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scene 6 "(The blob)


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scene 6 -the blob
'A good American theoretically, if this were happening...and you weren't just plumb crazy.. would and should  allow himself to be a human test subject for psychotronic torture techniques or one might have to question ,theoretically. The subject 's patriotism....wouldn't they?'

Evan graphs 

'OH.' I graph back..."like that guy who jumped from the 12th floor of the Sattler Hotel in 1952...was doing his duty..for the nation...demonstrating 
-"it works "
it works!"Thank you for once again placing my predicament -in a "big picture" type of frame work..
,,,NOW ,I can also rest assured  that  those guinea pigs Dr. Ewen Cameron strapped to beds , helmets with tapes playing through head phones in the helmets the tapes playing non-stop into their ears for up to 53 days were serving King and Kuntry...Tell me please, boss man, exactly who have the Americans ever done psychic driving  and MK-ULTRA LSD - 25 psych outs  upon   besides it's own people buddy boy?
I mean unless I'm mistaken ...that all the news is divulged to the American Steeple ..these days one just blows up civilians and villages with bombs and explosives. And saves the high tech for Slow Kill Operations to first and foremost a so called dissident's credibility... or are there plans in the works to like seed clouds in Iraq with nano biotech to give Iraqis a "hive mind" with a ONE MIND mentality based upon This particular country's ideas of freedom ... because I can tell you, you maniac, I aint feelin the freedom"

"you discredit yourself Dumbo ..all too well with absolutely no help from the "cogs above" listen up...buddy seem very confused as to exactly who and what  the Neuronautics group is ..who TOOK you under it's friend as a charity case save thee from thyself...if there was a ever a poor wretch ..that needed to SEE and HEAR the RIGHT was Jew' Dumbo...Fixing you ,,and your mindset ..was what this project was initially all about...If things took a TURN from corrections to punitive actions ..Really a Mind to Mind transmission one certainly GETS quite what he GIVES...but we have not given up on you quite yet..but if I were Jew' kid I'd back away from certain subjects that in no way have anything whatsoever to do with Singularity ..and Neural Engineering  punk .I for one have never even heard the term MK-ULTRA neither by way have most in the demographic we wish to eventually "sell this tech ' to..if anything the very term ages you.....and if I don't recall ..wasn't somebody   instructed to "stay away" from what some in this field might think of as sensitive "areas' concerning  the product  of  Enhanced Sensory  Perception?..what did we who was lucky enough to  "be take this Advanced technology. For a spin  round the block..Ruiner..?. A Self fulfilling PROPHACY Dumbo just keeps digging his own grave deeper and deeper.".

I graph back " I'd dig a hole to China to attempt to get away from you"

"perhaps  Everybody "in this endeavor " has no choice...,'EVAN imparts,"...cuz' ... PERHAPS THE
that run this show
 aren't  people ...SPACE BOI...

 WHY YOU THINK HOLLYWOOD MADE ..ALL those TV shows from the 1970's about people taken into UFO's and probed by aliens ...OR THE NEW SHIT ABOUT PARANORMAL ACTIVITY YOU RUINER OF ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL '

"Oh, please , man, what is it - demons or aliens or A.I...make up your fuckin' mind bro.."?  ...  I graph back.

"Well, according to polls done on you test subjects ...if I were to "Role play " with you about "this situation"...which by the way IS about gaming...."Evan GRAPHS

"yeah's X Box
I get it 
X Box designed by lunatics.
to whittle away one's very mind and soul
X Box  but one's mind is a box
a mind  taken by this box 
as some bizarre variation of   White Slavery by remote ," I think and therefore graph mty"Mentor",

"well...according  to various neural studies ...the scariest scenarios MOST 'taken" as "participants' in this magnificent  adventure....aren't too swayed by paradigms of aliens or demonic possession but ARE truly terrified "of just being  is just some Nazi-ish Nazi-esque MK/Ultra like program
that do human experimentation with nano bio chips 
but that's not really  gonna work if we ever decide to do this on a mass scale...theoretically know theoretically, eugenically   weed out scum from the take care of the problem of sorts like Jew'
propogating and 'all that stuff'  It's really up to guys like you Dumbo to help us figure out how to do this to everyone on earth at the same exact time. Not enough people believe in the Rapture anymore or aliens or demons. That's why we need to test various demographic belief systems to discover what terrifies them the most."

In spite of my utter repulsion  the idea of someone using this technology on a grand scale can't help but intrigue me . And in spite of myself I begin thinking of ways they might do it effectively... Remember, dear reader, when one has been "app ed" with Merge Techno one can not hide one's thoughts ...

"Well" I think and thus graph, " Maybe you have to begin getting rid of all that MKULTRA trash from the internet, deleting it. Why was that stuff released to the public any way ? ... How about a new myth beyond demons and aliens that might be somewhat improbable but not entirely impossible? 

"I am listening", Evan graphs, And for once I sense that he really is listening.

"Start by placing some prominent, sporadic news feeds into a news loop that claims that plants and trees in Paraguay or some place foreign seem to be releasing excess  DMT into the atmosphere. Perhaps because cell towers or wireless whatevers are some how like "triggering" new phenomena." I graph.

"Like "The Ruins" meets M.Night Shamalan's "The Happening".


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