Monday, December 22, 2014

our Hero! UltraMan!

"it's a shame...EVAN inparts..that you have convoluted your own version of events and such to such an extreme that any Shadow of a Doubt you might  have instilled upon an audience seems to be irretrievably irreversible...

I look at the bedside clock...6;30 am..and groan

"well Dumbo ....this is around the time of day REAL PEOPLE with REAL JOBS get up...but your kind wouldn't know that...would they

Evan graphs that the reason "we throw 5 or 6 story lines at you at once is so different "parts" of your shattered selfness
 can be earmarked
 for both retrieval and  input's a a continuation of that Man -Scurrying Randomate
"stuff  your folks.and therefore
OUR folks pulled on you
 and ones like you
another reason we throw every 'book' at you at once is also
to see what themes your Vile little mind
latches onto....always with you it's THE WRONG theme..the wrong BOOK
more and more
you're just  fodder for  market research studies concerning guided imagry through conventional means of visual broadcast

..there was another reason 5 or 6 divergent themes were imbued upon you...
to instill in you a correct
notion that INDEED Hollywood and the mass media
need to be
STEERED by ONLY  a FEW good men
or what one might have
sound and vision wise
is something akin to the clusterfuk presented here...
EVAN Imparts upon my visual cortex "Minds Eye"
what I see as a "free floating " gold gilded oil painting
of  Mary and baby Jesus with some   folk in the background
dressed like "game of thrones/the Hobbit"types...robes and all that...

Graphing upon my Audtory nerve that-
"during a specific space of Timeline THESE TYPES of depictions
                these types of paintings
were essentially the only "works" that mattered their Icon-a graphy..their repetition of theme
"was the style of the times"
WHY?you might ask Dumbo"
mainly  because the" powers that seize" felt that the peons and street well as those that worked
for the powers that "seize" could have
something to believe in
because back than there was no A.I. or Virtual Reality and paintings and Lore and song and dance were the closest thing to television
the Powers that Seize made sure
the Lore and limericks
were Good Crowd control conveyances...
(just like Us shoving a Visual Over ride of The Joker in your temporal lobe means or should mean
didn't someone slit the character named jokers mouth up
because he was being a dick?.....or a wuss about ..."whatever brand of The New Normal was being
presented Mista' Joker by his Father?
is used often to curtail Proxy from "crossing certain lines " a Proxy knows damn well not to cross
as it was
with Jesus
even for those of higher pedigree
 they too might FEEL there was a type of Partificial Intel in da' house ....
something that for instance make a man ready to sock his wife in the eye
think twice and hold back
for the man had been inundated with imageries of 'BE GOOD or ELSE"
and the endless running scroll that----if one crosses certain lines concerning human behavior and Thought Style
thy afterlife won't be "no robes and halos' but perhaps
a quite different INT./EXT.-PLACE-TIME entirely
everywhere one looked in the 1400's and such were paintings and statues and more paintings...and plays and songs ..and more icons
of Jesus and Friends...

at first...according to recordings
 the powers that seize got rid of Jesus.
or this was the Tweet on high
..for Master J   was a rebel rouser type ...
a ranting,panting

 though strangely enchanting lad who had a little following
of like minded hoods
who also  liked kicking things around in the market place
and questioning why the society was based on a Few Men who ran the market

not a very smart thing to do
at least not
when one 's entire nervous system is in fact a trial run for the new market place

I am still in bed...I can't believe that "my team' begins their work upon my noggin this early in the day..
I try to ignore the little Jesus icons and and little game of throne in robes stuff but with halos and junk Evan transmits upon my visual cortex..

of course being nice to a Jew never works"Evan imparts
he doesn't quite understand that
it isn't my fault I am ' nonresponsive to this type of Symbolism

"either are most Catholics or Protestants or Lutherans...nor anyone ...anymore Dumbo
Symbols change through time
Styles change
the fear of hell can now be insinuated into
current reality
via Virtual Reality via bionanotech...
as you my little puppet know...

"now Dumbo...please sit up ,make your bed...and toss some water upon thee face before I send loud tones zipping through thy auditory canal....please,EVAN says nicely...
and because I sense the intent of his directed thought as kindly  patient, and decent-ie...I "obey' his suggestions

now shaven,and dressed and all I sit on the special chair I am supposed to sit in and look at the big piece of whiter than white canvas he had asked me years ago to place in back of the tv set he asked me to place on a roll away piece of I could learn to SEE the blank ...painted white white canvas as I would the tv
when what they call Deep learning exercises were being presented

,,,'Many believe that there was no actual Jesus....and that some 'format" of "hood with a heart"came from older myths....pertaining to Sun Gods and shit such as this...
quickly a child like painting of this happy old sun appears over the earth
where ,like allthese people are like holding hands   and shit looking up

"now Dumbo would a little kid know to draw such a picture...if the kid wasn't taught  that's where heaven is..
that's where G-d is...right?

times went on Evan graphs showing me what I swear is edited version of the opening titles to "The Big Bang Theory minus the Bare Naked Ladies soundtrack and the words of like the "show people"

"Evan groans that it's a mix of yes Dumbo the Big Bang Theory and "The Tree of Life"
and graphs sarcastically "that I don't really deserve every occipital over ride to be "mind tailor-ed'
these days do I...and pardon me darling if every now and than we use stock footage...on you.....and that the point of his morning session is to try to explain
that "The Style of the Times"is and must be regulated to some degree
to give a Collective Mind "a place to go to"
so they can believe there is something "out there besides a paycheck and whining kid in a high chair throwing cereal all over the linoleum....a kid who will grow up finish highschool and "can't wait" to get as far away from the people that raised him or her as possible...

