-In a story out of movie that never got made, a local Brisbane writer was arrested today after convincing a Sydney woman who believed her brain had been “chipped”with microscopic biosensors to steal a biopsy needle from her previous employer. According to directions on the writers blog a Targeted Individual seeking "hard evidence"  was next to stick the biopsy needle as deep as one could up one's nasal cavity and next trigger the expunge of brain tissue with the medical apparatus in accordance with point by point  directions the  Brisbane writer had explained in detail in a blog about “the plight of Targeted Individuals “ in Australia. The purpose?So a "victim of said "chipping"  could get a ‘cell culture” from his or  her brain to prove to the medical community that indeed he or she had been “chipped”.The writer's blog next explains that "the specimen" must be sealed and refrigerated until the extracted tissue could be "handed over" to a university or laboratory with an electron microscope. 

The woman,whose family wishes to remain anonymous died during her “self biological investigation” which many believe was "egged on" by a writer,in police custody since early this morning, whose real name is still the subject of speculation.For the sake of others who identify themselves as Targeted Individuals his blog and other blogs that also deal with the ' urban  myth’ of present day Human Experimentation and Targeted Individuals" are or will soon be removed from the internet so similar situation can not occur.

Officials at The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital told reporters the woman died ,according RBW administrators from edema like swelling of the brain during her ill conceived,enticed notion to seek a brain cell culture. When administrators at RBW were asked if the deceased had secured any brain tissue to prove or disprove her claims the RBW spokesperson said, that as far as they know no brain tissue or otherwise was attained....and that the women in question's body had been removed from RBW.."perhaps by the family".

According to a emergency room mobile medic ,who wishes to go un-named a team of uniformed men ,who resembled men out of the TV show “The X files “confiscated the biopsy needle in question and the body of the misguided woman herself" before First Respondents arrived at the scene.

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