Thursday, December 4, 2014

well...Tru Imparts...I suppose it's start

he imbues me with a inner vision of he dressed as some version of art critic
folding,,,some generic  version a cartoonist or bad film maker might dress some up as to ...quickly "say THIS
art dealer.
the quick "loop" showcasing the critic looking at the quickly done

SKETCH ,Tru imparts in sound and vision..."what's the title of this one." the Caricatured Tele -prez
states ...his face all,his eyes the Imbue ..he can't seem to see the title..." and laughs towards his friend Dandy (who else) "should just titled "Lazy"...dear g-d has this fella gone to seed in the last few years...

"fuck You Tru," I graph you asked me to just "try" said if I wanted to I could just paint squiggles and circles"
"would be better than this...."Tru graphs...
telling me to turn on the Tv
that it would be a good time watch "Seconds"
especially the part at the end
which is quite where we are presently..."

no....not gonna watch seconds....they want me to watch seconds let them pay for seconds

"we do....we've wasted more money and time on you...than I dare remind you know what limited returns gets a Participant..." his voice is still "art critique...his voice like Truman Capote..

and than changes...
"you want to not be treated like a monkey than don't paint like a monkey might....a human ,most human's are discerning  ....the problem with art today is all of you "artistes' are so quick to photograph ...some version of "look mommy what I did..." that -the very fact you took the 2 seconds to snap the pic...than render the image into JPEG than of course
whether it is good or not...finished or not
that you convince yourself
it has worth
monetary or otherwise
because Susie Cincinnati LIKED IT and 6 more friends

it's tacky Dumbo..
it's like a man going out to buy groceries with one shoe with laces and one shoe without...a coupla days beard...and shorts...
a man too lazy to get a hair cut but just throws a Flyer's cap on
the shorts of course let another notice this man
is either unaware or does not care that  he is wearing one sock that covers the lower part of his thigh...and the other..barely the top of his sneaker...

in any other town but Philadelphia
this alone might be grounds for one to
questioned by the police and perhaps forced to prove their sobriety or sanity...

"Boy oh Boy ," I graph to Tru Christie ,"you sure are one talkie c*cksucker today...didn't anyone ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say don't say it and by ALL means DON'T INTERFACDE
it upon another's biochips.."

"After what you decided was prudent to post this morning I feel no reason to stick to any of the formalities concerning you have displayed none of this yourself..."

"whatever," I graph laying down
staring at the ceiling....waiting just waiting for my team to---

"whatever ,he many in your demographic literally respond to any goal oriented endeavor in such a manner...odd that those spike with Merge ages 23-28 do not...must be something in the water" Tru imparts

"yeah ,"I think to him,"something in the water you maniacs probably put in it"

"oh shakesBEER here will be writing about black helicopters"I try to close my eyes but only see that horrible face form Mulholland drive ...
of that man behind the dumpster
all day long far..

Tru next Recitations upon my Inner Vision ...
a stuffed monkey playing cymbals
that even with my eyes shut...I cannot help but see

"Time to make the doooonuts Joi Boi"Tru graphs,'too much Eyes Wide Shut isn't really good
for another's sanity"

"You're preaching to the choir brotha'" I say,getting up off the bed

I see a gold star and a smiley face
and cannot help but
I am on the right path

"dude," Tru graphs,"if a guy needs to receive a smiley face that he's stood up from wanting to take a nap at 3:30 in the afternoon...he's not quite on the right path"

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