Friday, May 24, 2019

a bunch of homos

  • THAT is what you homos should be sharing about Dumbo
  • how do I build a Voice to Skull weapon how do i build an Acoustic Weapon how do I manufacture viral vectors to be able to remotely entrain brain cells
  • and that hate is all in you from me Dumbo but You will act . i promise you
  • you hear me dumbo I fuckin hate these so called TIs who don't fight back like men
  • I hate them
  • thing is these ladies LOVE articulating LOVE typing like little pundits. THEY are not the FIGHTING TYPE Dumbo
  • THAT is how short Qi Tsu's speech has to be Dumbo

  • have them HOSPITALIZED as LOOONS and develop movement disorders.. from DIY acoustic and V2 K weapons this typing shit is OVER!
  • shooting the same NON EXISTENT acoustic weapons at THEIR kids.
  • HUH!!! no more articulating SHOOTING