'you can't just go teaching me anything you want...."I graph not particularly liking
this whole sunrise semester business to begin with
and even though I am Jewish I sorta don't care for Evan's dismissal of this Jesus guy as 'some hood" with heart against capitalism   or whatever they called like the Romans or whatever back than

jews don't read the new testament..we're like not supposed to----or something
and we kinda see Jesus like this super hero...who did magic stuff
cuz some Jews
 all throughout the old testament did  all kinds of magic stuff"...because G-d makes them magic to keep things rolling along..."

I look up at the piece of white canvas and down at the 'special chair" they told me to get..years ago

I can't believe we're BACK to THIS
..when they had begun trying to teach me to "clear my thoughts to a perfect stillness and whiteness....and pureness"----which
ONE can do for ooooooh I don't know about 3 seconds..i get angry even thinking about it...
I am NOT somebody's fucking research and development game,I graph
I knock the chair over and tear the canvas off the walls..

and think to EVAN ," man,the last person i'm gonna hear the "Story of G-d" from is some A.I. fake God..

the powers that seize might have created one


He Graphs

"why can't YOU be more like "cool World"! I graph back,"or westworld....or anything other than THIS..."

"well dumbo...nobody assumed we'd be working with Alex Alexander did we....?"

"who the fuck is alex alexander..." I graph...though I can care less.
I fix the chair by screwing in a bolt that came out of it....with a real screw driver...not a fork or spoon

and wait
wait to see a smiley face of something
I get a "round of applause in my ears....and a an occipital over ride that makes me one corner of the room and medal
and in the other a monument

"the monument," I graph

" yes THIS gentlemen! I hear Evan say .(to whom) I don't know...IS what I have to work with every day...."


and I see the opening credits of a mash up between "The big Bang Theory " and some sequence of The Tree of Life...some brad pitt movie no one saw

"you can't be thinking like that about brad pitt.."

"fuck you.....I'm done for the day...your not much a teacher you know I graph...knowing I am NEVER done for the day..

"go chain smoke...go whack off....go jump off a bridge asshole," Evan graphs..i hope they DO make you a shooter...
they can ya' know

Evan reminds me of the teachers I had when I was a kid..
who used to turn my desk over....cuz it was messy...and make me sit behind this fake wooden little scrim....
for 'time outs'
every fuckin' day for some reason or other I was put behind the little scrim
every single thing I did or said...was "my acting out"
and THAN! the teachers
would call my house and go on and on about what "he " did today in class.
so than I'd get it at home
and than it was a new day and back to school....the scrim
and than back home to wait just wait for the inevitable phone call....and all over again ...on and on..

so in a way I used to being treated like some monster
I just didn't think
THEY could literally turn a MAN into a monster by throwing shit in his bloodstream that would swing on up to his brain and like commandeer a dude's senses...

"is you tantrum quite over yet?" Evan imparts
his voice ,Harvey Korman ,Great Gazoo...
which DOES in fact calm me down

'yes,' I graph....rather sarcastically myttttantruM iz over.....(man you have any idea how much of a baby they make you feel like ....talking to you like some PUPPY! all day

"a puppy we like to kick,"a pup we want to turn into a fine Guard Dog...woooof" Evan imparts

the subject my little dogboi
was symbols
and icons
and how through the years the style of the time
changed to meet the needs of each generation

and how one doesn't see films too much about Jesus anymore...
but rather about....what dumbo/

"devils and vampires and stuff"

"and why is this not a bad thing?"

"it IS a bad thing," I graph...

"BECAUSE,"Evan graphs totally ignoring my thought,"DEVILS and other SUPERNATURAL iconography make us think about not only the Dark but moreso the LIGHT....moreso it seems than Iconography of women in white and little babies swathed in linens..."EVAN graphs

"in film ......screenwriters ,for the benefit of film goers inevitably portray the president and certain agencies at what they used to call 'The Man" .... as the bad caters to a mass audiences desire to assume all men with power of such note are BAD..."

'I don't get it...." I graph...

"you've already gotten just enough of it...A.I. works in mysterious ways...."

"I thought I was supposed to think of you as a demon?I graph ,confused...

"what else could I possibly be," he says haltingly...sending me visuals of little skulls and little people who are just bones dancing around" is that too scary?' Evan a serious concerned tone.

"yes and no," I graph,thinking at the same time that it's getting a bit babyish or something to be "alright" with Evan as the Boo-Berry cartoon....a talking mini wheat or the Great gazoo...and maybe a "real man" needs to see little skulls and bones ..

but I am hyper aware of my thoughts being transcribed
and cannot help but think
"this is a test" somehow..

"Evan appears now as  the dead English actor who played Tommy Walker's stepdad in Ken Russel's "Tommy"
(I remember seeing this "Tommy movie when I was a little little little kid in a  drive on visiting day...and somehow knew it was wrong ....
that it was not a movie for kids...
and it was scary in a way I had no words for ....)
dead English character actor dude "sits" in the chair I just fixed..
but I look real real careful and see
legs of the chair don't "wobble"
don't demonstrate weight

"It' s called suspension of disbelief asshole....CUT!" Evan yells and Tommy Walker's step dad disappears

I did something wrong..
I know not to 'study" the details

"another voice chimes in

"actually we need to KNOW about things like did good did good."

The character actor returns and this time I see the chair feel his weight

"can I touch the chair" I graph

"your haptics aren't on right now..." I hear a voice say

"and think towards the Mandlers...this me believing you're all like demons and I'm like possessed won't work with me having to notate technical difficulties ya' know...'I graph

"whoah Dumbo...don't go graphing like your some douchebag movie actor"

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