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Saturday, March 2, 2013

1991(a leg up)

got a flicker of the initial formation of the Cold Spring Harbour "Community Theater"
a Beer and Bar-B -Q pool party just outside of La Quinta CA

Gary and Evan Rainy at a picnic table
surrounded by men in short sleeved white dress shirts
and executes from Parasol Pictuyres in summer suits and sunglasses.
Even a few lesser know movie stars
and of course Linda N.

The Intraneural" clip" was from EVAN's point of view
focusing on his father,Gary ,who boomed,"

OK so,we'll wait like good little children,until "Big Brother"" says OK you can do it..when there are all sorts of laws and regualtions..we'll wait for the medical shit ..huh..some faggoty medical types  doing testing  on people with strokes or using it to move artifical limbs with their minds..real consumers huh..stroke victims and men without limbs.
.and THAN maybe  JUST maybe they will Let us go Direct Intra Neural with all matter of precautions,..of course we're the ones who will be monitored with all manner of  psychiatrists, neurologists.liberals with green peace buttons and vegetarian breath..and RULES.MORE RULES!
We have the stuff in our hands ...and I for one am not gonna wait in line for ANYONE to tell me what I can and cannot's about getting a leg up on interpreting neural firings BEFORE regulation,not after..did Edison or Lewis and Clark wait for someone to say you can GO now?or did they just GO

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