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introduction to neuroweapon testing on civilians 2008

Neurotechnologies as weapons in national intelligence and defense – by James Giordano, PhD and Rachel Wurzman, PhD.

  Advances in neuroscience ,nanotechnology and neurotechnology have necessitated discussions on the ways that such developments could be used as weapons in contexts of national security, intelligence, and defense. The concept of neuroweapons elucidates operational issues associated with human testing on a wide demographic with varieties of  brain-machine interface algorithm to improve efficiency in data analysis of acquired neural data and efficiency in this data's decoding as basis for feedback. While Brain Computer Interface and Virtual Reality 5 sense interaction is most  usually considered for medical application, many neurotechnologies may also be viably engaged as weapons. Such “neuroweapons” are obviously of great interest in  to national security, intelligence and defense (NSID) endeavors, given both the substantial threat that these technologies pose to the defense integrity of the US and its allies, and the viability of these approaches in the US NSID armamentarium. A 2008 report entitled Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies for Emergent Neurophysiological and Cognitive/Neural Science Research
summarized the state of neuroscience as relevant to the 1) potential utility for defense and intelligence applications, 2) pace of progress, 3) present limitations, and 4) threat value of such science.

First we must ask ourselves
what is a neuroweapon?
A weapon is defined as “a means of contending against another “ and “…something used to injure, defeat, or destroy”. Both definitions apply to neurotechnologies used as weapons in intelligence and/or defense scenarios. Neurotechnology can support intelligence activities by targeting information and technology infrastructures, to either enhance or deter accurate intelligence assessment, the ability to efficiently handle amassed, complex data, and human tactical or strategic efforts. The objectives for neuroweapons in a traditional defense context (e.g., combat) may be achieved by altering (i.e., either augmenting or degrading) functions of the nervous system, so as to affect cognitive, emotional and/or motor activity and capability (e.g., perception, judgment, morale, pain tolerance, or physical abilities and stamina). Many technologies (e.g., neurotropic drugs; interventional neurostimulatory devices) can be employed to produce these effects.
As implements that target, measure, interact with, or simulate nervous system function and processes, the use of neurotechnololgies as weapons are by no means a new innovation, per se.Sensory stimuli have been applied as neuroweapons: some to directly transmit excessively intense amounts of energy to be transduced by a sensory modality (e.g., sonic weaponry to incapacitate the enemy), while others cause harm by exceeding the thresholds and limits of tolerable experience by acting at the level of conscious perception
The distribution of emotionally-provocative propaganda as psychological warfare could be considered to be an indirect form of neuroweapon
Expansive consideration is  important to evaluate the historicity, operational utility, and practical implications of neurotechnology-as-weapons and  applications of emergent technologies on cognition and mental decompensation.. The former approaches (e.g., cognitive and computational neuroscience; neuropharmacology) could be used for more indirect (yet still neurocentric) applications, including the dis -enablement and/or enhancing of human efforts by simulating brain functions, and the classification and detection of human cognitive, emotional and motivational states to augment intelligence, counterintelligence,
Those neurotechnologies that can enhance the capabilities of the intelligence community may also be used as weapons in that they provide “…a means of contending against another” (2). Certain neurotechnologies may be particularly well suited to affect performance in, and of the intelligence community. The tasks of both human analysts and the technologies they use are becoming evermore reciprocal and inter-dependent. Without technology to pre-process and sort large quantities of complicated information, human analysts could not obtain a cohesive picture from which to draw necessary inferences about the capabilities and intentions of (friendly, neutral or hostile) intelligence targets. Neurotechnologies can be developed to manage the increasingly significant problem of the sheer volume of cyber-based communications that has threatened intelligence systems with inundation. The widespread and inexpensive use of sophisticated communication technology (e.g., social media), and difficulty of allocating resources to gather intelligence-focal “signals” over evermore increasing, non-relevant “noise” has made more coherent collection and interpretation of intelligence information a priority .
The principal neurotechnologies that can be used to bypass such "noise" are human-machine systems that are either employed singularly, or linked to networked hierarchies of sophisticated BMIs, to mediate access to, and manipulation of signal detection, processing and/or integration. Neurotechnologic innovations that are capable of processing high volume, complex datasets  with “a continuous set of values and a complex set of connections,” based on an understanding of neural networks as more than mere binary switches. An analog circuit approach would address current “modeling and simulation challenges”,physiomimetic bio-computing of this is uniquely valuable .
Information systems could conceivably be conjoined so that neural mechanisms for assigning and/or detecting salience (i.e., processes involving cortical and limbic networks) may be either augmented or modeled into neurotechnologic devices for rapid and accurate detection of valid (i.e., signal vs. noise) information within visual (e.g., field sensor, satellite and UAV-obtained images) and/or auditory aspects (e.g., narratives, codes) of human (HUMINT) or signal intelligence (SIGINT. Such computational cognitive frameworks may “borrow” human capabilities, not by mimicking processes in the brain (which may not be sufficiently well understood to begin with), by modeling conceptual components of idealized neurally-modeled systems that are linked in ways that enable performance of similar — if not more rapid and advanced — neuro-cognitive functions. Moreover, Neurally-coupled hybrid systems could be developed that link computational interfaces to human neuronal activity, so as to optimize Bayesian-like predispositions to certain types of stimuli (18). This would limit input datasets to more critical features, and thereby allow more efficient (i.e., rapid and accurate) detection, observation, orientation (and decisions) by the human user. Conjoinment and reciprocity could be used to enhance the feature-detection and intelligence capacities of both (the machine and human) systems.


bryan singer for your supper

2011-they tried killing me there.
 It took 4 years since I've been realize that they didn't just try.
but they did kill me in some way.
..not in the usual way but in a very unusual way...they ripped my mind apart. was all set up..and ready to go before I even moved to Los Angeles
was lured back their ..some talk about me writing some children's book and trying to adapt it  to film..
helped me get a decent apartment in Sherman Oaks..nice to me at firsr
but than it changed
they wanted  Pay back from over a decade before
.when I refused to do what I was told
  suck old men off in the industry.
.lie around in a shit hotel and just snort crank and Be there...for them when they needed something to do..someone to do

 1993- I was told I was  born to be this
why you think that guy brought you to California and left you with us? you damn idiot.
where do you have to go back to?
..the movie industry the guy told me  is connected to all kinds of you have to brought up a certain way to even fuck ..with these types of men who were agency types.
.of a different kind..

 scary guys 
who put a gun in your mouth
 I didn't know I was brought up the way I was..just for this
 ..just to be some whore who snorted coke and let guys shove anything into me.
.made pliable trash around for important people who could act like pigs..

they knew we "guys"  raised a certain way were safe.
.wouldn't talk...cause we were raised on fear.
.but I just couldn't do it right ..suck an old guys dick or even guys just a little bit   and act like yeah this is all good
all the easy life.i had moved from Philly to get away from that kinda' life.
 ..I had my own ideas.
.to draw do something..try to maybe be a cartoon animator
I had moved there with a boyfriend.
who wanted to be in the sun..under palm trees.
so we could both stop using and doing what we had to do to get by...and clean up our acts.
at least was the story he told me

he left me with these guys..didn't say anything but.
like I was a dog.

I stuck around scared to go would draw little pictures
when I could but the drugs made you sorta fade away.
so I stopped doing them with them.
there were a bunch of us around the same age.
they reported "it" to them I was not playing the part
doing dope being friendly.
acting like I liked fucking for some money and some new clothes..
 and that all was taken as me being 'too good for "it".

.they hated me in such away than.
and let it be known how was 1994 when they hit me with something I didn't know existed

Voice to Skull Technologu
.when I couldn't Be this THING supposedly a lot of hard work went into making me -
a scumbag with no nothing in say stop.get off me.

.i want out..
i did get out with out realizing who I had gotten away from
from people who had tech to make you hear things

why would I?

 I didn't know these were people  you don't ask to get away from.
.the might have acted like pigs in bed
 but once they put on their suits they were- the men in suits..who could do things to you..if they wanted to hurt you. far they'd go?..and what kind of weird stuff they had at their disposal was news to me.
.until they used it on me.

