Tuesday, December 23, 2014

holiday road

I place a dunkin donuts self contained into a Techivorm Moccamaster Drip Stop Coffee Maker (suggested retail price 329$,Williams-Sonoma-299.95$) that recently came in the mail...as it was addressed to me...I could care less that no card came with the gift...as truthfully who cares about cards when stuff is attached to cards anyway...and as there was no friend or family member to like watch you read the card....and input and process the words they didn't even write....and nobody there to see your expression like alter..in some actorish way to ...somehow demonstrate Visage wise...that you have noted....and deducted that who ever bought you the gift attached to the card...spent approximately 3 or 4 minutes (tops) looking through all kinds of cards..(getting their germs and stuff all over other cards...and envelopes...making the cards and envelope,about 4 % of them UN BUYABLE) to find "just the right one" for you...

I graph to Evan who has dictated the previous paragraph....IF that's good enough to make me "appear to be as despicable a "read" to readers as I am to my Tele- Operators  who read my every waking and sleeping thought..

"yeah...I think that paragraph sums you up pretty good..." Evan imparts

I go back to re read it

"don't," Evan says...'go shave...if I stay in this fuckin' house one more day...you'll go mad..."


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