Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Evan Imparts that "the stories" are Bad enough

(and in so many ways....I inadvertently glean ....intentioned ?I cannot tell)

but me acting like I am some activist AGAINST 'IT" when HE KNOWS
I would be nowhere without "it"
is unfair....
"not a very SAFE outlook to "The times are a Changing" very much to more Eugenic perspective regarding this "new Way" of receiving Neural data.....
and my lack of
concerning my "sponsorship"
as "a charity case "Neuronautics" took on to FIX"
displays the very pathology of ingratitude
which veers towards the anti social...
as only one with such traits
can endure 5 sense over-ride...and A.I. rendition

"you can't little wardling," Evan states..,"but you can survive...but not if you DO NOT keep SOME of your "CONCERNS" about Hollywood Referentials to yourself..."

hE KNOWS I Cannot.....
AND Imparts that "there is a way to voice your a more subtle fashion....."why the fuck,he interfaces," do you think we presented Parasol Pictures to you...this "Hollywood referential " thing YOU presume "to see"in certain films and tv shows,my boy- is IN FACT used for Indicatives of the schizophrenia WE INSISTED you restate quite often in your jottings "so you may have free range" to "RANT like a loon.." but as usual Dumbo crosses lines ...only one with a death wish might cross.....
and never forget a drawn out SLOW KILL is the most valuable Neural Read a Mind Augment Agency wishes to procure...everything serves a number of purposes....and nothing is what it seems..."Evan quips...briefly Visag-ing me a Occipital Over  Ride as he as Cheshire cat....suddenly vivisected like "the horse" in  the movie"The Cell"

"howz that for a Hollywood Referential lover?"Evan Imparts-

"crackhead schizophrenic is our dumbo....and dumbo would be quite dumb -OOOOOOO indeed to veer tooooooooo away from said  FORMAT....why Dumbo might even get his ears cut off....which means Dumbo couldn't fly....and dumbo loves to fly ....doesn't he?"

for once I have no evoked response...nothing to 'graph back'

" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...,"Evan graphs,"the sound of silence from Dumbo's  450,000 nanotubes to my headset..
.a first for our team....and an opportunity to create new neural pathways
.....and it took us only 3 and half years THIS time to CLEAR you up
in this regard ....Let Proxy Cyber do the Driving buddy boi ....
.after all- are we not all really just vessels for a
greater than ourselves?

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