Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Children of the Damned (part 3)/ in "my' room signing some paper in a van nuys courtroom indicated my release on my own recognizance was based upon my agreeing to sign some paper agreeing to get some shot in my arm..according to the faggit nurse who who shoved the needle in my arm...the shit in the needle was like this new kind of ankle bracelet...for those awaiting trial..i really
at the time didn't really give much of fuck what the male nurse fag was saying...nor the magistrate type in the little room...near the court room...I just wanted a cigarette ...the county of los angeles had given me many shots to "calm me down"in their shithole jail which I was placed in concerning having "just trillionth or so of a gram or so of crystal meth 'on my person' to indicate I had "intent to distribute" rather than consume ...

only recently have I "inadvertently ----"graphed/thought" to Evan ,my" mentor "that "THIS" little faggot
was set up to be set up
by a certain agency not so very fond of "Neuronautics" could listen in " on their methodology of
tele-presence persuasive mind augment techninique-ing
at least that's what my 3rd stepmother told me
without having to quite say it so
6 days ago....


"you used to do that as a kid ,' my 3rd stepmother said 'in my room'

"what did I do ,?' I asked

'that shit with the white bread...making the bread into tiny balls like that,' she said picking up a piece of the slice of white bread and making a tiny ball of snapping her fingers twice in front of my eyes and whispering in my ear,'                          

                                                               Do.That.Thing.You .Do."

she holds  her watch in front of my eyes  and points to
            ten minutes
                          from Now..
next she holds a small vial of what they call BZ under my real.real quick..
and I begin formulating the underpinnings of the wildest mind 'murals' I ever have to and for THEM

my 3rd stepmother/my mother also
ya see'

                       was sent ta' Hollywood to 'play ' at being "played"
over four decades ago.....
I had spent much of the past 4 years being broken down enough
to have the capacity
to think
whatever I needed to
to keep "My Team"of Neuronauts

fixing Me............fixing me of my ABBARANT THOUGHT STYLE

my 3rd stepmother,a Neuronaut since before I was born
helped me
help THEM "help me' with her odd phone calls...
as my own 'team' of "helpers'
with their inacted bits of street theater and most of all the 'team"
who knew how to hack into my brand of Merge Biological
these technicians...knew intuitively almost from the start how to Imbue my cognitions and perceptions in a note for note  "clap back' of neuronautic's take on "psychic driving'

everything really lead up to my being able to disassociate enough "inner vision" style
toward Evan Rainy and  moreso Tru Christie
little did I know my capacity to do so would also spare my 3rd stepmother  from being possibly killed ....
as her "job' as actress
was only to act her way into 'The group"

I had never seen her so nervous ...sitting in that chair...fumbling with a pen she picked up...holding it like a cigarette...while the BZ kicks in Big Time
to help me....'go there' with all the Vividousity I can the  'ABBARANT DE-SIGN  of    ROTTEN MIND"my family,friends and cohorts had  worked so hard
to create
for The 'New Way" of Neuronautics which has BECOME California ......

I realize,watching my 3rd stepmother study her watch and chew on the pen in her mouth
that flecks of
recollection and contrivance
must be entering the interface
but induced Autism also based  note for note .. on Gary Rainy's
"Child Crafting' techniques of Progressive Parenting
has trained my 'Mandlers' to never quite know if I am schiz-ing ,reminiscing ...mainly due to their 'due diligence' in never quite believing a single thought one has at any given time
is either
or Non Aberrant


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