.i was only 23 the first time..i never expected there to be a second time..the first time was just sound ..the second was under my skin my eyes my very

red grass and green ducks

Gloria didn't want to be called mom ever..
somehow I knew  Gloria was part of the Mills.the same company my "dad'  worked for...but her work was to be at home and teach me.
we worked
mainly with provide what Gloria called "Weighted" definitions
 for what was what in the world
and she said nothing in the world did not have weight

if it had no weight
it was not a word.or a thing.
Gloria said words meant nothing
but as a "cheap device" to MAKE someone see the world and things in this world

  Gloria said I was lucky I would be ALLOWED to THINK RIGHTLY of things.
since I wasn't sent to a school that was only there to destroy
what she called Attenuated Thought

. Gloria told me she had to use "some words" to introduce SIGHT into my mind because
I was not yet developed enough to be able to
grasp Gloria's ideas
mind to mind
 Gloria would tell me what the first part of the thought must be and than slowly add more Mind Pictures depending if she sensed I had "set the stage " for further "Attenuations "
Gloria told me she could "tell" if I would be lying if I did not come up with what she called the inner picture she was placing inside me.
Blue  Sky Green Ducks .upside down  orange farmhouse and red grass.
I would think these thinks...
and Gloria would usually grab my arm real hard and squeeze it ..very hard..telling me she knew how I was seeing it..
I was seeing it like how a baby .a Ruiner might draw these things on a piece of white paper
and that was not something I "might think I could get away with"
Gloria was usually right how I pictured these things..
which was why we used clay .
Gloria said the Clay would help me get rid of childlike thought pictures.that had no perspectives or  footing
meaning that if another person wanted to come inside my head an BE in the Blue Sky green duck state of mind with me
they would not be forced to flatten their bodies like stick figures little photos..
to join me their and how sick I was ..really not caring that I was thinking up mutual ground that would force others to think of themselves as flattened.
sometime Gloria would take out a phone book if she suspected I was thinking in flat ways about the images she asked me to think about as rounded ..or square...and dimensionally.
and hit my hand with it..
and say she would flatten my hand with the phone book ..and than a hammer so it would be as flat as my thoughts of what "hand" meant in one's Inner vision.

I was to always touch the clay and model it in my hands to only think in terms of every single thing in my mind had weight..
that nobody could enter someone's mind with out feeling they were free falling if a sense of weight was in the thought...
if I asked if the sky had weight and the air had weight she would say shy was white weight air was white weight that used other parts of the mind that I was crazy to believe I would or could ever expect to reach to without first mastering not thinking in flatness.
"who are you to even think you can think of sky and air..when you cannot even visual a ball or a cube without my sensing only the flatness of your inner being.
I should have known I'd get one of these Gloria would say to Parry at dinner making a horrible face ay me..
he thinks like a little girly boy does about masculine mind architecture.
he thinks like a little boy who wants paper dollies in his head..
all flat paper dollies.
so maybe until he can think in substance of man...and in cube-ness of squares.he should wear little dolly girl clothes. Because only little girls think flat things
parry would ask if I want to be called Denise instead of Denny?
and asked what other girl things might me feel more comfortable since It seemed I was not a boy at all..
"I did think in terms of weight ...I did make the barn have four sides."

Parry asked Gloria if she had seen the upside down orange barn at that after noon's class as I had said..

"For one fleeting moment he might have held that picture in his mind ..but when he did all the ducks were now missing and the sky and the red grass."

and Gloria was right. I didn't know how she knew but it was true.
and for the next 3 days they dressed me in girl boy clothes...dresses...and a bow in my hair..
it was one of the few times Gloria took me for a walk around the block of the neighborhood..holding my hand like she liked me...she waited till mid afternoon when all the kids were coming home from school..
and they saw..

but in the days that followed she also saw the upside down orange barn house was 3 dimensional ,with all the  green ducks,red grass and sky
so nobody coming into my mind's eye would be flattened or floating away with no ground to walk on that had no weight.


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Angies List./psychotronic bids and contracts

Psychotronic weapons testing and human experiments with voice to skull technology, radio frequency and directed pulse at one's cerebral cortex to incite .. to impede ,discredit and destroy a human subject's physiological, and psychological core by remote 'electronic' means

Human testing upon another's nervous system and /or brain signal  toward induced hallucinations (brain entrainment).
Proof ..That "org" methods and use of outsourced apparatus'  more proficient than other corporations in the same field  ...

Valerie Prentis winded down her mid morning presentation saying,

"It is unfortunate that that the proof needed to keep a bid or contract needs to be "as off grid ' as the testing and substantiation of the very technology itself can not  be so easily  introduced into a sponsors hands ,as we often must destroy many of the listings  of the subjects we have at our disposal"
Valerie winced as she explained the burdensome fact that," according to the law and public opinion c human testing  and the human torture that must go with such testing  is aberrant and many feel such testing reflects the very nature of the country practicing such supposed barbarism in spite of whatever reason that country tells itself ... that gives them the justification for such  quote unquote  so called-abominations. Luckily the Target Individuals used for this type of experimentation themselves ACT as advertisements for the services on the social network

Tru Christie needed more suicides that blamed the Sound and Vision. Before,years ago the company line was that there was to be as much induced madness that the suicide victim could barely compose a "good bye Cruel world "Now the company line was that they needed the subjects to post ,text and scream louder and louder that 'This is not a dream THIS is really Happening' all over the notebooks in blogs ...on their contractors could see ,hear and gage how well Proxy Cyber was at hand's off remote Slow kill.

"How about I just graph my proxy to beginning placing reviews for our brand of psychotronic torture on Angie
s list ...would that do?Tru asked Valerie Prentis head of direct neural TV at Parasol Pictures.
Valerie gave Tru a look,a "this is no joking matter look" and at the boardroom Tru ,so tired of being spoken to as if he himself were some kind of subject began to daydream...about branding their covert Human Testing meant to drive a human organism synthetically ,irretrievably insane

•Modern Exterminating & Vermin Control Co
Psychotronic Displacement Services

"Business Description, "Thought Tru<

"Since 1967, Modern Exterminating to protect the country against dissidents ,poor people, degenerate artists and intellectuals against human vermin
Services Include
remote neural monitoring ,immersive reality to muddle the vermin's very perceptions such as hearing and sight ,dreams,cognitions, Brain to Computer Interface to use the intrusive nature of the technology to drive the target un sane"

Tru thought how funny..if the subjects began writing their stories on Angie's List.
 use the targeted individuals own stories as recommendation

◦ The sleep deprivation was nearly the end of me. I went to a doctor who performed what he called, “an informal psychological evaluation”, He found me to be mentally, “sound as a bell”.

The sound ,the vision and maybe worst of all the odd physical sensations that accompany the aimed "electromagnetic resonance I was at a point where I worried soon I would not be able to work..nor make my own decisions ..for my mind grew both excited and restive simultaneously. Of course I saw a psychiatrist and began a regiment of chemical cocktails to stop the "Voices' the Visions' but nothing worked.. My ex-husband was a God-send,it was he who told me that the *** were doing experiments on people as they had to do back in the early 50's with MK Ultra...and if I was lucky might soon end..i did not believe him...instead I increased my much that I now slept for over 16 hours a day .IF I was lucky...the small space of time between waking and sleeping was filled with Sound ...with orders.threats..that I not take mind dulling medicines as these tests were one's patriotic duty. and "they' needed me ...conscious and compliable. They would say anything...that they were aliens...demons.... Nothing made sense ,the mind numbing medicines had begun to effect my body which grew rigid. dystonic.I gained 50 pounds in 2 mouth my face swollen to almost comic proportion  I am not sure if this was from the pills or the frequency that ..latched upon  the nerves ..near my ear and jaw line also associated with smooth muscle movement..I stopped going out side.i stropped seeing anybody now family in Arizona did not believe their country would ever do human testing..and a huge fight began between my ex-husband and my father.

american ultra in the age of "Aquarius

all a TI seeks is hope..
we look for it everywhere. You dear reader are under the impression TI s(Targeted Individuals) look for information to bolster up out mental delusions ..that I assume you believe our symptomologies prove.

You do not stop and consider (and really why should you, this has not happened to you) that billions if not trillions of dollars has been spent on creating Psychotronic Weapons to not only mimic a Thought Disorder(schizophrenia  ,psychosis ..) but disorders as yet un -named.In addition to using Direct Energy to convex and assuage cognitive ,emotional and perception(induced hallucinations) Direct Energy (unseen and silent) also is used to cause severe pain in the subject via 'hitting" center pain receptors as well as facial disfigurement (by hitting certain glands  and facial nerves)..Psychotronic Weapons's only function is cause brain damage (madness) and damage to the nervous system .The technology is NOT except by a very small fraction of corporations being used to enhance human life nor help those who could be helped with neural prosthetics(the blind ,the deaf,those incapacitated  and unable to communicate dur to neurodegenerative disease. NOR are the advances made with this peculiar advance technologies SHARED with those corporations who might actually put this technology to good use for such.

