Friday, September 16, 2016

Lines with an "x" -Memfis Ohio-UCLA Behavioral Testing MK Ultra

I am not the only one sent to the Siberia of Memfis Ohio
Memfis Ohio- The Windmills of Your Mind when your mind has been commandeered for Brain Research
These pages make sense to those doing the research
You don't matter
You are unaware of these weapons
Those who have created them do not believe it is your concern
Unfortunately it is mine
Or was...
When I began writing I believed someone besides the architects of this new type of prison
might understand that one doesn't write this way without Direct Energy weapons first evoking seizure like states of hypergrapic focus
-people do not write
For No Reason
unless something un -reasonable is taking place
and there is No Reason in Memfis Ohio
but an endless onslaught of stimulation to one 's senses to instill No Sense in the individual
Non Lethal
No Touch torture based on an induced  barrage of images,sounds ,divergent ideas and confusion over one's cortex
Until one kills themselves
But in the mean time
One in  this weapon's unseen cage one is egged on to write and write and write

What is the point of having a "Doomsday Device " if nobody knows you have a Doomsday Device
Once again
You Reader
Do not Matter
You are not supposed to know about Neuro weapons except as ..some movie
or better yet something crazy people talk about
Who matters
Who the many hundreds if not thousands account of their unique prison experience matter to
Only those participating in the research ...
There is something ironic about writing a "Calling All Cars" document only to the criminals
studying your neural correlates as it pertains to keystroke dynamics and the "defensive semantics" of 3rd person singular
There is hell to pay if one begins writing of it outside of the city limits of Memfis Ohio
but that too is part of the testing
to gauge response
Memfis Ohio serves to spread the word of conspiracy theory all over the internet
as one is encouraged to fill the search engine with talk and links about AI and New World Order ,Illuminati ...New Age wonderment
to help muddy up the discussion away from weapons
and endless behavioral testing

mis information served to one 24/7 via Voice to Skull to entice one to wax phonetically about
the Advanced Technology being done by scary cults
completely separate  from the armaments industry who just happen to have a biotech facility near the canteen and temple..

THAT is HOW DUMB those creating this technology assume not only I am
but YOU as well...
outside the city limits..for a year now..but always I come rushing back to it's circumference
back to Gary Rainy
back to 'The Blob"
but one;s conscious kicks little is left by now in terms of cognition ,emotion ..self will
surprising my conscious kicks in
that it is wrong to write of something happening to so many others write now as metaphor ..or conspiracy theory
or anything but HELP HELP HELP

but this too is but a test.
this too is OK
but you had better yell help in a way that serves "the cause"
and be pretty damn pathetic about not tell how unhinged you your hurt ..scream!

Those with these weapons
sanctioned to use them by the Highest are unaccountable
their job is to find unique and novel ways of perturbing the human mind

Something gets lost in the SOS of it all
when one realizes one's words are only important
to those in the field of "Brain Map" ,research ,defense,behavioral academics..

They read my writing
They understand it
They created the input to evoke the output...


Many go to Memfis Ohio while their neural tissue is being sodomized by Electromagnetic Pulse
those vivisecting you have created the paradigm of the town
and it's many themes to keep your thoughts geared to test after test after test..
There are many versions of Memfis all over the internet
Scribbling books
Rorschach blots only the hundreds of universities ,trusts and neural labs ever visit ..
Understand where Memfis comes from
Those who refuse to play with the blocks ,mazes and boxcars around the camp
Go mad faster
But everyone used for this type of human testing go mad ..
What else is a neuro weapon for?
So much more
The endless data keeps the lights on
for this armament

The longer a blog gets the more unreadable it becomes
Not for the same reasons a book might seem challenging
and therefore "unreadable"
but because the very way a blog is laid out
A shame
No,actually terrifying-because this
a blog
Is theoretically and possibly literally as close to publishing
someone targeted will get
Look for a moment at the screen you are looking at
note the amateurish qualities of the medium
Note the months ,,numbers..etc on the right hand side
Not very inviting to a reader is it ?
Not at all like a book.
More of a chore ..

Furthermore the entries are random
More often than not told in story
But the reader would not get that
There is little context a blog provides
Less so if one is writing "under the influence" of weapons made not only to
initiate the presumption in another aspects of "word salad " and sluggish schizophrenia
Little did I understand how this very medium
The blog
so fragments what one is attempting to say
it matters quite little the purpose one thought it necessary to write at all..
I believed years ago I was conveying something akin to evidence in this blog
of being a targeted individual
waltzing around and around the actualities of my own life and circumstances
because I was and am still rather afraid to "name names" mention hospitals ,courts,police etc...
I also saw all too well how explaining things like  the presumption of Synthetic Telepathy via "audio spotlight" ,Gangstalking ,Street Theater based on semiotics,neuro linguistics read
-as crazy
I figured I best take this into account from day one and provide a paradigm to place real events into
based on universal themes
and story ..the main problem a TI has is getting one not targeted to be in their shoes
Narrative and story I believe help another place themselves in these bizarre circumstances much more than anyone being asked to view the targeting from my limited point of view.
Also the stories helped me escape momentarily from a situation that just gets more difficult to deal with.
But there is more to my engagement with "Memfis Ohio " than I believed.
Something darker than I suspected.
Something darker than the induced Hypergraphia that inspired the writing
The endless mini seizures that "worked" with the silent sound ,the Voice to Skull
and the neuro weapons all the while altering my very mood to be
In In Memfis
A reason for the "enforced writing"that aimed to minimize the human testing
once again to
Just A Story
The crazy guy was trying to find a way of fighting his demons
Until the information is released about this type of torture
This type of entrainment
This type of testing and research
that's all I have done here...I worry
and I worry that my writing was little more than a study in hypergraphia
Psychophysics on display as -how neuro weapons can so overwhelm the mind
-like a drug -
a man can be steered to write thousands upon thousands of pages of lunacy
for five years
All over the place
Both grandiose and self effacing
Useless as product in the format it was created in-the blog
and quite possibly -even if edited ..nonsensical
The weapons work.
Nothing to show for his time except a stack of start and stop
Confusion..panic and gumption -he- in spite of others trying the same thing can explain the reality of mind weapons..
But I did .
Even if nobody can put together my entries (story) well apart from the mind fuk that is -a blog
Quite some time ago I paid to have a good portion of the blog made into tangible printed volumes
They stack up rather high
They measure years of one's life taken
Caught up so in the nightmare of technology created to alter another's perceptions, emotions ,physicality (some days I can barely move)
that he has little else to do but pick up a piece of chalk and make a mark of another day that has gone by
That is what Memfis Ohio is
Lines with an"x" through them
Lines again with an "x"