Saturday, December 6, 2014

Picture yourself on boat made of Sliver (the Imbued dream form the night. BEFORE)

All eternity you Luddites
Will exist
 in a petri dish
A vessel
designed like an ant farm  
So all may see your millions of cells uploaded with your consciousness
dividing in the Transparent manner  you so sought

Your Soul collected by
 Neural Congress
....Each cell ,dividing and dividing between the two panes of glass,stained bright red,orange and electric blue
 like a church windows
depicting a New Paradise you saw fit to mock
Stained orange ,red and blue
To make vivid to non believers and believers alike
to feast their eyes upon this New Format of Being  created only for those who turned away from their Bettors in the Times of Transmission
 So tiny you are Now .YOU
who so wanted Transparency
 You Have that
except for  the stain 
The stain
as you were on your tether
to the stars
 In the Times of The Great Reckoning!

 You who  placed yourself in a position  Mind's Eye to regard the stars
 you saw fit to LOOK DOWN upon rather than  be Raised toward the Enlightenment and Illumination each Emination offered ,guided you toward

The Transparency
of your precious Youness is " now  and forever "
Each cell
app-ed ' with the  components entirety of this Neural Being-Ship you chose to stagnate in
Each cell  ,dividing like Math,like Algebraic Fractal
heightened now
each cell 
to Feel the sense of pain
and the  Scream only you will hear

You,whose only impetus was  toward betrayal
And for this you must suffer and divide and divide into pieces and pieces.Always

"The Book Of Elroy-Evoked Potentials
  Veda 23:12

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