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Self Concept and Self Referentialism in Virtual Reality

 2014 Jul 22 Brain Mapp

Self-face hallucinations evoked by electrical stimulation of the human :The Self-Reference Effect in Persuasion Implications For Marketing Strategy

 Frismand S     
 - The role of the self in information processing and persuasion is ingrained in our neural pathways. The ways in we assess our looks and therefore  our selves  is  a key marketing strategy we must understand concerning Neural Networks involved in Visual Information induced upon another in dreams and one's waking hours. It is suggested that the effectiveness of many strategies that marketers use intuitively can be explained by the self-reference effect. Methods for testing the effectiveness of persuasion strategies based on self-referencing can now be tested via either accrued Neural Data via headsets designed for fMRI visual cortex signal recordings and decoding or by subjects who have more astute means of neural data transfer concerning sub dermal biotech signal sensing devices. 




Self-face hallucination (autoscopic hallucination or AH) have been reported in patients with widespread brain damage or retrospectively after epileptic seizures. The neural basis and the self-processing operations underlying AH remain unknown but can be triggered by remote stimulation of
 occipitoparietal cortex .


We report the results of intracerebral electrical stimulations of the right medial occipitoparietal cortex (right precuneus and occipitoparietal sulcus) in 2 patients with epilepsy who underwent a stereo-EEG.


Immediately after the onset of the stimulation, the 2 patients reported seeing their current own face, facing themselves, in their left visual field.


Our study shows that the medial occipitoparietal junction has a key role in generating AH. This region has been shown to have a central role in various self-processing operations and especially in self-face recognition. Our observations further reveal that this region is involved in a visual representation of our own face, which is generated during the pathologic phenomenon of AH. This visual representation of our own face may be useful for self-face recognition and social cognition processes involving judgment of self-facial resemblance to others.

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2000-2003 (tonight you're mine completely)

The U.S. patent, granted to Sony researcher Thomas Dawson, describes a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images. "The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex," the patent states. "No invasive surgery is needed to assist a person, such as a blind person, to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds."

Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
US 6729337 B2
A non-invasive system and process for projecting sensory data onto the human neural cortex is provided. The system includes a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent signal source, and the secondary transducer array acts as a controllable diffraction pattern that focuses energy onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. In addition, the pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. This low frequency pulsing is formed by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the elements of primary and secondary transducer arrays.

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tricky business

Cole Cohen ,first came to the attention of Valerie Prentis ,coordinator  of Parasol Picture's "Straight to Cortex" Tv experimental Television Division* in 2010 when Valerie's assistant showed her a blog she had come across that seemed to implicate Parasol Picture's Publishing and Media Division of promoting a strange perchance for hiring only a certain type of author to write  Young Adult novels .

"Vampires ," Cole wrote,"are the new "Greed is Good" for the under 16 set...
I remember in 1986  ,simply knowing  that "Greed was Bad"
but by the end of 1987
"this was ..no longer  to be "The Style of the Times"

Why,Cole asked ,are certain themes being introduced in YA literature ...notably 'that it is GOOD to be TAKEN"
.it was "good to be part of a Cabal'...it was good to be mesmerized.

Valerie ,at first assumed Cole Cohen to be "one of those Christian Crusader" types.,than re-reading the piece Valerie told her assistant ,' oh, he's just some kike writing for some local City paper" -but let's keep an eye on him -anyway..those are Tricky Business...always were always will be"

** Thursday, October 24, 2013 Jim Bloom Small Life Video ...

  *While most closed-loop Brain Computer Interface systems provide feedback to the user on system performance through the presentation of sensory (primarily visual) information, approaches have also been developed to provide sensory feedback through direct stimulation of the nervous system.(see Géléoc and Holt, 2014 and Chuang et al., 2014 for review). Recent explorations provide a means of conveying somatosensory sensation of touch, temperature, pain, and vibration to participants in several cross demographic studies (Hebert et al., 2013).

Sensory percepts can also be elicited through direct brain stimulation (Schiller et al., 2011, Kar and Krekelberg, 2012, Larson and Cheung, 2012, Tabot et al., 2013, Zaaimi et al., 2013, May et al., 2013 and Johnson et al., 2013). Such findings provide a proof of induced sensory feedback into BCI systems.(e.g., see O’Doherty et al., 2011). Studies suggest that neural stimulation may even have the potential alter behaviors through modulation of molecular mechanisms of synaptic efficacy (Jacobs et al., 2012, Rahman et al., 2013 and Song et al., 2013

(2011)Scientists Reconstruct Brains' Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment
UC Berkeley scientists have developed a system to capture visual activity in human brains and reconstruct it as digital video clips. Eventually, this process will allow you to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen.

Professor Jack Gallant—UC Berkeley neuroscientist and coauthor of the research published today in the journal Current Biology says"this is a major leap toward reconstructing internal imagery. We are opening a window into the movies in our minds."

They used three different subjects for the experiments—incidentally, they were part of the research team because it requires being inside a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging system for hours at a time. The subjects were exposed to two different groups of Hollywood movie trailers as the fMRI system recorded the brain's blood flow through their brains' visual cortex.

The readings were fed into a computer program in which they were divided into three-dimensional pixels units called voxels (volumetric pixels). This process effectively decodes the brain signals generated by moving pictures, connecting the shape and motion information from the movies to specific brain actions. As the sessions progressed, the computer learned more and more about how the visual activity presented on the screen corresponded to the brain activity.

An 18-million-second picture palette

After recording this information, another group of clips was used to reconstruct the videos shown to the subjects. The computer analyzed 18 million seconds of random YouTube video, building a database of potential brain activity for each clip. From all these videos, the software picked the one hundred clips that caused a brain activity more similar to the ones the subject watched, combining them into one final movie. Although the resulting video is low resolution and blurry, it clearly matched the actual clips watched by the subjects.