Where does a TI look for help when those meant to protect a citizen from cruel and usual Human Testing after one finds that no government agency will listen let alone do something to stop Human Testing...
we look to the mainstream media who seems to agreed to the terms of an information blackout  as this tech has far reaching implications concerning  'National Security" (never mind that the testing is being done on several hundred thousand of the Nation's own citizen who I assure you are very insecure ..with being made unwilling lab rats.
we look to Hollywood to ,at least give the public some idea of what is going -granted in veiled manner..that protect's Hollwood's own interests.

recently with some hope I saw an advertisement for a film called "American Ultra" hoping  that someone in Hollwood was brave enough to risk present -if not- the MK ULRA like Human Testing being done now.but at least on such testing years ago which has been partially declassified

instead -upon watching the trailer  I see Human Testing  portrayed as -

-as Hollywood .One can only wonder what fun Hollywood might have with Unit 731
just look how tele- genic, look how stylized the purposely made Charles Manson.

all a TI seeks is hope..
we look for it everywhere. You dear reader are under the impression TI s(Targeted Individuals) look for information to bolster up out mental delusions ..that I assume you believe our symptomologies prove.

You do not stop and consider (and really why should you, this has not happened to you) that billions if not trillions of dollars has been spent on creating Psychotronic Weapons to not only mimic a Thought Disorder(schizophrenia  ,psychosis ..) but disorders as yet un -named.In addition to using Direct Energy to convex and assuage cognitive ,emotional and perception(induced hallucinations) Direct Energy (unseen and silent) also is used to cause severe pain in the subject via 'hitting" center pain receptors as well as facial disfigurement (by hitting certain glands  and facial nerves)..Psychotronic Weapons's only function is cause brain damage (madness) and damage to the nervous system .The technology is NOT except by a very small fraction of corporations being used to enhance human life nor help those who could be helped with neural prosthetics(the blind ,the deaf,those incapacitated  and unable to communicate dur to neurodegenerative disease. NOR are the advances made with this peculiar advance technologies SHARED with those corporations who might actually put this technology to good use for such.

Where does a TI look for help when those meant to protect a citizen from cruel and usual Human Testing after one finds that no government agency will listen let alone do something to stop Human Testing...
we look to the mainstream media who seems to agreed to the terms of an information blackout  as this tech has far reaching implications concerning  'National Security" (never mind that the testing is being done on several hundred thousand of the Nation's own citizen who I assure you are very insecure ..with being made unwilling lab rats.
we look to Hollywood to ,at least give the public some idea of what is going -granted in veiled manner..that protect's Hollwood's own interests.

recently with some hope I saw an advertisement for a film called "American Ultra" hoping  that someone in Hollwood was brave enough to risk present -if not- the MK ULRA like Human Testing being done now.but at least on such testing years ago which has been partially declassified

instead -upon watching the trailer  I see Human Testing  portrayed as -

-as Hollywood .One can only wonder what fun Hollywood might have with Unit 731
look what they've just done with Charles Manson
Psychotronic Electronic, Electromagnetic, Directed Energy, Neurological, Non-lethal Technologies, human subjects and informed consent. 2003

Randomized studies with nanomaterials that alter consciousness ,emotion behavior and transcription of acquired brain signals. Psycho Cybernetic and Psycho Socio studies using transcribed Neural Data as basis for renditions i.e. interface upon a subject's psyche with pertinent or punitive synthesized signal that the receiver /sender sees fit to impart upon the subject's entrained brain .In most cases this technology is most effective if the rendition is based upon the subject's own fears /humiliations and threshold based upon the subject's own unique collected Neural Data
whereas the targeted individuals may experience: -
a). Microwave hearing, torture with loud noise.
b). Visual hallucinations, artificial dreams.
c). Reading thoughts, retrieving memories.
d). Manipulation of thoughts, will, emotions, desires and perceptions.
e). Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands
f). Debilitation of mental acuity, loss of memory.
g). Sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep
h). Cramps, spasms, excruciating artificial pain in any part of the body, manipulation of body systems, including heart attacks and other serious medical conditions.
2. Some victims are subject to harassment and organized stalking in their communities, some victims receive false psychiatric diagnosis and in addition become victims of the systems, from which they are seeking help (medical institutions and law enforcement).
Books and articles regarding electronic weapons, body and mind augment technologies
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Targeted Individuals Europe

 {it is very difficult finding information of statistics on Targeted Individuals who have killed themselves after 2006.Many posts are taken down as soon as they go up. Many families "are embarrassed" to note their loved one killed themselves or that their loved one "claimed" they were targeted..Furthermore many DO NOT WISH to bring attention upon themselves as they saw first hand what had happened to the deceased who had indeed been targeted."}

One who has been targeted and takes their own life is not a suicide but has been murdered"

Anthony Brill Targeted Individuals Europe .org (4 days before his suicide )  3.17/09

how many more days.
was it going to be worth it.
 how many days ..more wasn't the question. it was too many days already.

I no longer can afford to think in terms of  living with this another year,
or  months.

soon I hope it will be weeks
and that one wonderful day
no more. at all.

a dog I would not let go through this.
I  would have put the pet down years ago

the pills I take are  not for the reason these types of pills are given
these pills did not work for what "ails me  ..and haunts me
I have tried all of them

synthetic telepathy.
voice to skull.
direct energy testing

weeks months years siphoning through books,  papers,interviews...deliberately weeding out obviously and not so obviously  placed trying to emulate -the style of this
...writing the facts as non facts
 the non facts as facts

 thinking of ways to get things nobody cared to hear about
. I had focused on
.writing about the situation of being targeted from my  perspective ..than a multitude of characters  I try to bring people into "a story"....a story  so far from a story story can be..

knowing if I wrote it as it was..
I would only sound mad.
what is done to Human Guinea pigs is just
so far from a person not made human fodder's possible understanding

I have not succeeded..
I am not sure I ever believed I was getting anywhere..

 the kind of payback..punishment
these researchers deserve
 ...on a level beyond just written law
..but a higher law.gladly will not be my reason I choose to end my life is the hate  ,a hate I did not know I had in me ..for the scores of academics, clinicians ..legislators..with their pocket books wide open ...and their mouths wide shut
the hate I feel for them is beyond anything I can bare seeing ,feeling in myself.

my final prayer is that my hate for them and want for them to be punished
 tortured  in the same way myself  and other TIs have been and are
is somehow tempered by something All Mighty
that may grant them
 such pardon and forgiveness.i cannot

 my final prayer is that the a power greater than them.than me
will  NOT tear their souls apart they have mine
 and all  the other human Guinea  Pigs they have done this to for years deliberately
for science...

if I really had what maybe I should have in me
 I would not choose  end my life quietly..and
as painlessly as I shall

but would place myself in front of Parliament House and light myself on fire..
so others might finally take note.
(but would they? even much many hand outs ..promises..secret...and fear..threats if someone dare expose THIS..they too become "next")
a better man might..or would..or will

my hate
my wish of their finally feeling what it is like being tortured ..with invisible weapons..
that make it all the worse that nobody sees the "hit or hurt"
the invisibility that makes one raped not once but twice in the ER,at the court house...
behinds hands trying to hide a giggle

not just the scientists..
but  those as well who know.
watching the data ...the reads...the  monitors.

just doing their jobs

watching what I write now ...cursors down their screen


who know
 know I am and those who write of what I am ...are not crazy...
you are not innocent.
maybe worse than the rest .
you too are  are being watched and
 not just by the TIs who know you do nothing.
..but  by an intelligence that is not as artificial as you might hope...
you who knows who  watch our  the streams of posts ..
are not innocent

01) "In Memory: Ananda Zaren 1946-2008
02) Ann S.: MK (source: Victims)

03) Carole Sterling (OS/EH,+SU-1997) "committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim." (source:
04) Cary Clark Adcox, (OS/EH, age 45. Suicide -June 25, 2001 Arkansas, USA)
05) Christine Magiotti, November 3, 2009 Christine was a member of the FFCHS Crisis Intervention Committee. "I am very sorry to inform the group that TI Christine M. in Livermore, California... passed away on November 3, 2009, after a battle with cancer. Christine attended our first TI meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area a couple of years ago and was a semi-regular on the conference calls. She will be remembered as a kind-hearted individual who had a very positive and caring effect on everyone she interacted with. She will definitely be missed." (sources: and

06) Clare Wehrle (OS/EH, +Jan. 6, 2006)07) Diane (OS/EH October 31, 1975) age of 41. There will never be justice for her in this world but I know that a spirit as beautiful as hers will always shine on. - Renee, her daughter"

08) David F. Wood (OS/EH, +Suicide -Oct. 14, 1999)

09) Darin Smith (OS/EH, +SU-Aug. 31, 2006


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

wireless cage/ phineas gage


it's not so bad I think being in this cage...when you are so entranced by this new kind of tv
that uses one's mind as it's screen
it's transmit is as silent and invisible as any transmission of Sound and Vision
and my broadcast thoughts thanks to my Merge Bio Tech
I need not be ever ashamed of..
for they are only reformatted for public viewing and cue-ing by professionals
far ,far away..

nobody in fact would know I have been placed in this cage
because of my bad emanations
Evan Rainy ,my OT,my Operating Tele-Presence has imparted upon my
visual and aural temporal lobe( on much much more than one or two occasions
with an interface that is Mind to Mind and Mind to Majesty
there is an awful lot of repetition )
if I had kept my "mealy mouth SHUT about IT!
and had not TYPED a word about IT.

