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Who is a person and what every person is entitled to depends on context and social norms

A nonperson is a citizen or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society , from a point of view of traceability, documentation, or existence.(Wikipedia)

A Soviet "nonperson" vanishes: commissar Nikolai Yezhov retouched after falling from favor and being executed in 1940.
Some common ways in which people become nonpersons are:
  • Never having been sufficiently documented as existing
  • Loss or deletion of the trail of documentation so that the specific person can no longer easily be linked to a documentary record or cannot be shown officially to have existed
  • Covert abduction by government or other bodies combined with plausible deniability
  • Long-term absence or other circumstances leading to an incorrect belief and legal documentation that they have died
  • Death, when it is unverifiable and left as an open case as to what happened
  • Fraudulent reporting of a person as having died when they have not (which can happen for economic reasons in many countries, a form of fraud)
  • Marginalized or homeless people who live without cash or formal abode and do not appear on official records

Legal status

Asserting that someone is a nonperson is implicitly a normative statement; by doing so, it is implied simultaneously that the person referred to is entitled to the rights that any person should have. Who is a person and what every person is entitled to depends on context and social norms. In the recent past police referred to non persons (Homosexuals, Hispanics, Afro -Americans, the Homeless or Mentally ill ) in radio dispatches as "non person"
There are many possible meanings associated with the term nonperson.

Prison camps

In Nazi extermination camps, Jewish people and Romani were treated as nonpersons. The purpose of these camps was to systematically dehumanize these "unwanted elements", use them where possible, and dispose of them efficiently.
"Nonperson" status was required because it removed the moral and social obstacles for committing otherwise objectionable acts including Human Experimentation.

Unofficially missing people
Main article: Forced disappearance
Some people are covertly held by governments or other bodies, and effectively cease to exist. This has happened in dictatorial regimes such as Chile under Pinochet, the USSR, and fascist Spain. It was also the guiding strategy behind the Nazi government's policy in Western Europe. To dodge pointed questions regarding supposedly democratically controlled governments covertly holding people or employing torture, plausible deniability of knowledge might be used. The existence of ghost detainees in a secret *** prison system is an example of this.
To an extent, this is made both easier and harder by technology* – easier because reliance upon technology is such that if a person's information is electronically deleted or was never stored in that manner they effectively cease to exist; harder because during every stage of a person's life from birth to death the accumulation of bureaucratic transactions makes it more and more likely that they will leave an official record somewhere.

*To the extent that covert technology can be used to detain another is the subject of this blog.
It is both in my best interest
and possibly -now I realize -worst interest -
to attempt to minimize the plight of Targeted Individuals by attempting to modify the incredible sophistication and implementation of so called Advanced Technologies to attempt to engage a reader
who has not been "taken".
If I were to write of Psychotronic Testing (and to refer to 'this' as testing is equally misleading as "this work" has been "being tested" for 25 to 30 years....I guarantee THEY know much more than ever needed to about Thresholds of the Human Psyche.
Many Targeted Individuals keep records (as blogs, as online journals)of their accounts of something unfathomable to even those who "live' with a "tether"daily.
Every few months I realize I like others targeted for "Monitoring" are helping "the system "by recording our situation...THIS.IS WHAT HAPPENS.TO THOSE .WHO ------
Maybe it is some last vestige of pride that often forces me to add more grist to the LIE that "no, this is not happening "and if it is...
Oh what a pleasure! It is not
.It is a terror I and other TIs live with daily.

who are we ? who or what is a Targeted Individual? We are everywhere in "the social media". And nowhere in the "real"media(the news). We write...We no longer care or think it matters if anyone believes us...for the most part our lives have been destroyed. To even our closest relatives and friends we are Unreliable Narrators. Our situation ,even to ourselves is beyond our own comprehension..(so much of "it" is purposely convoluted. The term for "it " is synthetic telepathy and Tele-Presence..we are made to see I write I wonder if there is anyway to write this that does not READ crazy..but why should it seems the entire point of this "modern marvel" was created precisely to drive another mad....but slowly..the term in fact for Psychotronic "Torture is "a slow kill")we "hear" words and words.(More than any mind should or perhaps could.. Of course we write .it is a side effect. Because "the ordeal" is so calculated. THIS must have been presumed...
but I wonder if we are doing THEM a favor.
writing about IT
and what happens to people who "make" themselves"  Non Persons "for any number of reasons.-Cole Cohen 3/12/13

EVAN Imparts,"We lighten it Up..Right ELF,no Very Low GWEN towers of any fact. want to PUMP UP THE VOLUME Dumbo?...don't forget we can too..?"
"oh I don't forget that for one moment...nor will I ever forgive ya' for it" I graph back
"How else were we gonna turn you on..huh?
.How else does someone get used to Immersive Reality without first being totally Immersed in it.,"EVAN graphs
I sense that he's pleased that he's presented as some little



.....some little cartoon ...Reading me. he graphs

" you Dumbo....a little cartoon...we certainly  don't want anyone getting too
'Why So Serious'around here ..."
OOOOOOOOOh yes you do I graph,
you can't really lie
not with BCI
a purposely  vague...Inadvertant  graph" slips past his Buffer-"actually we were thinking more of a  Billy Joe McAllister type finale.