Think about those 18 million seconds of random videos as a painter's color palette. A painter sees a red rose in real life and tries to reproduce the color using the different kinds of reds available in his palette, combining them to match what he's seeing. The software is the painter and the 18 million seconds of random video is its color palette. It analyzes how the brain reacts to certain stimuli, compares it to the brain reactions to the 18-million-second palette, and picks what more closely matches those brain reactions. Then it combines the clips into a new one that duplicates what the subject was seeing. Notice that the 18 million seconds of motion video are not what the subject is seeing. They are random bits used just to compose the brain image.

Given a big enough database of video material and enough computing power, the system would be able to re-create any images in your brain.

In this other video you can see how this process worked in the three experimental targets. On the top left square you can see the movie the subjects were watching while they were in the fMRI machine. Right below you can see the movie "extracted" from their brain activity. It shows that this technique gives consistent results independent of what's being watched—or who's watching. The three lines of clips next to the left column show the random movies that the computer program used to reconstruct the visual information.

Right now, the resulting quality is not good, but the potential is enormous. Lead research author—and one of the lab test bunnies—Shinji Nishimoto thinks this is the first step to tap directly into what our brain sees and imagines:

Our natural visual experience is like watching a movie. In order for this technology to have wide applicability, we must understand how the brain processes these dynamic visual experiences.

Eventually it will be possible to capturing your visual memories, your dreams, the wild ramblings of your imagination into a video that you and others can watch with your own eyes.

 *While most closed-loop Brain Computer Interface systems provide feedback to the user on system performance through the presentation of sensory (primarily visual) information, approaches have also been developed to provide sensory feedback through direct stimulation of the nervous system.(see Géléoc and Holt, 2014 and Chuang et al., 2014 for review). Recent explorations provide a means of conveying somatosensory sensation of touch, temperature, pain, and vibration to participants in several cross demographic studies (Hebert et al., 2013).

Sensory percepts can also be elicited through direct brain stimulation (Schiller et al., 2011, Kar and Krekelberg, 2012, Larson and Cheung, 2012, Tabot et al., 2013, Zaaimi et al., 2013, May et al., 2013 and Johnson et al., 2013). Such findings provide a proof of induced sensory feedback into BCI systems.(e.g., see O’Doherty et al., 2011). Studies suggest that neural stimulation may even have the potential alter behaviors through modulation of molecular mechanisms of synaptic efficacy (Jacobs et al., 2012, Rahman et al., 2013 and Song et al., 2013


eyes wide shut-(Cole Cohen)

we were fooled into believing that Tv was advertising
...and let ourselves be fooled into thinking that was -the only price -
       of free entertainment ....
magically .
being transmitted into a tiny glowing box
unaware that the glow....of the box ... the lines (before the days of pixels...so much better ,in their ability to flicker and thus trigger HZs in own's synaptic "flow" towards Beta State)
the static underneath
the programming
meant as much as the collective content that allows us
as a collective "hive mind"
for instance
when one  hears
the Name ,the word- "Lucy"
according to a recent Brain Map study
88% of the subjects
saw in their mind;s eye

a. Lucille Ball.
b. Chuck Schultz' "Lucy" rendition of 6 year old "girl"
c. Scarlett Johansen

manufactured outer vision especially concerning television-
main function- is to create
inner vision
and thus
 which can be exploited  to create ideas based on
"water cooler"referential

if I type the word - Charles Manson
one sees Charles Manson
in one's mind eye....

one cannot stop this type of inner vision the way one can "stop" imagery from entering their cornea by blinking or turning their head away from a screen

for some reasons some "personalities" are kept "alive"(Charles Manson,for instance)
in a way other's are not..

there are people whose job it is to decide
what "personalities" stick around " concerning Collective Consciousness

and what "personalities"
or events do not-

People who set  the stage of out dreams are most often those who decide what Sound and Vision
enter 'Group Mind"
publishers and movie producers

Only one time in American history was the topic of 'this one percent "brought' to task...
"what exactly are you attempting " to "place in our collective minds"

Luckily the man hired to "play this game" was pre-cast -to get "it out of the way" to "be"-
an Amusing Court Jester-

McCarthyism is still collectively thought of as a travesty of Free Speech
but the true travesty is that
Hollywood ,since the mid 1950's has never ever been asked.....

"what exactly ...are you trying to say?"  

and these people must be watched like hawks ....
moreso than ever before
now that TV is being developed to eneter not our eyes and ears but our visual and auditory cortex
even with our
"eyes" as they say in the movies,"wide shut"

One cannot have dream about Freddy Krueger
without first knowing who Freddy Kruger "is"

-Cole Cohen  August 12th 2013

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after the fall/before the paradise

the best way to "have someone" is to have "something"on " someone,"Evan Rainy said to the men and women who had responded to the ad he had placed on Craig's List
the ad was not specific.
indicating that Proxycybernetic's was doing Sociological testing for various Marketing Companies
concerning brand loyalty.
the Craig's List ad
the want ad
did not mention that the brand loyalty
meant Proxycyber ,a Neuro Engineering and Neural Signal Decoding firm
would be testing on unsolicited citizens "doped" with Merge Carbon Nano Tubes
some in the consultation room
used every 4 or 5 weeks to recruit new Testers
job it would be to slip into a prospective find's drink,shampoo,air ducts etc
providing of course the prospective job seekers' psychological profiles
exceeding the required minimum scores concerning both their Psycho and Socio-Pathologies..
Proxycyber was bought out by a Private Security Specialty House
about 7 years ago
when certain laws changed ,laws that concluded that any company or laboratory
doing any kind of "Brain Map" work
was under obligation to share their findings with sectors non privatized but specialized in surveillance
and the protection of civil domain.
The various lawsuits the initial investors and researchers brought against the "civil domain"
quietly went away
No settlements settled...
a few dollars thrown at the few involved in the initial start up...to
cease and desist with their unpatriotic stipulations that Brain Signal Transcription and the subsequent Synthesized Signal that could be interfaced
back upon one whose mind has been charted
should be learned nor perfected by any lab not connected with Nationalist Needs.
A rather secretive Self Help based "movement /Church" was asked to lend their
to the now remodeled Office Park in Riverside County.
in return for some political favors
--just maybe ---down the line
It was no secret
the Science-Ideologically based Neuronautics Group
wanted "one of their own"
in the White House by 2024