Maybe DUMBO! this woulda' been FUN!
and not PUNATIVE!
if Phineas Gage here - had not been so arrogant and "just plain dddddumb O!
to try to squeal  about this amazing
new technology that allows for
such intervention

and I will always PAY for this  "wrong turn" I have made
trying to "do my best" to destroy something that has not even been properly developed!you son of bitch Jew Ruiner  detractor Ingrate Childman!

who ,Evan Rainy  imparts,"in or out of the right mind
would actually believe his screams and shouts would be taken seriously
you rag doll
concerning letting anyone KNOW you have been placed in a cage of wireless wire
a better man
you see would have been up ! to the task of being open minded
to open mind communcado you Human Monkey!

yet in all my research ..I have yet found ONE Targeted Individual who much enjoyed
being kidnapped and mind raped..
'The greater Good or Otherwise"
there are 24 hours in day dear reader and a number of years ago the National Science Foundation  estimated that our brains produce as many as 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day depending on how 'deep' a thinker one is .
Luckily as the interface goes on and on the number of thoughts I have dwindle
there is a robotic tone that begins to envelope one's every mood and motive
I was quite surprised at how much intention and motivation goes into for instance deciding
"who might give a damn" if I choose to wear socks of similar length
with mismatched logos upon them
and surprised to learn from Evan that cameras in fact ZOOM in on such "deviance"
as this "lack of assimilation" regarding matching socks has quite broad implication concerning
how much it might mean for one who cares little about such things
to go much further in their lack of civil continuity.

my rather small misdemeanor-esque bouts with the law..
have in themselves Evan has graphed in Sound and Vision
'marked me" as suitable fodder for various Human Experiments going on in the private sector
even if I was not raised to be rodent /participant in a maze like
imitation of life that predated and predicted This Perfect Day
when personal computing could enter our very personhood as bio chip.

these days Evan must graph me more and more eye candy(cartoons, cheerful and light mainly)
to make me stay awake once I have awoken
do the friendly visuals make up for the impending doom
of the Voices?or the tightness of my every muscle ...due to the
accumulation of being struck with radio and magnetic frequency all the live long
oh please ..
let it be short!

I do not go out much ..not anymore...I tend to fold into traffic both pedestrian and auto..
often forgetting where I am....encapsulated as I am in the invisible cage of virtuated reality
laid upon my noggin ..
Evan purports images of people and things "not there"
and lately has dabbled with "subtracting for instance menacing looking pedestrians from  my sight line he can get a proper gleaning of me
being brambled to the pavement.

Thank you so much Evan..I think and thus "graph" to the visual verbiage of Evan
 purposed to  my visual cortex as
the Great Gazoo.
..all smiles
and also now sound effects that lighten up
the lighting of my emotional countenance 8.7.hx in nano second
my augmented mood by electromagnetic magic
   syncopated to my Occipital Overlay of   Hanna Barbara like conveyance of  "seeing stars"
these Mind Boggling Imbues ... keep me less focused on the pain in the back of my head from being pushed to the ground by fellow sidewalk surfers
 and the  humiliation of being fooled again by Evan

who has warned me never to quite trust what I see and hear as real..

I feel like just laying there - on the street..
staying there forever..until something happens..

and things DO in fact always happen ..if one lays prone on the street.
one is always "taken somewhere"
placed in a "unit"
....and given a cheese sandwich and a orange drink or milk

it is all I have to use against my team
sometimes this is the first thing they want ...and sometimes the last

anything but the only rule..
for poor Evan and Tru Christie and all my Operating Tele Presence
must listen (as must I ) to endless chatter and chim chan...
 nothing  pertinent to add to a library of  Neural Read.

still I remain still
thinking of hot jail guards...or young psych techs in their summer chinos

and who can resist a cheese sandwich wrapped like a  priceless painting in plastic and more plastic..
and yum
and yum I think closing my eyes
only those tasty orange drinks in those tiny cartons one can find in jails and hospitals

'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh c'mon BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbbaaaaby" Evan says now as
'the man that got away"
an ex...
re-pixeled from my memory to be a held out hand
that cannot in spite of it's reach
pull me up


Populace Care Construct

The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force   was put into action on or around September  2001 to arrest those suspected of counter concern activities.
The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force introduced the formal notion of one being enemy of the mediations and media as one who wishes to undermine the status quo by questioning  the legitimacy of the media's Populace Care Construct to set standards of  perceptions meant to provide the populace with both  diagram and dialogue meant to instill calm upon the country and it's people for reasons of  national preservation

  • contradictory quandary in print ,online ,in all manner of visual or aural  activity meant to disqualify set norms  could and should be considered :
"A contradictory causative  action  aimed at  undermining or weakening of the power of the media and it's  government  .Agitators and Contrarian undermine  industry, transport,  credit and monetary systems, as well as demoralize cooperative societies by intriguing others to question or oppose the media's normal functioning to foster collective calm. Contradictory Contrarians aim is to weaken perceptions of the people. And to weaken the population's  belief in their government and media.:

Detainment and of those who participate in  Contrarian Causal Activities can be extended indefinitely without trial or consultation. The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force  has wide berth in it's clause  to either arrest or imprison anyone deemed suspicious, or steadfast in their decision to affect or infect contradictory confluence upon others.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I come up stairs ..
after XXXX dumps my strawberry quik down the sink and pours out the whole box of quik next down the sink
and I say why you doing that he just makes his mouth puff up

saying don't forget little pinnochio and I have to go on a trip
and maybe the doll
was about what they will do to dumbo if he doesn't do his real live boi stuff
for a paying client..

next XXXX starts throwing out all the candy and bread ..and cereal...and I stand around like an idiot..
thinking this is insane..

I pick up the little jim doll and ask XXXX where the dolls arm and leg is..
XXXX pulls out a baggie from his pants and tosses them to me

"Don't eat them" he says ..

"Ha .ha.," I say wondering how long XXXX has been carrying around MY arm and MY leg in his pockets..

In my room I try both gorilla glue and crazy glue to put the arm and leg back on...
but than see that the arm and leg have tiny little notches on them so they can tied on with twine...
I start getting angry ...that not the arm and leg are all gluey for no reason ..and calm down and down and more down ...
to delicately like fix the doll the right way..
THE RIGHT WAY! I graph ...that no Mandler thinks I have the patience or diligence to do

XXXX knocks on the door..
throwing my an apple..
in his hand is his laptop

" 're sanctioned to kill people huh...,good to know," XXXX says..."and real real real Good for anyone online to know...tell you EVER stop and think what you are doing...."

'for your information THAT post is not about or for this wicked little Game of yours..but my game entirely.."I say

' I see..a kinda I sunk your battleship a child might do...that type of game..?"XXXX says

"yeah Like a child might do I say ," holding up the doll,now fixed.

"be careful is all I gotta say," XXXX says

"tell me XXXX what I have to be careful about anymore?" I ask

'eating too much" he says and leaves the room...

I hate XXXX lately for not being "app-ed" and it starts to really hit me for some reason what exactly THEY really did to me..
"you can't afford to think about it like that ,' Evan graphs sending me some friendly visuals or many cartoons...I like...

but I am thinking like this more and more...I graph..

'THAT is WHY you sticking to the STORY ..our STORY is so we can weave you in and out of story....without you ever having to just LAND where you are right're being punished is all...for trying to break the paradigms..
and than all we have is what you have there..
some little rag doll..
and not a little action man..

Evan's voice changes to Jimminy Cricket's...
and is real kind like that..
and next I see Evan as little jiminy Cricket on the edge of the bed..

"are you a man or marionette Dumbo...
if you choose to think of yourself as some weird science project...freak than THOSE are the stories that you will be placed in...
if you decide to
think of yourself as something new and unique...'

"aren't you going to sing a song or something...?" I think

at the image and suddenly it's like the whole world has stopped.

"and you think you're a fuckin shooter Dumbo?"Evan laughs.

suddenly ,for some reason I get he's mocking me ..Like he knew I'd get all soft and nice to his little over lay upon me ...

