Monday, December 29, 2014

Tru graphs ,"that not only for the sake of continuity
but to add a bit of fact to this confabulation of yours you Mutinous Scumbag

had "the itch" on his palm"

it would mean that

this Cole character SHOOK the hand that
this Cole character bites
(the hand that indeed seems to feed Cole)

and if
just for the sake of both continuity AND legalities
Cole shook
the hand that breeds him
but maybe no longer NEEDS him
it means that ,in fact Cole
"made a sort of Gentleman's Agreement" with Proxy Cybernetics AND Neuronautics AND Parasol Pictures
to be Participant in this Joint Venture.......

doesn't IT Dumbo?

and this being the case .....not now nor ever can Dumbo bring up charges
against any Service Provider....
as his handshake not implies but emphasizes the FACT that he agreed
to be
on the same team

as the team that took him under their wing...
to save him

"save him,save ME from what?"

to save Dumbo's Neural reads so even after
 we kill him
we can keep his saved
his captured brain signals ....and consciousness
and place them
a new type of vessel that best suits his
"Beingness"   I'm thinking - a rat   or a pig....or perhaps a carp
yes a carp
in a very small
too small
sooooooo very small in fact
that the carp cannot turn around

but just remains still.
almost inanimate

and when that carp dies
we'll just get another carp
and place your consciousness
inside THAT carp
till all infinity... what I'm thinkin' here Dumbo is"The Congress" meets "Brainstorm"meets "On a Clear Day One Can SEE Forever"....howz that for High Concept. Dumbo?
but maybe I should save that" story"
for bedtime...
for dreamtime...?"


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