(2) testing of Psychotronic Weapons
an understanding of the psychology of mind
often these tests are based on psychotherapy
in reverse
one needs to understand how one "gets" a nervous breakdown
before one can
learn how to instigate one
there is a lot of information about the Human Experiments done on prisoners at POW camps and concentration camps in the 1930's and 1940's
but less documentation of the psychological human experiments done to prisoners to "drive the prisoners insane"for instance with mescaline (The mescaline tests done at Dachau are still only partially declassified)
many of those responsible for practicing and achieving "applied insanity" on another
were "acquired" by the USA after WW2 ,their records ,names, identities" bleached", because so many new papers ,new identification, certificates had to be made to "quietly allow Nazi Scientist's to reinvent themselves as US citizens
so they could continue their important scientific 'work" the recruitment of these scientists is often referred to as Project Paperclip
much like the Office of Strategic Services became the C.I.A.
many of the sciences the Nazi's were encouraged to "try out" on Human Subjects
were also renamed ,to sound less nefarious...
Human Testing became "The Humanity Project" than MK ULTRA
when documents were released ..concerning human testing with LSD -25 ...on unknowing 'subjects" many children
the public was outraged and alarmed...
but most of all fooled into thinking because "the agency" got caught" in the act...a few griping tomes and outspoken "liberals"
would "turn the tide" and 'close down "
"The Shop"....
Many who worked on Human testing with hallucinogenic claim that by 1974 most ,if not all new work done to alter another's intellect, emotions, cognitions
was not being done with drugs but with radio frequency that was much more effective in augmentation of another's psyche than "the random effects" of LSD
Neuronautics made no claims it's "function" was NOT about spreading "the word"
.In the 1960's and early 1970's there was a surge in the amount of psychological self-help and "human potential groups"forming and prospering
.Many of these groups catered to the affluent .
When one thinks of a cult one thinks ,even,to this day, of young 'long hairs " in saffron robes,not of men and women in 3 piece suits
.Most of the "movement/ religion/ organizations created to 'self actualize " another with "programming" wanted nothing to do with "lost young men and women"seeking salvation-,in fact most leaders of "new movements " catered ONLY to the wealthy and famous.
As the times changed ,the names of these groups changed as well- The Forum, Insight, Actualizations, Silva Mind Control, and Lifespring.
In the 1980's many of these "human potential groups ' altered their mission and programs to a "quick fix" mode of 'self start" motivational aims many companies wanted to impress upon their employee and began to attract corporate contracts and also the influence and clout many of these corporations had by affinity.
Although we do not often think of computer programming as "New Age' many in the field of computing seeing the inevitable progression of "man and machine" becoming compatible were concerned about what type of programming would or should be used to "program a human to "be " multi functionally "hive minded " in this regard.
Professor Rhombi, a critic of the Neuronautics and it's alleged "strangebedfellows" involved in the leasing this group in particular Advanced Technologies(biotech,biochips) says Neuronautics and Advanced Technologies should never be allowed to be spoken of in the same sentence ..Rhombi goes on say ," that there was a briefy momet in German history between Hindenburg and Hitler when a very than nameless political mass began re-creating itself .The word National Socialism ,at the time did not sound ominous. Rhombi claims Neuronautics , w asin fact was intentionally dreamt up and packaged as a silly cult,a front for those interested in studying Mind Auditing...Rhombi asks ""who else but Neuronautics and "cults such as the Cabal ..have perfected the means of interrogation...and have established themselves as their own "Kingdom" ...when you have 300,000 men and women practiced in 'the art" of Mind Assuage....you have not a cult but a political movement... Neuronautic's home base is right in the heart of Los Angeles ,this group is known to have perfected intimidation techniques that would be seen as enviable to the Stasi ,No group besides those with three letter names is better "gangstalking or "mobbing" on it's member's who decide to leave or become whistleblowers.. ..Don't forget how many billions of dollars Neuronautics has..and how ..in the past actors have been groomed to "take their performance mainstream"
Hare Krishna in a black tie and chinos they are not..But Eugenic based in it's creed Beware of wolves appearing in sheep's clothing (and of "cult leaders" purposely presenting themselves as buffoons )..
The intentions of Neuronautics and a host of other "new Age' collectives(many defunct)was to offer the client an alternative to their inherited religion ...so they might ..choose their own belief system,yet soon a new member realizes "the movement /the church "is all about introducing new doctrine often stricter than the doctrine the ..."client" wanted " an alternative to
Gary Rainy,founder of Neuronautics believed that mankind could be taught to think in a certain way that opened their minds to what he referred to as "The Entities"and that he was chosen to help foster in the "new way"by way of teaching others to Thought Styles of altered consciousness" .and "hive mind" collectivism
Gary Rainy believed that one's thoughts ...vocalized or not could be measures
categorized and resolved
yet he also said that ';some amongst us" were Unresolvable
and those who could not alter their patterns of thought
also had a tendency to try to recruit others to their Unresolvable form of "being"


Psychologists who have studied the process of one being in an  "altered state,"..caused by meditation, drugs or Advanced Technologies( silent sound ,alteration of brain signal via directed energy)  claim that "this trancelike ,hypnotic state   is a state of mind most useful for  implant new ideas and altering  another's  thinking processes.
Very few groups ,foundations nor agencies ...have spent years learning methods of altering  another's brain state besides those involved in TV and Film or those involved with Communal Co- Consciousness (a cult)....

