Wednesday, December 24, 2014

dr eugene landy and the" Landy Link"

Dr Martin Pinkus  admitted early on that Merge along was not worth anything whatsoever if the Inserts  were not used by Tele-Operators trained to use the equipment which involved mainly  what he called Ga-stalt Therapy mixed ...and modified  to---a new "brand" of Analytic Theory that focused on Recorded Neural Reads on the Associations and "Triggers" within a client's mind  ,if the client agreed to  getting a shot.of bio tecg

so a Tele-Operator and technitians would know beforehand relavant knowledge about a "clients" "Thought Style"

well before.a OT
---""GOT IN THERE"for the heavy lifting and mixing- using a client's Neural accumulated Data
which  could be we formatted so the client might not be burdened of "certain""Ingrains" that had all but taken over a client's "Beingness"...

on and on an on Pinkus went and went
like he just liked hearing his own yapping 
I know he saw my leg going jump ...and my eyes looking at the little fake fountain...he has in his office..
which usually calmed me down
according to my boyfriend
I was "in my own little world" which used to be  fine but obviously NOT so fine anymore or he wouldn't have dragged me to this shrink
he "made me see" for the last 3 months ...or  "we would split up...." which meant 
I go back to like live with my mother or some exJohn who used to
take me shrinks as well
XXXX wanted
to make me more reciprocal in bed whether I was autistic...or not
something more than a reach around
a blow job is what he wanted..cause he knew I was not bad at it..
when I said I only could do It right when I was a "kid: and paid for it
"why would I do that NOw " I said at the first group session me XXXX and Pinkus had
and Pinkus said  that "my reciprocation" was interpreted as love by XXXX

 .... Pinkus explained that he had studies under Dr Eugene Ellsworth Landy, an American psychologist, therapist, and author best known for what provincial members of the  California Medical License Board had wrongly deemed Dr Eugene Landy's "Hard Knocks" unconventional treatments unworthy of further exploration EXCEPT regarding  equally unconventional treatments that relied not upon medications but on a semblance of medication that might or might not be allocated into another's mind by signal and pulsation which would require Landy (and his students of "The Landy Link" of unorthodox 24-hour therapy, involving control of "every aspect of a client's physical, personal, social and sexual environments.

"would I get paid? extra money and stuff if I did it.."I asked...not know what he was taking about nor caring,' And can I still take Adderall?"
Not that I took the Adderall but sold it for 4 dollars a pill to "the kids" at many of the "better colleges"

"we'll talk  any restitution...and matters such as this  at your next session..." Pinkus said.

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