Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Building a Circuit-Diagram for the Brain (Jennifer Raymond, Stanford Uni... tech...
Your Dog Could Talk Back With This Mind-Reading Tech(but why make you "best friend uncomfortable with wearble tech when "bots" (Merge Bio Tech) can do the same job BETTER than other B
rain Transcribe Companies still "in the dark ages" of Brain Computer Interface? Safe "bots" in "Fido's bloodsream and brain" so "Fido" does not "get the feeling
he is forever on display" at a Halloween Costume Party...or "being treated" wearing an equivalent of a "blinder " around his or her neck? What type of dog owner doesn't wish to KNOW and not GUESS what brand of dog food one's Man's Best Friend really enjoys? ...below are the most easily detected doggie thoughts translated into human langauge...

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