Saturday, December 20, 2014

(Project Blue Beam) HOLLYWOOD REFERENTIAL and Direct Neural Interface

"The more we understand how the bad guys operate, the better we can come up with solutions for shifting the balance of power and regaining our freedom ... we purposely gave 'the bad guys" the technology first so we could see how they might use it...and now we know -"(name withheld upon request)"few people actually make a living at actually altering another's reality more than the tv and film industry and a certain "church" that was allowed to "expand' mainly so we could see "what THEY might do with A.I. and Virtually Reality components. Surprisingly "the church" used the technology in a way that was essentially Good and Humane while Hollywood on the other hand used "it" in ways on various participants in ways a true fascist might...while they believed they were given the "techno" to influence a population toward a type of one mindedness based upon "a type of Collective Myth" that might enhance society and Human Betterment...they chose to use the technology to instigate what one might say would be ONLY an American Horror Story....I used to not believe in McCarthyism or that screenwriters, set designers and producers but if there was ever a time in history where EVERY FRAME,EVERY SOUND needed to be scrutinized coming from "the box" as to decipher INTENTION it is Hollywood may not EVER be ALLOWED to tinker with Virtual Reality without a watchdog overseeing EVERY signifier, every association ,every referential every throw pillow pattern in a scene only those "Particpants" in these tests KNOW .
THEY are truly THAT dangerous."

Very Good Dumbo
you iz a true patriot
"specially for a guy THEY let us KEEP...
well what else COULD it be Dumbo....
I don't see any g -Men in uniform
banging down my hatches...
they're curious
maybe they realize you're good for
or maybe Dumbo in his deluded state of arrear
offended these folks who supposedly 'set you up' to be "taken"

this small shadow of doubt you think you have caused...
I reckon must be tested

maybe you ain't screaming LOUD enough
or maybe you're full of it...
the beat goes on they say

The World my little Jewish Friend
is about MONEY
I thought you Jews knew that?...
maybe during your "In Search of ...." shit
you alienated whoever sent you West
 Dumbo out smarted himself.......maybe Dumbo  beeeee Dumber than we(or THEY) ever imagined THINKING he's  allowed to write all this NONESENSE
a payback,playback and all that FUN stuff we do with Little Drmmer BUMMER boys like you boo
maybe we pushed you to cross lines one doesn't cross...
without someone stickin' a cross in soft dirt
I mean a yellow Jew star on your full "Metal casket.
let me tell ya' a little story since Ya' seem ta' like stories sooooooooooooooooooo much...once upon a time there was another little RUINER of ALL things Great and True and in research and development jackass! named Serge Monast  , known mainly for speaking out and against Blue Beams
and "teams" and all the other rubbish YOU write about 'EVAN graphs,
"wwwwwwwwell Dumbo let me tell ya' a bit about a man named' Serge Monast  who also had his share of run ins with the  authorities for his involvement in sharing "networks of prohibited information." the poor sod  died of suspicious causes in his home in December 1996, at age 51.. some theorists say he was assassinated by "psychotronic weapons"[ to keep from continuing his investigations...
"so" I graph..."I'm sure it was worth it to him.."
"Really Dumbo...remember this was BEFORE a LONG ,DRAWN OUT bioelectronical PAIN READING could be properly you know how much a LONG...Llllllong interfaced and collected Pain Reading is worth to any stock worthy Mind Augment Firm kiddo...maybe someone should
rethink their "slant" on this adventure...and pretty damn fast...
....I try to think of pain readings....and all forms of like torture they did on people during the Spanish Inquisition and stuff....temporarily forgetting EVAN is therefore also...."thinking" these things....          
  "oh do go on Dumbo....we can use this stuff for some dreams a certain someone might begin having."

I immediately stop thinking about the rack and ..iron maidens and stuff....and think of dolphins....

"You're such a wuss sometimes ...ya' know that Dumbo?

poor Dumbo
whining about a free ride...
a free lunch as usual...
makes us wonder why we bother taking in "charity cases"
to begin with?

another "voice...another presence Imparts

that might be  a good way to start ...or should I say BACKTRACK
we don't lobster boy getting his hands cut we...for any high crimes and missed DEMEANORS here do we...

Possession....spiritual possession
I believe might be the genuine problem here...?
and the Demon Seed
inside you is
only bamboozling you with High Concept
and psychotronics mumble jumble to
hide it's true
that ever occur to you numbskull.....
cuz I think it HAD better

don't you?

"it's a possibility I mumble to myself.."

"well,"The Voice says

...let's try spinning it that we don't really want to James Woods your hands...
we don't really want
THAT kind of mini -series "in the mix" do we?

'well," I graph,ACT like a fuckin demon than..."

"no wonder you can never keep a boyfriend Dumbo.....imagine how we feel...playing chess with a dumbass who can't even play

 (3)"relax Dumbo...
I sense from your chartings your pulse in "pump it up"...we gotta calm  Mista' Crankenstein doooown.
no worries lover
Bio Tech has soooo many uses besides the mundacities your demographic
just can't seem to get enough of..

while we're on the subject of Hollywood Referentials little buddy" my "main Mandler " Imparts,
"don't you dare think you're  going drinking today
                   to potable your twwwwoubles way
and become FEARLESS via any Altered States WE don't place upon thee...

don't forget what
happppenz to drunks,
roasted mules
and LOBSTER boys?...that was what episode 10 season 4 was about
maybe it was also just a little bit about what could happen to a "Hero's" hands if can't keep his hands off the
OR off his
other "favorite past time"

if you can't THINK PORN ...
without watching porn
you're just one closer step to becoming a futility rather than a utility

I want you to lay down
and think
to me

at least 7  minutes of
all male
3 way action

"where is the "action" to take place and what do the leads look like"

"Evan Peters,Fynn Whitrock and Robert a jail cell like the one we put you in in Van Nuys...."

"that's why I was placed in holding...for backstory..?"

"for a type of "Method Thinking" else could you realistically think of a sense of PLACE..?"

I don't feel like it I graph...and hear aloud buzzing through my ears...

"You owe us a bit of guided Thought ..a bout' this you think us some "strange" 4 minutes and we'll signal you some ketamine algoride for the rest of the day..and no more hit and run shit till after,you were like frogger with that leap..I must that was a daily worth waiting for.."

"Thank you," I graph back,in spite of myself
and lay down

Visaging myself as Evan Peters to Evan's version of himself as Fynn Whitrock and Robert Patterson.."

"on BCI.."Dandy" Imparts forcing "me" onto my knees
Mind to Mind style..

"Evan Peters in Season 2 idiot with muscles....damn where ARE you sometimes.."

and we "take it"
the top

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