"you can't do that to me ,ever ,ever again ," I think past Evan and to whomever is running the show..."Understand?"

a different voice goes into me..."If I were you Dumbo I would realize I am in no position to ask anyone for jackshit ...for a while UNDERSTAND?Now if I were you I'd turn on the TV AND some White noise machine ...and really think about NOT that stupid Doll but the Neural Pain reading that was around the doll's neck and how just 20 minutes ago...we replayed pain upon your elbow based on readings over 4 months old buddy boi...but don't think if it TO much ..I don't wan to go sinking your battleship"


strawberry quik

Tru Christie is convinced I am not autistic..Evan Rainy graphs..
(whhhat thehhhhhell do Iiii care whhhhat you thinkkkk I graph back!!!!...wanting to hit my head crazy folks do on tv to show that they're crazy)
and that I am just plain shifty..
and know I was only allowed to write about this in a certain way

how the hell am I shifty..I graph back
how THE FFFFF*ck!!! can MANDLERS! dare interface anyone they tricked into getting "app-ed" that THEY are shifty!!I yell with my mind
which I don't often do
cause mind to mind interfacing like kinda LIKE TEXTING IN ALL CAPS!!!

and naturally causes your Mandler to respond "in kind"

I feel too dumb for this today or too jumped up for this...
not in the mood  to stop and consider all that I learned about the  technicalities and etiquette of Mind to Mind Remote Imbue-ing
some days ..some weeks in fact just want to think like you used to...

 I go down stairs cause...sometimes the best you can do

is just ...switch gears...and be with other people
never mind you know you are" being social" because  your Mandlers need to "see ----how " it works...
with entirely different kinds of real life /real time  triggers setting you on and  off
 different ...sets of signals for them to tinker with and study and all-

walking slow down ,
 the steps all the while  I am mumbling to myself ... out a mental patient
like a cartoon version of mental patient

they have made me a cartoooon I think .starting to get angry
 muttering .." interfacing  upon a man's temporal lobes visions and words and ideas and emotions and emoji  all day and night! and  than I back track .,I rewind...thinking or talking aloud to myself..I just don't even care no more...

I never said I was autistic only the drs did...
.and I can care less what anybody thinks to me..
and thinks upon me..
it is un be augmented in this way.."

'you alright Dumbo?" XXXX says

'yes ,'I am fine I say thinking to myself and thus Proxy Cyber
                  they are hurting me with it..
                  they expected to see some results...
                but all  they see  and glean from me is themselves ...interfacing to a man who refuses to

"you can't be doing that Dumbo.."XXXXX says ,meaning the so called "talking to myself"

XXXX is wearing his Neuronautic's uniform...the one that if you didn't know any better makes him look like a Naval officer
and it's kinda' in one's best interest to
not think this at all..Evan reminds me

XXXXX can see I am interfacing ...and rolls his eyes..saying
 "how can I love you if you let it show? can I want to fuck around with someone ..who insists on making a spectacle of himself like this"

"I don't think a guy miumbling to himself with one person around is exactly making A specktacle ....out of anything...I don't think that's really the definition of spectacle-ing one me I'd rather be yelling this all up and down the don't care any more.."

"Obviously..."XXXX says,"and OBVIOUSLY that's why they are tightening the screws on you"

"you can't be doing what you are doing   Dumbo.."XXXXX says "you have to respect the situation.."

I am supposed to respect it...but I do not respond to their I used to with the same fear ..only rage...
their little skull faces..
their warnings that they can and will upload my neural reads into a gruesome hologram that must walk the earth for a billion years !
or some genuine  guinea pig
than a fly
than a carp
than a slug
 to make me pay ..even after death

 they will keep my captured soul... in some kind of a new kinda' zoo  they have warned me if I do not  "get with the program'
and stop my attacks upon them

a man is not meant to think that far ahead..
a man cannot help but pray to a genuine G-d..
who will make sure my soul is not kept in some cage.

"you're trancing out again..I'm here.,I'm here.." XXXX says snapping his fingers in front of me ."you looked so scared.."he said

for some reason I think he's fucking with me,mocking me..I want him to take off his uniform..He 's moving up in the "group' and I'm just "some THING they app-ed"
I'm not even really human ...
not anymore..
why only in these past weeks ....has it really sunk in...
that their lies about me becoming superhuman were only to placate me...
while they took more and more out of me and put more and more of themselves in me...
more and more rage...
more and more apathy

"what do you fuckin know about anything ...huh...?' I say real mean...which is stupid cause  only came downstairs to sort of be with XXXX...cause only XXXX and a few others ..know this is really happening

XXXX takes a little note out of his back pack from a box with our address on it..our address is in big block letters...
"I didn't want to show you this but at the Annex they called me on it"

"called you on what?"I ask
 mixing myself a Strawberry Quik..trying to ignore Evan graph "that a decent man might ask XXXX is he as well would..

'You want any fucking Strawberry Quik XXXX?" I ask XXXX

" that you asked so nicely.."he says coming over and rubbing my shoulders.."Man what have you been thinking to them?.."

for the past 3 days XXXX has been in and out of the house..I barely see him..I 've been popping benzos like mad and seroquels...
and worst of all typing

"I started changing the story"I say

'it isn't really YOUR story to change ," XXXX says suddenly taking his hands away.

XXXX opens the box with our address on it and takes out this strange little doll  with a tiny card tied to it's neck

I know XXXX has read the card and opened the box..
I look at the box ..wanting to see me name on it so I have a reason to get angry at XXXX for screwing with my stuff..
reading my mail...but it doesn't have a name on it ...but it does have my name on the tag around the strange looking raggedy doll's tiny neck which I grab out of XXXX's hand

                                                                           limb for limb jim
and underneath the words
 limb for limb jim
is a very medical looking charting
of blue and red and green and yellow lines
and in one place almost all the lines but the green lines go up like a "v":

right where the spike is  written in pencil is  the words

funny bone Feb 15th... 3:07pm..

odd how you don't recall actual pain.I start thinking
isn't it? I start thinking...probably because ,as my Mandlers have explained...THIS is how DUMBO
deals with stress.
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnot studied
my Mandlers call this kind of thinking JEW-IE thinking

I try to stop my quote unquote Jewie thinking and focus on XXXX who has taken on the job.
which was
"my job' of making the Strawberry Quik.
I try to stop my "Jewie intellectualizing self referential thought style and deal with the facts as they are
concerning a voodoo type doll .and what I know are my brain signals
at 3:07pm feb 15
when I hit my funny bone on the book case.
I mean you like remember ...feeling said ...and happy...and can even kind" go there'in your memory..

I remember feb 15 th only cause it was the day after valentine's day
and I was taking down this heart thing xxxx put on the ceiling for a party..
and banged my funny bone on the book case..
it hurt so much the pain that I began ripping book after book out of the ikea book case
cursing the makers of all books on earth and all ikea products...
Liam saw me .or heard me throwing the books ..and asked what was wrong..

I came down from the ladder and started picking up the books ..
sorta being all pissed with liam seeing me "beat up books"
when it wasn't even the books fault but the damn book case's fault for hurting my funny bone to begin with

I look at the words limb for limb jim
and all I can think is FFFinally they stopped calling me dumbo!

than I feel this horrible pain go through my funny bone

and hear evan graph like wolfman jack,practically screeching the words "rreeeeemix .."

I know I didn't hit my elbow on anything and try hiding the pain from XXXX
I go into the other room real fast ...than into the bathroom where I run my elbow under cold water..

"you OK ?" XXXX asks when I return

and I take the voodoo doll thing and look at it real hard

 voodoo doll type thing ..that looks kinda' like me
out of his's one arm is ripped off...and one of it's legs...

I look at the doll faces..and it's hair..which is not quite like mine but kind of goes up into a kinda ' triangle like thing..on top...styled..I touch the voodoo doll hair and see indeed some kind of gel or glue has style the hair into a point-ie like thing on top...without thinking I run my hand through my hair..

"do you think I should get my hair cut like that?" I ask.

