Friday, December 5, 2014

once we're sure the "bitechno" has crossed through the Blood Brain Barrier
we listen in
no interfacing
not till we get a good sampling
of your thought style
than we just hook your signals to a computer for a coupla' weeks and it
just translates
we have about 70 different language settings
but we specialize in regional differences
within the states
and the usual bracketing of demographics by age,the amount of schooling one has,their tax bracket and all shit such as this
mainly we like getting a Point of View
for Immersive Reality ,Gaming ,TV
and how one responds to story on TV
most people's day to day story
is not as unique as one might believe

shit shower shave
eat go to work
pretend you like people you hate
love people who don't love you back
contend with those who love you in spite of yourself
eat sleep fuck
have a few drinks with friends
so much of daily life unfortunately concerns
one 's dexterities....concerning parts of the mind that turn a door handle
move a fork to one's mouth
flushing a toilet....
keeping an elevator door open

one thing we all respond to in a standardized fashion is TV
but you would be surprised how differently
each of us interprets

once we spike you
we have to train you to get used to seeing things
and hearing things
most people are bothered with the intrusion
as we ,of course ....must use one's own deciphered thoughts
to engage one with A.I.
and just a generic direct neural interface

many are so bothered by this supposed intrusion
that they leap from tall building in a single bound
we lose approximately 52% of our Participants
from these flights of fancy and whatnot

so we must constantly keep
scouting out new "players"

are sporting enough to just accept their new normal

many chose to fuck up their own brain signals with various psychiatric drugs
that all but render their signals worthless.

luckily major tranquilizers have awful side effects
including a sometimes irreversible movement disorder called Tardive Dyskinesia
also these drugs cause visible tics
and cause severe muscle pain
and weight gain beyond all reason

so most after a few months  flush the pills which
might work for organic mental illnesses /thought disorders
but "not so much" with a Brain Computer Interface
imagine taking those awful pills and still feeling
intruded upon
and contemptuous of being invited into our research program
and not enthralled by it....

to get our new Proxy situated
we often
Place Situationals in their lives
some Targeted Individuals (oh ...that's what they call themselves.....always the victim these people....
never the Pioneer spirit one might expect )
refer to the Situations and "Placed People" in their immediate surroundings
who are there to Provoke Exponentials  and Assumed Neural Narratives
(much like Tv does)
Targeted Individuals or what he at Merge call Urban Astronauts
refer to this type of Gamesmanship as "Street Theater"
and so it is...and so it must be...

Merge is not necessarily a punishment
unless one has been found dissident
or deterrent or abberational of thought and beingship
if this is why you have been tagged
your Mentor will try
to get you back on a more suitable track

Most of you ,far from being dissident were just scouted out and "app-ed"
because of your demographic
what good comes from creating an A.I. Immersive Reality alternative
if this system is not standardized for all to enjoy...

in time the "apps" will come with an off switch
but we are not there yet
and we must keep one engaged 24/7
not to be intrusive but to
keep you used to being in either our Closed Loop or Open Loop brand of interface

please do not consider yourself a Target but a Participant in this join adventure

your new normal will soon be
The New Reality!

-from the desk of Valerie Prentis,Parasol Pictures


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