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Participants,Proxy and Purient Interests

"Merge Proxy Cyber has built the first human-to-human brain-to-brain interface, allowing two humans to consciously communicate with each other, directly from one brain to another . In short, the researchers have created a device that enables telepathy. Thanks to advances in both bio and nanotech  future consumers , rather than  using vocalizing speech — or vainly attempting to vocalize your emotions — your friend/lover/family member will be able to "graph" words and thoughts right out of your head Mind to Mind, sense to sense.
Symbols toward "Mother" one's mind may be relegated  to more "wholesome"Mindfullness ..This is NOT Mind Control so much as Guided Projection
Currently a demographic of Participants is training us as we train them to help create Buffers  that will allow for very little "Incidental Inadvertants to "slip" into Imbue during a  real time Brain Computer Interface."
                                ..-namewith-held,Professor of Bio Engineering,****University



"And here I was thinking "IT" was going so well...," EVAN imparts...but Dumbo ,as usual returns to form..
to his original FORMAT...
YOU THINK THIS is easy? You think..Tele- Presence ..with an ingrate is a picnic?

when do we go "Scanners" on you kid?
when you use...
when you bitch about someone controlling YOU?
as far as We're concerned YOU have no SELF CONTROL..
YOU'RE the one fuckin' up your Brain Buddy
we're the ones who keep putting you back together*
as far as we're concerned WE'RE the ONLY one's keeping you alive Pal..
and we ain't gonna stick around    when you're fucking teeth start falling out..
My g-d damn mouth has been
numb for past 7 days Scumbo
you can't even put a fucking coil of copper wire in a pipe correctly...

and you don't make enough money to support your vices..
dooooooo ya"?

You have no sense fairness in you Dumbo

this is an exciting Venture ...

...and I seem to remember someone volunteering
for "house arrest"
                 with a new type of ankle bracelet

we're testing a product here..
every time Dumbo hits the pipe it not only makes YOU look makes US look bad

we told you ,,HOW you can write it

and how you can't
what WAY does Dumbo pick
the second way...

don't PUSH IT too hard kiddo
or someone might be pushed from a bridge

if only to be an example of one who
Follow the Rules
of.............The Game

do I make my self


"from NOW on we are your only that a deal
        this is Off the Grid
           and because this is so..
                  if Dumbo goes "off grid" nobody will quite know why...
                       your ramblings on "nanotech and biotech,,,and Mind Reading" by the by only
                             make you seem ...cray cray
                                 a justification
                                    for some're digging your own grave kid..
                                        adding grist to mill as they say

NOT Really
it is nonsense that they only "go scanners" when I USE...

"you're in IT up to your eyeballs," EVAN graphs.

my eyeballs,my auditory nerve,my olfactory and ....

"A monkey..Our little Lawn Mower Man...
and as Kenneth Cole says, "Everyone Needs an Outlet Gameboi...Roll with it or get run over..."EVAN Imparts,"Now the subject was "The Blob"

JUSTICE MARSHAL,the Reverend in our story..

"His name wasn't JUSTICE MARSHALL," I graph

"well NOW ,Dumbo it is HIS name...," Evan graphs back sending me a TIGHT SHOT on RACHEL COHEN visibly crying in her car.JUSTICE MARSHALL 's car drives past the "woman in distress" and the car retreats ..JUSTICE has seen RACHEL and reverse his car ,parking behind RACHEL

"i can't do this,"I graph...I see the car,I see RACHEL and JUSTICE PRIESTLY

carefully,as if not to startle the "girl"
ask if everything is alright,,,

" I GRAPHED I AM NOT UP FOR THIS TODAY!"I interface...or whatever the fuck they call it...graph,impart..whatever..

quickly the country road is presented at night
I ,
for some reason in the middle of the road.
EVAN  has POINT OF VIEW-ED ME from the back...but I sense it is me
staring into the headlights of car
coming at me
I am unable to move...
"a deer caught" in Tele Presense

the car does not slow down ...but goes faster
as soon as Impact should Occur

the scene changes


 TIGHT SHOT on RACHEL COHEN visibly crying in her car.JUSTICE PRIESTLY 's car drives past the "woman in distress" and the car retreats ..JUSTICE has seen RACHEL and reverses his car ,parking behind RACHEL
*We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.
"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.
"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain."

Dr. Jose Delgado
(MKULTRA experimenter who demonstrated a radio-controlled bull on CNN in 1985)
Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School

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Voice of "God" Technology

Comparison  Response in Auditory and Visual BCI Paradigms /Brain Waves into Reconstructed Sound and Conversation-    Brian Pasley

As you listened to your colleagues' conversations at work today, or to a podcast on the train home, or to your personal trainer shouting lift, your brain completed some complex tasks. The frequencies of syllables and whole words were decoded and given meaning, and you could make sense of the language-filled world we live in without actively thinking about it. Now a team of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley has figured out how to map some of these cortical computations. It's a major step toward understanding how we hear and a  step toward hearing what we think.
If one  decodes patterns of activity in the brain,one may also play back the imagined conversations in our heads, or communicate with a person who can think and hear but cannot speak.

