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"most GOOD JEWS go out for Chinese food Xmas eve...they don't  find themselves
in "Chinatown" Xmas Eve",Tru Christie Imparts...than realizes through my lack of graph that I never saw the movie "Chinatown"
and therefore he somehow
graphs me the entirety of Roman Polanski's Chinatown
in ...

"in whatever Dumbo..I'm here to "save you"...

"from what," I graph

"just type .....I'm not in the mood...OK....."

"I'm not your fuckin' secretary man," I graph

"yes...kid...that's kinda' exzzzactly what you are...if you haven't noticed...


"i thought you wanted a Dumb Beau*,Peggy Snow said


noun \ˈbō\
: a woman's or man;s male lover or friend
plural beaux \ˈbōz\ or beaus

Full Definition of BEAU

:  dandy
:  boyfriend

Examples of BEAU

  1. She introduced us to her latest beau.
  2. her new beau brought flowers when he picked her up for their first date>
  3. "Her beaux between marriage generally fell into two categories: ineffectual pretty boys or handsome brutes."

Origin of BEAU

French, from beau beautiful, from Latin bellus pretty
First Known Use: 1653

Related to BEAU

INT- STEERAGE-DAY EVAN RAINY,whom she had met on schedule this afternoon at Steerage,a restaurant adjacent
to Proxy Cyber and Merge laboratories situated in the beautifully landscapes Industrial Complex .

                                                           (to PEGGY SNOW)
                                       A  Brain Computer Interface beau I wanted, who was dumber                                              and   less  attractive than me

                           ,what's the problem?He is both.Anyway I thought
                                    you tried to have him run over ....

                                  ...that was sooo one week ago...and before my other Proxy
                                     shot his own head off.
                                     How many Proxy do you have left anyway?
PeggySnow asked Evan,shifting her facial muscles around "just so" to at
least Semblance" some Visage of interest.How tired Peggy Snow was of hearing
about her boss's BCI Boyfriend troubles.

                                        The one in Kansas City is institutionalized now.
                                        Probably indefinitely...I think I might have pushed
                                        him too hard...and the one in Orlando some Tele-
                                        Operator ,Tru Christie,I suspect made own face off
                                        I cornered him on it...and he ..."was probably
                                        outsourced to another "org" that wanted  to lay
                                        some new algorithm of someone already "broken in"
                                       ...just to see...But I know he did it Benji
                                       cut his face off in a very precise way...

                                          3-D printing....l nose and chin...(as if remembering
                                who she was with,she rubs Evan's shoulder) liked

                                he did it to hurt me...

                                Oh come on...he did for pieces....and for some extra dough someone
                                gave him for a good pain reading.

                                 so now I have to work full time to try to get the" Dumb" out
                                  of Dumbeau

I graph
we're back to "The Facetaker"

          yes sir Dumbeau brings us back to the start cuz Dumbeau refuses to MOVE FORWARD
in an unprecedented 5 weeks...

The novel
 became a bestseller
 but caught many off guard
as it seemed to be a complete redux
 of the Indis O Say's liberal found in the "we the people for the people" context and subtext of his previous novels
but also
Indis O 'Say of the public  airways-.
the author, cherished like a savant  by more esoteric scribes and pontificators for his" almost childlike conceit that the world was "meant" to be "easy , joyful , lazy and crazy...
that basically everyone was good and just wanted and needed more

 of what ever the media (or what Indis called the cake and custard shop that displayed all those colorful ,mouthwatering  flavors with not only a clear tv screen separating us from the treats but a bullet proof window
 ( fleeting youth and rare physical beauty we are subconsciously "forced" to compare ourselves to

"how many people actually "look like actors? 1 percent of the population ..or ..09 percent of the population THAT become models and actors..