.In the late 1950's and early 60's there great fears concerning ''the so called Manchurian Candidate
and millions of dollars were allotted to the *** to study
how "mind control " could persuade a person or an entire population to a-
 of thought
tests were conducted ...on unsolicited citzens
with mind altering drugs...
(Operation Midnight Climax,,MK -ULTRA)
most  testing was  done on prisoners ,prostitutes, the homeless, drug addicts  and political 'enemies"


 the *** 's excuse - they needed a less ..laboratory based control group. And the strudies "needed to be unsolicited" so the ...subject would 'act as they usually do concerning lifestyle etc."
Quite early on the data acquired suggested that the administration of  hallucinatory drugs.... caused dis similar effects on people
in a way that electronic signal did not
since the 1930's  work had been done using electromagnetic frequency to modify a person's behavior

introduction -sHERMAN OAKS -2011

From:jamesgbloom <jamesgbloom@aol.com>
Subject:Re: night
Date:July 5, 2011 2:30:23 AM PDT
...you know I've been writing alot.and i'm thinking it's time maybe I try to put it into use...more or less a story about some thing real.something  with a frame work that i might be able to sell.lets put it this way i have jackshit to do and i need a motivation.so im thinking of auditing some scientology classes and see where it goes.I think its alot of hub bub...from the research ive done recently *** has always been interested in this subject as well.as well as **** ....theyve often joked about infiltrating "it"...(im not the only one in secret agent land)...I dont think i have the personality type to infiltrate a children's party i just want to see what the hell it is...I might have to take meds thought to sit still..or not impulsively tell them I am writng a story..(i know u know what i mean)I have some  benzoes here ..for something like this i might take them...id probably move to hollywood or koreatown which is close to the main center(s)..i need a reason to stay here and a reason to keep writng...i might need a bit of start up money for the initial audits.one thing i do trust is this group is all about money.i can afford the preliminaries..i will be doing art of course as i go along.i assume as i get (if i can keep a str8 face)to higher levels they might google me.this might work on my behalf.as they will see the art does sell at "higher" prices...(i may ask the galleries to see if they can ...toy with some numbers.to set some at 10,000$  and up.(why shouldnt they be)..also the art might work on be half because it displays endless issues(engrams)..there focus however will be on making me str8.homosexuals are as low as pedophiles on the "tone" scale..seriously.they consider it a social perversion..(so maybe even my mom can help with the audit.;)...i must first stop smoking weed ,drinking etc..(also maybe a shrink .if it gets a bit deep)....

the future is ours..(cont)

Dear ***I certainly found out more about the "org" that I suspected..
 first that .
 it doesn't exist ...at all...except as a shell
 to be of use.
 a COOLchange
 was needed.
 it's a church nobody really belongs
 the entire
 group is about those with in the org.
 certain agencies wanted to have a front
 to do "psycho ops' in house rather than running off to Canada..
 they found a charismatic..\
 to help set up a para military
 version of 50,000 men
 quite similar to the 1933
 50 thousand ...
 certain "progressives" wanted to do away with "new Deal' helping the "less thans
 think about it...if
 a charismatic set up a church that raised their children in a 'different manner
 the 'org' would have been 'and now we know how many holes it takes to fill the albert hall"\
 a long time ago
 yet the usa(which used this org...to test all means of brainwashing ETC)
 from some I spoke to Charles Manson ..and his "tribe" were financed by the same 3 letter agencies
 who pride themselves on being "patriotic  enough" not to care about collateral damage...\
 Cole VCohen

things.and the ideas behind certain  things don't just disappear
you don't go changing a word ....and making the idea of the "N' word---disappear from another's mind
throughout time have been attempted to be .weakened ,abolished...destroyed. for FORCING one's notion of Right and Wrong .Good and Bad into a collective "heart" and "head"
Christianity,for instance went through a period in time concerning the Spanish Inquisition
many would like to forget.
Germany also went through a period of time
they would like to forget.
but where did the notion for an Ideal Race go?
full speed ahead.....and with A Perfect World..a PURE world goes the notion of "weeding out " the IMPURE
the fact that Mind Reading Tech is Here...(don't kid yourself it's 20 years away OR in research and development...it's developed and ready to go)
we speak of the singularity
not as the PURE -a rality
of the race - transhumanism is a word that sounds GOOD
in the right hANDS

I try to think of weirdo..they find me sick.sicko
I try to conjure up what image comes with "sicko" (the word,like pinko..)not used like it was
 I think the word -sicko .
and all I see in my mind's eye..
is a peeping Tom in a  park with a trench coat

maybe to them my mind is
 man in park.---me ---naked under the  trench coat
 the coat is
.that which was
 my mind.
thing is...suicide based upon  me being such an Unresolvable "entity" that
 my self exit
had to serve as
example to the entities
and that before the quickness of suicide I HAD be HURT ,,badly..tortured
so the entities would  never dare coming back to this planet

Love Cole...

P.S. I am so sorry about all I put you especially and the family through. I was warned to never talk about it...but I could talk of nothing else...I was told to "mask it"..I began using again...only after...only stimulants and heroin...so I could be discredited...
so there "would be a reason'
it was never the reason
so sorry about all that wasted Money in those rehabs..
I couldn't pull off the "thought disorder" back -up
as I told the shrink the SEEING and VOICES sometimes "worked" together...not realizing ...
schizophrenics or psychotics never see and hear at the same time
I did however "do" the secondary symptoms of schizophrenia well...as much of what I am scared of ...sounds delusional..
but my fears are real..
if I don't take my own life they WILl..
in ways I was literally FORCED to imagine..
to "haunt and  feed off whatever being these Emanations searched out .to leave their emanations all
over  the entity's

the ideas were first  introduced to me
made a lot  sense

even "on this day
ready to make my suicide  a proclamation rather than ideation
  I referred  my "bible'-"Inway to the Enways"
the chapter about "Dealing with Unresolvables"
and how torture is done with both Neurotronics and HAND'S ON
to convince the eminations that have latched upon a Ruiner
to never return to earth
in this way the book states ..seppuku for Neuronautics

is a very honorable act.very unselfish..

