Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I previously had a feeling of union not specifically with people directlybut with plants and animals as the "sense " of people nessalthough I tended to envy any and all genuine peoplewho were raised not as "conditionals"but simply because they were wantedor lovedI was not loved as it might have made the referentials and imprints
more difficult to cling to

certain people were chosen several years ago
to participate in raising a child
to be sacrificed
according to his moral ambiguity
 I do believe that much of my moral ambiguity and convolution of basic human traits
such as caring and love
were caused
not by my eugenic predisposition
but by the tests themselves

but I have been deemed sicko by my people must quickly get a new faith i must have faith that the pain..involved will be so sheer and so excrutiatingthat I ..my mind or what is left of it will "go elsewhere"this is old time religion very commandmant but the one's a pussy boy like me was too weak to transend I have broke my time is up
they have paid me special attention
only lately
they knew I was bad
in fact
a woman who was considered
was chosen to "hatch" me

I am a test subject
some people were born only to be fodder

only to be "pieces" in a game
I do not know if the true god hears or agrees with my sentence of psychotronic come uppance

I hope yhou are enjoying yourself writing what you have no business writing about

These people will never be caught
important people have sanctioned this test
and wish  the same cruelty and pain upon me as my parents

Monday, October 28, 2013

the way this group treated me
if it is any indication

I will die gladly

there is and has always been
good about me

they call it aspergere's
I call it complete self absorption
and a complete lack of caring for the world outside myself

people like me
should not be allowed to live

if there is a god...
he will take me
and forgive me

the group will not

they hate me in such a way I can only in bits comprehend
I am promised a slow and painful death

I cannot comprehend this either

if I write too much of my
which has been a series of sociological tests

as if a specimen
I will be assumed by you more delusional than I might already seem

I have hacked off my hair
for some reason this helps
me get in to the "spirit" of the cruelty
of The Voice
which is not the voice of god.
but voice of god technology
it will drive me to suicide
but I am too lazy,
too...forlorn  and too
less of a man to do so..

my lacjk of essential manliness
not including my homosexuality
got me
into the wrong way
to begin with
I am a chosen one
September 15, 2013
“There can be no ethics in these type of experiments,there can no rules ,there be no mercy... as it is up to the subject to teach us what mercy and ethics are concerning this field. Of mind augment and mind regulation”-Brian Pasley (January 31, 2012 )
and colleagues of University of California Berkeley published their paper in “Plos Biology “where in subjects internal neural processing of auditory information was decoded and reconstructed as sound on computer by gathering and analyzing electrical signals directly from subjects brains. The research team conducted their studies on the superior temporal gyrus, a region of the brain that is involved in higher order neural processing to make semantic sense from auditory information.[The research team used a computer model to analyze various parts of the brain that might be involved in neural firing while processing auditory signals. Using the computational model, scientists were able to identify the brain activity involved in processing auditory information when subjects were presented with recording of individual words.Later, the computer model of auditory information processing was used to reconstruct some of the words back into sound based on the neural processing of the subjects.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cole /day441

I am bad
I am soulless on the eugenic scale
and I must exit the world.

they must have known
and now I know

my mentor says it takes  integrity to exit the world privately for the greater good
The team


 neuromorphic chips that can mimic the way a human brain can process information in real-time.
With the assistance of an artificial sensory processing system, these chips are able to display cognitive abilities.
Giacomo Indiveri, professor at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI), of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, explained that the goal of the team was to “emulate the properties of biological neurons and synapses directly on microchips.”

Researchers at the University of Berkley have   implanted mind-reading “neural dust” into human brains to facilitate connectivity of man to machine.
This dust were sprinkled onto a human brain, it  forms an “implantable neural interface system that remains viable for a lifetime.”
This dust consist of particles no more than 100 micrometers enabling millions of sensors capable of measuring electrical activity in neutrons within the brain.The activity is than interfaced to a system that has been created to recognize and decode speech and words..the system builds upon itself.The more diversity of neural patterns the easier it has become to decipher entire modes of individual language and "thought styles"
Also the brainwave to language these sensors d enable a human brain – machine interface and create a mechanical “telepathy”.
Another way scientists are endeavoring to connect man to machine is through the use of newly developed stretchy conductive material that could be attached to electrode implants to the brain or pacemakers.