.that's who
 but THE,the actors ..and I love actors..some of my best friends ARE actors
 are represented ..out of proportion
as are not only their private life style s but moreso the fictional lifestyles of programming
taken in by our senses hundreds if not thousands of times a week
if we divide the projected image  into individual frames
as the mind both does 
and does not
 (hi def Tv that  is clearer than the reality we might see with  20/20 vision becomes MORE real to the mind  than organic vision it..soon the same will happen with sound ..look at Google Glass for instance. Where sound literally bypasses the ear itself. Sound and thus "a new reality" made by someone else that literally enters our minds through a type of "sense" we never had before...there is a new reality being placed upon us whether we want it or not.Some of it deliberately meant to confuse  and confound the senses..")

Indis's naïve  yet hopeful concession that eventually all things will even out
man innately likes to share it's good fortunate

if not 
Indis had written and said on his many Tv appearances,

"the natural balance above man will see to it.

a good natured man ,Indi even apologized for the 1 % who perhaps have-

"held court too long'
 we needed them to Rule Over Us and define us and even Control us to the extent that they do
after all ...
we are a young species...
maybe we needed a strict Father and overpowering Mother
to set down tracks for us to
but we are
Older now
as a species
and need no such tracks
soon we will be so domesticated by The powers that seize
and lead
that we will be incapable of managing without
if we are not already...
if something happens
for instance a metero hits earth
would YOu know how to build a Tv set...or even fill a cavity?
the regulations on medicine for instance prohibit any one from knowing how to stich a wound...
who has not the money ,the benefit of "intelligence" etc to "know" much of anything
all men and women should Know how to "fill a cavity" ..."stich a wound" ...know how technology  such as air conditioning work
in case some catastrophe man made or otherwise occurs 
that disrupts this expected continuity ...

his first book
was about a Comet that hits a fantastical planet in another galaxy
and the results
"expected continuity"
although the word was never used..
and small blue-ish figures were substituted
as if  Avatars
for genuine concerns about Human-ness
and how domestication and enforced reliance
might do most of the population in
because "Knowing-ness" is hidden.
his long excitable rants
and telegenic "mad man" excitability made him
a  much welcomed
guest on many Sunday Morning Pundit driven panels
and more so
a favorite on late night talk shows

 late night 's own telegenic "mad man "-Owen Kendriks
who claims
Indis O 'Say not only saved his sanity by making him feel "he was not alone" in his beliefs
 but his talk show as well
Indis O'Say 
 could be  depended upon to always pull in high numbers
and high ratings
as there was something
telegenic about this decidedly  untelegenic misfit

The number 2
Late Night "comic/commentator"
who usually began his program
with some type of skit

began his program with footage of an early dusk book burning
of Indis O Say's
latest contribution to publishing
"Let Us Be Conquered"

The crowd in the late night audience went wild with cheers and applause
watched the taped footage
and boo-ed
the usually
exalted Indis O Say's entrance onto the Owen  Kendrick's stylized "Living Room/coffee house " stage

Owen did his best to soften the footage
still playing on a large screen
as Indis sat down
by smiling ,next making a WTF gesture with his shoulder than tossing a copy of the book in a trash can
in plain view beside his "desk'
next Owen made a shame -shame gesture
with his finger
and removed another copy of
"Let Us Be Conquered"
and said ,as the crowd 's applause for his exaggerated expression of affront and castigation stilled'
"You got a lot of splainin' to do..."

Indis was not his usual unkempt self.
In fact he was put together better than Owen
he wore a T-shirt which touted some designer or other
Something Indis had always purposely avoided.
something to the effect -"when I was growing up the only time someone saw who created my shirt was when I accidentally wore it inside out...."
his hair was slicked back..
Indis' new muscles bulged through the "branded" shirt.
his usual somewhat stooped postured
replaced by an almost authoritarian up- righted-ness.
He laughed at the right times..
the book being tossed in the bin...
the "you got some splaining' to do"line

He listened intently and with a great deal of outward empathy to Owen's genuine
that "Let Us Be Conquered" was in Owen's opinion the antithesis
of absolutely everything
one expected of Indis
and that didn't he feel he had let a lot of people down...?"

'it's a book Owen..a book" Indis said..

