Friday, January 16, 2015

Reluctant Participants and Neural Negation regarding Cue Based Evoked potentials

Inner Office Memo (name with held upon request"  Sept 18 2011
Visual Cue-ing to induce "vision" in one's visual cortex based on symbols may best be accomplished in a subject without stimulation of nanotubes in  a subject's visual cortex  via Auditory Over Ride which uses different neural pathways to cause a subject to"see" for instance a polar bear in their "Mind's Eye".
 In fact "game changing strategies on a human subject" makes it easier for one's Tele-Operator to separate Imagination/Imagery based "seeing" provoked  by the spoken word.
 As we have learned again and again in time the subject becomes resentful he or she is "being used" and hence  adapts  have their inner vision to purposed convolution  attempting  to use  lower levels of visual pathway in an attempt  " to hide their visual based memories "from conscription or analysis during A.I, and Immersive Reality relay...   for this reason- a Tele -operator must resort to instigating  Inner Vision imagery in a subject by the use of verbal cue's ,i.e."I say To-mah-to YOU SEE -tomato-

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