"We're looking at which brain sites become active. Because we can determine some association between those brain sites and different frequencies, we can watch what brain sites are turning on and off for these recordings, and that lets us map back to the sound," Brian Pasley, University of California ,Berkeley said
Since neurologists can know the frequencies of certain phonemes — specific language sounds — this cortical spectroscopy can decode which sounds, and then  which words, a person is hearing.
In December, Boston University researchers published research explaining how they stimulated patients' visual cortices and induced brain patterns to create a learned behavior, even when the subjects did not know what they were supposed to be learning. Last fall, Jack Gallant — also at UCB — published a paper describing the reconstruction of video images by tapping the visual cortices of people who watched the videos.

This form of mind-reading,  neurologists prefer to call "decoding,

Neuroscientists have long been trying to decode the inner workings of the brain, associating neurons in the sensory cortices with stimuli that fire up those neurons. But the newest research,  peers more deeply into the recesses of our minds, promising to illuminate thoughts so they can be seen and shared with others.

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Mary Kimble had written for television for decades
but soon found herself
essentially jobless

Mary Kimble's teleplay for the  filmed but vaulted  episode of"The Clo*ser"was written out of the season because of a  reference to a "See Meter"that a producer, a practicing Neuronaut had "caught" in post production, Although the words "See Meter" were  edited out of the episode  the producer suggested that the teleplay writer might have purposely placed other less easy to recognize  veiled denunciations at/or. or to the "organization:. And because of the possibility a meeting was held with programming to simply "scrape the episode" from broadcast.

Some in the cast and crew found it ironic that an intentional or unintentional "jab" or  "reference" at
"The Movement" was cause "for alarm, in the 1970's it was Neuronautics that was indicted for placing Associations based Referentials in Parsasol Productions made for TV Movie ,"Safety In Umbers"

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The Blob(cont.)-"The War on Aberrants"

"E-Merge" was a private surveillance firm created by the science-ideological based  Neuronautic's Group to protect  the group's own physical and Intellectual Properties .

With the procurement of ProxyCyber's  A,I.. and BCI  Technology  now streamlined towards Neuronautic's Soliciting Techniques, created by Neuronautic's  founder Gary Rainy . The self  "police-ing" skills of Neuronautics in finding and removing "Aberrants "from  it's own flock  soon  became the envy of  less privatized agencies also involved in law enforcement and  novel"surveillance ".

Word had it that" Nobody Does it Better "than Neuronautics" .

No other group existed like "Neuronautics" nor was any other "sequestered" movement (also allowed to create their own schools and raise their own children their own way) without
perchance being
MOVEd and or Branch Div-ined to crease and desist it's unique take on "The Family"

Perhaps nobody in California jones
for the Town or city to burn the annexes to the ground
as some in the town
believed rightly or wrongly that this group held almost as much clout as the motion picture studios
had "previously(?)
in terms of "self patrolling"
it had even been suggested that certain federations
might have been made with certain agencies...who ..took interest in the intelligence that went into creating props and
gander for our collective eyes and ears to partake of..

In many ways "The New Way" of "Neuronautics' operated as might the "Old Guard" of Hollywood did
in leasing it's personal services to many who desired FILM and Narrative and the psychological influence such operations inspired in a human being's Mind both consciously an unconsciously
to "get more:"experimental " in it's
undertakings to mimic reality and altered states "of play"

Neuronautic's to thrive without much GENUINE limits

could FRONT and center itself to     hone it's focus
 on self help interrogation and self  surveillance methods
so a Mentor and a client
could "get to the core of the story'

which IS one's inner monologue ..
            after all..

 as the times changed...
the country seemed to Grow Up Neuronautic's founder would say and mimic

 Neuronautics  - no apologies /no  holds barred brand of "with us or against us " once the punchline of late night comics "now mirrored "the times".Neuronautics was no longer on "the fringe" but "towards the future" especially since  it's acquisition of Proxy Cyber Brain Computer Interface technology.

Both Neuronautic's  Surveillance Force and the Operating Tele-Presence "officers'  were often "leased " to other agencies who also had rational concerns about  Dissents,Aggitators and Abberants "hidden" Amongst Us.

..There was talk ,but the talk was in whispers ,of Neuronatics becoming "The New Way" for "The New Times" that required a heavier hand than many were once accustomed to.  According to Gary rainy Neuronautics did not catch up with times but the Times have finally caught UP with US. There was  a presumption(and an unspoken assumption) that in Gary Rainy's lifetime a Neuronaut "might" be elected to higher and higher offices of Persuasion.

