Amber Valletta talks about getting forcibly sexed up for her gross, futuristic "user" in the ultra-violent future wold of Gamer, the movie she wouldn't let her son see.
We chatted with lovely Amber Valetta about the cold and cruel futuristic world Crank's Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor created for Gamer. A world where people can control others

I think the directors [Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor] knew exactly what they were doing; in fact I know they knew what they were doing. We talked about nanotechnology, we talked about the kind of subtext that was going on. But then, at the same time, they know they're there to entertain. It's not like we're all trying to get on a soapbox and be like, stuffing some message down people's throat. I think the point of an artist is expressing different ideas and showing different things, whether it's through this kind of avenue or something else. But I definitely know they knew what they were doing. I know they thought it was funny because that's the kind of guys they are. They laugh, but I think they also think it's ... I mean, we talked about how nanotechnology is terrifying.