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pico and sepulveda(Cole Cohen-"Memos from Limbo")


sept  -2010 Los Angeles

in 1988 a friend of his had taken him to seminar
that had" empowered "
to quit his job leave his school family and girlfriend
to work within
"the movement"

Cole's friend 3 years later had killed himself because The Group
had turned against him for deciding "he had had enough"
as he could no longer afford to pay for the courses that grew exponentially higher
as one
was Mentored to Higher Levels
of Knowing

Cole's friend was unaware initially of The Group's reliance on what is called Organized Gang Stalking to keep a member
beholden to "church"
and their financial debts accrued
in their tutelage.
Organized Gang stalking is defined as being harassed and  stalked by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.

Whatever intentions Cole's friend's "organization" had
were settled
when Cole's friend
self existed the existence that The Group
had initially promised it 's function was to enhance.

Cole,a writer for a local magazine
decided to move west and join the same group as his friend
to find out
both what had so enticed his member to give up everything to be "with them"
and subsequently lost everything ,including his life
when he "turned"
against THEM

Little did Cole know at the time that
the "Movement"
was in a transitional period at the time of his induction
nor could Cole have ever guessed what strange bedfellows
"the church"kept
it both on the grid and "off grid" at the same time

nor could Cole have imagined that
the Remote Viewing and other aspects "Neuronautics"
were being modified
into a new format that made the theoretical technological

 the "religion/ movement" had been chosen I was to discover
to test various aspects of apparatus and advanced technologies that mimicked
the founder, Gary Rainy's Belief Systems in
ESP,Communion with unseen Entity and Telepathy
Cole Cohen-"Memos from Limbo"

 According to my Mentor  a level 5 could Mind Read and "go Co-Conscious with Entities" that enabled you to See,Feel and Hear things "out of this world"....

my finances were low I stilled owed the Group money for my Level 4 studies...on the way back to the hotel where we stayed 6 in a room a man in a Buzz Lightyear costume in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater followed me down an entire block imitating my pace and gait like a mime  .At the intersection I approached wanting very much to get away from the costumed man  he whispered in my ear ,"You're
     an ocean
           of calamine lotion"
and touched my fore arm with his gloved hand
I felt some thing "lotion-y"
but thought nothing of it so glad was I that "Buzz" had begun walking the opposite direction
 Lately it occurs to me that maybe this organization has been used as much as I have so "more legitimized"
"Office of Internal Intent "could steal their methods to use with the "techno"..perhaps it was only natural that a Movement founded upon the principles of Metered, Measured Pseudo Scientific "brain study" would be the "Org" chosen to  do experiments with
this whacked form of wireless communications
Gary Rainy wrote tirelessly of his real or imagined experiences "going telepathic" with some Entity

I cannot help but believe OTHER more provincial organizations
realized that the only way Neuronautics would "share" it's process with "intruders"
was if they could be duped into believing THEY had taken
these other organizations for a ride..


      There was an "inner child" type of Cloak and Dagger One Upsmanship to Neuronautics that often seemed the very point of "the Org's" existence .Their "Military Drag"and comportment of "chain of command "was so very much like the type of role play a child might enjoy playing Cowboys and Indians. Their "Gang "mentality taken right out of some half baked  1950's one reel about juvenile delinquents wanting to "own" the turf and "malt shops" in and around Hollywood and North Hollywood.And again a 1950's old school hatred of
Intellectuals and also"Squares "too "unknowing" to 'get the scene "
Images of "Our " leader hung as "icon" like Krishna Elephants in every nook and cranny of the tight "open spaces "of the Annexes and Palaces of Procedural Paperwork .A Pentecostal -like allegiance to a man whose only allegiance was to his own ego . 


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