Certainly Neuronautics had  enough money to elicit  favors  from  people  within the system that openly Gary Rainy scorned but privately wanted "a say in" perhaps not directly but through representation and who better represented Neuronautics than actor Adam Parker . Unlike many Neuronauts who glossed over Neuronautic's "war on Aberrants, Parker stated that ,"he  was proud of the strength of a system mandated "a cohesion of form and structure...those without a sense of One-ness of Consciousness ,"Parker explained," are usually about "me-ness"of Conscious that cares nothing for the current  social structure and the benefits this structure offers,people who can "put up" house like to tear other people's houses  down.

 Although Adam Parker  was not  involved with Neuronautic's Private Police-ing Practices(or E-Merge) he is quoted as saying that-,""he was all for Them...and Whatever They had to do to Protect the  Movement , had to be done  .

.The Policing element of Neuronautics had been called before the courts many times (in the past) for it's "cohesion"/ compliance tactics ,one judge referred to Neuronautic's practice of malighning  an ex -member of "the church" or one who "mis-spoke} of "The Movement" as Mobbing or Gang Stalking  .The job of" self police-ing " the organization  was often about preventing one deemed   Aberrant or Dissident "to the cause"  from living any semblance of a normal life.If  indeed these "Ruiners" were found  guilty of some form of ‘subversion’, the" Self Police-ing" elements of Neuronautics aimed to  encourage the Deviant  to further implicate and discredit themselves.

 Often the "game plan" was  to undermine  their targets’ self-confidence and peace of mind, rather than physically beating them. Although physical coercion sometimes" had" to be  employed  more ‘subtle’  means of  psychological decomposition became easier to and easier to use and "do" with accesss to "Psychotronic  Technology that could literally , .remotely  interface technology  sounds and visions,sleep deprivation, disorientation, humiliation,  ominous threats against the subject and their families combined with promises of leniency if they ‘confessed’ via interface "their Aberrations."

-Cole Cohen "Notes from Limbo" 9/12/11

'Mind-Reading' Scientists Reconstruct Human Faces From Brain Scans

 | By

        04/01/2014 8:57 am EDT Updated:                                                                            
             Facial images shown to men and women while they were undergoing fMRI scans (above), and the reconstructed images based off of that MRI data (below).
mind reading             

Scientists have now used brain scanners to hack into our thoughts like never before.
After scanning the brains of men and women who were looking at photos of different faces, researchers at Yale University have found a way to reconstruct the image of those faces based solely on patterns of neural activity in the brain scans.

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blacklist (no such thing)

"The Cl*ser" (2008)*
 A XXX Agent has a MAN in a sanitation WORKER jumpsuit
tied to a chair in the sub-basement of the building
The XXX agent strikes the worker 3 or four times. 

The CL*SER ,a pretty woman in her early 30's(hmmm)is watching the assault, she KNOCKS loudly
on the small window in the door, which CLOS*ER
watches through. the CLO*ER
makes a grimacing face , the KNOCKING has gotten the XXX AGENT's attention
The XXX AGENT opens the door on the CLOSER.She crosses the room past the SUSPECT/WORKER still tied to the chair,his mouth is bleeding

Who's THIS BITCH...What? you want some kind of audience? Well so do I. Listen lady, this man has kept me here against my will for over 5 hours now.

(smiling, as if making a pass)
I think our friend here just wants to know where his wife is

I don't know where this guy's wife is...I don't know his wife..

Oh yes you do honey(she says showing the man a phone with a video of him(the WORKER in the chair taking the XXX agent's presumed wife into a van with half hidden plates)

The XXX agent kicks a chair , we notice for the first time the room is large and see on tables  that  everywhere all manner of lie detector machines,EGG machines,fMRI scanning devises

Seems to have the entire library of  Advanced Technologies down here..I forgot you knew how to work this stuff?

Advanced Technologies ? Are you kidding me? What we have here...(The AGENT says, indicating the equipment on the tables )is the equivalent of a stethoscope and  a damn "See"-Meter! The three letter agency "the ABOVE that dare not speak it's name"-have the REAL advanced technologies not this ...this ...this (kicking over a lie detector machine) two tin cans tied together with string !

The WORKER/SUSPECT meanwhile is playing with a loose tooth. The XXX Agent pulls THE CLO*ER aside

That three letter agency nobody dares speak about has machinery that could MAKE this guy
"talk" in 2 minutes.

What do they have...the rack,the iron maiden?

(not in the mood for The Clo*ser's joking)
No,they have very small bio sensors you can just inject into someone's arm...(quietly,only to the CLO*ER)
then the sensors travel up into the guy's brain and in less than a half an hour all the thoughts in his head could  be transcribed  like teletext  right onto a computer screen..ALSO we could see
images...sights the guy SEES in his brain...sights of where my wife is...

The CLOSER backs away from the AGENT a little

Now..THAT's Creepy..( walking to a table with a cooler on it ,she reaches for can of soda)
Do you mind?