Gary wrote how the entities came from light years away...and had lived for billions of years
...and how
they used the earth
like the English used Australia

the tribe billions of light-years from here...too afr to see with a primitive tele scope or radar or primitive satellite

ever now and again rounds up their worst ...
to send away
because Eminations can read minds of all it's citzens
no body in any tribunal can

defend a Ruiner
it's all there...


I want------
 every neural read collected
played back
in court of law.when the law catches up with the times  and crimes

that is what  my note is for
but also because the SOUND which defies description 24/7
find me.
this is exposed....

thing is...suicide based upon the ideas and ways I was introduced to meant less and less to me
so "whatever will be'....."
will be- no seppuku
but murder

Because I was raised 2 nd Generation Neuronautics.
I had no other  religion to turn to...
we weren't allowed to "fraternize" with outsiders
who might "pollute us"
the box allowed light to shine through ...and under the blanket rolled to make it  a pillow
was "Inway to Enways"
I turned to the chapter written by Gary Rainy concerning physical hardship,physical strain was done FOR a Ruiner
not TO a RUINER...and that although some of the 'hazing" done by other remembers was really what Rainy referred to as a Love Bomb
to convince the eminations that have latched upon a Ruiner
to never return to earth

I remind my self one must belief in the philosophy the science -ideology ..of Neuronautics..
to believe one eminates "evil" into the atmosphere...
"apps" or no "apps" eroding  these signals makes no difference
one is born to emanate a certain way...if he or she is lucky he or she will joined Neuronautics..and be taught how to Emanate in a Pure.Sound manner that enhances their presence in the electromagnetic forces  which might not bee seen
but are naturally sensed by others
they have tried to convince me my emanations are 'sick"
I do not know if THIS is what me
re-examine the Movement,the books Gary Rainy wrote and the "cruel to be kind" tactics
once just performed
privately in an annex
with a trained Mentor
and now
publicly with Brain Computer Interface

my self extermination will not be "to Clear the Enways"
but to escape
the interface
my death will be not be seppuku nor suicide but murder

                    Love Daniel

once upon a time
there was a machine
a little handheld remote
attacked to a machine

nobody knew who invented it
or cared how the remote worked..

all they cared about was what this device did

the little phone shaped ebony remote  controlled

could make  any person  the  person wielding the handheld aimed it at
do the twist
do the monkey
do the pony
and could even dance the mashed potato
on demand

the toy
was made to send signal that mimicked the dance step and all..
right to the section of the brain
that ,,faced the music and danced

the problem was if you kept the dance going for more than one nanosecond
the music box dancer would development an irreversible movement disorder.
called Parkinson's disease

one in every 8,.0000 cases
and the "thing " came with all sorts of instructions
so it wasn't as if the "app"
didn't come with a warning

feb 25 2015...the jew card

"oh for Christ's sake," Valerie  Prentis said to herself seeing the blue phone ringing

when THEY asked Parasol Pictures to help
"come up with stories" to THIER subjects going
Valerie had no idea
THEY would need Parasol's script writers
this often

Valerie put on her 'dame " face
and picked up the phone...

and listened to "the problems" THEY were having concerning how to interface upon "one of THEIRS" some rather complicated
 Synthetic Sensory Perception
that the Proxy had to be convinced to the pre -neural firing  that he  was doing a service to and for King and Country
all the while
keeping "a reckless" log
of how he was also "getting wise"
or rather
getting "fed up" with any "King and Kuntry" that would USE a man "in this way"

"you want a ready made traitor ? I thought we did that with -

Valerie interrupted her own vocalized thought and could not help but wonder if some means of capriciousness
not her Thought Style were being insinuated on her.
quickly she gathered herself
and her directed her thoughts, remembering whom she was talking to..
although "The Future was Theirs"
there was a timeline to be considered...

and the Proxy they often used to
create "The Style of the Times"
she had to trust were to sway the "times" to King Creole 2020

"So this subject is to be a Traitor of some kind" Valerie said

is a traitor of some kind..

Valerie thought to herself...how could one hooked to some devise meant to literally "take over" their senses and mind
BE a traitor
Once again Valerie wondered where her mind was...
or if some outside influence was effected her "Selfness"
for she made a point of never thinking of a Proxy as anything but
a crash test dummy....for research, development and the perks that went with breaking another down
to such a degree...
they eventually had no
means of 'keeping whatever  sense of self they convinced themselves they had or believed they had "

Valerie had  previously told them it was a good idea to release information concerning Advanced Technologies
worked out 20 some years ago
as the primary form of "story" any subject might need ..
as she and other script writers  concerned with Direct Neural Interface
decided that
genuine technology would frighten the subjects much more than angels ,demons or aliens

Parasol Pictures had been accused of not keeping up THEIR part of "the bargain"
calcifying Possession an alien invasion
as supposition

nor find the right writers of Young Adult novels to
"keep certain myths going"

Valerie told the Men in Black Slacks that THIS was not for lack of trying
but they had Box Office to contend to....
and it wasn't her fault...
that other media outlets had done better with "Project Blue Book"
nor that the over saturation of "Paranormal Activity"
by copycat studios would marginalize the "Input"

besides Valerie said isn't it more terrifying
for a Husk to have "some basis" of Real Life Situationals
the Technology itself
be the Boogey Man..

Valerie explained that FEAR and TERROR MUST be BASED on certain Collective Truths
and it "sure as hell wasn't Parasol Productions " fault that
'Aliens and Demons were out"

fear of Singularity and A.I. is "in"
and it was than that
Valerie suggested that THEY release
documentation of
concerning Human Testing...
and that Showtime had optioned
the story about ...whatshisname who jumped from that hotel...early 50's

"'Frank Olsen?" the Black Slacks said.

