Saturday, December 6, 2014

A burden to themselves ,a burden to Others a diseased mind cannot help be contagious

For the Purpose of Madness and Depravity of Soul not being  sublimated upon Our Children's Beingship I feel we must be fervent in our science -ideological focus  that forces us to reconsider the absurd idea "that all men are created equal..."as many men and women ,if we are unsentimental and hence not hindered by political correct concepts ,which have been sold to us to make us feel ashamed of our own True Knowing that "the truth  that ' Some People were Placed Upon this Earth,to Be a Burden to Others"... furthermore some of this type   write, draw and make films to infect others who might not have otherwise been inflicted with such maladies AS THEIR OWN ... this type  must gratify his depraved EMINATIONS and  attempt to force feed upon another's senses with their  grotesque, perverse points of view that poses as art. These degenerates  are well aware  their so called 'art' effects a  non sicko man or woman  with their own   pathology. For too long has literature, music and architecture been allotted to 'this kind ' .Let a man with a boil tend to this boil removed from society...let them not toil and pontificate about their horrible diseased minds...on paper,in music...Every sound we hear, every vision we see becomes Ingrained upon not just our cognitions and perceptions but our very Emanations ,our very soul...The War is ON.....for Our Minds-
                                                                                                                          Raven  Mismanage -
    On" Neuronautics and  Neurotechnologies "(2007)

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