Toss me one will ya? (she tosses him a soda,the AGENT turns to the WORKER/SUSPECT) Hey,you thirsty..?

Yes ,yes please..

The AGENT goes over  to the tied up man, opens the soda and spills the drink down the guys's pants.The WORKER begins kicking and yelling.The AGENT and THE CLO*ER go outside


Well,did you ask if you could borrow this equipment from the XXX?

Well,of course I did..and do you know what they told me? They told me.ME.That there's no such thing..

Well,is there?

(looking at clock,than yelling)
I helped them make the damn -no such thing !

Mary Kimble had written for television for decades
but soon found herself
essentially jobless

Mary Kimble's teleplay for the filmed but vaulted  episode of"The Clo*ser"was written out of the season  supposedly because of a  reference to a "See Meter"that a producer, a practicing Neuronaut had "caught" in post production, Although the words "See Meter" were  edited out of the episode  the producer suggested that the teleplay writer might have purposely placed other less easy to recognize  veiled denunciations at/or. or to the "organization'  known to use  so called "mind mapping technology" And because of the possibility that Kimble "was up to something" a meeting was held with programming and a decision was made  to simply "scrape the episode" from broadcast.And next scrape Mary Kinble

Some in the cast and crew found it ironic that an intentional or unintentional "jab" or  "reference" at
"The Movement/Church" was cause "for alarm, in the 1970's it was Neuronautics that was indicted for placing Associations based Referentials in Parsasol Productions made for TV Movie ,"Safety In Umbers".Mary Kimble did not think the shelving of the episode had anything whatsoever to do with a reference to a so called "See Meter"but to a "movement " of some OTHER kind

the dots

"Nerve impulses are often diverted through the wrong neural pathways...all  A.I. does is "coach" the brain activity 'away" from "wrong thinking styles.."the assistant to the director of Bio Chemistry said,and introduced me to

 "A team" of researchers who  devise a  closed-loop nanoelectronic system called  a brain-machine-brain interface (BMBI) that created new neural pathways with the help of Aural and Visual perception Persuasive Technology
that was invasively "very invasive"

LOOK MA! no of "The Team" said ..

"The Team" looked at me curiously,I was not "one of them"

I waited outside for the professor who agreed to speak to me about "the dots"

  • " Merge Neuro- prosthetics (biochips) combine

  • neural recording

  • neural signal processing

  • and neuromodulation

  • functions for a real-time, bidirectional interfacing with the central nervous system,"said  (name with-held), a professor of electrical engineering and computer science .Augmenting or  ‘training’  neural pathways toward new channels is already the goal of anti-depressant medicines and "smart drugs" .. Nanochips and Biosensors just take the "Pharma" out of the "Olgy"

  •  Supposedly "the dots" (neural dust,nano chip) are  still in "their infancy regarding human testing"

  • I believe much data acquired by these studies done "on" Human Participants has not been made public....don't quote me on that..,"The professor said ,nervously and joke-ingly at the same time

Cole Cohen, June 8 2014


Parasol Pictures Direct Neural Interface introduces -The Pajama Game

"we will begin with Prototype Based Programming. 
in which the initial value of X
this Variable cannot be modified toward  any new representation
of it's initial value   until a new construct (Y) is added to X
the X referring to Blue Striped Pajamas
CAN and MUST be
reallocated  new features by adding a new variable *
so that the "style of X as object orientate is re- object oriented
to become XY,"
now means
NOT what it MEANT
if during Tele Presence a Participant's
mind veers to thinking of BLUE STRIPED PAJAMAS
as X
a Y variance with be added to the incept
with a keynote aural override of
placing the participant's mind  not "in a work camp
but a "Pajama Factory"
the Voice Imparts
I see with Inner Sighted -ness  the Parasol Pictures logo
and attain a"Pack" of back story from my Mandlers  that thankfully has nothing to do
with any kind of math or Xs..
The Voice is soothing ...meant to bring you in..the way some radio hosts can..and do.
 "Parasol Pictures  takes you back to 1942 and our Variance on the the Richard Adler and Jerry Ross musical, “The Pajama Game,”
The play revolves around the conflict between labor and management at a  worker camp that has been set up for Ruiners or Lessors who have been sequestered been invited by  the state to be retrained to assimilate themselves better toward  "A New Ideal " ,which one of the Managers explains can begin with simple duties ,not too grandiose.. A Perfect Seam" the Matron states is "A Perfect Dream"The  workers whose job it is to make striped blue pajamas for the elite to sleep in  however are not satisfied with their work conditions , from the moments the houselights come up we are confused why the workers feel their dormitories ,kitchen area and living conditions are Not Enough . The Lead "union" Labour Leader clashes with Supervisor/guard..

*Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: |ISBN: 1558601910 | PDF | 7.5 Mb Paradigms of AI Programming . A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation. This is an overview of classical artificial intelligence (AI) programming via actual implementation of landmark systems

Safe Image

Off Grid Neural Signaling Data concerning Threshold Response could benefit Consumers 


 Experiences  based on Tele-Presence Operators and "Participants "involved in "off grid"BCI  and A.I. and Immersive Reality Testing often involves what those n the Mind Augment Industry call Threshold Testing, which few consumers ,thresholds few would be interested in experiencing as product. Much of the  neural data not safe for public consumption however is of high priority to those outside the private sector . Captured fear decoded as transpose-able synaptic sequence that can be transmitted to neural cells is not only a commodity sold to industries involved with foreign and stateside aggressors but of clinical and commercial use for those in the Mind Game business to test how "far" a future consumer of Straight to Cortex Immersive Reality might safely "go" Gaming  and  5 sense No screen Televised "visions". Age old debate concerning the effect of scripted violence on the brain becomes " a new ball game "  with this new technology that does not use one 's eyes or ears to "tell a story" but one's auditory ,visual and somatic cortex to completely Immerse one's 5 senses into a unilateral or bidirectional story .

"There seems to be "a way" to invite another to interact  co - consciously  with various styles of hostility,agression and domination which comport universal  themes .... predator /prey.... hero/villain...cop/robber"

states  Dr,Tyrone Dinardo (of MergeProxy Cyber) ,"but certain "styles" of horror or persecution that are based on associations toward ACTUALITY BASED terrors...can cause long  lasting emotional problems long after the "game  of BCI and Direct Neural Interface has ended has  ended.

For instance the movie "Halloween " is very different from the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" even though both films are said to be "in the same genre" 'horror' but in terms of visceral experience the two films are like night and day .At Proxy Cyber we are trying to find out what type of scenarios concerning fear and terror are dangerous or therapeutic .And what types of scenarios "played" (interfaced) to another can cause psychotic reactions in a participant. It is odd sometimes defining or learning what type of imbue- ment might be both thrilling 


and safe 

and what narrative Telemetry is not upon a human organism's psyche.

(1996) Evoked Potentials,Non Overt Reactions,With Holds

actor,ADAM PARKER is reading  from a copy of Neuronautic's bi monthly magazine "ENWAYS"
while his HAIRDRESSER fixes his hair and a MAKE -UP ARTIST pats his face.ADAM PARKER"S FIANCE, an actress, sits one seat over also being made up.ADAM'S FIANCE shows the MAKE-UP'GIRL' her new ring...and is all smiles...we see ADAM's FIANCE smile now
 from a strange POINT OF VIEW ...from somewhere behind or inside the mirror..not only is the camera 's position (hidden) odd but so too  are the camera's intentions....which seem more concerned with the mathematics and scanning methods  of "recorded  image" than the beauty of  capturing a  recorded image....all during ADAM PARKER'S WIFE "camera study" which "runs" in consort  with the  camera's  collecting of  ADAM's FIANCE'S - NON-OVERT REACTIONS's to ADAM PARKER'S reading aloud from the magazine " we see ADAM'S FIANCE .as numbers and gage-ing zero-ing in or out  squares ever scanning and cataloging  ADAM PARKER'S  pupil size
...and THERMAL rendering ( bright blues yellows,greens,,, )denoting  slight changes in ADAM PARKER"S  FIANCE  facial temperature - thus
  her emotional temperature to the word's her soon to be husband is reading from the magazine.

                                                                         ADAM PARKER
                                           (we see Adam from the same point of view ,a camera in the mirror
                                       but we see no  scanning,no gaging of Adam's "performance)

Gary  Rainy claimed that most if not all of  the Ruiner World's problems( the world outside of Neuronautics and the enclaves "of The  Neuronautic Familiy) were  not Neuronautic's problems

Gary Claimed
 that most "world's calamities "presented by the media were according to Rainy,"just "The Motherment's "way of instilling more and more INGRAINS into mankind's Collective Consciousness
Gary wrote that he was not saying  that the famines ,fighting and .fatalities covered by the press are not happening
they indeed are....
but how do these problems effect most of us..
If I read in BOLD letters- 532 Men Blew Away in a Tornado
do I see that  next morning
most of the population,or even those who bought the newspaper with this information on it's front page  on their  knees praying  for these men to make a safe crossover into another realms?
nor i see the entire population
reach into their pockets and toss 3 dollars into an envelope and mail the money to some charity
the day passes
with my keen ears ..picking up a lot of "Oh my...Oh dear..Oh no"
that night  i look up into the windows in my city
and see and hear the opening theme song of Friends playing.
and the next week  see the newspaper of the  532 men blown into the sky...wrapped as recyclable
between that  first paper (532 Men Blown Away by a Tornado" and the one on the very bottom of the stringed recyclables
i can assure you all matter of statistics about wars ,famines,,,murder,rape,,,and pillage have taken place..and have been properly reported upon
 next to the recyclables is empty  ordered Chinese food, bottles of beer and boxes from Crate and Barrel
and you ask me how much any of it means to you?
what goes on
did you call a friend and say ,"oh what  a shame?"...and do you think
you simply noting "the event with the Correct Notes of "There but fro the grace of G-d Go I..
" was good enough of a gesture...
or ...prayer...
prayer in the style of  a big aww shucks to the gods to perhaps next time let it be  only 531 men who blow away next time?