'Whatever ' Valerie said trying to refocus the subject ...the notion that
  their own very real experiments....especially Human Testing
be it with LSD or  biotech or  A.I.
makes for some "ready made" Immersive Ideations
"for instance," Valerie said
"Jacobs Ladder" did a fantastic job at presenting how simple ONE TIME exposure to certain chemical agents
could augment a mind permanently and irreversibly
by opening new neural pathways that caused those exposed to these chemicals to hallucinate for their rest of their lives
and that
"The Serpent and the Rainbow" also did a superb job at
presenting  realistically
how one "could become possessed"

Valerie reminded the Black Slacks
that indeed
Parasol Pictures had
had  a film in the works that put the two together.,,concerning
that once one's  has been Mickey-ed toward "Altered States"
by certain chemicals
that person 's mind becomes instantaneously  receptive to
wireless electromagnetic correspondence and thus persuasion
and that
 it was THEM who derailed that project  stating the movie  "it was too close "-


Valerie called Indis O ' say
their in-house Muralist....who  primarily wrote  scripts
ONLY meant for 5 sense Over Lay
and explained that
once again "The Black Slacks"needed some help
with 'one of theirs"
and THEY needed a Proxy to
conspicuously TURN against a Country he begins to realize 'app-ed" him
and also
be persuaded that the Psychotronic Torture being Imbued upon him
was to make him
to defend the very country he's come to suspect has been fucking with his head since the day he was born.

'The one that's going to shoot up the -," Indis began to say,but stopped himself ...asking Valerie if there was any pertinent information about the Human Husk the Black Slacks owned.

Valerie read to Indis a few handwritten notes she had been sent months ago-

"The Jew Card." Indis O' Say said.,"maybe some nonsense about him being raised "Wild Child" so he could fight the  Hollywood whores ,casting agents and cowgirls that already have taken over the The Collective Mind"

'What did you say Indis ?,Valerie said

"Just my lines, Valerie...just introducing 'the spin you want me to put the Proxy in"Indis said happy ...his real thoughts on the subject were not being read.

or were they? Indis thought.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

human testing...any means possible

Israel and its intelligence services feature prominently as a threat second only to China. In 2005 the FBI noted Israel maintains "an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. In 1996, the Defense Intelligence Service, a branch of the Pentagon, issued a warning that "the collection of scientific intelligence in the United States [is] the third highest priority of Israeli Intelligence after information on its Arab neighbors and information on secret U.S. policies or decisions relating to Israel."  In 1979, the Central Intelligence Agency produced a scathing survey of Israeli intelligence activities that targeted the U.S. government. -

 Andrew Killgore


who are you?-

they threaten to hurt me and my family.
they want me to kill myself.
they literally "tell me' they are going to flay me..
I am not a [particularly good person
nor a particularly bad one
I have limitations
social wise
and this has been limiting
I don't care if you help me
I've written to you.
you are aware..of this

I am lost here...
the situation grows worse..
I am a sicko
a freak
a monster
as would anyone be
..."looked into' to this degree
I've attempted self exit.
I live ..to write about this
why because it is
am I lying/
do I enjoy this
I don't feel anything.
but concern...
if anything happens to anyone 'connected to me'
hurt me
blow me away
do what you have to
to me.go to the mental hospital.
and sit there and be...
spoken to "in that way'
this is what I am offered in terms of respite and restitution./
I FEEL ...
-peter langle
THAT I WAS NOT WHAT WAS 'EXPECTED'-peter L (Edgemont Institute canada

Israel launches first Brain Hack - Enviro-Tech - Jerusalem Post

Mar 04, 2015 · Israel launches first Brain Hack ... and, yes, hackers gathered at a Tel Aviv bar to have a ... is that it will focus on Brain Computer Interface ...

Tel Aviv 2015

אני לשלוח את המכתב ...
אני מרגיש כמו יוליוס רוזנברג
אני לא יודע מאיפה להתחיל ולא בסופו הגבולות בין
לזעוק לעזרה ..and הדגשה איך האיש הזה יודע כל כך הרבה
הוא אדם מונע לטיפול טירוף ..
על סודיות
או עושה את כל אדם המשמש כעכבר מעבדה
אכפת לי הוא

זועק לעזרה
waterboarding "ידיים את" עינויי .like לא הורג ... אבל לגרום לטרור
אני אדם אמיתי
אך לא להם
אני לא נכנסתי לפרטי פרטים על כמה רחוק הם דחפו אותי ...
ולא על הזמן אני שספתי את כף היד שלי ולא נקט בצעדים אחרים לא לחיות תחת אחר של
אחד הפך לעכבר מעבדה אינה יודע דבר על בגידה
הוא זה שנבגד.

האויב הוא כאן.
לא שם
להם "אני האויב" (לנטל על חברה ומנוולת, louse..vermin)
AI, בדיקה זו נעשתה היא לא 'מבחן', אבל שיטה
פיתח ... שיכלל ..
אני לא כתבתי על אירועים בשנתי ה -20 שלי
ולא בכפייה מאסר

יועץ שעובד עם מפוחי משרוקית
היא שואלת בתשלום סמלי.
אני נכנסתי לכמה פרטים ..
אני לא כותב על כבדיוני או לא בדיוני
אני מבוהל
של האנשים שעשו לי את זה ועוד רבים אחרים

אני לא \ t להסביר ליועץ
לכן קראתי פתאום ...
זה החל לפני שנים ..
שמעתי על אחרים שניסו לתבוע ..
אני לא מנסה לsue..but
אני רוצה ... הניסיון שלי (לא בדיוני למחצה כ) תוקף ..
היו עדים כמובן שראו את ההתנהגות המוזרה שלי
אבל אני מניח שהם ראו בי את מה שאני היה רואה
טרור ורדף את איכות ניצודה ב" עיניים של מטורף "

אבל מה שאני כל כך פוחד מ
אני לא יכול אפילו להתחיל להסביר
אין ספרים (ספרות ...) סרטים ..etc ... להתייחס ל..
זו היא "מחוץ לרשת" בדיקה אנושית "
..word oneday יצא
התנצלות שנעשתה על ידי נשיא
או אולי לא תהיה התנצלות
אולי זה מה שהופך את אמצעי זול אחד לקחת את החיים שלהם
או לשנות את השתייכותם
אבל ... לא

