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Parasol Picture's THE BLOB -jacob's chatter(scene 6)

JACOB is  still on the bed  thinking.Outloud.
As there is really no other way a man  or woman or child spiked with Merge bio tech  can think but aloud.
for the sake of cinema JACOB 's thoughts are heard via VOICEOVER by the audience
but it should be very clear that JACOB is not the only one hearing what is on his mind
but a "teams' of workers whose job it is to decode and record JACOB and other poisoned with bio tech
There should be an INSERT of


 The  RESEARCHERS  both in and out of helmets and head gear made to decipher and read one another are introduced inside a generic office building filled with cubicles ,lit by florescent., beige walls ,beige carpet.
The actual physical plant of the  head quarters of this secret research should not appear futuristic but
but tedious .Whatever wonders  of another actually being able to read  and literally see and hear out of another is old news.
Boredom in fact should be the general 'feel of the BRAIN RESEARCH "TEAMS"  practicing illegal human testing.
The fear in JACOB's eyes should be mixed with him coming across as mesmerized ..
.Merge technology  upon the "latest catch"
we,the audience should get a summation of the "the lab/office space 's capacities to read another's Inner Visions /memories, moment to moment perceptions as well as less exotic material concerning what is referred to as Remote Neural Monitoring ..also the camera should introduce the audience to those workers whose job is not simply reading data acquisitions but providing input of stimuli upon what output is  captured via the nano tech introduced into JACOB's body/brain. 
we see a room that is decorated much more auspiciously than the other ..we and the camera get sight of the inside of this room when  a Tele -Operator leaves the room ..the OT is sweating as if  from physical exertion   We hear cruel sounding cartoon like mocking voices being said into microphones ..we briefly see a SESSION GROUP  and next


hear the SOUNDS the SESSION GROUP is saying in real time not through JACOB's ears but through his auditory cortex
to demonstrate (or to attempt to ) this cruel and unusual imbue upon another that by passes one's ears
we might CLOSE UP on (inside JACOB'S BRAIN upon the nano 'chips'/nano 'bots' that have bonded to JACOB'S dendrites


The over heated ,over excited OT now take us through the day past the microphones to the dim ,vaguely futuristic "Theater " of wearable Virtual Reality . We CLOSE UP on an OT whom we will call 'a MANDLER 's head gear ,the goggle's one wears to SEE and then THINK SIGHT via Brain Computer Interface upon what we will call a PROXY.

We SEE what the MANDLER sees inside his VR helmet ..We see JACOB'S BEDROOM from JACOB'S POINT OF VIEW
next we see a bright blue and bright yellow computer stenciling of negative spaces the "brain link soft ware " "thinks" might be a good place to add EXTRA SENSORY SIGHT .Using a computer screen the MANDLER sees through his goggles now 3 or 5  versions of cartoon "demon" are suggested as addendum to JACOB'S sigh tline .The Mandler pick's a rather friendly appearing "ghoul" to send to JACOB'S Visual Cortex


The computer graphic "demon/ghoul" we have just seen JACOB's MANDLER choose to send upon JACOB's visual cortex via interface least according to JACOB'S point of view appears in his room

we next hear the SESSION SINGERS' say in Andrew Sister's Unison
and appear in Jessica Rabbit overlay and cleavage display
behind the Disney-eque
DEMON as played by the MANDLER whose face has still not been revealed from behind his mask

The Voices are perfectly synched with the living carton s we see from JACOB's POINT OF VIEW
a take on the 3 Stoodges 'Hello ,Hello Hello..up the tonal chart from  the SESSION SINGERS .who appear as CARTOON BABES behind the purposely  tame version of 'DEMON"  who says in a British Accent "Are we Receiving ?

we swtch POINT OF VIEW from JACOB'S EYES that see "The New Way"
to a point of view an observer not spiked with Merge bio tech might see if he or she had come upon JACOB
seeming alone
talking to nothing saying "Recieving what"

 ..besides translating one brain SIGNALS AS MIGHT A NEEDLE ON A RECORD
OR A MAGNET ON  A Spool of magnetic tape
or an old fashioned areal antennae receiving" magical" unseeable frequencies
form what ever ...
broadcasting station had ONCE broadcast
unbelievable ,magical things through  the air

learning the value
(and possibly lack of value" in this persion or that person's "self talk: ..and that consciousness is something tangible and recordable....that has everything to do with one's brain and nothing whatsoever to do with what one might call one's heart.
and one must give These types are men  and women, who are for not be deterred by "sentimentalities" such as ethics concerning ,for instance Human Experimentation. .. these are the people who claim their main goal is to create  weapons to deter others from creating or using quite bizarre and utterly inhumane new ways to destroy not just one's body but now thanks to advancements in what are called neurotronic or psychotronic weapons one can now enact what is called a "slow kill" on another human being be remote means....part of the 'fun" of using Neuro weapons is one using these weapons can use the target's  own fears and brain signals to destroy another human organism's senses and sense of self as well as alter another organism's sense of reality by assuaging their perceptions also these "hands off" advanced technologies can alter or even obliterate one's own unique thought processes (their sense of self) and deliberately tinkering with  signal systems in another's brain...furthermore because the central nervous system is attached to the brain...lots of fun may also be had using Psychotronic weapons to slowly destroy another's neurology that does not pertain to actual thought  but autonomous respiration,regualtion of heRT RATE
ALSO  sections of the brain that predominantly control fluid movement of one's muscles  ,limbic system and much much more...remote electronic weapons that can influence another's physiology with both microwave technology and pulsed direct energy also has the wonderful benefit of being invisible to the naked eye(one does not for instance SEE a baked potato being cooked in a microwave oven but one sure as hell sees that baked potato explode if not poked before baking....)certain exciting new and rather not so new advanced technology that deal with directed energies...can also "bake" another's biological systems.....via  waves and beams and pulses...(perhaps such Modern Marvels as these will be discussed at another time) ...

for now we still focus on JACOB,hearing Voices no one but he can...SEE

has it been only a minute since JACOB has seen things and heard things  nobody else can
why isn't he screaming
why has he not called  for a doctor.
why is he seemingly frozen
so entrained
in this peculiar manner his countenance seems only this short time dulled.
we the audience do not know if JACOB is lost forever in this communication
or if this brief encounter is temporary...
nor what the point is.
maybe we CUT and focus again on those who are delivering this Imbue upon Jacob's mindset
to seek answers.

or maybe there IS no point  to the "Merge "but

The added benefit of this type of "tool" this new technology being so "far out" and so close in symptomology to be taken as "genuine mental that very few,if any Targeted Individuals lucky enough to be made into Human Lab Rats are believed..'that-this is not a dream this is really happening" they suffer in silence...but part of
 our story
completely fictional ,of course...
focuses on a LACK of Silence
that the brain never developed "the skill" to allow

concerning our own private monologue and therefore
when this once private inner monologue has been manipulated by science to be transmitted and than translated
categorized and next judged

whether one wants such this capability or not

and because the mind is always running,,thinking,remembering...reacting
there is a never ending quality to the "project" that in itself is cause for true madness
besides of course the fact that one often knows
next to nothing about "who did this to the,,,,WHY..
or most of all  why nobody has
stopped these experiments from continuing

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