Mm wrong to put it to you in these terms
perhaps .
but than why is it ok for the media put it to you this way
and IN you?
in this way
the community of men was never supposed to deal with concerns
that were beyond their point of view of horizon line

i remember when i was in secondary school a kid snuck into school a French Postcard..
we ogled at the card and the scantily dressed women upon it..
than I noticed  a few small letters that seemed to be reflected off the "French" mirror in back of  some of these " French Girls"
                                                                     STRADRAH DNA NROH
this post card was not French
the woman were still beautiful
but all I could think of now
was the lie

and also IF the LIE mattered

don't present me with a bunch of girls who you claim are French
being photographed in a French salon
when i can see the photo was taken in a cold water flat in Astoria ,N.Y.

in the old times
people lived in small communities
small contained communities where
 they dressed a certain way
ate a certain way,(based on what food their collective could provide ..or what agriculture their land produced)..
.these separate communities had NEWS of their OWN wins and loses...
nobody in these small communities had to
to grasp the meaning behind the big fire over at Otis's barn
 for they saw the smoke.

when one hears or sees something happening 1000 miles way
no matter how

the tv still goes on at 9.
the laugh track 9:02...
the pizza man must be paid at 9:40 and the kids peanut but and jelly made by 10:15

how do I know
what THE WORLD is
without Otis's Barn?

 I KNOW the world
because the WORLD  on TV

the TV provokes a feeling but than rips way that feeling with an ad for tires ..or cheerios
the tv wants to make you feel something
but mainly wants you to feel an odd sense of displacement
"being there and not being there " at the same time'


how real can a REAL TRADEGY 
FEEL anymore

the last time real atrocity and tragedy was NOTED as INGRAIN
collectively was right after the Nuremberg Trials
were right before most families could afford tvs

after TV became pervasive
and no longer a novelty

there were not more than 5 channels really...
3 main broadcasting stations and 2 or 3  local affiliates

in someway the TV still had the impact of newsreels
Collective Correspondence

which is why most can remember where they were when JFK was shot.

the 1960's
the war
the protests
the assassinations were all
presented to a mass audience

in these times
the Tv has disenfranchised itself  of MASS AUDIENCE
so much that one wonders how
TV would serve in times
that needed a cohesion of Group Think

my short stint during "the war"
showed me up close and personal what a man whose been asked to do to another may  go right ahead and do
especially if he is with a group of other men trained ,dressed,fed ,encouraged to do
only this..
the thought of there being a movement that trains ,feeds, encourages asks men to Mentor other men  is for some reason an affront
to the "powers that be"
who only precipitate communal living situations for
the elderly,the sick or the "warrior"

if a TEAM collects itself in this fashion however
to form a "New Way"
one is called a

but if a "team" collects itself in a similar fashion and
decides to produce INGRAINS of their PHILOSOPHY upon a Culture
this franchise is called a Movie Studio
or bank,or agency ,or parliament


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

strawberry fields

The Rabbi.the Older one the MEAN one.
Grunts at the young Rabbi...and shrugs...
and the young rabbi follws me out to "my car" which I don't have.
I always walk to the parking lot ..or to where people who have cars park their cars people might assume (if one assumes anything,,,as if anyone watches me enter and exit buildings....when one is "app-ed" one begins to think ...quite ...monitor-ish about every move they make ...not only what one thinks.)
I sort of forget the young rabbit who says his name is david
is walking a few paces behind me ....and sees me ..
looking at a white compact car..which I only use to place my papers concerning the "re Delagation of symbolisms in Immersive world concerning human atrocities and the psychic damage certain imagery can cause I "player" ...a section of my presentation I wasn't even allowed to
GET to
and as these are not really totally MT concepts i'm supposed to be "trying out on members of "My clan"
slipping the papers into the little knap sack ..
I get all angry
and punch the knap sack cause the zipper won't close right
and all this beeping car alarm goes off.

"you trying to break into my car?or just beat it up ,? The young rabbi says

Oh...I say
have to make the rounds...
I pretend to look around for "my car" making a gesture like I am scouting the parking lot..
"ahh ..I remember I walked.. here,I say"

I am not allowed to drive as left and right hemispheres or something
have a little..nodual or something
that forces me to have to always balance my hands to see what is left andright..
a weird condition..
my neurologist said..
a very interesting one
concerning some fancy doctor shit...

I don't tell the Dave that
who has made the car stop beeeeep beep beep

than the car opens
he asks if I need a ride to my next

"I say I am done for the day...cuz presentation skills are off..."
I need to buy some black slacks...and another white shirt and tie as coffee spilled all over my two pairs...
and I can see how my jeans ...might have lost me my "bid'
before I even had it with the rabbi

Merge says it needs
rabbis and stuff to condone the REASONS for Substituary re Variance

"that stuff really exist? this brain Computer Interface?..i saw something on the today show a while back..."

yeah yeah it exists...mainly research and development...on drug addicts and they might cure us...and also have like cover that ...they're Human Experimentation sorta is as much of a put of as Genocide...

they really put chips in you?