מועדון חדש ... המבוסס אני מניח על "אידיאולוגיה" ישנה מאוד בנוגע להשבחת הגזע ... ו..the פילוסופיה ש
יש אנשים שהם לנטל על החברה
אף אחד לא ייענש
הנזק יהיה ממוזער

אחרי הכל
אני אדם שאינו "ראוי מה שקבלתי
אני מפחיד


תשאל אותם, תראה שהם מתים לספר לכם ...
על המחשבות "שלי המופרעת"
הם נאצים ... לא ... הטרנס-הומניסטים rand עין ... שמאמינים אדם ..nothing יותר מ
בעיה במתמטיקה
שכרוך גם בקיברנטיקה של כלכלה
ו" זמנים הם שינוי "סגנונות
לקראת unsentimentality
"בואו בנימה של righ '
להיפטר מאנשים הלא הנכונים
עם פירוש אחד לא יכול לראות
אתה לא רואה אותי
אלא אם כן מצב זה קורה לך
איך u יכול להתייחס
ייתכן שלעולם לא
בשנתי ה -1960 ציינו אנשי dr איוון Cameron.placed מחקר ופסיכיאטר קליני במגבלות 4 נקודות ... נשאבים מלאים של אינסולין

וליד הניח קסדת כדורגל שונה בheads.with בקסדת הפוטבול
היו אוזניות
משום שהידות והרגליים שלהם היו קשורות למיטות
הם לא יכלו לקחת את הקסדה
ולא נשמע ... או מה הקול נועד להנחיל למטופל
חלק מהחולים "נאמרו לעם תחביר שרירותי ... מבוסס על טון ..
otherswer אמר שהם היו people..and רע שהם יהיו נשרפו חיים, flayed ... בשביל להיות 'רע:
אני מניח שזה היה ל; לקבל bvad "מהם

עם ממשק מוח מחשב ..
קסדת סן

מסתובב "באופן חופשי", ושמיעה "נשרוף אותך חי" עלול להיות מפחידות יותר ... \ מאשר להיות בבית חולים. בית חולים פסיכיאטריים
שבו חולה "פשוט מניח" מה שנעשה ל.as Asit המוזר אולי נראה
נעשה כדי "לעזור להם":
כמוזר כמו שזה נראה dr קמרון וחברה האמינה באמת ובתמים להציף את מטופל עם לשוני פחד ונוירו מבוסס לעתים קרובות על שטויות
יעזור Vive opatient "דף נקי"

הבדיקות מוזרות האלה
(בדיעבד גילה ... ... "הטיפול" הסיע ביותר IRREBESABLY MAD ... רב שהיה בHOPSITAL היה מעדיפה ... "בעיות רגשיות MILD .ANXITY דיכאון ... וEXTED החולים ..SOME SO נהרס ..THEY בקושי הצליח ללכת לדבר או להאכיל את עצמם
מ" ..BEING Playe D..SOMETIME 'קלטות 40 יום SNON STOP ..
תאר לעצמכם אלה "אופס" יכול NE INCUURED על חושים אחרים ....
וEMOPTIONS ... על ידי התערבות אלקטרונית.

טכנולוגיה זו
אינו בreserch ופיתוח "טוב ללכת" שלה
השקרים שנאמרו על ..NESS האיטי של ..LEARNING איך SENOND מחשבה יכולה להיות measured..or מה חשב ... נשמעים כמו נראה כמו ..
לא נועד כדי לשמור על הציבור בדר ..
.... סוג המידע שפורסם שפורסם הוא מנדט להיות ... מינימאלי

קצה הקרחון
ארור ההוא hOMLAND חוק הביטחון מכסה כל בסיס לא זה
וכך לשמור אנשים טובים מאוד רבים עובדים במוח מפת הנפש לשכך תעשיית ..for פריצות דרך רפואית ... עדיין 90% מ" העבודה "הוא, פשוטו כמשמעו, כדי ללמוד כיצד גורם לאדם אחר, entally נופלים לחתיכות ... ב 4 minuites .3 Minures, 2 דקות .One ..
העבודה כבר שמקורו החוצה ... רחוק יותר ויותר ... מהמנהיגים ..... ..
.no מחלקה, אין מעבדה, אין מתקן אקדמי היא לדעת מה הוא אחרים "עד"
לא מודע ... של
אלה שיובילו ... רוצים

להציג חדש FIREC ... NESS UPOIN החברה שלנו
והפוך את תקינות פוליטית עליה של התחת
"אנחנו האלופים / .. פורעי הכדור
אלה 'שלא רוצים "הילדה השמנה" למועדון הלילה
ewwwwww שנתן לה בה

בשינה 1981 היה נקבע כל סרט
שבו "נערות צעירות" דיברו ככה ...

אני כבר לא אכפת כל כך הרבה אם החברים שלי, וכו 'המשפחה מאמינים שאני לא שפוי
אכפת לי ש
האיומים גדלים יותר גרועים
ושאני יכול
בוחר לעשות בעצמי
לפגוע בתנאים די מפורשים

יש סיבה שכתבתי סיפורים מסוימים בתוך סיפורים ..
אם אני כותב של חלק מהאיומים
אני יהיה להוסיף חומר גלם לטחנה
כ..delusion פרנויה והטרור הם סימפטומים משניים של הפרעת פסיכוזה ומחשבה
אני מאמין כי אלה .... "רעיונות" מוצגים לי ... ל
"לאמת" קבוצת המשנה של חרדה, רגשות worldy ..heightened אחרים של "אחר" פולשים
מטפל יכול "לסכם"

הו, כמה הייתי רוצה לדבר עם כמה מבני הזוג אלה ... שראו את העיניים שלי
הטרור ...
מלפני שנים ...
אני לא 'להוסיף "ל... discredation שלי ... (יש לי wiith ההזכרה שלי ... tendancy" להשתמש "בכל החברה ANF מאשר כש
אם להיות כנה
המצב הוא כל כך אבסורדי
כך לא טבעי
אחד --- עושה דברים טיפשיים ..
אחד מרגיש זכאי.
אני ממש עכבר מעבדה ..
"אדם שאינו" מסתובב לשמוע ולראות דברים
כשאני יודע שזה לא "טירוף אמיתי ', אבל
"טירוף מסונתז '
לחשוב מיליארדים דולרים היה להשקיע כדי ליצור מוח Entrainment
לא רק נתעב ... אבל מטופש
בנאלי ..
הרוע הוא בנאלי
..has בן נלקח לגבהים חדשים

