Saturday, December 6, 2014

for your eyes.Only

"so now our little buddy is writing we want him to shoot people and he's implying HE is the one who decides who gets "app-ed" by us...."Tru Graphs....I don't mind you writing about shooting this might get you "put away" somewhere ...somewhere you can't be some also helps you establish some semblance of madness...which is ALL we asked from we won't have to FIND another we can play with was all you were born for..most we do this on were not...or we woulda killed you a long time ago...a bad haircut was all we establish some mental patient shit....but I do like seeing you take must sense through me ....not only the growing hostility ...but your growing expendability as you become more and more of a liability to us every day..."
"sir yes sir ,"I graph
"you don't even know what I am saying...we're gonna dumb you down a bit...this bit about you writing albeit in semi fiction about you wanting to "app" others is disconcerting to some of the social worker types...who think you are getting very dark....they see some lightness in you that it was my job to kinda get rid those sons of a bitches want some kinda' balance....for future consumerisms and stuff..I like to see you mad as a's just something "i go for"they don't....they want to go full speed another direction and try to make you...some nice guy....but I said and always will Dumbo ain't a nice guy....and to give you credit you never pretended to be a nice guy....your the same jackass if you ask me you were since you were born...I told them Dumbo doesn't respond to nice...just a cock or pipe up his any normal guy.....if that guy..(fictional or not ) was to BE saved him....was this deliberate...? this good dumbo saves the day shit they see in you...or just more of your sneaky shit...?whatever the reason that dude owes his life to you...and dumbo...isn't allowed to 'scout" no more....and here I was thinking you were gonna be great at really want to sit in some tiny room drawing all day?after all I put in you boy?"
'no sir" I graph
" flunked again...YOUR SUPPOSED to be the GOOD GUY asshole....
the Evan Peters....not the Fynn Whitrock......I'm gonna fuck with you and your 5 senses till you become the good guy....again...scumbo...I'm gonna pound GOOD into you...cuz they now think I broke something in you....and I think..YOU deliberately broke something in yourself to get me in trouble....cuz' that's what a sneaky weasely guy like you does...
least I got rid of any of that ...gonna kill myself shit...
"rather be tortured....quarter and drawn...flayed alive sir"
"why" Tru graphs..
"I don't know sir"I graph back
he grpahs images of faces with their mouth like cut slit
what he calls :little drummer boy....badda bing
"if we did that to you....Dumbo?" he graphs
but my mind is firm..
he graphs images of Nip/Tuck some episode I watched like a million years ago ....some dude with his eyes replaced by buttons and foam stuffed in his mouth
"we'll do this...this I myself would like to do to you....why you think some of those shows were made...huh....i'll tell you why dumbo....for your dreams...both waking and warning....with FULL ON HAPTICS
"i'll stay awake...." I graph
"even better...know what we're working on scumbo?this new Occipital over ride program....based on how a fly sees....remember that movie "The Fly"? the first about I make you see like the fly does every now and than..."
"would be cool sir"I graph
"yeah....would it also be cool dumbo if you pressed some button on a mac machine and picked up some Splice...that would literally mix your DNA to make you half remember the second part of Cabin in the Woods?....and how you got all cranky that the film just went wild...well let me explain something..while the first part of cabin in the woods was about ME...the second part of cabin in the woods was about Splicing anyone who dared write about any cabin in the woods....'
"it is my job to document these atrocities being performed upon me" I graph
"says who?" Tru graphs
"says G-d" I graph back
"i reckon I am supposed to be stunned and awed....and concerned because of this" Tru graphs
"no sir...not in the least," I graph
"maybe someone needs his fingers cut off ...or his nails ripped out one at a time....or should we just do "that thing we do" making your muscle curl know with the directed energy you were n't supposed to write or talk about"
"what you say and do to me have no impact...make me into a fly...make me see like a fly....stuff stuffing down my throat and give me buttons for eyes..."I graph...but the graphs seem not my own
"no they kinda don't...that's what happens when we kabob brain cells ....sorta like how them kids in Africa with swollen bellies go all "reach-ie" when they starve...all it is -is the body's DMT going self balance it's histamines and ain't communicating with no G-d me...your that agent man in Hannibal that turned on his own...who was made to eat his own brain....your ray liotta now....."
"I can care less asshole!..." I graph
"I wish you cared more..." He graphs ...all tender like,"you care about the wrong are un and your Jew-ie thinking...all you Jews..are essentially un-American you all should never have been allowed in this country... and get this Dumbo...I can careless if I am on record saying I am on record saying this AS Dumbo SO ARE YOU!...and bOY are you in trouble NOW..."

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