'I really don't think that's why they sent the doll..Jinbo" XXXX says .


the most important part of conducting human testing
discretely is to place as much distance between
the sponsor
of these tests-..and those you must seek to perform such tests
not only is it essential to out source the tests but one must also
convolute the essence of the research and acquired data in such a way
that various universities and medical associations and groups and corporations
will only know about a small sliver
of "the big picture"
so one must early on chose wisely what dummy companies one needs to set up and what data needs to be falsified in advance
also which streams of hard copy soft copy true statement false statements might need to be doctored .
..this can be done by always keeping in mind that the main goal is to get the human studies as far away form their initial source and basic reasoning to preform such studies as possible..
so .one should constantly switch initiatives...change issues into non issues and back again ..suggest at first all data is being done for medical reasons . than back peddle that all studies are focusing on academic theory. Next set up special interest groups act as ethical watch dogs...than confirm that for financial reasons you can only do research out of country make..this company fold and divide one's research into fields that on the surface have nothing whatsoever to do with with a legislator to stop the very work you are doing .than once again fold or buy another company. Go public with information 15 years old..and remember to always say this type of science won't be possible for another 15 years...go back to academia...and seek options overseas. Go public that the work you have done with monkeys...has made you have to refocus on ethics before moving forward to human trials. lose or data..claim your research is ...transitioning ..move headquarters to yet another country quick start up quicker buy false loses than false gain for .dummy companies to keep agencies off point agencies most importantly when one is conducting human experiments ..make every thing so confusing that eventually even the source of the initiated outsourcing can truly say
without faltering" I have not the slightest clue what is or was going on
in the small lecture hall Dr R***** banged on the green blackboard he used specifically as an visual referential that was meant to imply "wholesome"qualities of some broadcast or actual representation of "school house" fundamentals
using a pointing stick to deliberately cause auditory imprint
with his purposely severe tone meant to instill on future
"change agents"-
2.NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT BLATHERS ON ABOUT SO CALLED "HUMAN TESTING" OR "goes on a campaign against psychotronics or cybernetics" NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT tells a Dr., hires a lawyer or writes to a congressman or state representative
always remember!
it comes to nothing...
never in my 4 decades with this agency has anything whatsoever come from full or partial disclosure from a subject.
no matter How much "they know"or think they know
...The subjects are inevitably taken to be either psychotic or schizophrenic*..
their rigorous campaigns to prove their "normalcy
in fact often escalate their problems concerning legitimacy
("someone put something in my mind..someone put something in my drink"Dr R**** said in a childlike voice and the crowd laughed, the crowd of students who "would " be placing "something"in "somebody's drink
"I think somebody did something very naughty to me "Dr R**** went on,his voice even more childlike when he stuck his thumb in his mouth"..I think I was violated .. I tink I saw a puddy cat .I tink someone put computer chips in my brain)
Turning serious Dr R**** asked the 'change agents" in the lecture hall,"DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE?
do you"
I am explaining to you that no matter WHAT a Targeted Individual SAYS...
YOU will always be SAFE
..I've often wondered myself if someone "Tagged" me with "apps' if I would say something to anyone..
and if I did how it would sound...
but truthfully I cannot
because I and I expect anyone here in the audience simply WOULD never be BRANDED
NON PERSON enough to be on "the wrong end" of Humane testing.
That is what we call it...
Hu mane Tesing
Never Human testing
I would like everyone to repeat after me
"Humane Testing"
The SUBJECTS perceived indignities caused to them INCREASE substantially when various "threshold tests" are conducted concerning Mind Assuagement cause many of subjects
have a melt down ,inevitably they make a public display of themselves ,this only helps OUR case. Not theirs.
Dr R***** sipped a glass of water and spoke in a manner that is casual and intimate,
"I remember a young woman,a subject literally picketing the ***dept for 4 weeks all the while neurally interfacing her mentors she intended to light herself on fire .as some kind of diminutive gesture against Neurotronic testing
...could you imagine?Could you imagine lighting yourself on fire and nobody believing a word you have said?not your friends ,not your husband ,not your family...why i even felt for the poor woman myself. Inevitably these Suffragette types will make matters worse for themselves in the courts,hospitals and everything in between as their lives become a objective lesson in diminishing returns...we do like a record...we do like to cover our asses...and we do like an open file of discredit-ification..
.which means a Psychological "happening"should present ever 2 or 3 years if for no other reason than continuity...they become used to the voices and visions but do not worry
a disintegration of self occurs nonetheless .do not give up that a full mental breakdown can also present through secondary symptoms of albeit synthesized schizophrenia-------Never ever Think of these subjects as people..THIS is what they want you to do,this is how they manipulate YOU. Obviously whoever procured these subjects had damn good reason for not identifying them as 'people"and there fore neither should YOU

The development of a nanomechanical chip that can be internalized to detect intracellular pressure changes within living cells, enabling an interrogation method based on confocal laser scanning microscopy.
"Our goal was to fabricate a chip small enough to be inserted into a living cell and detect mechanical loads," Rodrigo Gómez-Martínez, the paper's first author, tells Nanowerk. "As a result, we have been able to show that this nanostructured device can detect intracellular pressure changes. This is the first time that pressure can be detected by a sensor located inside an intact cell, preserving the integrity of the cell membrane."Suárez points out that the presence of the nanochip does not seem to affect the cell's structure or viability – cells with the sensor chip inside were alive, healthy and able to divide (with the sensor remaining inside one of the cells).-
Teresa Suárez,The implications of the tenacity of these bio sensors combined with their sensing mechanics means that perhaps sooner than expected certain so far unbelievable
enhancements of the mind and body are now not simply "do-able" but profitable

collateral damage and bidding wars

you feel like a dumbass.
.in REAL have LITERAALY been taken, commandeered. mind and body by
 the State which may times of war...take another's HOME or CAR...or son or daughter..

it does not occur to you how odd this built in rule is..
not until one's son or daughter is drafted.
nor will it occur to you ..that technology has so advanced...they can now "take your son or daughter " (or you  as well)
with brain play..brain entrainment.. I am not writing no science fiction. here..for free.? on fuckin' facebook?

why?I an trying to mask the situation....often as fiction. But as the situation only grows more begins to slip up....
and also ..wonder if in fact ...writing this as only adding to the common notion...that Brain Entrainment  is NOT a multi billion dollar racket..
thus YOU dear reader
not me is the dumbass.

let me explain to you why...let me explain to you why YOU should be worried about Human Experimentation taking place all around you
so you might excuse my "over posting" about such " outrageous things" between group shots of ole' frat buddies ...and tight shots of hot dogs..

let me explain why biological technological advanced testing on human beings (other than thyself dear sir) might effect YOU nonetheless
while I may not have THE RIGHT to say "GET OUT OF this TESTING"
I DO  in fact HAVE the get a gun and blow away anyone I please.

do you know why?

dear reader ? who reads this as fiction or some mental disorder.

Because  quite simply -THAT IS HOW
                         they see "if it works"
                they care  AS little ABOUT you
all to see...if one can make another literally dummy up with biotech a human organism to make another - a human drone....

take note dear reader ...what comes in the manual

"The only way to determine if the subject will follow commands  is to prove  the subject  will follow commands. The only way to prove that the tele-operator has successfully removed the burden of ego from  his or her subject  is to prove that his or her "Proxy"is  now entirely without ego and thus has no inner guidance system upon which to rely upon BUT he or she's Tel-operator. Once  a subject's defenses  are disambiguated ONLY toward( and for) A.I. there is no longer any  moral code the subject must to burden his or her self with as ,by this point there should in fact  have no SELF left for such  self reckoning. At such a time the subject 's Tel-Presence is now ready to prove "by proxy"
 initiated acts not currently nor previously  in the subject's repertoire .Quite simply ,the only way to see if a subject can kill is to make the subject do so "-Cole Cohen (notebook 29)

Jim Bloom and it crossed the proxy's mind ...a mind that had not been his..for some time...time enough ..that he no longer wanted what was left of it back...(let them have it..nOW (more than ever!) meant things it had not crossed the Proxy's mind SOMEONE would type in the words "Like' beneath his entry...and it occured to him ..his sense were certainly not THE ONLY sensibilities being augmented The New Way...the Proxy was not the only one being tested..pressing a button that says in brite blue LIKE..he had seen "hit" under funeral annoucements...and obituaries..would he see it here...under the posting that would be evidence he would soon shoot hoot hoot hoot -the whole day down....



..and where I inevitably landed

a whore.
in daaaaaa streets...