אני עוסק בזה באמצעות כתיבה ... כמו לראות את עצמי
אדריאן ברודי ... ב" הפסנתר
ו... השחקן הצרפתי בחיים יפה "
לשכנע את בנו (דין דרך עצמו?)
זה היה כל משחק
אני גדלתי אומר ילד הקטן בסיפוריי "
לחזור ל" facetaker "סרט בתוך התקפה חריפה זו
או: הבועה "
אני יכול לקחת רק כל כך הרבה
הפחד הוא אמיתי

יצרתי קשר עם היועץ היום
בגלל שאני מפחד שמשהו יקרה לי ...
שאני dissaapear-Moshe Milchan

Monday, March 9, 2015

harvey/temporary secretary

"must be nice," my shrink says.
"having little green men to blame all your problems on"

"yeah ...it's real real nice",I say

"I am not in the mood...for yet another person thinking about me as..some malingering mongrel"

"I read your blog..Your stories...I skim them..you know that...some entries ..I enjoy ..just as writing...some posts..give me insight ...concerning what is going on with you..No more Seroquel by the way...Is that true that crackhead use Seroquel as a buffer when the crack is no good..or too speedy?and they call this a q Ball"

"yes ," I say,"than I say no..how would I know...I don't smoke crack..."

"must be nice ,"my shrink says,"having it just  be a story when you want ...and a all totally true when you want to present it as such"

"according to your post last night .."Harvey" sent you the story pre-written...in a book.."the Dr. says

I wait for him to say..."must be nice...yapyap yap'I think to ask the doc who Harvey is when I receive a chunk
a chunk ,it was explained top me - is like a pack -non -vocalized info  set upon me
it is my decision to retain or dismiss this information
or the information
even I Dumbo!
sometimes realize isjust...random...and meant to be disregarded.-

Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart) is a middle-aged, amiable (and somewhat eccentric) individual whose best friend is an invisible 6' 3.5" tall rabbit named Harvey. As described by Dowd, Harvey is a pooka, a benign but mischievous creature from Celtic mythology who is especially fond of social outcasts (like Elwood). Elwood has driven his sister and niece (who live with him and crave normality and a place in society) to distraction by introducing everyone he meets to his friend, Harvey. His family seems to be unsure whether Dowd's obsession with Harvey is a product of his (admitted) propensity to drink or perhaps mental illness. Elwood spends most of his time in the local bar, and throughout the film invites new acquaintances to join him for a drink (or to his house for dinner). Interestingly, the barman and all regulars accept the existence of Harvey, and the barman asks how they both are and unflinchingly accepts an order from Elwood for two Martinis.
His sister, Veta Louise Simmons (Hull), tries to have Elwood committed to a sanatorium. In exasperation, she admits to the attending psychiatrist Dr. Lyman Sanderson (Charles Drake) that, after so many years of putting up with the invisible rabbit, she sees Harvey every once in a while. This causes Dr. Sanderson to let Elwood out and lock Veta up. After sorting out the mistake, Dr. Chumley, head of the sanatorium (Cecil Kellaway) decides that to save the reputation of the sanatorium he must bring Elwood back. At one point, when her daughter asks how someone possibly could imagine a rabbit, Veta says to her "Myrtle Mae, you have a lot to learn and I hope you never learn it".

'reading that post about ...you receiving every thing you have written ...in a book...as an exercise...I  am not sure why," the Dr  says',"Just seemed a real let down...it's like you are intentionally destroying
your own story...it seemed to me ...to be a bold example of how many of my patients set up their own roadblocks.. I mean
 here you are trying to explain something
...and out of the blue we come to find out ...all you are  is a  temporary secretary...also I could not help thinking IF this was somehow TRUE and IF you now proclaim the entire  "story" was sent to you...by UPS .your Mandlers as you call them must be damned angry...if people are really doing A.I. testing on you via some biotech ...or ELF waves etc...and "now" you erxplain ..your just typing from some manuel...furthermore explaining  I have substance abuse issues...and a history of mental illness.....in one fell swoop...what we have ...in front of our eyes..is nothing..but a prank...?"

Suddenly I am fuming.,who IS this guy to 'read" me...guy don't even have a headset.to collect a simple  p300 signal.
I tell the dr.."it's complicated..I am trying to do and say  a lot of things at once"

'w ll," the dr says," I should hope so...being a Cyborg.."

You mocking me?" I say

"Did you feel like hitting me just than?" the dr says

"no," I lie.

"I donb't believe you," the dr says and opens up his drawer .."I want us to take a ride...a field trip to West memephis Ohio...it's a new testing center..that uses fMRI for trith detection of course..it's not as so[phisticated as nano chips some film studio  slash Cult slash 3 letter agency Ruinmanatti......but supppsedlyi can measure accuracy ...concerning truth telling..via brain signal.."

"can you give me sodium pentothal there ?"I ask

"no...but I'll buy you lunch...a Happy Meal...if I recall.."The shrink says grabbing his coat

"ha .ha " I say.

No Lie MRI™ is a proprietary product that objectively measures intent, prior knowledge, and deception using algorithms to automatically analyze functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
The approach used by No Lie MRI™has a verified accuracy that greatly surpasses all other truth verification / lie detection methods.
Current accuracy is over 90% and is estimated to be 99% once product development is complete.
The No Lie MRI™ software has the following characteristics:
  • Patent Pending
  • Fully automated
  • Observer independent (objective)
  • Reproducible
  • Insensitive to countermeasures by suspects
  • Noninvasive
  • Differential activation during the telling of a lie