Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tru -Genics and Immersive Reality and Tv as Rorschach Test for catagorizing "Types"

point for point
they know how to get you

by showing you images
not of you but of


and I am supposed to KNOW what this means

but on this they remain unclear
yet I know anyone I know
would di-

"oh would they Dumbo?" Tru graphs..."or WILL they?...and for what? will be your if you DID Charles US the orders..."

if they knew....why....and -
"wh-wh-what ,: he graphs mimicking my mind into stutter,"D-d-d-dumbo?....You think your Dumbo writing or thinking is going stop science?....scienc eIN the Making for 60 years....?and ya' think your mum don't know....are you this dumb still.....they all knew....why you think you were raised that way....why you think we keep representing IT...
ask this G-d of yours Dummy
if he thinks a good man....would even let his thoughts" GO THERE"...when shown certain images?
that THEY would be willing to Go Down with go down instead of you...
and what kinda idiot literally writes of this....
I'll tell you WHO
some guy who wants glory....or fame....or some writing contract...

"yeah asshole that's why I am writing it ONLINE!...listen up Tru....I am writing this ONLINE cuz I don't care about the shit you do..." shit....
arrogance as proof of one's Bettorness..."

now I can't help thinking if something ..anything happens to anyone...

"No...I /we hate YOU so much I can guarantee I will spare anyone else from paying for your binges....your sins....your weasel ways..and don't forget that behind every line you wrote was something else
some little neural spike that made
that we quite counter to your vocialized /subvocalized thoughts..."Tru Imparts

"than by all means PLAY my nasty thoughts ,perceptions and cognitions for all the world to they might all stone me...and gather round while you hurt me and cheer and dance..."

"enough of us do that round here...and yes maybe one day your treasonous ....rotten thoughts will be played in a little museum ....surrounded by your sicko the world can see...hear taste and feel what it is like to BE "the sickest,worst....depraved man on the face of the earth" and why we HAD to begin getting rid of types such as this   from the gene pool....had to scan them and lead them via Immersive Reality into a series of tests even a sociopathic mongrel could not detect..."

"glad to be of service you fuckin' kunt.....glad to be part of the new world order....isn't that what they call it...or just new world...."

"there's no need for you to know anything about the future ...for you represent ONLY the Past...Dumbo and the Human Shit that is Types like you finally CAUGHT with a technology that
scientifically are a burden to society and a danger to society.."
Tru graphs

"than shoot me" I graph

"no...because we believe in the Eminations...and spirits..and the only way to make sure your type doesn't come back in any reincarnation  is to make you suffer so profoundly you will KNOW to the SOUL you are not welcome back upon this plain......and we will by than KNOW...we will KNOW if you try taking some babies soul away and placing yourself in it's ---"

"you sound like a fuckin' idiot,"I graph

"don't you dare..think for one moment I care what you think or think you know about the spiritual world  Jew scum...sicko pervert vermin .."He graphs

I sense myself getting mind being "reset"

"can I see like the fly now,can I see like the fly now," I hear ,sense myself thinking to "him'
my mind now like a six year old...

"sure ya can dumbo.....soon you'll be seeing like the fly..."

"goody goody gum drops," I graph back

";that's right ,that's right....that's right ,"He graphs in a soothing manner....and I fade off to the sleep I know I might not
      wake up from....

"all foam...and buttons....all teddy bears.....foam and buttons...I promise Dumbo" Tru says in a nice way making me see nice images of little straw men smiling in their sleep...just looking at the images makes me yawn....

"sleep is good had a hard day....and sleep is good........."

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