Owen ,not used to being "put in his place" by a guest, especially one as like minded and kindhearted as Indis...who had commented on the coarsening of America...

may as well have kicked Owen in the groin with the way the lines ,"it's Book Owen, simply a book"

one could feel the audience's confusion as well.
The audience that had just cheered the Talk Show Host for a public book burning

now found themselves
cheering for Indis...

the confused commotion ..of the audience died down. Owen realized he might have mistook "a joke" for some type of personal "affront"
or had overdone it with the "jabs" at the once reliably simple and simpatico guest..

Attempting to regroup
and restate his "dominance " over this once docile "friend"
Owen mirrored Indis' mannerisms

and began on a less juvenile  footing..

"Let Us Be Conquered seems to be about Selectivism...About some people being Bettor than Others...and that the others should bow down to those who are either physically or intellectually superior to them.."

"Don't They already? Isn't that an almost instinctual response..?primal in nature?
Do you not swallow or gulp a little when you are confronted by a man or woman of great beauty or an almost indescribably great baring?...but than again Owen...This is a book. And may I ad that the superior Beings described "In the Book" are not humans but Aliens.."

"I realize that "in the book'..which OF Course is only a Book indis.the superior "beings " are not fellow humans...but Aliens. But you must concede that the metaphor one might make of "the takeover" has all the markings of ..."

Interrupting,Indis states that he did not write the book to be taken for any sort of metaphor. And if Owen is placing his own fears or fallacies upon his novel it is not his problem...I would be glad to speak about "the book" as a book...a book of fiction...,"Indis said in a non confrontational way, smiling in way that helped Owen feel at ease, "the book came to me by what I believe was an actual Communion with something Beyond myself. I wonder sometimes if "I" wrote IT at all-It was a Voice in My Ear. A Eye in my Eye...who requisitioned "Let Us Be Conquered to be be writ at all.I believe in retrospect a true living supernatural Entity perhaps extraterrestrial in nature came through me and obligated me to write "Let Us Be Conquered"


At this point in the program
When Owen begins laughing at the author
there is a difference of opinion ,even in the studio audience of what exactly happened..

We all know that Owen was hit on the head by a falling spotlight
that had either become unscrewed or was not fastened correctly to the metal lattice high above the stage
killing him instantly

The captured tragedy went viral
The now famous footage
called simply "The Host"
seen by more viewers than any footage ever before.

Second only to new footage caught on tape by several  audience members
that were focused not on the host
but Indis O'Say
the light fell..
the footage collected by 7 audience members which was subsequently studied by experts
SHOWS a blue-ish emmit-tance coming from both of Indis' eyes toward Owen Kendricks
who suddenly stopped laughing well before there was a sound or even a hint of
the light falling
only "the light" or what some called 'the blue-ish beam" from Indis' eyes

There was an open investigation not only on the supposed "beam" that came out of one or both of Indis' eyes but moreso on the possible enticement of "the turn of the screw" that caused the spotlight to fall 10 feet down.

There were divisions on several fronts concerning
both matters.

the divisions ,the speculations ,the opinions of
just what happened
or because of What
for weeks
the only topic one talked or texted about
all that could be overheard on phones
in chat rooms
and so many other
venues of
discussion and comparison

so many outlets
to give an opinion
on what happened
whom was responsible
-the possibility "liked" or "unliked"
for or against
the notion that the footage was "for real"
and that Indis(who had 'gone into hiding after the" accident")
was indeed imbued with
a "6th Sense'
and that this was no mere occurrence
but a genuine supernatural manifestation deliberate or automatic on Indis' part
by something "up There"
quite beyond the open ceiling of any studio stage
that did not want to be  "one of his own" to be laughed at..

some Hand "up there"?

or some Hand.
down here

both .Two hands
that might have had something

"up it's sleeve"

some hand.up there.down here
that could pull something
out of it's hat
(or out of the eyes of Indis O'Say)

by the time
the "story' burnt itself out
there was
so much data
about  WHO among us
"believed in "possible supernatural events and who did not"
thanks to all of the "hits" and posts and "shares"
than had ever been accumulated on any One Subject
or One Event -for as horrific the incident was
it still did not seem to possess the same gravitas
that one might have been reluctant to expound upon
in an open forum
for fear of having
"a spotlight fall on them"