Yeah I tell was the nano tubes of 26 months in's like an ankle bracelet ..but for your mind...
or that's how they introduced it...
they lied..
that's all I wanna say

On the today show they used you have the headsets...I don't want to be what you say it was called "app-ed'

yeah ..I say pulling them out
putting them on Daves car which starts going beeeeeep again

he makes the noise stop and asks if we can go Mind to Mind
I graph to Evan ,'can we ,can we?"trying not to have that dumb looking "nutty expression" one sometimes gets (and is warned about" when doing BCI "on da street"..

well dumbo .you broke every other fucking rules...
go ahead..but please let ME do the steering,Evan Imparts..
we get in the car .I takeout my little and bottle of goo that I rub on Dave's temple ,'helps the flow"
and than place the headset on his head careful not to
knock over his kea-pah

before I put mine on
A new Mandler ,not evan but mista sssserious says
a. nooooooooooooo sex
nooo thinking about sex...
he's a fuckin rabbi..Ok
next the Mandler says
I'm going to go Over ride on you...for 2 minutes
all shimmery sunsets and unicorns and  blue fairies...DO NOT try to PUT YOUR
2 sense won't work anyway...but we'll know ...
think of it as a self control test...

ready to Merge I tell Dave...2 minutes..that's all
he puts his thumb up and away we go

the first chord of Strawberry Fields
and I see Dave smile

Rabbi Dave takes off the headset

and my Mandler wants
me to listen

and THAN say

"now imagine ,'my Mandler Imparts
 "if I said to you Dave  I want to go mind to mind with you  and show you pictures and perceptions of my trip to Haifa...and than decide to INSTEAD mind to mind you perceptions of spiders and worms...
(what's Haifa I graph and my Mandler Imparts FOR ONCE if your life SHUT UP! DUMBO"

wait a few moments, gather yourself.
act as if the words were your own, be natural..

"GO",my Mandler  Imparts

"Now imagine ,if I said to you- Dave. I want to go mind to mind with you and show you pictures and perceptions of my trip to Pieper...'

"What's Pieper?"dave asks..

"um..the name of some character in" Orange is the New Black'..,,ever see it? Jason Biggs is in it. from "American Pie" 
Dave shakes his head like he doesn't know

...and that girl from "That 70's show"

"Dumbo blows it again!," My Mandler Imparts...please
please leave this man alone..please please excuse yourself and give him your card

NOW DUMBO before you do even more damage.."

the 2 Rabbis /Merge Mind to Mind Technology and the Holocaust

 the rabbi's exterior office is not very different from RACHEL COHEN's in the THE BLOB
  but THIS rabbi's the secretary however is funny
pointing at my ripped jeans
saying I must be dressed for the High  Hole-ie Holidays
but I missed them by a few weeks

I say
"does my missing the High  Holy Holdays mean I will not get into heaven?I know Yom Kipper is about asking G-d to be written into the book of life..

'I don't know if people are allowed in heaven if they don't follow the dress code... but I suppose they make exception...she jokes ..

The rabbi and I were  quite piqued,the rabbi's secretary says," by your email concerning hear telling you the Holocaust and things like images of burn victims from Horoshima will detroy the future of Mind to Mind Virtual Reality and your company
wants some advice on the subject....

"They're not really MY company...they TOOK me quite a while ago and placed nano tubes in my nervous system...human testing.
..the Brain initiative all that
.ACTUALLY THIS INITIATIVE IS QUITE OFF GRID,,,"I quickly add,not wanting to step
on any toes...yes quite ,quite OFF Grid

"AS ARE YOU",SHE JOKES,"quite ..Off Grid if I may say so.."






- MAINLY THE HOLOCAUST.the camps ...the guards,,,

do not thing MERGE PROXY CYBER wants to "do away " with The Holocaust " altogether Rabbi

"oh no..not ALL TOGETHER...,"The older Rabbi says,""Folding his hands into a "V","how nice of them..:

"Uh ," I say ,paging through some of the pages EVAN had me write...
"to APPEASE the Rabbi,who does not seem to understand..."our deal,our concessions to the extreme nature of the situation......"

reading from notes ..I try to make my voice sound more authoritative,,,clinical


"WELL ,ZYLON b CERTAINLY WAS A REAL SHOW STOPPER,"the Rabbi says ,taking my arm and slowly walking,pushing me out of his office ,"...AND IN A PERHAPS IRREVERANT WAY I CAN SEE HOW REALLOCATING CERTAIN SYMBOLS OF GENOCIDE MIGHT HELP "IT BE MORE FUN" TO PLAY POKEMAN OR SOMETHING MIND TO MIND...he continues walking me out of the office and out the front doors of the synagogue...
When I hear the younger Rabbi say ,"WAIT"