Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Edwin Meece -part one (Jew it to Jew-IA)

You're dead.What are you waiting for?
A pill or something
Or the gumption to ..strenght ..focus to book a room at least 75 feet high

Every relationship
For man- ed me. Is a study in behaviorism and huamn interaction
I fail these tests ..nearly all the time
I have become short tempered
And judgemental

my personality is that more and more of Mandlers .

I can at least
See see that dealing with other people who are not
Involved in ..
The a program
Is Maybe not worth the risk of
Throwing my Enrot
Inyo the Eneay

My angry thinking
from the testing
comes out
Mean unpayiencr
But weirdo is what they need for my social isolation
Not anger
Weirod don't get angry
Weirdo are timid and explosive
Not just plain assholes..
After 1998 I began the Weiro shit to help sell my art
An art Dealer who was interested
Saw my work at some Mental Health art show

A previous art dealer / organizer saw my work at some coffee shop
And befriended me
Asked if I would be insulted or offended if she
Bro ut some pieces to the Metal Illness show or whatever it was called
I said no
After all I was seeing a shrink to get ativan
and anothe one to get adrenal
Mainly in the shrinks ofice I prattled on about being broke
I was sliding scale with the adrenal
And on the dole donut
With mandatory treatment for "generalized ancirt
..the doc said if money is the main problem why don't you get a job
I was tri g to be a painter..
And needed all day everyday
To learn
..Well when the "girls " who saw my work at the coffee house said
  ' have you ever heard of the term out sider art.
I said no
The most importan thing about this "movment ..OT determination of something is outsider art is being self taught
And having a biography that is outside the norm
She said to skip the fact I did a year at Tyler Art School and focus on the mental shit
"Have you ever ben I
Only I to,d her for drunk tank ..and fighting
Not real jails he situation
..can we play that up?The abuse..
Sure I said ..I just Need Money
She said my art depicts a lot of abuse ..mothers hitting their kid father in the backroumd ..basically ignoring 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I make a mistake
I turn on the TV and the first image that appears is a dog
the same breed of the dog
According to  Mandlers I hurt
by not calling the black man a nigger
The image caused me to remember the incident

And I feel the nerves on the side of my mouth pulse into a smile

The nerves I know by the familiar tingling
are from the directed energy
the smile the weapon has induced
doesn't cause me to immediately smile

First there is a sense of -smile
The dog is gone from the TV replaced by something else
But the memory of the dog and what that dog means to me
Is still there
now taken by me as -something  to smile about

Meaning to Mandlers who boom into my audootry cortex -Youliked having the power to cause the dog pain

I felt no such thing
In fact the opposite

"You like hurting others" the Mandler graphs
"You smiled when you saw the dog on TV and thought of the dog your actions or lack thereof hurt

It was to get you to write this
The last 3 days
And you bet you understand 
Team threaten to use direct energy weapons against a dog I see a block ahead of me if I do not call a huge black man a nigger across the street .I do not do it and I next see the dog stop walking ,see it lay down .I walk past hearing the dog's owner switch from the type of baby talk "what's wrong " to the dog to a tone of real concern ..I walk faster .Away .And force myself not to look back.


Part of the studies concerning narrative pertain to how one might use story ..and the type of distance  story might allow with 3rd person and so forth to mask one's objectives of authorship
in terms of information that implies  autobiographical  reference  point
I should feel a high degree of shame revealing -even in third person or through characterization
Issues and ideas that basically give away the experiences upon which they are based
But I have no shame
Or at least I feel none
In fact I feel nothing anymore
Quite literally except when confronted by symbols either by placed people meant to cue me towards some event or cognition that in spite of my being aware of this street theater ..being performed nearly each time I leave the house
Or the endless visuals sent to my mind to incite me towards synchronicity with the imagery
Since most of this is based on -language- to force me to re experience myself  in my worst moment
This sense of self as strange,awkward,weak and pathetic
Are all I have
Automatically I now know (not anymore quite feel) the sense of self I am cued to react to but
I have exhausted the sense  and feeling of embarrassment and shame
I am supposed to
But I do respond  to the threats on my life.,safety and physical well being quite the same as I ever did
Which is why I went back to the substances that he me fortify myself albeit temporarily to the ever more threatening tone of those handling my associations
With or without me
My spastic nature..and physical repulsiveness
Is what the "team " focuses on ..besides my Weirdo thinking
I now understand my appearance -as homely - has a lot to do with "what weirdo and my job to re present as such means and I cannot help but think to what little I know of history when looks meant so much to a society as they do now

Once we got to the fair my mother  had to do something they called sterilization .my dad sat at the picnic table with me and told me not to walk around but stay still if I could ,he was smoking a lot of cigarettes and his eyes seemed funny but he smiled anyway .The fair was colorful and noisy and had games and you smelled food everywhere. And everywhere there were contests.

