Tuesday, December 23, 2014

brooklyn bridge

a friend calls ..."so that's what you really think..." he says...

"what,"I say,not really used to speaking...but thinking "on the phone"

"I always suspected you were an asshole...I just unfriended you on face book..I just thought I would call and tell you that....you know a lot of people save birthday cards and stuff like that...I always wondered why you didn't have photos of your family and friends around your house...you're inhuman ...no wonder THEY took you as some human subject asshole...I wonder if EVAN told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if you would"

"he has,many times" I say

'well TELL EVAN he should TRY a little HARDER" my ,now I guess ex -friend says into my ear

"You just did," I say..."and I do keep pictures of friends and family....dickhead ....in a shoe box I don't need to put them up to think of them ..."

"I bet if I went to this Proxy Cyber Company and read your Neurals or whatever you call them you NUTCASE   ...I would discover this is a lie"my ex-friend shouts ..going out of his way it seems ....auditory wise to make his cell phone sound like it is being SLAMMED down like an old fashioned phone....I graph to EVAN if this would be true...if my Neural reads would indicate I don't think enough of friends and family...

"Don't get soft on me Dumbo," Evan graphs,' We're the only friends you need...first of all...and second of all what you think is really none of YOUR business but OURS..."

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