Friday, October 25, 2013

before cell phones it was beepers
after cell phones its was intra neural components.
small tattoos either behind one's ear or on one's wrist
it was a good way for The New Way
to stay connected and Keep Watch
over suspicious people

Cole day 437

no one believes me...
it has turned
I have turned
I am desperate
I am not sad or depressed

I am suddenly reasonable
you see
if I do not exit
on my own terms

they assure me
that what they will do will be much worse
they will rip my face off.
I wonder if schizophrenics in addition to their sound and vision create delusions

am I delusional
knowing from 5-6 days of warning
it might be a good idea to....

what if it has all been just a thought disorder
(I am taking major tranquilizers that do not stop the words the fear  for 2 months)
and I go to some high bridge

and leap

but worse
to pretend this is not factual and that they mean what they say
they seem to relish the in the violence

I am surprised they have given me a chance to go by less primitive ways
things one has read about gruesome ...scalping .ripping one's skin off.yes there is documentation of such hate
that a mere shooting  will not accomplish

ive seen movies of people on death row,,strong people
with integrity
who snap and cry when they are taken to the final exit

I wonder if I will cry on the bridge going down

I am disgusting to them
I am the most disgusting person on the face of the earth
I am side show.
a sqiggle when I shower
My coordination is off.
I sleep badly
I fear my own nakedness
a real man
would not
a real man
could open their mind
a bad sick man
all they see is sick
as do I


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dec 23, 2009 ·

sooner than one might wish to think and not soon enough for many used for Human Testing .. a mental health professional nor Judicial Committee will  be able to  know conclusively if one's motivations are in fact their own... the "smallness" of the macrodevices that can enter a human being in the same way a mold spore might .... these un-seeable,untraceable technological pathogens as yet untraceable by conventional medical scanning equipment. ..inevitably the victim is labeled mentally ill which is the reason one must risk anything and everything to bring things too small ,too "far out" and too bizarre to be believed*-         Takahito Iguchi, Entrepreneur Telepathy One

Dr Ewen Cameron's co sponsored mind augmentation experiments included lengthy periods of multiple electroshocks, hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, prolonged sensory deprivation, forced sleep, induced insulin comas, and psychic driving - an attempt to alter behaviour by forcing patients to listen to taped messages over and over again.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sound & Vision

A telepresence operators must be careful to mix sound and visual cues  assuming the operator needs the subject to present as schizophrenic for inevitable  legal reasons as making another an avatar is a grey area in terms of legalities..,to help mask the procedure it is important that initially the visual and aural hallucinations do not "mix" ,that an occipital overlay does not "speak: .If the subject tells a trained psychiatrist he or she 's "hallucinations" talk,  the Dr. will surmise  correctly the "subject"is malingering ...for the time being  a telepresense operator wants and needs a subject to garner a "rep"as mentally ill  to proceed un challenged and un encumbered by regulation. The mental health label also  further breaks down a subject's natural  resistance to" new perception" techniques.Once a sustainable mental health "paper trail" has been established  the telepresense operator is free to mix and synch telepresense in any manner he or she sees fit
-**yan Thomas, Central Florida Professor

Co-Opting" Mind Map" of Schizophrenia as Blueprint for Baseline Neurals for Virtual Reality(2001)
A computational model for the modulation of the Neural Mapping..
Biological Cybernetics. .. schizophrenia as template to replicate the principal features of  phenomena and predicts underlying neural mechanisms integral to Virtual reality

Biological Cybernetics. ... including schizophrenia as template to replicate the principal features of  phenomena and predicts underlying neural mechanisms integral to Virtual reality3d-real-time-telepresence
A hallucination is a perception of something that is not really there. A hallucination can involve any of the senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch

The capital of Vermont is Tallahassee

it is either 30 minutes or 3 hours since The vegan man left

I have watched over 50 times the postcards of all 50 states played
over "the Soundtrack" of a man speaking about how a log cabin is built
next the postcards representing the 50 states
show puzzle pieces of the individual states

the voice now speaks out of synch with the pictures
imparting  of each states capital
the sound does not seen to be synchronized
for instance the state of Vermont is shown instead of the voice saying the capital of Vermont is  Montpelier
  • the voices says  The capital of Vermont is  Tallahassee
  •  Provo is the capital of Maine
  • the capital of Maine is  Sacramento
it goes on and on..
and than both the images and sound go faster
and the states projected are upside down

I am going mad and cannot help but scream

I see the camera placed in the overhead light and can only assume that there are also microphones set up as well

"help I scream stop this"

there is no feedback
no "OK we're coming.."