(1) ) and I am afraid ...nooooo I am sure
I wilol end up back there

as I do again and again

I am afraid   I come off as that kind..

nothing dear reader has ever changed for me...
I am always changed this way and back
as are all raised by the State...
to BE ..

the state of things.....has demanded .."it" be

"it" is what they call ONE like me raised on referentials...and Ritualized Trauma

a sick sick sick thing we had taaaaa do yaaaaa see
cuz THEY
was doin' IT in rrrrrusssia...

why not call this ..what it is...

why not stray from fictional-isms

there is nothing moire FICYIONAL than the USA...
who out Russia-ed THOSE nassssty Russians decaDES AGO

.when I was living on the streets....I I WAS Never much good at it..
having spent years being kept..

and or warehoused men who asked only they could suck or f8ck your loyal narrator ...for a soft pillow   pon' their ..head...
treated LIKE such a KING!
I was
Never very good at begging ..for a few dimes ..."oh f*ck me ...Misses.! thank you so very much this.nnnnnnice shiny quarter gonna' get me far ya' damn k*nt..thank ya' very much indeed Miss
I'd tend to instead ...ask the wealthy bitches and their bitch boi husbands to throw me some cash on the sidewalk now or I'd beat
their big bicep husband BING BANG to the ground
biceps bought by gym trainers ...don't serve half as good as scrawny arms with dirty finger nails
willing to jump and claw you up alive as might a snake...or caged monkey...or baboon...
throw that money down man...
yet ...these folks would often next call the cops on me your innocent "app-ed" narrator...and once is me who must pay the price of "not acting correctly " in a ridiculous situation ...
being on FB...having been made a HUMAN EXPERIEMNT..BY THE POWERS THAT SEIZE...
and trying to ..explain my unfortunate situation
has in many ways made me lose what ever decorum
das social netvork
requires online as it is in loitering

  oh..if you only know How I was raised for this..
you dear reader would be weeping...instead of leaping to once and for all delete me from your friend's list..
"really...?" Introduction to Microwave Technology Auschwitz??!!
one day after Memorial day?
Does this Man..have no respect for group photos of barbeques?...and our little Brandon's first wade in our pool?
Coming face to face with the realization that YOUR SENSES your mind has literally
been ` taken over throws you into a tailspin. You become thankful that your Mentor begins turning the internal logic of one's inner monologue against itself only so your mind now speckled with bio tech transmits thought not quite your own .
You are taught through mirroring to experience your train of thought as a runaway train as something that needed engineering something sick and dirty you brought from your place at the children's table to the grown up's table
"no this man ..has no respect for things such as that he can no longer experience ...except as a recorder ,receiver and transmitter of said action

oh..if you only know How I was raised for this..
you dear reader would be weeping...instead of leaping to once and for all delete me from your friend's list..

"really...?" Introduction to Microwave Technology Auschwitz??!!
                                                                                                   one day after Memorial day?

Does this Man..have no respect for group photos of barbeques?...and our little Brandon's first wade in our pool?

Coming  face to face with the   realization     that   YOUR   SENSES  your mind has literally

been ` tAKEN OVER throws you into a tailspin. You become thankful that your Mentor   begins  turning the   internal logic of  one's inner monologue against itself only so your mind now speckled with bio tech transmits thought not quite your own .

You are taught through mirroring to experience your train of thought as a runaway train as something that needed engineering  something sick and dirty you brought from your place at the children's table to the grown up's table 

"no this man ..has no respect for things such as that he can no longer experience ...except as a recorder ,receiver and transmitter  of said action.."

Monday, May 25, 2015

A large gift basket and two presents wrapped in black paper ,tied in red and bowed with a  white ribbon sat atop Adam Parker's newspaper outside his front door. Opening the  smaller box Adam removed a first edition of Henry Ford Senior's - 'The International Jew" .Tucked inside the gift basket of  Godiva chocolates e and three bottles of Nembutal with a half scratched out name (Mandy something something )  .....  "eat it up,drink it up... my handsome Prince...Inside the book Valerie had written in red pen"When we get through with the Hinky Dink there won’t be a Ruiner out there who will dare raise his head,his pen or his detraction in public."

Friday, March 22, 2013

      there is no point of view .not anymore.
perhaps never
the words the picture come inside of
what it meant or if it meant anything at all
I don't know.It was never my story
I simply wrote it to not have it in me..
to let it come out
like the nice lady at the school told me to do with the night terrors.the nice lady I begged to take me home with her.and not send me back
the hitting
the yelling
and slaps and much worse
my mother soon took me out of there.
but it never went away
it was there because it was a stage
and I was a prop
what I am now .they have no name for
may this technology never be around lonjg enough that they do
 -Denny Pace




Panic in Palo Park

The blue light blinked and blinked and Mandy began shaking her head back and forth to try to shake  the “why don't you just use the phone like a normal person youbitchyoubitchyoubitch' out of her mind
before  putting the headset up to her   temple and graphing ( direct neutral interfacing)what she hoped was a pleasant “hello Linda”
not so easy
a simple unbuffered ,"Hello" without extraneous bbburrrrr
of anything else that happened to be on your mind  at any given moment
"hellos aside"  immediately Mandy received a Direct Neural interface of  a hostility that was so severe in it's intensity toward/IN Mandy's nervous system that she all but fell out of her chair..
Frightened and  uncomfortably  heightened 
 tore the headset off her skull  and watched it  tumble  to the floor , instinctively backing  away from Linda's "postal"  brain waves
 that  were now being safely  absorbed by  the beige synthetic fibers in the  Berber carpet that lined the entirety of Merge's Palo Alto office complex.
    Mandy knew she would have to get back to Linda on headset eventually
 but the anger in Linda's about “some Ruiner who had evidently sold Merge's nano for a  little game called Pieces that  Independent "clients" played on Merge's bevy of "apped" Proxy.
The inserted "apps" made the Proxy "open minded" to all matter of Mind/Mind interface and back and forth Immersive Reality "rundowns.but while the special client who paid up to 12 million dollars to commandeer a "husk"
the Proxy ,implanted with nanotube transistors could not stop nor control the interface  which was ,of course part of "the fun"
Linda N. thought towards the Berber carpet ,unaware Mandy had removed her headset
" yes Mandy ,it's now online... that Thing  everyone knows about  but  dare not  speak  it's name this  information has ended up on some online message board whose sole purpose seemed to be about contaminating the Neuronautic Method.,"Linda graphed at the synthetic carpet fibers with no reply,Linda stopped her theta waves long enough to look up at her laptop to notice no Mandy-ish brain activity
Mandy stood over the headset, wringing her hands ,shaking her head back and forth ,back and forth,panicked not because of the lingering  tremor of Linda's emotional neural onslaught
 but because it was she
 who sold Reggie Grath,The MC of The Community Theater(a Hate Group with a conscious) seven nanotube transmiiters last spring
 when she was dating Reggie,  a dreamy construction worker who was working at ProxyCyber in exchange of a  promised 3 hour interface with a future”Piece”(some it some jew homo,Reggie asked)
Reggie persuaded Mandy to "go to any length "to sneak just one ,just one, little insert out of ProxyCyber Labs.
And she did.
Mandy shook her head back and forth ,back and forth making herself think of random objects around the office,which was the equivalent of counting sheep to hide and scramble thoughts during intraneurall conferencing
.Finally Mandy picked up the headset ,deliberately keeping her mind humming with an old Dr Pepper jingle she remembered her  father singing while shaving
“Are you On something Mandy?Are you out of your mind?. Focus," Linda urged
 but in one brief synaptic storm every bit of betrayal ,real or imagined Mandy had ever committed  flooded Linda N.'s cerebellum 400 miles away
Linda calmed her delta waves to a simmer  and graphed a call to Stevie at Proxycyber Laboratory
as a sort of emoticom
 Linda sent via headset a contextual overlay of her Cheshire Cat to parlay her conceptual countenance
to Stevie...
while as she graphed Stevie a Suggest to slip some Cosmetic  Bio Nano into "Pretty Mandy"'s potables
.Linda couldn't wait to  "remotely morph "Pretty Mandy's face, which would soon be permanently embedded with millions and millions of tiny shape shifting  nano bots that could and would make Pretty Mandy instantly “the ugliest woman in the world"-and back again and this way and that way and this way and that-  all  at the touch of a button that Linda could almost feel in the palm of her hand .The remote that would control " Mandy's facial nerves ,nasal dimensions ,cheekbones and everything else in  within the range of"The Reigns "




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A large gift basket and two presents wrapped in black paper ,tied in red and bowed with a  white ribbon sat atop Adam Parker's newspaper outside his front door. Opening the  smaller box Adam removed a first edition of Henry Ford Senior's - 'The International Jew" .Tucked inside the gift basket of  Godiva chocolates e and three bottles of Nembutal with a half scratched out name (Mandy something something )  .....  "eat it up,drink it up... my handsome Prince...Inside the book Valerie had written in red pen"When we get through with the Hinky Dink there won’t be a Ruiner out there who will dare raise his head,his pen or his detraction in public."

