Thursday, December 25, 2014

"Getting the "in" out of Inmate Requires Getting "In" an Inmate's Shoes Quite Literally"-Tru Christie

"when most people are asked how many times they've been arrested Dumbo...MOST people don't have to think about it...."Tru Imparts...

and asks me to
"do myself a favor" and type -

"a little something LIKE GRATITUDE toward" Neuronautics" ,Proxy Cy and "Parasol Pictures"
on this day
of Forgiveness and Joy ,if ONLY-
for legal reasons .,,..not for us,,,but for your sake.." Tru graphs ,"You're in an awful LOT of trouble you know.Maybe  we should have kept you on a shorter leash.. but ..maybe..just maybe.. we provided you with a longer thee
might best hang oneself with it....Predictive Response and ALL that., kiddo..
So On this Day of Joy ....I wish upon  you to  -re-option your options....and
demonstrate what very ,very little amount of Progress you purposely undid with das crackpipe...
.every single puff on file.

 I don't recall cocaine being legalized?....hmmm...maybe in the little 'world" you live in" they have legalized cocaine?...Have they Dumbo?
 because we can use some verification on that point..-or does Dumbo want to be brought up again on charges?
 Oh what fun we'd have with you in a different setting. Oh, I know Dumbo THINKS! he can DO anything HE WANTS! because he was 'spiked" with product... BUT other folks DON'T QUITE care ...
far from it...what they care about- actually- is HOW MUCH time and MONEY your selfish proclivities caused us maybe it's time DUMMY
 shows US he is a good sport concerning his tutelage.....On this ,Our Xmas Day ....
when Christ was born..

before folks in "your tribe"
and "mindset"

Merge Proxy Cyber records the activity of sensory cells and the neurons that create mood .
Analysts and Tele-Operators  who have been  trained to decipher and convert this activity into a stimulus can next send synthesized signals back to the brain, if the brain and the individual do not fundamentally reject these services Proxy Cyber provides. Do not believe that this is an easy process for either the Tele-operator or the Proxy, as the system relies on a recurrent brain-computer interface (24/7) to create new and also "artificial" neural pathways that hopefully the brain may learn to use as if "it's"own.
A Direct Neural Interface  that is Mind to Mind purposely uses as little buffer as possible unlike a traditional brain-computer interface  which is primarily used to cement aspects of New Input (artificial intelligence) upon the Participant's "Neuralitiies" that may or may not be in consort with a Proxy's own value system.Many in this Program have criminal backgrounds and therefore do not have the same values or ethics as most of us have. And for this reason  many aspects of the BCI inducements  imbued upon a Proxy might seem "on paper" to" be criminal "in themselves. Neuroscience supports the theory that ,much like a physical therapist might be perceived by the client to be hurting the client ,in order to re attenuate muscles function...Equally the "tough love" aspects of DNI,A.I. and VR are necessary to produce long-lasting changes to another's Inner Self ,so whatever sense of "rightness" or "goodness "a Tele-Operator might provide becomes part of the Proxy's own self guidance system. The key to Artificial Intelligence is to have this intelligence ,both cognitive and emotional ,BE as un-artificial as humanly possible.
One day ,in the future, we might not need to practice methods of continuous synchronization and moderation of neural activity, as Biogenic advances may eventually  help streamline the nature of man towards a different format of standardization.
Timing is critical for creating new neural connections and many  conditioning programs are purposely Primal in nature to induce physiological changes in another's brain chemistry .Many of those chosen to participate have aggressive natures and therefore must be dealt with quite aggressively to evoke True Self Regulation IF the interface is to be discontinued, incrementally .


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