Sunday, December 7, 2014

cali-form-ya gold

Tru Imparts to me a skyline
than a huge cloud
settling upon the skyline

and I know....we are back to our co conscious scriptwriting of the 1988 remake of the remake of the "Blob" to test me Personality Disorders after Personality Overlays
-to see how much brain damage occurs when
this amount of Extreme Low Frequency
is beam directly to one's Merge

it's always back to "The Blob"
does "Dumbo" cARE.
"APP" THE WORLD...with Merge Bio Tech. Unsolicited style
or has he grown apathetic..
or worse (or better?..I'm not really sure....WANT the entire world "app-ed" up simply so "his story" might be believed)

One sorta' can't be in the middle
neutral about this kinda ' would seem
but trust me dear reader...
when you've been made a Tinker Toy for Human Research this long
you kinda' lose a bit of

whatever humanity you you become more and more ..."mechanized" after all you are brain
linked to a machine

the hypocrisy of THEM having the nerve to TEST ME
"if I care about "it leaps it creeps ..all across the wall...sooooooooooooo small.." shit is
kinda an affront to my own intelligence
as artificial as it gets by day...
via Merge...

next he Imparts upon me
a quick explanation of how Rain

than he Imparts
like this quick cartoon like you see in science class
of how nanotechnology is smaller than small

so small it is microbial
in scale
so small it can bond to
a water molecule

next he gives me a quick graph of how
nano bio sensors are not really chips
"chips" silicon is obsolete

"sorry to bore you Dumbo," Tru imparts,sensing a yawn

"put that goldfish thing back on me"I graph...put any signal ON ME in me but your OWN fucking self '

"Do you know what Chain of Command means Dumbo"Tru Graphs,"do you know one in a position such as yourself cannot THINK to me in such a manner?'

and I now see the room as if through some diamond....hundreds or so of the same image ...the room ..the ashtray...whatever I focus my eyes on repeated in "my' vision.....small...but octagon or whatever it's called hundreds of times over

"pretty FLY for a white guy," Tru Imparts.

the vision is terrifying...

"maybe you should poke your eyes out? hmmmmm," Try Imparts," HOW MANY SECONDS SHOULD ELAPSE? before Fly Eye Vision
and  Dumbo GETTING on HIS KNEES and praying
TO ME! to make it stop?"

I will not tell you if I got upon my knees or not dear reader

"we do not type during tech week," Tru Imparts ,"except as a remake of The Blob you understand.....all "The Blob" 1988  or you'll be seeing like that...maybe for the rest of thy life git' it Chiparoonie-?
all that has happened in the last two scrolls of blog was what?'

"me rewriting scene one of the blob 88'..." I graph

"well,' he graphs his impatience. Reeling upon my senses as if my own

in my MINDS EYE...thanks(or Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothanks to MERGE..)
I see a ZOOM like SHOT of TRU's "take" on CITY....
and hear thunder and rain....
as TRU's IMBUE "sends me"
POINT OF VIEW style....closer and closer
from the initial OVERHEAD SHOT of like entire
bink bink bink
just outside HOTEL...
we somehow like go through the outside of window
into the HOTEL ROOM
and I for a second or so

presume I am like my own mind's eye vision of superman or something
or how else
would I be flying into someone's window

"JJJJJeeeeeeezus's my "take on camera" trust me IN NOBODY's mind's eye or OTHERWISE would YOU! ever be Superman....

"do it again," I say ....understanding the imbue

'ya got the essense if you haven't noticed I'm not in a playful mood...." he Imparts


a weasel -ie,rather homely ,mental patient-ie

"homely is good enough" Try Imparts,wanting it

wanting Me
to feel closed in
wanting me to FEEL
wanting to hurt me

my mind feels aspects of the goldfish .....signal...

and somewhere in my mind .....the eye thing
I know he senses me recollect the eye thing ...
and I sorta hope it makes him see like a fly

"ooooh no didn't just hope that"He graphs...

I try to make myself ...undo....the last thought...
but I can't and find myself in spite of "retaliation" hoping it more than anything upon him

I suddenly feel a rush of
that ketamine signal on me and calm down
but in spite of my elation....none of this is fun
or cool

...I know the goldfish thing has done something weird to my mind....
I feel ....
remnants of "it" and wonder if they knew this before they did it?

,Tru graphs   me a visual of him reading the newpaper.
(and a thought ...that "how would we know ? if the goldfish or fly thing reverbs....
? or not?
that's why testing on human IS necessary ...
we never quite done some of this before...

don't take it personally

cuz' we obviously don't really think of you as a person
or how else could we do this


"yeah..." I graph back,happy all of sudden...
moving only forward in thought

"goooood boy...gooood boy" Tru graphs...

Next Tru graphs me a visual of him..wearing a headset speckled with biosensors,sitting at some "take on " control room/DJ some brief..."show-off" like Occipital of the "room " he's in being all this like 1960's version of "ground control" with all these cool unnecessary lights going bing bing bing ...(to make up for the fly thing. and the goldfish thing------.boyfriend...he graphs,indicating the bing bing bing of lights....and the effort he made to
think stylized to me----------)

and onward and upward,,,,as they say
I type
what is tethered to me--

we cut away from the cheap man in the cheap hotel room "saw" what we assume is WEASELIE GUY hallucinating
he hallucinates auditory-ily and visually

I graph

( ..." I don't know bout spiders..."he yawns..."Whatever seems to be a certain weasel 's attitude these days...)

no ...not spider...he sees like a fly

(Tru either imparts deliberately some version of himself
throwing down a actually a I am not worth direct neural Continuity

NO DUMBO's an ESTSABLISHING SHOT....the WEASLE-LY somewhat HOMELY GUY generically hallucinating...

"what does that mean generically hallucinate?


we see MEN IN BLACK types...looking at their hand held computers...the MEN IN BLACK TYPES are standing behind AN IMPOSING MAN wearing a headset ...gazing up at the light in what we as audience ...are meant to assume...I guess is the GUY HALLUCINATING

(make the IMPOSING MAN make some gesture like the great karnac...Tru Imparts

"what's a great that like Emu?" I graph

No IDIOT! this is an emu

 he imparts sending me a visual
which I look up online

I begin reading...about Emus
and begin thinking how stupid it is that G-d made a bird who can't what's the point...
than I start thinking about how this means ..basically
the emu has no arms

which makes me think about that fucked up movie

"what the fuck?..." Tru graphs...


"he makes a gesture like ...

a mind reader in a circus....a psychic..." Tru Imparts

so we ,the audience,watching the movie get the impression...

{another Imbue lays -a bit of -

cinema.the projected image....made into SCENE (a number of images and sounds) that BECOME story...takes advantage of the mind's capacity to perceive SEQUENCE of events ,including CUTS to other images that evoke perhaps a different TIME and PLACE as having something todowiththepreeevious set of events..

I would rather have that FLY EYE thing than listen to this!!
I graph...}

"and thus you shall," Tru graphs...sending me a CLOSE UP of his FINGER ABOVE some stylized button

"I am kidding,' I quickly graph,,,,almost ready to get on my knees

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