I am concerned that my discussing my use of drugs
to deal with the situation
Might instill in a reader a trait
that goes against my portrayal as weirdo
but you are not in this room
and see how I use
it is not the way Hollywood or books depict and glamorize substance abuse
but rather the way a sicko with bad stooped posture.a swollen face and spastic demeanor
Might attempt to use drugs
-to be be edgy
To be "in"
imagine a 12 year old who walks funny ..talks funny and looks funny in the outfield ..playing baseball
Hoping the ball doesn't come his way
Imagine this boy grown up
In a small room
Unable to even assemble a filter of copper Brillo like wire
Into a glass tune
spastic ..
Rushing ..
his arms are not muscles
But thI. And sof.
His knees are close together bent over a book he uses as flat surface
All hunched ..
All nerves and always a left over sense  so,eone is watching ..waiting to tease..
He carries this all through his body..
To this day
And carries it as well I. The way he uses his voice ..too deep or filled with cussing and anything to not sound -like afar.
He did age well
he is gross ..actually
He smokes the pipe as might an awkward teen  trying his first cigarette at a party show "them"
Because he has been used for science
The "team" sees him as he is
with tech that is meant to not only film the subject
But visualize the subject  as if through a wall
Or this is what weirdo thinks
And be
Ie es
Y the feedback of what weirdo hears
From his team
Mocks him as he drops the plasticine and how he smokes it in such a way his throat and nasal cavity pop
..he is a disgusting man
A grotesque
A freak ..
And it is up to him to write about all he feels and senses  in a way that a reader sees him as if through a wall
Caught picking his nose
Scratching his toes.
Sleeping in a bent stiff manner
He is ing
IEXT when he sleeps

My father was to be at a certain tent at precisely 2pm
he kept looking at his watch...
like he either wished time would speed up or slow down..

I didn't care that much about staying still and not walking around the booths
I was to stay at the fair for a week..
 a man who was handing out fliers to the fair last week had measured the slope of my head and distance between my eyes
and I was invited to be "in the fair" an example.

Me and my dad went to the Men's Tent  so my dad could have x-rays ...
I wanted to go outside the tent  but my father wanted me to see what was happening..

I stayed in the tent and watched

 but I couldn't see any "ray"

my dad had to sit on a wooden chair in front of the x ray machine for 20 minutes

in his underwear

Even at home  I didn't see my father in just his underwear ..he always wore a robe when he wasn't fully dressed .

"Finished. "the man behind the x ray machine said  and my dad was aloud to get dressed.
when we were leaving the tent my dad said "I wanted you to stay so "You will know . People must know," he said hugging me.

we go to meet my mom at the same picnic  we were at before.

MY mom has been crying but she hides the  tissue that was at her eyes  when she sees us coming and says "Here are my boys..Here are my boys," putting out her arms wide

..when I ask her if she also got x rays  like Dad, my father quickly puts his finger to his lips to keep me from saying it
My mother seems tired and she keeps curling her finger around her hair.My dad begins acting extra happy and says'"c'mon,c'mon this IS a fair isn't it..let's have some pie"

I cannot help but wonder if I will get pie every day for the next week for agreeing to be an example..

I never slept in a tent before either.

 So as sad as my parents were acting I had to hide the fact that I was kind of excited about the coming week and possibly eating pies every night and day.


At first my mother said "NO.she would not allow her son to have any part of this .This Fair."

my father got very angry ..
he had been angry all week since hearing about the forced sterilizations and said,"Let the boy see...Let the boy know "
The fair was filled with rides and cakes and games.There was even one of those games where a man could show how strong he was by hitting a ball with a big hammer that could measure how strong the person was with numbers and a big bell on top that hardly anyone reached.

besides that game there were also a lot of trophies for all kinds of things

like what girl had the most beautiful form...and what man had the broadest chest...
or even best kind of face.

They used something called calipers that could measure how wide apart your eyes were  and how long or thick your nose or chin was.

My measured distance between my eyes and the measure of the slope of my forehead were the reason the man who organized the fair chose me to be in the fair all the next coming week.

I know I wasn't chosen because my postings and entries written in chalk and paint  on the big wall were goodbut wrong -

 "The Great Scale" measured a person in terms how their Type would fit or not fit with and for  The Greater Good.They called this new science Eugenics.

