Tuesday, December 30, 2014

king creole(lime in the coconut)

thing ...is...you kinda end up hating both sides...in fact probably MORE the "good guys" who like set you up to be....the type of guy who moves to LA with a lover who smacks him around...and forces him to turn tricks....so we he can smoke crack all day....I you see...was only "allowed to smoke" wee wee tiny bits of crack ..back than....cuz' HE said it made me all puffed up looking and even more of Zombie than I already was...yeah.
thing is you end sorta' hating the "good guys" who like set you up to be "set up' as some hostage by ...some "group" that wants to tinker with cybernetic...mind fuck techno...
and you come to realize...that mainly they ...want to "just see how .." it works ....with like TV and ...associations... even more than with ...Mandlers just torturing you ...and you're like WTF ...and than you start typing about "it" online thinking someone is gonna like "save you'...but all anybody wants is you to just leap off a bridge...cause Human Experiemnts are like "not cool" PR for the USA's image and stuff...and because 5 sense over-ride and stuff...mimics schizophrenia and psychosis ...you're supposed to "roll with it" like ..."Oh I'm just some garden variety' lunatic...and than your like 'than why you all been slowly explaining all this shit to me..as we go along" and than you realize....it's for the "bad guys" to start to be like WTF...where's this shit coming from...and you realize all you are ..is some...modem device...some phone..

"and ," Norman says,"if you keep typing IT like this YOU will be MODE-Em-Ed all right...we'll put you in Modes and Modulations Guantanamo Style.
"and your original determination...to veer away from certain facts involving this project seems to have gone out the window as fast as Frank Olsen hitting pavement.

my idiotic "sense " of justice ....
has turned to some aggressive desire to seek vengeance...
and my plain and simple expository narration concerning "the usual suspects" being involved...
in this Mind Fuck of all Mind Fucks
is misguided.....and me "missive " according to Norman...(who I have never spoken of before...who "raised me via Silent Sound  ...as a take on Candy Colored Clown they call "The Sandman"
PNLY so I would be "equipped" to deal with being TAKEN by "the bad guys in LA...as this technology was foreseen as 'do-able 50 years ago or so......)
the bad guys I think are the folks in the movie biz...who want to use A.I. with motion pictures and TV to like
make the entire world SEE HEAR TASTE TOUCH SMELL
and mainly THINK
only in terms of something called Symbiotics Syntax...
and the good guys who fuckin' deliberately raised me on Symbiotic Syntax...
also have insinuated some Group in LA...has spread their dough all over California .florida and Nevada ..Arizona...to buy like
the usa....
like some Under dog cartoon villain..
but now they say NOOOOOOO
that ain't "the story" jackass...as if I am suppose do believe ....

"for instance ,"Norman graphs,"--------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------------------a coupla' MIT drop outs bought this cool warehouse
in the industrial section of Memphis ,Ohio and yeah
these Far Out
drop outs....geniuses....DID find a way to produce nanotech biosensors
the size of molecules and tinkered with skip trace bandwidth techniques to create like this
"Frankenstein/Joe 90" guy
why? cause .....we could...that's all
just 5 or 6 stoners in cool warehouse playing "tron'....with a "Real Live Boy"
no government agency.
no 'church of the poisoned mind:
no "secret society"
just for Gaming........and all these stories we introduced into your wooden head...
were to attempt to garner a sort of Avatarian Thought Style...so some consumer down the line
like he or she is in a Game...without going into cardiac arrest and shit...concerning Intensity
we introduced SOME story lines to try to get you in trouble with
just to have some Dumbo running on rooftop shit
so our little Pinocchio who tells lies and lies and lies...
and gives away OUR stories
our programming techniques ONLINE...for FREE...cause Dumbo
thinks ...
he was saving the world...

your a game piece man
but we've had it with this Man From U.N.C.L.E. shit
(which was written for 14 year olds by the way)
or we can do this anymore to you...

and you can't really function without silent sound,neuro linguistics or symbiotic syntax
cuz' that's all you were raised on..
what if you woke up one morning and nobody was steering you?
you'd be lost at see.
touch taste and
the context we provide for you...
you can't hold a job....we saw ..to that...
you're too old to hook or do drugs like you could...
and we want to try "King Creole"
in time for 2020 on somebody
before THEY do...
so we know...
how it's done...


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