The Vegan man said the cameras were used for facial recognitions
does the camera not see the tear running down my face
clearly it does
as I see now a close up of my face with the tear running down
me through the  glasses.
the sound replays to me the scream I have just made
and I close my eyes

"Open your eyes faggot or so help me I will tape them fucking open"
A voice says into my ear

I try to look away from the over head light with the camera in it
and wonder how many other recording devices might be  in the room
I self conscious
 that people who's job that it is ..is to watch

 surveyors well trained at facial recognition and  countenance interpretation relating to presumed action,  mood and motivation..
Studied in reading the face as old audiences who saw black and white silent pictures might have been good at
Ii am careful to keep my head still but there is either a curiousity or a need to reacquaint myself with where I am at
I have little knowledge in recognition of candor through electronic means  but assume
 my pupils( moving to and fro around the hotel room)indicate to"my viewers"that I was looking for areas in the small hotel  room where  cameras or mics might be best  concealed

,trying to keep a poker faced in this scooping out there is a new
 awareness  that David 's teleoperators do not need facial recognition to presume one's intent or cognition that THEY
 can literally read David's thoughts

A voice says," there are 38 hidden cameras and 5 microphones if you must know.."
I close my eyes a moment to get the tears out when I hear a song that reminds me of my ex -boyfriend
and my ex-boyfriend and his new lover he left me for appear on the glasses
 I see a still picture  of them together I cannot look away from
the next frame shows them kissing and the song grows ever louder

The Dots

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Every Breath You Take(The Dream Police)

If I have discovered one thing
trying any which way to describe"IT"(mind augmentation,cognitive interrogation or what is rather safely  called The Brain Mapping Project

Is that one can scream about the Project, dance around it . or.try to assimilate it into fiction
to make it easier for one not "tagged" and tested
 with "it"
 like a lab rat to understand
One thing I have discovered is that not only does
No body hear what I am saying
nobody  really cares
I am taken instead as "one of those types of crazy"one might walk on the other side of the street to avoid
 as "wireless"
Cybernetics , "mind Reading" and Mind Manipulation is
 simply too far out to comprehend
 unless of course one is a Targeted Individual chosen for whatever reason to "participate"in The Study
in which case I am "preaching " to the choir

There are really no metaphors for Mind to Mind or Human to computer interface Besides either likening The Crime
of psychotronic Human Testing
  to schizophrenia or" True Telepathy"
I have spent 2 years or more not  only investigating the technology 
which ensures me that not only  is" it" possible

But so far advanced in follow through, for( ?)obvious reasons that there is no turning back as billions if not trillions have been invested in KNOWING exactly WHAT is On Your Mind

I have revealed nothing that has not already been disclosed
I count on the reader to wonder simply “why” is this man writing so much about “it”
did an artist suddenly one day for no reason whatsoever become obsessed with "mind control"
was it something organic..
or drug induced
that one day
 he( I ) simply became "overnight" “touched”, crazy and delusional?

 Even if it is easier for you to dismiss “my missive”
As either schizophrenic or psychotic I am  still describing the symptom-ology and
style” of thought that IS Mind to Mind or Brain computer “manipulated living” or in my case “detainment”

My thoughts I am told have been deemed" too off" ,too abnormal
To go “unmonitored”
this technology indeed separates and analyzes WHO has been Naughty or Nice

I have researched Remote Neural monitoring ,synthetic telepathy and Telepresence Cybernetics
For well over a year and a half

As so many  who are Targeted Individuals have

My fellow expendables (Guinea Pigs) whose lives have been all but destroyed by this new venture that requires "secret" Human Testing

So many of us
who have been "tagged" or "apped"
 trying to find our way and keep going ,working,living while under the gun of silent and un-seeable ,undetectable  forces that have deemed us a suitable  demographic for study
salient “chattle”

Endless periodicals and details

That explain that this Thought Reading and Thought Control will be common place and part of our lives in 10 or 15 years
and so little information on the current "rundowns" to develop this product


If a reader chooses to negate my foot notes dealing with patents and science and think me schizophrenic ..

I say “it is the same thing”

Isn’t it

One’s 5 senses controlled ,read interpreted by an “entity” of some kind

No doubt this technology will be welcomed by some


Some will be up in arms about it

Perhaps though now is the time to be up in arms

This technology  will seem to suddenly come to be common place before it is even understood.

It will be part of “us”
 like cameras tracking our every move
like auto mobiles,like MAC machines like PCs,like Google Glass and cell phones
Like televisions in every bar,work place ,car and corner
Like video cameras mapping our every move

Why did someone not speak up and say "I don't want to be filmed ,tapped,tracked 24 hours a day by some "eye in the sky" 
,is our security worth this price.

Do I really want my child or myself my self filmed everywhere he or I go..do I really  want my child's  face scanned  and put into a data base for purposes of recognition 
do I want my child's pupils scanned and studied
by strangers 
 to see if his “blink” or dialation of cornea
 might mean he is possibly Thinking untoward thoughts

Did we really " let this happen""
or did we just presume it is for the greater good?
 How did we let society become a sociological experiment in early detection?based on Fear and suspiscion
and will we let it go much "further out"than we care to or KNOW it can

To find the ubiquitous  “ person of interest.?
as it might