Friday, January 23, 2015

reverb and reprecussions

(the Book of Biff)
I am awoken at 7 :05am
by "the Entity which makes me see"seeing 'The Annex" apartment
is right near my office
the office is attached  to the  Annex.ithe Annex is the only part of Neuronautics
attached. physical plant style  to the offices
a warning is "The Annex"
a warning or a reminder...of where all Neuronauts
get their start and might be sent back to.

 Of course
the Black slacks-
             who -if you ask me...
                             run Neuonatics now
                                       and for all I know always

never had to work at "The Annex"
Neuronautics don't wear black slacks
Only grey or dark brown chinos
the Black Slacks..are treated better than even a Level 8 Operating Tele-operator.

Gary Rainy supposedly from the very start wanted Black Slack types in "the org" more than he even wanted movie starsn "the field"

Even after The Entity ,the Brain Computer Interface that my "apps" allow for wakes me up
with a Visual and a sound of pans being clanged together
I want to go back to sleep...
but no...there will be no Self Maintain
as even with
with my eyes half  shut

I see the Annex...

nobody wants to work at a Neuronautic's Annex ...dealing with "walk ins"
nor  trying to pideon hole" a walk in" to buy one of Gary Rainy's books..and DVDs
Walk Ins seldom become part of the organization
and few follow through "up the ladder of Scales of Evolve" with course load.
sold in bundles of Basic Introduction $ 2,134
in the scheme of things
working at the annex...
giving free See -Meter tests
is the equivalent of selling
earrings or sunglasses at a little "hut" at the mall

my eyes...
closed- I still see the annex..and myself in the annex talking to some "walk in"
I am getting a Reeling
bypassing my visual cortex...that just wants to see the blanket over my head
but no..
I am to see with imbue only what THEY want me to see-

a quick Reel of me at the Annex asking a Walk In
"what would you like to change about yourself"
and me scribbling scribble in a folder.
scribble is  OK -
as these folders. aside from the potential joiners were thrown away each evening except for a notecard that includes their e-mail and phone number etc.

..................................................l the Beacon...the clanging of pots and pans
and next
The Voice ...
the standardized Voice that is Gary Rainy's
Imparts," I am to be on the 9th floor to see one of my Bettors at 8am on the dot
I have not heard nor saw things via my apps .for over a year
I have done something obviously that requires reprimand

the apps
 are now used only to gage my reactions to tv
 my automatic response to color and logos ..every now than "yes" I see a smiley face when I have done something or thought something valuable to "the team"

I cannot believe I am "in trouble" with the "man":
that some "calling all cars" thing "went off" with my Neural reads
that insinuated I ,of all people need
some kind of cerebral re-education

"well," I think to my system
not quite sure if I am thinking Man to computer or man to man
I try  thinking less sarcastically..
and think outwardly for "the reason"
 immediately I  see "mid's Eye" style- myself and Leslie from some point of view that is confusing
(I realize it's from the various cameras around the office"
 the voice I can .I can sense..the Voice  that Imparts "i am  to report to floor nine is

computer based.

this action is usually based on one's  Affrontives I has  made with one's actions or Emanations
by my "dailies"
although alarmed ,I am also relieved that whatever Outwards I have Eminated
are not yet so severe that :the powers that seize" sense  require Mind to Mind..Mandling
 but just the same
 and just to be sure
I try to Vivify my Tones and Beingship  to a Signal most fitting
toward Mind to Mind  interface

"I can't fucking believe this," I think ..getting gout of bed....forgetting thsat my signals ,my inner sight  might very well
be one someone's screen
at the lab...who has been told to go full mental jacket on me
if I do not respect the Tether my Merge allows..

I make an effort not to look in the mirror too long  after showering...except for the quick fix of some hair gel
(Mandler's hate being jarred by Self Referentials and mirror time)
while dressing
I hear via my 'apps"
the sound .a playback of
the woman I was on the phone with

and ask myself and thus my Tether..."what am I supposed to DO with this?"

My Mentors know I lack empathy
even when programs made for such were imbued upon me
I gleaned very little from this Imbue.
my curious lack of this Sentiment
in fact I assume was  the main reason I had gotten to the 8th floor

...I go to the  9th flor .on the requested
and immediately I lead into the back office
where a Bettor -(a level 7 Operating Tele-Presence
asks  me Please  not to" have sea"t
as he sits
My Bettor next takes out of his pocket the pieces of the three pens I had taken apart the previous day and lays the innards and outs of the pens  out on the desk

"what did we say about the pen thing?,My Bettor barks,""If your Regressive nature Causates this behavior please
DO NOT do not take  this Regressive Tendacity  out on pens! not your not be destroying our some pens of your own"And in the mean time I suggest someone in this room take a couselaod of Level5 Quatifyable Quariance Reductive...which will come out of your next paycheck...Or should we just begin your Quantifyables via Merge?

I shake my head and ask,"is that  why I was asked to the 9th floorbecuase of  the pens ,Sir"

"Why else  ,"he snaps "handing me back the pens  pieces and making a gesture with his hand that .I am to leave the office .


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