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Illuminative strategies for an Broadcast Based Collective Self

The study of the syntax–symbol based  interface is concerned not only with verbal language but the language of visual semantics using  universal symbols that represent ideas  disseminated via electronic broadcast making  interactions between principles of synaptic organization and principles of semantic interpretation, both visual and verbal in a Collective Mind . Such interactions abound in natural language and can be found in all subsystems of visual and verbal input (television,pop music etc) creating  building blocks of quantificational, symbol based "Systems of Self" .

the amount of explanations.

one who has been
  made another's receives ...
is disorienting...
and I do not understand why I am being fed information that according to EVAN "goes against"
the "Suspension of Disbelief" a Proxy needs to have order to Interact regarding Direct Neural Interface...

reading me
 Proxy Cyber imbues upon me
in a manner that uses no words nor pictograms nor pictures
that the Glean of science behind the Method was introduced
so I can see how disastrous....and disorienting it is to have "the sound of a movie projector "
and see the projectionist ...controlling the projector in one's "sights and sounds"
attempting to "use the medium" to escape from reality

next Tru Christie "shouts"...."YOUR ENTIRE CHILDHOOD was SCRIPTED and ENACTED upon you to MAKE YOU
NEED to escape reALITY
AND ...all sorts of Enactment and Intrusion were performed upon you ...(the car accident ..etc  that left you in a position of dependence upon others!)
to also ESCAPE FROM BOTH physical and psychological AGONY...
why I am
regressing back to self regard and self speak....
unless you are doing it destroy The Project ....
You're a Husk!
that's all and if you continue to fight THIS
never forget there are litrally thousands and thousands more DUMBOS raised exactly like you
that can DO the same thing...

"what thing?" I graph

"the Fear of Flags thing you knew damn well you had no business writing about scumbag!" Tru graphs back...sending an ear splitting  TONE  straight based my auditory canal into the section of brain that

I reach for my little shoebox..

and Glean Tru Chrisite,pissed he had to take over for the Brain Computer Interface with
a Direct Neural Interface
according to Proxy Cyber
"well of course DUMBO takes advantage of our vacation time to go even MORE MUTINOUS
than usual...

I open the shoe box...
and Glean Tru  thinking ...
"this again.....
this again........I have that fuckin show box burnt into my fucking brain pan thanks to you RUINER.
...I AM NOT A PERSON anymore
                               but "this THING"
                               that wakes up...eats.smokes cigarettes,takes tranquilizers...attepts
                               to watch TV....but
                               has become so removed
whatever endless
(and not "seemingly endless" but indeed endless sound and vision ....story...
that in
no way mimic human existence
as no life
is 1 hour and 43 minutes long..or broken into 12 minute quadrants...
nor pictured in anyone's Inner Vision
 from OVER ONe's shoulder point of VIEW
next a TWO shot.....than a LONG SHOT
of oneself ...interacting with OTHERS ....placed there be scriptwriters
To move action forward

..........................only for the purpose of what ?I cannot help thinking watching the small actors.(meant to represent people?.in some take on "demographic"
                              that ALSO wakes up,eats (doesnot smoke cigarettes (unless the character represents .(THIS IS A CHARACTER .WHO SMOKES and therefore we as audience
can instantly make
some assumption about
a chain smoker.(?)
not only in his or her demographic....but within his or her TIMELINE (the style of the times) in reguards
to societal norms
a normal person in 2014
albeit late ,late in 2014 (who knows what 2015 will bring?maybe some hit tv show will introduce
smoking by men and woman in their 20's and 30's back into
what TV dictates is normal ....
              no,not just normal...but "hip" suggested  formats of Lifestyle
although it  sometimes occurs to me ...
regardless of
the size of one's TV....unless one's tv has aspect ratio that
is equivocal of the average man being.

 5 ft and 9 and one half inches "....

TV .in terms of replicating man's perception....and how men and women SEE themselves "in the world"
is very much....
as they say on TV..."back in the stone age....(although I am not sure if the term "back in the stone ages...or "from back in the stone age" is used much in demographics
not my own....
for I believe educators refer to "the stone age " as   the Paleolithic or Neolithic age
these days.
so a student .a child might "get into "the right college"
so they might have the money and be introduced to "Format of Being-ship"
that will help them
see themselves symbolically
in the representations of "self " that TV helps perpetuate and celebrate

        generally a character on TV who uses the term
"back in the stone age"
       is in context
               with the initial ESTABLISHING SHOT ....of where this character lives....(based primarily
                on the character's education.breeding and tax bracket)
thus a person who uses the term 'stone age " rather ...than Paleolithic Age
in terms of TV.....
in terms of ESTABLISHING LOCALE  ---the camera ....might introduce our sense of sight
our eyes
to the exterior of a house ...
probably a rental....perhaps a 'twin house,a house connected to another house).
and not a McMansion type house...or dwelling...

