla pace was the one who CAME to THEM 15 years ago..
responded to their ad
"Can't control your Autistic Son or Daughter's Behavior? The pills not working.Are you at the end of your rope?"There's a New Solution!
:Instigate who?what are you talking about?" Denny said
:the demons,the possession,the space aliens,the schizophrenia..."Mrs Pace said walking around and around the tiny hospital room...holding a pen like a cigarette."smoking the pen so hard" that she bit the tip of it that kept the ink inside..
blue ink
was smearing on her lip..unknowingly
Tru,seeing out of Denny's eyes with the visor first sensed Denny's reaction
"that this was funny.That Ma looked funny like that."
Tru became furious with Denny's automatic response to his mother being in such a state of confusion and frenzy because of HIM
Him of course
was a little bit Tru Christie's fault .
BUT STILL!thought Tru
Dennt didn't know that..
did he.
Tru pressed a button and felt Denny's leg contract right before he cut that particular link between them...
instead he listened in on Denny's mind...which was of course consumed by "self self self"
owwww my leg oww my leg..
seeing through Denny's eyes
his mother calling for a nurse..
the ink still all over her mouth*

"What did you mean? Denny said,rubbing his pulse induced spasm,"I instigate them..."
Tru watched Mrs Pace
watched Mrs pace lie..

" instigate your own problems,,your own...symptom..I'm sort .I don't know what to do..I don't know what to do.."she said hugging her son.
who 's automatic response was first to
flinch away from all physical contact.
but not now Tru was surprised to feel.
not today...
they were making progress.

*PARRY,  chatterbot, written in 1972 by Kenneth Colby, attempting to simulate a paranoid schizophrenic.

"Excitation–contraction (E-C) coupling increases calcium flux  which effects muscles , histamine and adrenal systems
“The really damaging part of a Transcranial Pulsed Ultrasound isn’t observed or felt during the initial usage, It’s the metabolic damage, the free radicals and the swelling that  happen in the hours  or days afterward."
  • Cramp
  • Dystonia
  • Hypnic jerk
  • Myoclonus
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) which  are among the leading causes of death and permanent disability . Headaches, memory problems, and changes in mood and personality are common effects of a TBI. More severe brain injuries can cause devastating cognitive changes and physical and mental functional disabilities. According to the CDC, TBIs are a contributing factor in more than a third of all injury-related deaths in the United States.