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"those Jews" will

 be  surprised 

 how fast Israel 

 "taken care of"

 by the administration in the making. YOU my handsome prince Our King creole! Our Adam Parker!

  according to Gary Rainy that's all 


a subspecies 

 genetic bearing was geared ONLY to physical weakness...

 vermin like attenuations were that of roaches.

so at first difficult to crush

  • but we have found the nest

The standard way to revise dissociative states and thus determine an asset's pliability toward initiated cues that may "bring them back" to their Neuro Linguistic disassociate fugue state is to entrance the subject during dream state using the bio technology with a number of A.I. ,Virtual Reality chatterbox programs based on psychic driving to walk the asset through incited incidentals to determine is the asset will follow commands without relying on so their "so called' moral code-

הדרך סטנדרטית לשנות מדינות דיסוציאטיבית ובכך לקבועהגמישות של נכס לרמזי יזם שעשוי "להחזיר אותם" לנוירו הלשוני לנתק מדינת פוגה היא כניסת הנושא במצב חלום תוך שימוש בטכנולוגיה ביו עם מספר AI , תוכניות פטפטנית וירטואליות מציאות מבוססת על נהיגה נפשית ללכת הנכס באמצעות נלווים הסית לקבוע היא נכס מעקב פקודות מבלי להסתמך על כך "'הקוד המוסרי שנקרא
אה.הספירה למטה החלהאני אלך משם הדרך לרדת שורה ... אנסה לעשות Bog זה.למשהו ... קריא.שים לב איך הם לא עושים סרטים על יורים יותר.אני לא בטוח אם יש לי דבר היורה בי ..למרות שתאמין לי שהם ניסו.
  המחשבה על החיים במערכת הדרכה למישהו אחרתברור שלא די משהואחד שניתנו באופן כזה יכול לדמייןאני אנסה עוד פעם אחתקו את
  עם מקלדת מסורתית אינה צמודה לכל סוכני שינוי וסוציולוגי מתקדמיםמאבריקספשוטו כמשמעו מודד את amou-T של T-אני-M-דוארזה לוקח ללהלחין או למחוק משפט ..כלאמוד כוונה ... בהלחנה אולי מכתב ההתאבדות הארוכה ביותר שנכתב אי פעם ..אני כבר הלכתי משם לחיות "החיים להיאנח" של מוטלים פשפשים ג'ין Livin שורצים
 בדיוק כמו פופ ... תמיד אמרתי שאני בסופו של ..זה עלול לגרום לו להרגיש קצת יותר טוב על כל תכנות Monarch
 אם אני לוקח "אותו לגבול"אחרי הכל איזה סוג של ריאליזם
            אין הקשקושים האלה מרמזים למצב שלי בלי
                סיום מסודר יפה ..?לנסות יותר אחד הופך לשטות הזאת למשהו מסחרילזה כלאנחנו כבר לימדנו לקלוט ..כמובן שזה לא יהיה משימה קלהכבכוונהכל ממשק שקבלתי הוא ליניארי בכוונה לאלא רק כדי להקל על יניארי הפגנתי .non הנרטיב שפוי? כהוכחה לכך שאכן אחד יכול להרוס את של יד אדם ..ללא סימנים לספר סיפור מלבד ... על ידי הודעות ..כמה חלש ציווה אני מרגיש הגדרה "ציר הזמן" שלי של "מחאה"התאבדות בקרב אנשים ממוקדים לא באמת יכולה להיחשב כהתאבדות אלא רצח.
   ולכל הפחות אני מרגיש את זה אני חייב למשפחה שלי ש
  גידל אותי "על ידי הדיירים" של טראומה טקסית לשונית נוירו בזמן עם רמזים חזותיים מסוגננים מושרהלמען לעולם לא עוד ...ובפועל עושה מושלמים Psycotronic עינויים בענייןטכניקות ותכנות Monarch של הנוער שלישלי .one של מאות אלף קורבנות ...למען מטרהלעולם לא עודלעולם לא עודלעולם לא עוד ... A.Milchan


they wanted me to hound this guy .some wacko graffiti  artist  in Tel Aviv..some 25 year old wanna be wigger  named .Aaron Milchan....going all Talk2 Much according to Valerie Prentiss and my team
 about being some "laced cadet"
bio nano tech -care of  some advance techno firm in Tel Aviv

my team said they'd let up on me
 if  I played with this fellow "Piece"making the rounds of Hostels and flea bag motel around Haifa...

I was surprised Israel did Monarch Programming on their kids..thought it was just americano
 more surprised this Aaron kid was "allowed ' to yammer away
about his ideas that  'Never Again" could NOT mean except by us"-meaning Israel

Evan said they needed this guy minimized

he wrote that his country was after him
but he didn't write it in a way that made him see crazy

and this according to evan was the problem

..can't have jews going Off about Jews..NOT YET they graph me

I have no idea what they means....I can barely think...

I feel pain down my arm

I am so confused at this point
I just do anything to they want..

and what they want keeps changing...
they call me now by different names..
and they zing me with pain if I claim I am a Jew.

they say they got the Jew out of me with the mentorship
and that I hate jews as much as they do
but I can't afford to think about myself...
they will think for me...
through me

the send by mail a few ...files on this Aaron guy
but the information they send isn't very different form what Aaron writes himself

  •  purposely been psychologically traumatized to such an extreme he would
  • be easy to not only "app" but commandeer..
  • highly suggestible
  • and basically so "spun' by his bizarre upbringing 
  • can barely manage his own affairs...would always have to be taken care of.
  • Kept.
  • maneuvered or "saved" again and again like some male version of a damsel in distress
  • older man would extra room in his bed.
sound familiar
sound familiar

Evan graphs that's what your JEW parents did to YOU

that's why we took you
and studied you

none of this was your fault.Not even being born Jew.

and it became  my job

 to basically counter every single post this Aaron posted.
The guy was writing about A.I. and it wasn't time ...Eva said..
it was going to mess things up for Adam his plan was to expose .. what the jews did to their own children for the sake of "never again"
one of Adam Parker's main claims to be was to expose this
the use of Nazi tactics...Mind control
Monarch programming
 to turn these messed up  kids born "to be apped"  again their parents and against Judaism

I had to  learn  basic Hebrew for this guy..this  Aaron
or at least enough of it so I would have to  translate every damn word Aaron posted

my job was to discredit Aaron's evidence of A.I. and brain interface being done on Israeli citizens  and Neuro Linguist programming being done on children

.for every piece of scientific evidence Aaron  posted
it was my job 
under more assumed names and personas I care or could even try to imagine

always some  friendly, helpful  information about
schizophrenia being much easier to treat these days..

each day
 than each hour he removed these friendly counter posts.
since Aaron Milchan WANED crosstalk and comments...he never blocked his ..sites...because  he wanted to be an example. A victim ...a whistle blower...or something
Aaron also bothered ever changing his online name ..nor any of his many sites.

and it became a full time job ....posting psycho -babble ...about "his delusions'

..אהרון אני כל כך מצטער לקרוא שוב אתה מרגיש לי unwell.I חבר ינוחו על משכביו בשלום, שלקח את חייו משום שהוא גם סבל מהפרעת מחשבה ולמרות שאני עשוי להיות מעל דריכה גבולותיה שלי יש לי לעשות את זה העסק שלי כדי לנסות לשמור במציאות אתה ...I wrote
I of course knew every damn description of his "tether" being technological was true
this campaign wen ton for months until I suddenly switched tactics
I  knew Aaron
 when I and nearly 1/4th of Aaron's followers /readers/supporters .  conceding that
"ok Arron" I do believe there could be another explanation for what is going on with you

a Dybeck has taken over your body
or perhaps it's just 'The Greys" aliens

the rage in his emails ...

and IMs that I must stop whatever I was trying to do him ..for I could not possibly understand
now changed tone
"who the fuck are you/and who do you think you are..."
 finally I was  getting some where

is this enough Cwazzy for today.  I think and thus interface Evan..
even seconds later I have no idea what I have written...
I am drained .now...forgetful.gone
but something in me thinks
something about these  character ...not fleshed out enough...not linear  enuf ''''the story I was demanded to write and write and write
to come off as anything but madness

I  had realized early on that that such a strange story with out the fixture of form of novel..
comes across as nothing but me writing views that are almost the opposite of my own...

                                 .the imbue of the story lines involving Jew this Jew that.
                         some odd faction on the west coast..
                                              some odd motion picture company...jew this jew that..

.the pain coming back

have I fulfilled my purpose..? I force myself not to think
that synthetic telepathy works at destroying a man who has done nothing

didn't they .wouldn't they
need example after example of success stories
to prove
how flawless the machinery take over another man's will, senses...and actual ideology

am I done for the day.? I graph

tomorrow I will  be at it again writing nonsense..condemning myself discrediting myself and also this innocent man Aaron

the sheer volume and velocity  of focus is what they need especially if they successfully clear me enough
so I may serve the cause

so much nothing after nothing
couldn't it have been done differently

but it could not
as one of the reasons I  was chosen was  so I would be kept too busy
to paint anymore of my illness


compo cola/bimbombay: Mosfilm threatens to sue...

Mar 03, 2015 · *Mosfilm ,a Russian movie studio threatened last week to sue Nikodim Egotrov for publishing stories based on the studio's research concerning a non