It is recorded
the" Indis O 'Say Affair"
was followed,texted
liked ,un liked,twittered ,posted and followed and un -followed by
6 times as many who had
"said" what "they thought"
about either Brittany Spears or Charlie Sheen put together

  unknown to
the general population

There was a non public bid by a certain non disclosed institute
to purchase
 sole custody
 the accumulated data
they thought
Whom Amongst Us
       believes in magic
 and Whom Amongst Us

                          does not.                                                                                  2.
the Communion continues and Indis O ' Say" s Muse

wants the novelization
of The Facetaker
to deviate from the scripted film

the character of Wendy ...
should also be in the field of
Mind Augment...
brain computer interface...
by nano ..
or whatnot,the "Muse" Imparts
"have Wendy be something more ...
have her be
have her "in the biz"
Mind to Mind insertive techno...
not 'simply"
a murderess..

we.the Voice Impart
I.The Voice Imparts
"taken" Proxy
the Host or Hostess "the situation"
to  know that if he or she does not comply to
The Group's
back and forth interface
and "correct" him or herself to a format of thinking
that is more "in tune"
to a Mind to Mind Interface
their face off..
skin them alive
not simply ...for "parts'
a neural recording ....of physical pain

The Company ...the Agency. The whatnot
as "emotive" override
on Others who are
a bit too
resistant to
The New Way

Indis literally sits on his hands.He refuses to write...he feels feight ....or hopes for some type of unconsciousness back away.
to temporarily
the previously enjoyable

"Oh C''s only for a movie...Indis"

but Indis remembers that
Parasol Pictures
is making this movie in two formats
One of them being for
Direct Neural Interface

the thought of his
of THIS type of graphic violence being read
enough to Indis
but the thought of these images being somehow "aimed" and visualized as Immersive Reality
straight into someone's
temporal lobe
the "participant"
having no way
to block....
the imagery or the intensity that ....

t h e w o r d s
"just do it" appear before Indis with a familiar logo....
The Entity
                      annoyed that Indis is resistant to it's musings   and

a lighter

 the neural recordings of such
that also make the Entity skeamish
are only
so The Industry
might create a baseline Neural "sketch"
of "how far "  virtual realities might "be stretched"

'how far"
Gaming Techniques and Direct Neural TV
"can go"
to have
Receiver.a Player
get involved
the Experience...of "shared " settings and themes

The Voice is warm .
and tender.
and the explanation becomes reasonable


the Voice
the Thoughts
Indis' own
because They Feel as If They Were his

a certain logic
begins to soften
his reserve
                   the neural Read of
                                           physical torture..

is as priceless commodity to
a group
or corporation  that
a rare and stupefying physical beauty
of the sort that
only a nano cosmetic company could

and perhaps in exchange for this beauty
 the company offering it
feels no reticence
in offering a method  of intraneural
to help  the client of it's services
also be
and perhaps
a dose of
True Fear is the only way to separate a 'soul' into
Black and White
so the black
can be so heightened
that it may
be "cut away"
so only the pure "other half" may
shine for everymore

but there is a nagging doubt
his mind .his conscious resists this explanation.although the explanation SEEMS so very much his own
Indis cannot tell
where his own thoughts and his Muse's begin or end


"J u s t   d o   I t" appears before Indis with a familiar logo....
                                                                                The Entity
                                                                    seems annoyed that Indis is resistant to it's musings


for a quick second

Indis feels a tingle in his face

 a  jab of pain

 that feels precise

and rounded


 his own face

as if he were wearing
a mask...

or moreso like he was being "prepped"
for .....


Indis' mind races in fear
and in this race 
 a forgotten,loving  memory of himself and his father when he was 6 or 7 a theater that is to be torn down...
the theater has rigged the seats with a mechanism called" The Tingler"
that will cause the audience to
feel a slight shock .A Tingle
when "the  monster,a parasite that enters humans and "lives" on FEAR attacks

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