Wednesday, December 31, 2014

roku roulette

I move on.
following my initial orders-
"Frances" (1982)"

         NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to Charles....
                     for  pushing on......BECAUSE
                                                             according to Tru Christie my Neural Reads indicate I am sociopathic in nature
Charlie CALLS ...AND ASKS ME ,"if EVAN told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge? would you?"

I say ,"no"

"well that's what he 's doing to you...with getting you to write "reports" on Hollywood Referentials "

'I don't understand," I tell him,"I'm just doing "what My Job is.."

"according to whom exactly is THIS your job?"Charlie asks.

"The same damn people that arranged for you to be my boyfriend Charles."I say.

"well,these same damn people ca now DO things TO ME....if you don't stand for the RIGHT side."

"this is THE WRONG side ...'I say

"according to who? YOU? never had a thought of your own since the day you were born Wes."

I begin to tell him "don't call me wes..." but it's too late ...

'your not allowed to take it down Wes,"Charlie says,"but you cannot keep going..."

"let's have a drink," I say no longer caring about anything but HIM.

I go to the bathroom mirror .to see if my MergeCosmo has indeed made me "Wes-like" in appearance...but.because I am thinking about MergeCosmo my "team' that control the MergeCosmo does a "quickchange" to "my" demonstrate ,'YOU WANT THIS TO BE A FREAKSHOW! DUMBO!..well  HERE YA'GO

you might be asking dear reader how I knew the "quickchange" shift of appearance was not simply an occipital Overlay/Over Ride aimed at my Visual Cortex...
well,I know it was not ..because I felt the hundred of thousands of tiny "bots" of NanoCosmo shift around...shape shift style  in "my" face...
I stare at the mirror having seen the Morphing at "play" and sorta' wait to see it shift again...
when Proxy Cy graphs"what kind of wacko asks for SECONDS ?

to show me how much control my service provider has over me body and soul,,,everynow and than they'let me see" the wild stuff they can do to me ...
you know like inducing your shoulder muscles to freeze up...or zip zapping one's funny bone with das directed energy
das wireless all around us....
The shapeshift stuff is horrifying  but mesmerizing...I think to myself in front of the "mid -morph"
and realize  that "this think" to myself is purposely graphed to Proxy Cy to explain to my Mandlers "why I am transfixed" by this blatant Punitive Appropriation..
this "Morphing "rarely done noticeably....

without words I am Imbued -with The Company Line-
that proxy Cyber can GIVE a damn about Intentionalities.
and the "WHYS" a Proxy
"makes up" to attempt to EXPLAIN one's automatic response .
as this type of thinking....
of EXCUSES is an attempt of a prox  making modifications to True Signalings..

"There's NO WAY! I'm gonna MAKE you BETTER LOOKING! today DUMBO!not today at least," Proxy Cy graphs
and I ,still transfixed by this "Quickchange" cannot help....(am MEANT) to see my appearance downgraded to almost monsterous formation..

"I'll meet him anyway," I think,to myself and thus to Proxy Cy

"will you now?" Proxy Cy graphs....altering "my" features to levels of "Fugly" THEY have never done least not when I was in front of a mirror..."Dude," proxy Cy graphs ,"you can't even go to a mini mart looking like this "

