Sunday, December 21, 2014

Das Leben der Anderen and Last (lost) Rites

"we have the paper right here...that you signed at the Van Nuys courthouse that PROVES this was consensual. That you agreed to 'IT" on your own recognizance ...YOU have NO case but WE in fact DO..."

(above.carbon nanotube "plays a song" the nanotube is 500 nanmeters long 10x shorter than a blood cell)

Evan..imparts..." and that If Proxy Cyber wanted to they could  for instance
use the system to for instance teach me both French and enough about Auto Mechanics
that I could probably land a job as either a French teacher or interpreter or find work doing vehicle malignance at any garage shop...
but that's not the type of information
that this particular interface is for...
rather his job as my ward
is about Secondary Imagery dissemination
and my conscious and unconscious neural response concerning Symbolic Interpretation of
the secondary source of sensory input
both while SEEING broadcast imagery and what broadcast imagery my Visual Cortex
what retained Primary and secondary  imagery I can either consciously or unconsciously
interface back to my Sensory investigatory 'team' via the 450,000 or so nanotubes that have bonded to my neurons to capture my  signal semantics
based ALSO on my reaction to "story templates"
introduced into temporal lobes auditory canal...

'oh is THAT all it is..." I graph back,thinking I would have much rather just learned in 3 days how to re align a wheel casing..or change a gasket of some kind...or how to say 'go stick your head up Your ass EVAN in French...via BCI or otherwise..

"unfortunately ,' Evan imparts' due to your bad attitude and child like tantrums  concerning the relay of information back and forth YOU made the situation quite early on dissolve into some variance of Milgram Test...not us..."

"WTF are you graphing about you idiot!" I graph,as if I was supposed to be compliant to having my mind read,my perceptions not only read but 'stored' and than USED as CUES to instigate neural predicative response..'

"Predictive Evoked Potentials based on P300 signal TV could learn how to gear programming toward another's mindset based upon predictive response....blink for blink...pre-neural firing to post neural firing,'Evan responds

"well Ev....if there was ONE good thing that came out of this that I fucked up THAT test.." I graph.

"You will be so sorry YOU thought that Dumbo...I just wanted to verify   that your obstinacy  was
deliberated and not circulatory..."

'how much more trouble can I possibly BE in....and HOW is one made into fucking the lawn Mower man ...a guinie or was supposed to be  "OK with THIS?' I graph.

'according to 3 and half years of charting 58% of the time you enjoyed the Perceptory Enhancements..
and these Indicators are based on Emotion based neural data and the nanosensors transmission of Neural data concerning  Peptides and enzymes released by aspects of your nervous system that even a sneaky jackass like YOU Dumbo could not control..don't bother THINKING me any specious "vocalized non Vocalized' inner /outer monologue bullshit..."EVAN Imparts

"I wasn't going maniac,' I graph.

"According to what your were thinking 1.7 seconds were,which INDICATES
you KNOW you are GUILTY.."Evan graphs back


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