Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BCI as detainment

Brain-to-computer interfaces (BCI) are becoming more common;. A bi-directional interface — one that allows communication from the computer back into the brain — is a little trickier; without applying some sort of physical stimulation, it's impossible for a Tele-Operator to force another to follow suggestion or directives with assuaging the element of fear or real time "payback" for not following a chain of command based upon "i am better than you,in thought,style and being which is why it is necessary for a "handler" to break another into subservience if one wants to make another give up natural resistance to the intrusion of unsolicited mind excavation techniques performed with either subdermal or deep embed nano particle biosensor transmission many Mentors find focused ultrasound (FUS) works well in keeping the Proxy subjugated with focused acoustic energy to specific "mild" pain points,the sound and vision augment can also be used to persuade the Proxy to not resist the Handler's stewardship and suggestions of environment modifications,behavioral or thought modification.

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