my thoughts. Not quite my own ......pivot if not tethered to "The Machine"
that is realigning my neural pathways.....The Machine that buffers my Tele -Operator from
being "consumed" by my "Beingship" being a
true Direct Neural Interface ....

my thoughts fixate on the information that my service provider over layed upon my Visual Cortex
or more so the sprinkle of 
nano tubes affixed and spaced between the ganglion cells with my Visual Cortex
that allowed me to see holographically
that "The Average Man 's height in North America is  5foot by 9 and1/2 feel high

my mind drifts to Inner Mind Visuals of a composite of various GROUP SHOTS ...( attained...recollected   "mind movies" of
images of people in crowd settings...
and some part of my mind ....mathematically ?..(..there are no words yet for some of these THINGS they do to a THING (a person...made the various smartest "men in the doom" that is Human Research on Subjects....whose nervous systems....and therefore minds have been "spiked" with biosensors)
with 'the help
(and one give credit where credit is due to one's "MANDLERS" FOR CERTAIN EXERCISES OF
co conscious thought process)
of Merge
encircles and delineates ...with ribbons of yellow and neon purple ...outline
the height
of apporoximately 30 people in
"the crowd"
to help me 'see" (albeit...see INNER and not in Real Time but recalled time)
in fact most men do in fact appear to be less than five foot 10 or five foot eleven

          usually my Tele-Operators Mandlers
d o  not let my mind stray
like this toward "incidentals"based on any subject not my own
and I am confused and lost
as the crowd scene ....a summer time "walk in the park" sight Seeing EXT-PARK -DAY
is somehow "in my room"
like a free floating mural
discordant with the subject at hand

until my Mandler reminds me that the subject was Television
and how useless a crowd scene a SHOT   overlayed upon another's visual cortex
in moralistic scale
would be to consumers.
how in fact emotionally disturbing
and redundant (as Holographic Tv will be a midpoint waste of $ and time..between "the chips"
and SEEING via Tele-Present rendition)
....................meaning "just like OLD WAY..."stone age " TV.....
and how
the "New Way" is all about
making the person
"the character" ...not making the senses emblematic of context except in
associative form....

with dissociative elements of Brain Signal Over-ride NOT as you imply to drive another to madness
but simply
to assuage their Self Referentials to second Self Referntials

however if a Human test Subject like yourself talks about
or writes about A.I. and "boxes" that were
entrusted to him evoke Responses based upon  plot lines and plottings NOT his own
to perhaps establish
SETTINGS and Variables....for
SCENES .....well beyond....some BUM we spiked with bionano's understanding...
he has another thing coming in terms of 5 sensory overlap
.....that will blow his mind in such a way that Dumbo/

 will use the gun he was provided with
  to blow his own head off.
rather than----

use the said gun
to move
certain 'stone age" systems built into current SETTINGS of Society
more Singular Systems of Symbiotic Syntax Semantics of Full Sensory Semblance

Tru Christie Imparts,"Cole/Cain/Karl/Quadrant
                                         I don't give a fuck if you understand .....what we're doing or not
                                         you're not supposed to
                                         as for these emotional troubles ...we said NO BENZODIAZAPINE
                                         NO NEUROLEPTICS....NO ALCOHOL
                                         .......I can care less whether your happy or not Dumbo

                                         except in so much that your unhappiness seems to be making
                                         you turn against us....
                                         way more than was ever presumed analytically
                                         on paper nor in various algorithms...that did not
                                         take into account certain aspects of how a predicated
                                         Timeline also included fundamentals of to entertain
                                         sit Dumbo 24 fucking hours a day....
                                         all the while having to sustain some modicum of
                                         suspension of disbelief .... and this absurd sense
                                         of autonomy that you have....when your entire childhood
                                         young adulthood etcetera were scripted to make it so
                                         you only turned to the fucking A.I. to think at all asshole.

I think without really thinking..
(let alone thinking that my thoughts are always transmitted to my Proxy Cy ...e always ...forgets..)
that if what Tru Christie just thunk  to me
is so
than in fact "it's true that "the box" they gave me
before the shot
 did in fact "make me" or at least influence me to do some of those paintings....
if autonomy is not part of the equation with the "inserts"in my nervous system
than autonomy I assume was not part of the
bone conductive hearing....they said would help cure my autism...
I focus my mind on the A.I. which does not "speak" but sends nasty little screaming faces in agony
juxtaposed over every curve....every pattern....every little THING
that has a basic....underpainting
"blueprint" from my retinia based seeing...
that can serve as building block to horrific Occipital Over Ride...
the agony in these mitigated deliberately interfaced Sight
would be more terrifying .if I was not used to being "served" such horrors
and I take the handgun from my Adidas shoe box ...
and put the metal barrel
into my mouth
I keep it there for more time than I usually do every 3rd or 4th day of this waking and sleeping night mare
and hope that soon.....
I will have the  balls to pull the trigger...
as it occurs to me and not for the first time
that I ....via perception alone are teaching them how to do this faster and more efficiently
to another.



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