The man that measured the slope of my forehead and the set of my eyes and how wide my nose was said having people who were wrong would be a good way for people to see the difference between traits of Right and Wrong .There were contests in sports and physique and grace that also measured the qualities of the Best People in the community

he explained that  the wall needed to demonstrate opposing traits to the audience to  make comparisons easier. He told me the new world would be about separating the herd.

After my parents left I was told to go into a red tent with the others who would be examples of "wrong type".

It was me and two other boys.One boy who had  a harelip and the younger boy had a foot that was turned inward. Also  one very tall girl who wore glasses and was very thin.I didn't know what was wrong with her  and wished I had some calipers so I could tell ..


After dinner with no pie all four of us were asked to stand on a raised small stage opposite another small raised stage where other boys and girls wearing medals stood.

The man who arranged the Fair had offered to pay my father 20 dollars for me being in the show.My father said no...I don't want your son will be proud to be an example of something ...but it will not be an example of what you think it is...

The night before ,at dinner My Dad hugged me real hard and patted my hair ..."One day he said you will write of this .So one day people will be forced to remember what was happening  and what might happen again..."

National Conference for Race Betterment  “advocated tacking human pedigrees to
every perfect individual” with “blue ribbons for the most perfectly developed with eliminating the “feebleminded” through
restrictive policies such as immigration restriction, anti-miscegenation and compulsory
sterilization laws, eugenicists also aimed to promote the health and reproduction of those deemed
biologically “fit.”  While much of this brand of “positive eugenics” consisted of moral
exhortation, it also became a cultural phenomenon in the form of “Fitter Family” contests, not
unlike the “human stock contests”.


Since "my team" cannot admit this technology exists
It was up to me to detail what it means to be a weirdo
First and formost by posting up to 17 hours a day
as to show not tell
of my lack of social life ..and lack really of life outside of
"This is the way the deviant now offers up his spite of normalcy "
In the dark behind a screen


According to the subtext of my schizo  affective disorder first given to me at Eugenia Hospital in early Summer 1994
a half a year into my time at bat being  hit over the head with Voice to Skull
and  Direct Energy that caused me to -lose me mind
the reasons for partaking
had to do with some type of training
Now I am aware the -training rundown -is what "teams" say to all the participants
.I have read several accounts of -the Spu Guy  rundown

What u must keep in mind
If you can
Is the entire
Is literally Sound..meaning words from seemingly
Would You or anyone -spy -or commit actions
Because a disembodied voice told you to?
And should you?
Of course not ....
None of this makes sense
but I am terrified none the less bringing this up ..
But less so because I realized I was/am being used
anti - spy
Anti -cool
Anti fun
And always was-unbeknownst to me
I was trained
managed and even promoted
As The very definition of Weiro 

Human test subject

I do the stuff they want .i smoke the stuff "they" always want me onnlt only to -make me (if you believe a word I say .and you don't  and if u did who cares.u have problems of your own .i mean really.and if you knew it was real what could u do about it ..I am a guy who simply clutters up your Facebook scroll ..let's get real..if this documentation accolished one thing at all it accomplished discovering how little a man screaming SOS matters with one billion people speak -posting at once.
Scary -
The stuff I use ..does not -get me high 
But makes me freeze up 
And numb
It makes me feel terrible and temporarily
Y brain damaged 
Yet at least in control of my own nervous system
the way the stuff coats my lungs
Undoing months ..a year (?) 
Of not using 
Also makes me feel a sense of  relief ..that yes ..I really might just kill myself.
to escape being a human. Test subject 

It was not always the reason I was encouraged to -partake - by Mandlers

Gingerbread raisin

I do stuff my "team" wants.
The team practicing what they themselves call ( they who has labeled neuro weapns testing and use )
online and in the books those who research and develop Psychophysics research
Trust me nothing online about these weapons is not there by chance regarding
it's methodology
Don't bother looking it up
99 % of the sites devoted to it
are purposely crafted to read as pseudo science at the best
conspiracy theory at the least
Entire books are written on th subject supposedly by ex agency me.
To provide the targeted individual with just enough relevant information
To assure the TI understands the damage is technological and not a thought disorder
Why is this important for the TI -and only the TI -to understand
possibly to make the TI fully aware the Electronic Harrassment is deliberate and intentional
So the TI can and does process the deliberateness internally
to decompe sate .(someone despise me THIS much) more fully.
I believe a faux Legal Caes was quite elaborately -leaked- to emphasize the reality of this far put weapons makes n sense ..the case ..but gee has it been written to sound that way
To whom ?
Anyone in the first two years hoping for anything to
Keep them hoping
someone ..anyone ..might help them