before you go judging my Mandelrs too harshly for this
Facet-tude adjustment ..let me explain that "the morphing" is done ,according to my Mandlers....for many reasons...Mainly because Gary Rainy wrote that human disfigurement ,moreso than losing a limb or 2 was what ancient man feared even than "LOOKS" widened one choices in seeking a mate..this supposedly Ingrained into human beings even to this day...even those,like myself whose upbringing was intentionally steered to proclivities regarding sexual preferences not geared toward offspring.
also according to 'word on eye"
the Morphing is to "act as a variation of Scarlet Letter  - a proxy 'wears"
so others
in "The Brotherhood of "SLAM"
can see -----what a proxy's Mandlers THINK of the PROX on that day or even that minute...
also "the looks thing" serves as a Reward/Punishment one's outsides can match
one's insides
or at least what one's Mandlers believe one's brain signals "look like,read like"
also the NanoCosmo  lets a proxy "be"(and help he or she sense) different Formats of Self -
provided ,of course-
a proxy has retained enough elements of Schiz-ed Self from their Trauma Based Ritualized upbringing...
so a Proxy can be -
                                          a "Wes"
                                          and "Andrew"
                                           a "Damien"
                                         a "Karl" etc etc.
via one's capacity to Associate Disassociative Cybernetic Systeming
either via one's BCI,A.I.
TV or just some "ground bound" Team Player
doing a bit of Street Theater Suggestives.."It's all for you Damien"
                                                                     "Claude Hoover Bukowski"
                                                                     "Last night I dreampt of Man to Lay ...again"
and lately  a wee too much "Lumin/ Ruin/Crewmen"
and thus have the incapacity to FEEL for others
I wouldn't have pressed the letters  L-A-N-G-E into the Roku
sociopathic.autistic...whatever Or not I am glad nonetheless that whatever they do
it will be to me and not Charles
neural reads aside and Tru Christie's judgment thereof
The Carp Dream indicated
that IT IS ME and nobody else they intend to drive to madness....with Merge
not "anyone close to me"
and anyone close to me ....truly close ......WOULD THINK AS I DO
----that even spending one's afterlife/second life.
in format of Carp...was well worth FULL DISCLOSURE

Charles warning to me about "would you jump off the Brooklyn bridge" if EVAN ,if  Proxy Cyber "told" you to indicated to me
especially when Charles intentionally triggered me by calling me "WES"
that any tenderness beyond Tendency and automatic response
instigated what is left of my Free Will Thinking ...
to intuitively recatagorize Charles  as "Last Night I Dreamt of Man -to Lay.Again"...
a character actor ,,,placed in my life
which is less and less my own

I CANNOT EXPLAIN VIVIDLY ENOUGH  how the visually induced IMBUE has matched the horrors of my Aural over-ride...

"Francis"(Thorn Group EMI.a Brooksfilm production) is already ordered.On the "grid"
on the ledger..

proxy cy "explained" that the filmed version of the play "Normal"by Jane Anderson is about a man played by Tom Wilkenson married to a character played by Lange
the character Wilkenson plays decideds to have a sex change

but really Dumbo
it's about for YOUR KIND
Proxy Cyber being able to bean into my Biotech
directed energy right at my pituitary gland  that produces not just GHG over production to cause Acromegaly

"a form DUMBO! of MERGECOSMO....that tis' Biological  and often IRREVERSABLE in format
unlike CosmoNano....
yet JUST as disturbing ...Ruiner. and the REASON we asked you to watch "Normal"
was so
Lange-ly Like Associations could Imbue upon Thee that Directed Energy can be aimed  at Thee Pituitary Gland to cause OTHER
FUN hormonal changes in a Prox gone to the Dox
concerning shit like mediations of a Manchild's estrogen levels....hmmmmmmm?

"do what thee will to me and me only Oh Master!" I graph ....

hitting the play on Roku  to sound and vision the story of Francis Farmer

but-it doesn't take long even for a "Dumbo" like me -to get "the message" of what "Frances"
Lange-ly style
"means" to Human Guinea  Pigs daring to write about Psychotronic Torture

and "All That Jazz"(1979) directed by Bob Fossee with Rob Scheider,Jessica Lange and Ann Reinking.-

and it occurs to me
 I wasted $ 2.99 on this movie 'Frances" and the Referential was implied solely by synopsis
and the
previous information interfaced to me like months ago how Proxy Cy and other Mind Augment Companies
could induce concussions in/on monkeys by remote beam.

" Imbues upon me  is a Glean that "Crimes of the Heart" ,a comedy/drama 's ONLY Referential
a jarring set of scenes concerning Lange's obsession with
biological "abnormalities" in Human organisms

and "KNOW THIS!DUMBO!!! If you dare watch 'Crimes of the Heart"
which contains scenes that will instigate in you Visual Imagery and Thoughts of disturbing Imagery
that EVEN A WEASLE piece of VERMIN like YOU can handle..."

"Can I watch "Frances" I graph ," being morphed to monstrosity I can do little else but stay in until I am shifted to averge visage...

"Sure Dumbo .why not watch 'Francis" cuz' WE GOTTA WATCH fucking "Frances "24/7 DON'T least until we decide exactly what form of torture to enact on Frances next!and noooooo way will it be "just a lobotomy" by Directed Energy.....Too easy...."


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