Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Night 'Brotha"

  • a projected dream is a tele=operator's way of letting off steam that has accumulated during the arduous task of a" SlowKill" Remote Neural Monitoring 
  • also a "programmed dream" can speed up the dissociative factors that might be necessary to induce a "seasoned" detainee to accept "old hat" 
  • suggestions and subject based 
  • myths or misidentifications of intention regarding the "Process"
  • that previously created delusions that a well trained operator could "run with"
  • this is not so easy  when a subject has "been there ,done that" 
  • in Role Play/Roll Over 
  • Master /Slave Psychic Driving Exercises

  • the dream state allows 
  •  shaping scenarios to begin anew 
  • even for a "subject that during waking states seems immune to further engagement
  • However if previous themes 
  • are reintroduced  during deep sleep
  • even the 
  • most "once bitten ,twice shy" types
  • will be unhinged
  • during sleep even the most resistant Proxy
  • cannot fight their way up
  • and out of 
  • it

  • Valerie wanted one of her favorite students
  • an arsonist who received a reduced sentence for participation in " the Perceptory program"
  •  put on paper a rough sketch of a  Dream Weave that could possibly
    cause a Targeted Individual to expire from arrhythmia during a Vivid Manipulated Dream.
  • she had told him to write it as close to 
  • cinema as possible
  • as often 
  • clips 
  • were used 
  • to provide setting
  • orientation and theme
  • she was disappointed that her favorite pupil seemed to be losing some of his edge...
as part of his release provision required that he be mentored by 
a later day saint 
who thought in spanish

  • i was with a group of friends.
  • ..5 of us...
  • .we were in my friends backyard in his shed.
  • ...we were tripping hard core
  •   all of us saw the person at the door..
  • .we were all looking at him and that person was just staring us down...he then walked
  • into the house
  • he sat in a chair and looked at us for like 30 minutes.
  •  at first we all just froze and looked at this guy who was just creepy looking at us...so we were all freaking out cause we thought he was going to kill us 

  • even though he was just sitting in a chair
  •  one of my brave friends was like "I am going to go see what the hell he is doing"...so my friend just takes off running from the shed and gets over to the house

  • we see him go into the house 

  • and begin speaking with the man 
  • in the chair
  • he bows down 
  • and kisses the man's shoe and comes back 

  •  my boy comes running back to the shed and hes like "Guys there is nobody in there"....

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