I like many TIs both real and fake have been writing for 5 or more years
All the while physically and mentally being destroyed by "magic " weapons nobody knows about except
Those using the weapons ..
I am back -on something- simply to get through this week
I admit this
because it demonstrates how little I now care about my documentation being believed
This scares me
because it means I understand now entirely
explanations ..stories..metaphor ..medical text footnotes
Mean nothing
mean as much as a post about gluten or Brad Pitt or "Hamilton" or gingerbread raisin recesses

Monday, November 28, 2016

The meaningless of writing about one 's situation of being targeted often
Becomes more difficult to deal with psychologically than the targeting itself

Friday, November 25, 2016

DC Comics Movement Disorder Suit

DC Comics Movement Disorder Suit
A Pennsylvania Class Action Attorney has agreed to take on DC Comics for it's depiction of Dystonia a severe rigidity of the muscles , saying that writers were aware that their depiction of the disease and it's inclusion in the recent Batman storyline was added to give qualities of "grotesqueness " to the villian.While writers are not required to censor themselves publishers are often given detailed instructions by medical advocates to carefully contend with issues concerning stereotype and the associations these stereotypes foster.
Plaintiffs claim that DC Comics not only failed to provide information about the movement disorder marked by involuntary muscle contractions except as vehicle to make the villain appear repulsive
Prior to October 2016 Pennylvania over site committees ruled that the does not mandate that writers nor publishers specifically self monitor their product for offensive material but as more Plaintiffs get on board the class action lawsuit with Dystonia or with friends or family members with the disease that according to WeMove Coordinator ,"can appear to others as scary or off putting. And this fact was used by DC Comics in a very repugnant way "

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

They pick up on whatever "delusions meNi g context wijt here ,now and WHy the teM never reveals

One had better get delusional soon when poison the Merge Nio Toxin

Urban cow boi

They want to capture you
On a bedpost ire
Lax non exists can't fro. Tampered with -dope

Imp razing,stelazi e,talcum powder a little Paxil ..
But smoked 
U know the drill
You'ew a little soldier
Trying to see "our boys" who leave stateside might comport themselves s when trying to idel  away the time between 
You imagine what real crack tastes like while lighting up the Forced Swi. test
If anything it will make up for your talking too much about 
The disfigurement 
Fro. The kindling of the signals perturbed to even produce hormones or ions to assure flat muscle and nerves work as they should 

You were always a game to the researchers
As you were to your father who raised you by the book 
BF Skinner ..Sky Line
It is so ingrained in you
Serving Singua.rity 
U don't balk even as your teeth wobble 
Teams played with me when I was small
I will always be small 
Though a Free Moving Animal
In terms of science 
In terms of a read based on -even after all this -Free Will 

Let me explain Free Will had little or nothing to do with me "agreeing" to play Night Watch 
a simulation created to make the Husk feel he is of some value 
by Covering the Waterfront

I have,ayes this Imbue a dozen times 
What u must understand
Anyone reading this but Teams 
Who have photos and tapes of me and video since the day I was hatched into Cradle to Grave Testing 
Is that to my wards
I am not human 
Only ectoplasm whose DNA contains "traits?
The Powers that Be must understand

All traits 
All types may they be binded to assure developmental normalcies are perverted to cement these traits  
For ever future use and research - down the line 

And in jr high
Ecology .human ecology .
I didn't know they words

Why would why .
A boy names sue
Poppa in apron springs
Momma in the Lingo of Lange 
To my team I am a little nancy boi
I am a Mad Magazine version og spaz and freak
But every now and than this must read around the neighborhood
And this Team leads me back to Night Work
My demographic raised to represent a flesh and blood representation of Mad Magazines depiction of Ewwww
Weiro Freak perverg
Those raised Boy Names Sue
But binded away from a sense of inner Boo to the world that dared pigeon hole
Theing eons raised to "play" with cybernetics
Yet the team demands ..every few months a private display of ech .loch ewwww spasms
By reaching I to their old bag of simulations
That convince that -for the cause-
You must play what I call "urban cowboy"
And be "Super Cop"undercover   cracker"
Presumably to create story
But mainly to view you smoking snorting injecting poison the "toys" in the Hood have been asked to see if "Mikey Lieks"

The Proxy on Patrol rundowns are mainly for the Mandlers to Blow off Steam

And help you reaffirm your cover
Disgusting druggie in the neighborhood

The drugs are not real..they don't get you high ..they get you sick
You A Boy named Sue -trying to play Down Low
Spend all your money twice three times
To get at least a hint of a hit

It's predictive response
You wanting to Be -of use
If only so you can fool yourself
This means anything besides just plain torture

It takes you days to recover.from the toxins
They need to test
You know not an ounce of street drug is in "the rock"
But you'ew just clap boarding the tests
If not this wY ..
Voluntarily another
Also to be truthful you like the effort of Street Theater going through the motions of You Junkie my Pusherman
It's an easy script
And maybe this time whatever is in this shit will kill you
Anything to make the wLls of this warehousing appear ..even in pain ,fear paranoia
Are reflecting something back but Maruta

You have made the mistake of bringing up the effects of the "tether"
The effects of the weapons altering your facial designs..your calcium flux, facial nerves ..edema..
And for doing this
You must "play drug addict"
Not with the -hit-of euphoria
Oh no
Just the physical damage to show and show
I had heard "teams " were hard at work trying to created a Direct Energy Weapons that effected dopamine
And therefore presented as "mental patient" being given dopamine agonists
I hear and read so many things
Than can never find them again
The blog.the social media seemed purposed to  finding things once and than
Never again

And in jr high
Ecology .human ecology .
I didn't know they words
Why would why .
A boy names sue
Poppa in apron springs
Momma in the Lingo of Lange 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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The image ,font and redirect 

semiotically read as Word Press Alt

An Edit in Los Angles County...2015 LS Gl3 (p23) Semiotics of Word Press 'Truther" concerning parsing ,clip art - exclamation poi..
(See ..Mcluen  Postman Neil UCLA Neural Narratives  
Guts in box 49 say -wrong graphic The image ,font and redirect  semiotically read as Word Press Alt
An Edit in Los Angles County...2015 LS Gl3 (p23)

Guts in box 49 say -wrong graphic The image ,font 

and redirect  semiotically read as Word Press Alt
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CommentImage may contain: bird, sky and nature
  • Riches, Adam (2009). When the Comics Went to WarMainstream Publishing. p. 256.ISBN 1-84596-554-X.
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  • Riches, Adam (2009). When the Comics Went to WarMainstream Publishing. p. 256.ISBN 1-84596-554-X.
  • Altarriba Ordonez, Antonio. "War Comics: the New Realism". The Unesco Courier52 (7): 61.
  • Duffy, Chris; et al. (2014). Above the Dreamless Dead: World War I in Poetry and Comics. First Second. ISBN 9781626720657.
  • Scott, Cord A. (2014). Comics and Conflict: Patriotism and Propaganda from WWII Through Operation Iraqi Freedom. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 9781612514772.

An edit in Los Angeles County

    3 mins

    Did the HBO documentary "Captivated" seal Pamula Smart's fate and was it deliberate?
    One of the most famous experiments on the impact of editing was conducted during the Twenties by Russian director Lev Kuleshov. A neutral image of actor Ivan Mozhukin was alternated with shots of a bowl of soup, an elderly woman lying in a coffin, and a little girl playing with a teddy bear. The audience was moved by the actor's hunger when looking at the bowl of soup, his sorrow at the death of his mother, his pleasure watching his daughter play. V.I. Pudovkin described the reaction: "The public raved about the acting of the artist, . . . the heavy pensiveness of his mood, . . . the deep sorrow, . . . the light happy smile. . . . But in all three cases the face was exactly the same" (Pryluch, Teddlie & Sands). This illustrates, asserts Armer, "an audience's ability to project their own thoughts or emotions into what they watch"
    Jamieson and Campbell believe audiences are aware that manipulation is possible through editing, but that awareness is rarely conscious. This is because many editing techniques have assumed certain standard meanings: "Slow motion footage is considered tender, even romantic; jumpy images are considered dramatic; extreme close-ups are considered intense and dramatic" . Audiences respond to these meanings without really thinking about them. Agnew and O'Brien offer other examples: "When many fairly brief shots are used, a feeling of excitement and tension tends to be created, and, at the other extreme, a long, unbroken shot may be helpful if a leisurely and restful atmosphere is wanted"
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    Jim Bloom
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    The Birds -Manipulating Montage: Effects on Film Comprehension, Recall, Person Perception, and Aesthetic Responses -
    HBO Documentary, CAPTIVATED: The Trials of Pamela Smart, explores the truth behind the sensational killing…
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    Jim Bloom
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    Neurobiology of Narrative Framing
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    Project: Neurobiology of Narrative Framing
    A collaboration between the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and the USC Brain and Creativity Institute
    Jonas Kaplan summarizes the aims of the project....
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